activity: reality show

What really goes down in Wanna One’s dorm

Jihoon reading Guanlin bed time stories every night

N00ds… wait whut

Woojin becoming a bed for all his members

Jinhwi being the young couple they are 

Sungwoon’s and Jisung’s midnight jams.. bcuz YMC doesn’t allow them to go clubbing..HA

Jihoon practicing his winks and kisses ft. Side chick Jaehwan 

2park gang fights 

Jaehwan and Daniel being shookt by new generation technology

This is meant to be a joke… so please don’t take this seriously😂😂😂 Also I literally can’t wait for their reality show.. I’m hella excited~

[NEWS] WANNA ONE Kang Daniel will be the guest on MBC Pilot Show 'It's Dangerous Outside the Blankets'

The guest will be Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, Park Jaejeong, Lee Sangwoo, Exo’s Xiumin. The show is about the daily life of celebs who prefer to stay indoors instead of outside, but will still show both in and outdoor activities. (trans by oh_mes)