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ARMYs who we love
I didn’t realise this post was so late!!! @_@ Me and the members just come home after a wrap up party so
I will leave a post!!
(we may be friends(?) but, I don’t write like rapmonie!! please understand!!!@_@/ )

From the wings album activity until todays fanmeeting, a big part of our korea activities are over
To be honest, it’s amazing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋhow did the time go so quickly..?!? … ….?!? …???? Are ARMYs sympathetic?!?
doing this and that, I closed my eyes and it’s already the last broadcast I open my eyes and the fanmeeting is finished?!?
heoooool~~~~~~ But this time activites are also for ARMY as well as us!!!
I think it’s during activites, we’ve become somethome more stronger combined
Since it’s the second full album, we all practiced with our teeth clenched and shouting fighting together!!!!
Our ARMY also gathered strength to cheer for us hard..
Really, I know better than anyone
So, I was able to finish this activity with better results and happy smiles
It’s 1251 days now?!? I think we and ARMYs have grown so much during this time
The fans and artist going up becoming one and together!! How beautiful
Sometimes I think that we and ARMy are just one big ball!! The ball is tight we are together!! together!! we will fly well
But if we were to get old and fly away and no one reaches out for us, we will still be together. Like that ARMY are doing well now but I want to do will together until the end and ARMY and Bangtan to be satasfied with the time passing and smile..I wanted to say that it’s like a ball
Everyone the ball isn’t the point
There’s no use in saying “oppa I’m not a ball” or “why would you compare a person to a ball”. Just be a ball!! I said I wanted to say cool words like Namjoonie

Anyway, I’ve said a lot. I think of you guys and treasure you a lot. It’s my first time saying this but, I always show you the laughing and talkative Jung Hoseok but behind that I’m really thoughtful…
But it doesn’t mean I have a double personality…
Anyway, everyone thank you for being together with us for ‘Wings’ activity until the fanmeeting today. You know it’s not the end right?!?
If you say it’s the end of Bangtan we’ll be sad, right?~~ heuheu
We’ll bring good music again soon don’t worry

We believe so 2, 3!!
Let’s keep loving each other
Sleep tight jjuk (kiss)

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Honoring Hermes: A Personal Technique

If you’re anything like me you live in your car. From work to school to various other obligations, life eats away at my time. As I have lost time to worship more formally, I found ways to honor Hermes that fits very easily in my day to day life.

  • Singing songs with verses and lyrics in another language. Singing it passionately and as horribly as I am wont to do. Laughing at myself and having fun doing it.
  • When driving, singing with gusto and gestures to music. Not caring about other’s seeing my fun concert in my car. You will be surprised how many people actually smile and laugh seeing such a silly thing.
  • Taking a different route to my destination if I have the time.
  • Shamelessly sending funny memes and pictures to my friends in our conversations. If it only amuses me and Hermes it is worth it.
  • Star gazing and finding constellations I know as I am walking under the night sky.
  • Starting a change jar and tossing in coins and even dollar bills periodically, offerings made in gratitude for safe travels and financial gains. Bonus points for any foreign money.
  • Participating in creepypasta and/or perpetuating harmless online rumors and conspiracy memes, #tedcruzzodiac style. Also starting chain mail full of false facts and threats of a ghost murdering them if they don’t forward it to 10 people.
  • Raising a Hand to Hermes when I have a convincing lie that someone believes. (Hey, we all lie, don’t judge.)
  • Learning to spot a red-tailed Hawks and saying a small prayer to Hermes when they cross my path.
  • On a safe and open road, accelerating my car rapidly. Feeling the power of the speed and a small bit of adrenaline. Understanding this small burst of speed is nothing compared to the power in the divine speed of Hermes.  

Yes, that’s right. Our invites are currently OPEN for the Homestuck Art Discord Server! 

We’re accepting people into our amazing community to have fun and draw! We have fun activities everyday, and it’s different every 2 weeks! Activities include Character Draw/Artpiles, which look something like this:

(click for the original post)

Or other things like Panel Redrawing, Traditional Art day, Movie night, Game night, Collabs, and more! For a full list of our current activites, click here!

Make sure you check out the RULES and FAQ before asking to join. This is an invite only server! Once you are done, just send an ask! Easy as that. Make sure your art tag/blog is obvious, and if they aren’t just tell us what it is! 

We take artists of ALL skill levels, traditional or digital. 95% of our activities are digital AND traditional-friendly, so don’t worry, you aren’t left out!! We accept all ages 13+

See you on the flip side! 

  • Bitty: est-ce que tu aimes le sexe?
  • Jack: yes
  • Bitty: je veux dire, l'activite physique
  • Jack: uh, yes?
  • Bitty: les hommes pensent que les feministes detesetent le sexe
  • Jack: do you even understand what you're saying?
  • Bitty: no but it sounds hot

Ok but if you don’t think the Camp Half-Blood would not make their own version of The Office… Like I can totally see the project being run by the Apollo Cabin and Hermes Cabin, but mainly the Hermes Cabin, and more specifically by Travis and Conor Stoll since they have been Camp for a long time and know the best places to get people unexpected. I believe it would be called something like “The Camp” and I can totally see it in the documentary style of The Office and I can see Percy being portrayed similarly to Micheal Scott, (except for the racist and sexist part) Annabeth being like Pam, Leo being like Jim, etc. Obivously though, they are themselves, but I can see them filming the demigods training and doing camp activities such as Capture the Flag. I can totally see there being intereviews while doings these activites and a few good liners being said. More importantly though, do not doubt for a second that there is ever a shortage of looks into the camera basically screaming “WTF?” and “See what I have to deal with?” just like there is on The Office. Heck, I think Annabeth would contribute like 50% of those looks. But yeah, I dunno about you but I could totally see this and don’t think for a second that there would be a lack of entertainment.

