❄️️ Imbolc 🌷

(pronounced ee-molc, also called Candlemas)

What Is Imbolc? ❄️️➡️️🌷

Imbolc is celebrated roughly when winter begins to turn to spring. Traditionally it also marked the successful survival of the harsh winter months and the beginning of the agricultural season. The returning sun is welcomed and the Celtic goddess Brigid is honored.

Traditional Lore/Activities 🕯️

  • Each candle within a household should be lit, if only for a moment, to honor the sun’s return.
  • If there is still snow on the ground one should draw an image of the sun in it.

Foods Associated with Imbolc 🥐

  • Sour cream and other dairy dishes.
  • Spicy foods.
  • Spiced wine.
  • Raisins.
  • Foods containing peppers, onions, leeks, shallots, garlic, and chives.

Modern Activities 🎨


Self Care

Imbolc Bath - from @magickmomma16


  • Candle making.
  • Weave traditional Brigid’s Crosses.
  • Plan what herbs/flowers you want to grow during the upcoming spring and summer.
  • Burn your Yule greens to help winter on its way.

Colors and Altar Decor 🌸

  • White
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Amethyst
  • Bloodstone
  • Garnet
  • Ruby
  • Onyx
  • Turquoise
  • Green Candles
  • Brigid’s Crosses
  • Potted Bulbs
  • An Anvil or Hammer
  • Poetry


Hey so April’s coming up so I thought it’d be good to have some activities to do! I’ve seen other people do these (most notably for me @uniqueaspergirl​ had one that I did a few of last year!) and thought I’d set one up!

Under the cut is a list of the days (also listed in the picture) and descriptions of what each one is because a few words aren’t always the easiest to understand even when you wrote them.

I would like to say first though that - despite me keeping the descriptions of each day mostly positive, negative submissions and additions are absolutely accepted. Everything isn’t sunshine and daisies. Most of the things are general enough that they’ll apply to anyone, but if one doesn’t work for you feel free to treat it as a freebie!

Submit by submitting to the blog directly, tagging us ( in the @ kind of a way) or by tagging it #walkinredinstead (which I checked, it’s empty) and I’ll post and reblog as many as I can!

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The Summer Guide

Now that summer is here (for most people, sorry Australia!) I’ve prepared a list of 5 things to do this July. However I put aside the usual stuff. That means no redundant things like going to the beach or going on ‘vacation’. This list is your quick guide to what to do if you are stuck at home this summer. I’ll be using it just as much as you! Now bear in mind that this is more catered to those who live in cities rather than small towns. I am a city kid after all. Enjoy!

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•Mommy can read a book and hold her Little Boy while he plays his video games
•Mommy can make a bed full of pillows, blankets, and stuffies invite your Little Boy to join you in a marvel movie marathon and enjoy all the snuggles
•Mommy can play hide and seek with her Little Boy
•Mommy can read a book to her Little Boy
•Mommy can help build a fort with her Little Boy
•Mommy can make a treasure hunt for her Little Boy (bonus if the prize is their favourite snacks, movies, and toy)
•Mommy can have a water fight with her Little Boy on a hot day
•Mommy can take her Little Boy to star gaze and make up names for the stars
•Mommy can have a dance party with your Little Boy

CAS can seem very overwhelming at first but in the end 150 hours over 2 years is very manageable if you spread it out. So here are some tips on what you can do to get CAS out of the way as fast as possible. 

Fist thing is to get the hours out of the way. This way you won’t have to stress about getting it all done before the deadline. You will have to continue with CAS even when your hours are fulfilled but you won’t have to stress about getting everything done. 

Do stuff during the summer! It could be anything really. Like waking dogs, swimming, jogging or renovating furniture. If you get one or two activities done during the summer you won’t have as much to do during IB12. 

Try and do two or three activities per term. This way you will be done with CAS by the end of the first term in IB12 (since you need 6 actives total). And if you do two activities during summer you will have the first term of IB12 free too. 

Join a school charity trip if your school has one. My school had a charity trip to Thailand during the summer between IB11 and IB12 for 3 weeks. The people that went got all of their 150 hours done during those weeks. They still had to do more CAS activities but they were done with their hours. 

Do an activity during a couple of days. I was part of a Christmas Wrapping that my school organises every year and the money goes to a homeless shelter for kids in Senegal. I got 35 of my Service hours done in 4 days. *boom*. 

See it as an opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to try. If you’ve wanter to learn how to embroider try it! Whatever you want to do give it a try. That’s what CAS is all about. 

Ask you’re CAS coordinator if they can be your supervisor. This way you can do an activity by yourself and send in pictures of your progress as evidence. You can teach yourself something new on your own terms. 

If you’re running, use an app. Runkeeper is an approved CAS advisor which is amazing. So take a screenshot after your run (the part with all your stats on it) and have it as part of your journal as evidence. 

Write your evidence journals after every time you do the activity. If you don’t do this you are very likely to forget what you did. It will become a lot to write in the end as well. If nothing else write them at the end of the week for the activities that you did during the week. 

Get your CAS project out of the way. The faster the better. And it doesn’t have to be anything big. Hanna and I are running this blog as our CAS project and then we don’t really have a set schedule for when we write stuff. 

