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Realm hopped Vaard thanks to the service sale!

Good bye almost dead Earthen Ring that died a slow death during the middle of WoD, hello Wyrmrest Accord where there are actual PEOPLE IN THE CLASS HALL! Not just one or two or a very small handful in the evening, but lots of people!  Before I could run around the paladin class hall and take screenshots and emote all I want without really bothering anyone it was so empty.  I’ve been wanting to do this transfer for Vaard for a long time now, so thank you for the sale that made me jump on the server hop!

Many transwomen and trans activists don’t even care about their own. This more than anything makes me very suspicious of the “trans” movement itself. I rarely even see genuine concern for all trans people, it’s all about transwomen. I think that effective activism comes from a place of love of oneself and “your” people and I do not see this here. I see entitlement, self centered behavior and no concern for others. The speed at which trans activists will throw gender critical transwomen under the bus and paint transmen as just like “cis” men and therefore violent oppressors is astonishing, but they never go after cis men… If you criticize yourself or your own movement you must be “self hating” or “brainwashed.” If you decide after transition to go a different way you were not “really trans.” If you as a trans female talk at all about male violence you have experienced, especially at the hands of trans males, you are ostracized because male violence cannot coexist within gender ideology or it falls apart.


danny || em, are you sure you’re ready? we don’t have to yet if - 

ember || if i didn’t want to i wouldn’t have initiated this. i’m finally ready to get intimate in my life and to take the next step in our relationship 

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What's your favorite build (by someone else) of all time? :)

Anon, I apologize for having this sit in my inbox for so long without replying, but I’m at a loss as to how to answer this! LOL. I’ve seen so many amazing builds by other players over the last 17 years of Sims - it’s really hard to narrow it down (even of the ones I actually remember!). Also when I tried searching on some old builds by my favorite builders, it was hard to find active links or screenshots. :-/ So can I just say “the whole world of Sandy Valley” by @aroundthesims? :) Because I’m always trying to do what she’s done with her amazingly cohesive and creative Sims 3 worlds!  ♥

@staff I get that Best Stuff First is a good idea in theory but a huge number of people have been showing these exact same results:

My notes dropped under 1000 for the first time in a few months

My new follower count dropped under 25 for the first time in a few months not only that but under 10 bro

And it’s not like I just said some stupid bullshit, this has been consistent

Disappointingly consistent

I don’t really care that much on a personal scale because this blog is just a recreational thing and my concerns of who follows me and who likes my bullshit is sorta just limited to the fact that I know my blog, as a blog directed towards child abuse victims, is also used as a coping mechanism for others and it’s a bit worrying because I’m not a mathematician so I don’t know exactly what formula yall are using but a lot of people won’t receive the psychological help they asked for by following. In that perspective, I’m only a little bit worried. But considering that my main job is social media director I am so glad we haven’t started a page on Tumblr because I have my performance measured on how many people like our bullshit and I’d probably really hate it on a corporate perspective if this was happening to one of my workplace’s accounts. Since I haven’t seen any graphs with the exact opposite effect on them, I’m going to assume that such an effect is much more rare than the effect happening on my blog, so I’d encourage people with active blogs to screenshot their activity as well.