Nu mai pot dormi. Oricât aș încerca să o fac îmi e peste putință să mai săvârșesc și această activitate.
Noaptea e cel mai cutremurător moment pe care omul îl poate îndura.
Acel moment când te întinzi în pat și tot ceea ce vezi e doar un întuneric rece ce te înconjoară și o singurătate apăsătoare.
Gândurile năpustesc asupra-ți în cele mai neîndurătoare moduri din câte există.
Amintirile îți dansează prin minte haotic răcnind fantomatic în fiecare cotlon vechi și uitat.
Obrajii îți ard de durerea atât de nemărginită ce a pus stăpânire pe sufletul tău, iar marea de lacrimi cea rece și necruțãtoare încearcă să le stingă focul mult prea arzător indundându-i în cele din urmă.
Inima ți se zbate în piept atât de tare și incontrolabil încât ai senzația că vrea să evadeze din închisoarea ei.
Respirația pare că și ea îți devine cel mai mare dușman vrând să te sufoce prin inspiruri repezite de atâta suferință.
Winter Ball Activities

Now that we’ve begun, here’s a small explanation of activites to look forward to!

Dancing: If you haven’t figured this out yet, you can ask people to dance. How one is supposed to respond, of course, is with a drawing of yours and their muses dancing together! Added bonus is adding what song they’re dancing to. That’s it! I suggest making a post to let everyone know you’re down to boogie

IC Movie Nights: Throughout the event there will be a couple of in-character movie nights, so you just come in and participate in the stream as your character. Simple! 

Jukebox: Another really simple thing, I have a separate blog that’s going to be “dj-ing” the ball, by which I mean I will be posting songs throughout the day. The blog is @winterballjukebox so if you feel like requesting a song, go for it!

Voting: The proper voting process won’t be announced till tomorrow because I don’t want to shove everything on y’all on the first day, but due to high numbers of nominations last year I’ve made a separate blog for it. It’s @winterballvoting and all things pertaining to the vote will be posted there.

Anyways have fun guys!


The Trout Unlimited (associated) chapter in which I work for does activites with our local community in Denver to teach inner city school kids how to fish. I have seen kids catch their very first fish on a pond that is 5 minute walk from their home, and the smile on their face is priceless. To be able to teach and see so much excitment, plus getting kids outside- it’s rewarding in itself. Afterwards we present the kids with rods and a lunchbox of powerbait and a little book to take home and read.

Inktober #26: Autumnal Activites, Pumpkin Picking

I would think Hanzo doesn’t understand the western Halloween traditions, so Angela picking a pumpkin to carve into a jack-o’-lantern confuses him.

I have to say, I like the way did Hanzo’s hair for this. The rest? Ugh.

I need to rest my eyes. I’ve been staring at a computer screen too long today.

myheavenlyside  asked:

Pipabeth or Annabeth/girl!percy, pleeeeeeaaseeeee?? 🌈😁😍

MMKAY so I do love pipabeth, I do, and I might do some later but @lesbabeths​ has got me obsessed with xer lesbian!percabeth au so like, i gotta

  • so i headcanon that when Percy was 12, she wore her super thick and long hair in pigtails (the kind that are bunched low at the back of the neck) when doing stuff like skateboarding or like camp activites. and just like. TLT Percy absently tugging on her own ponytail on the train while thinking and it drives Annabeth nuts and she doesn’t even know why but she gets all annoyed and Percy’s just “ok what did I do THIS time”
  • ok but now imagine the mess that would be the BOTL like. Sally still teasing Percy about going on a “date” with Annabeth but a lot more subtle about it, because Percy never had really came out to her mom (as lesbian; she’s trans in this au) but of course Sally just Knows so there’s definitely more blushing but also a lot of relief on Percy’s part
  • ANNABETH BEING REALLY JEALOUS OF RACHEL but like, both of them simultaneously avoiding the subject like the plague because neither of them is out to the other. And then it’s even more infuriating for Annabeth because she doesn’t even know why she’s worrying about it, because Percy’s straight, but if she did like Rachel..
  • Basically both of their internal struggles of ‘do they like me’ or ‘why am I worrying about who likes who’ times 1,000 lmao, those poor babies
  • I think Percy and Calypso both discovered a lot about each other those few weeks but these are headcanons for another time
  • everything’s definitely a lot more Weird after Percy gets back because they’re both still reeling internally like whoa. I kissed a girl. I kissed that girl.
  • I could ramble for years about BOTL tbh, but omg think about Percabeth in TLO, like Annabeth feeling Percy’s Achilles spot, the underwater kiss. these aren’t really headcanons but like. Think about it
  • “Two campers of the same gender cannot be in alone in a cabin” L M A O
  • They actually aren’t too affectionate in public bc Annabeth is still pretty nervous about being out, (Her family is generally Accepting about her bisexuality, at best. it’s touchy. Sally is a literal godsend as usual) but when they’re alone in Percy’s cabin they can truly be together at ease. Percy loves to paint Annabeth’s nails pride colors and they can sit and comfort each other and kiss and just be together, is all they want. Oh, and brushing their hair becomes a really therapeutic thing for the two of them.
  • I think Chiron knows they’re alone in there but he’s to awkward to broach it
  • idc how realistic it is for them as demigods i Want To Believe that they can go to Pride together like. Annabeth planning the details to the minute and them spending a day dyeing their hair and making shirts and wrapping themselves in flags and then at pride they can stand together amongst the parade and make out as a big FUCK YOU paralleling the one in MOA because they did it. They’re alive and they’ve literally beaten every single odd against their favor and they’re alive and they’re happy.

This is so short I’m sorry it’s all I’ve got atm but like u don’t understand I could talk about lesbian percabeth all day. it owns my soul.