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thacreatedvoid  asked:

What motivates you to go to the gym every day?

Mental health. I have depression and anxiety symptoms and I go to the gym to get my endorphin kick. So the days I’m tired and skip, I feel really shitty the next day. That’s not to say I don’t take rest days. Going more than two days without intense physical activity really leaves me down. Also; gay guilt related to the extreme bodies we worship and the expectations we put on ourselves. 

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Jimmy takes the hint and slowly sneaks into the out now.


For those who asked, I think he spends the next 2 days actively trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube and then kinda just puts it on the backburner and bring it with himself sometimes to fiddle with in his spare time but he doesn’t manage to complete it until years later, if ever.

I will stop flirting with my work crush when she stops flirting with me. Some of the things she says and does are just… THAT’S NOT STRAIGHT ACTIVITY!

Today we were working close to each other for the third day in a row and I said, “So are you gonna work behind me all week?” And she went, “Yeah. It’s my comfort zone.” Then she freaking WINKED.

Then later we were talking about how one of our former coworkers is now stripping for a living and she said, “Oh well I mean she is quite curvy and a lot of guys…. uh PEOPLE… like that.” For some reason I found that ridiculously cute and sweet.

Ugh this is no good.

anonymous asked:

I think the reason so many people online are quick to associate veganism with privilege is that when you search the "vegan" tag about 90% of what comes up is crazy aesthetic food pictures. I like my fruit as much as any vegan, but those tags make it look like every vegan puts mango and dragon fruit with organic quinoa in half of a fresh coconut for breakfast every day... I wish there was more activism and easy wraps/bowls trending in the tag more often so people aren't off-put by luxury foods...

I think you’re right, and it’s the same on instagram too; I think a lot of it comes from raw foodists; so many of them use the word “vegan” purely as a descriptor for food, many of them aren’t actually vegan themselves. The biggest thing harming our movement is people treating veganism like it’s a diet or a tool for weight loss, because that has so many negative connotations. There are some blogs doing some great things with cheap vegan food, and I think it’s up to the rest of us to fill the tag with proper activism and cheap meal ideas rather than the high cost stuff being seen at the moment.

Strain - Alien Rock Candy

This Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien cross captures a fruity, citrus aroma that carries through until the exhale. Full relaxation of the mind and body make this strain ideal for the end of an active or stressful day, with a heaviness that settles you nicely into sleep. 

I just feel truly blessed and beautifully overwhelmed by the love and kindness shown by this wonderful valuable community

Probably you had seen I haven’t been as active these last days, and it’s mostly because when I see all these big accounts making edits I feel a little unmotivated. So I stopped logging in as much, but I get this beautiful sweet message by some of the most amazing bloggers of the whole world and Tumblr @swiftthisway @worldsoldestswiftie @ts1989fanatic and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart from being so supportive of me, my work, my art, my account but mostly myself as a person since the beginning. I still remember when you @ts1989fanatic help me share my post of my Taylor Swift costume going to the 1989 tour went no one knew me, back then when my follower count wasn’t so big and when you @worldsoldestswiftie never said no when I asked you for help. And when @swiftthisway shared my excitement and rejoiced with me over my past accomplishments through beautiful private messages and hit hit the reblog button on my Videos way more times than I can count. You all applied the beautiful principle that be amazing @taylorswift has taught us: be good to people. Being good to people is a good legacy to leave behind. You have mastered it and I am so proud of you for being these great human beings☺️☺️☺️☺️😍😍😍 so thank you so much I really hope Taylor lyrics you because you truly deserve the follow you have and all the likes she has loved you with. I don’t know how it gets better than this I can’t believe what has been happening the great to me over these five months :-) thanks for being good friends y'all know I am here all unconditionally💜💜💜💜

(this disappeared when I tried to answer it? Maybe I accidentally answered privately, luckily I took a screenshot!)

Words: 328

Todd had never really been into musical theatre. Beyond being obscenely expensive, it just all seemed a bit… excessive for Todd’s taste.

He was not at all surprised to find out that Dirk was very into musical theatre. Of course Dirk – who had wasted half of his payment from Patrick Spring on colourful jackets – would also be the sort of person willing to spend obscene amounts of money on theatre tickets.

Todd didn’t particularly mind this enthusiasm. He didn’t even mind Dirk humming show tunes in the shower, though he drew a line at being roped into a duet when they took showers together. What Todd minded was being coerced into attending a performance of Singin’ in the Rain that was taking place a three-hour drive away from their apartment.

Dirk insisted that Todd would love it, and that it was a perfect Valentine’s Day activity.

When Dirk had said that, Todd had stopped putting up any real fight. It was their first Valentine’s Day together, and although Todd didn’t really celebrate, he could tell it meant a lot to Dirk. It was only two and a half hours of his life; it wouldn’t be so hard to pretend that he liked it.

To Todd’s complete surprise, he didn’t have to pretend. Sure, it was cheesy and the music wasn’t really Todd’s cup of tea, but he enjoyed it nonetheless because of Dirk. Dirk who spent half of the performance frantically tapping at Todd’s knee to signal that a good part was coming up; Dirk who clutched the playbill to his chest as he rambled about how amazing it was through the entirety of the interval; Dirk who wore his joy all over his face during every classic song; Dirk who dozed off on the drive home, smiling in his sleep.

Todd still thought musicals were overpriced and cheesy, but that didn’t stop him from begging some money off of Farah to buy Anything Goes tickets for Dirk’s birthday.


Thanks for the prompt @life-love-and-lotr. I am a huge fan of musicals, but have actually never seen Singin’ in the Rain, so I didn’t go into too much detail there! Thank you for reading, my askbox is still open for prompts and if you like my drabbles, you might also like my longer fic on AO3 :D


I’d like to leave here on a happy note this time

To feel good and keep this addiction to rhyme

To give you, dear reader, a view into me

Which is frankly a pretty awesome place to see

Truth be told, I’m a happy camper

I’m just wired that way. Lucky with my serotonin

And endorphins as I run without error

Not to say life is easy, I’m not that tuned in

But most days I feel warm

And I slip out of bed comfortable, that’s the norm

Learning and social activities fly by

And my friends keep me from floating too high

Some days I can’t stay grounded anymore

I rise up so far, floating away as I soar

But it’s bad when I lose touch

The tears seemingly becoming a crutch

And it’s my friends who help me come down

It’s my friends who remove sadness’s crown

Then it’s back to sunshine and rainbows

The smile tugging at my lips with laughter in the halls

And the jokes go on for hours and happiness knows no close

My content nature spilling out, deaf to anger’s calls

So I think I’ll leave you on a happy note now

Shinning with my inner beauty before I bow

Find the people to ground you

Find the people who get you through

They are waiting for you. I promise.


finally, the family AU backstory!!!

i’m SO unsatisfied with this lmao,, this is gonna be so cliché/cheesy…. //cries. also fast storyline bc i want to make this quite short. i think it’s going to be in 5 parts but i’m not sure yet! twitter