Join school clubs (or create one). Another good way of getting your CAS hours. I joined my schools MUN club and I was part of it for a term. Some guys in my class created a table top game club. You can get quite some hours from doing it once a week. 

Some stuff you could do for CAS

  • biking 
  • Swimming
  • MUN
  • EYP
  • Knitting 
  • Dance course
  • Live streaming a computer game and the money goes to charity. 
  • Learn an instrument
  • Start a band
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter 
  • Start a Studyblr
  • Join Amnesty 
  • Clean local beaches
  • Try some Yoga
  • Gym 
  • Online courses
  • Help younger kids with their homework.
  • Play an instrument on the street and give the collected money to charity. 
  • Christmas wrapping at a local mall.

I hope that some of these tips were helpful! CAS can actually be really fun and a way for you to get to know yourself better. It is also a great way to get some impressive stuff on your uni application. So make the most of it! :)


Chinese sword dance by Patrick Foto ;)
Via Flickr:
Chinese lady was performing taiji sword dance in a park

QUIZ: Have You Traveled Back in Time to the French Revolution?

We’re asked this question no fewer than five times a week, so we thought it worth addressing through a fun, informative quiz. Answer each question, then check the scoring at the end.

1) You ask the nearest person if the French are revolting, and they reply
a. “Yes, because this is the French Revolution, and you are in it.”
b. “Is this a play on the word ‘revolting?'”

2) You wake up from a long night’s sleep, you find yourself
a. in a fancy French bedroom with a fancy French officer telling you to put on your own fancy French uniform because you’re a soldier or something and you need to go do soldier things
b. in a pool of loose gelatin and you’re all like, “What was I doing last night?”

3) You check the date on your cellphone, and see that
a. it’s May 5, 1789, the start of the French Revolution.
b. it’s time for your boorish uncle and his dull children to come visit.

4) You knock on the bathroom door, and you hear
a. a voice say, “It’s me, King Louis XVI! Let me hide in here and you can keep my powdered wig!”
b. nothing but silence because you are alone, so alone.

5) You yell “Long live the revolution!” and
a) people say, “That’s a great slogan. We’ll use that for our revolution, but we’ll say it in French.”
b) you hear nothing but silence because you are alone, so alone.


IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY A’S then it is highly likely that you are currently stuck right in the middle of the French Revolution. Have fun, where loose-fitting clothing, and we’ll see you in a 200-plus years.

IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY B’S then it is highly Unlikely that you are currently stuck right in the middle of the French Revolution. Also, what is going on in your life?

things to do together- long distance edition!

when chires and carers don’t get to see each other irl, that can make things feel really hard, and like you can’t do all the same things other chires and carers get to do together. here’s a list of things to help try to remedy that!

this was requested by an anon !

1. use hosting sites to watch things together.

    | watching things together can be a great way to spend time together! be it an old favorite movie, a cute tv show, or silly videos online, it’s really fun to do things like that together so you can feel closer!

2. skype call through the night.

    | as someone who gets very scared and has bad nightmares, it helps me a lot to be in a skype call with my dependeds through the night! it sure doesn’t beat sleeping next to them, but it’s the next best thing. i’ve found it helps a lot with not wanting to go to bed because you want to talk to the other- you can just talk until right when you fall asleep!

3. send a book back and forth and annotate it.

    | i know that the way i phrased this makes it sound like icky schoolwork, but it’s way more fun than that! if you find a book that both of you would like to read- even if it’s an old favorite, or a short children’s book, it’s really fun to write little notes about what you were thinking while you were reading it, and have the other do the same! it’s also fun to highlight things that remind you of them.

4. send handwritten notes for when the other is down.

    | a lot of the times, when the other person is down, you can’t always be there for them, especially when it’s long distance. if you write a bunch of notes and send them to the other for when they’re sad, it can definitely put a smile on their face to see a handwritten note from the one they love reminding them why they want to keep going, to motivate them, and to cheer them up.

5. make a playlist together!

    | make a playlist together- or a few! songs that remind you of one another, songs that you can fall asleep to, happy songs- make the playlists together, so that way when the other one is missing you and they want to have something in the background that can make you think of them, you’ll have those playlists!

6. make each other friendship bracelets.

    | in my opinion, this is one of the cutest things, like. ever. friendship bracelets can be incredibly easy to make, and you’ll each have something special from the other that’s just for you. it’s unique and special and they’ll always be with you no matter what that way!

7. play online games together.

    be it online rpgs or flash games, playing games together can be an incredibly fun and unique way to bond and hang out, no matter how much distance is between you! we’ll make a list at a later date filled with games you can play online together! we’ll link it here when that happens, but for now, there are a ton of masterposts floating around on tumblr with games you can play!

i really hope that this is even a little bit helpful! long distance can be hard with anyone that you care about, especially someone who you’re in this close of a relationship with. best wishes to all of you guys!

Signs When Bored
  • Aries: camping
  • Taurus: napping with a cat
  • Gemini: fandom freak out
  • Cancer: baking & sims
  • Leo: social media troll
  • Virgo: internal conversations
  • Libra: online shopping
  • Scorpio: analyzing mysteries
  • Sagittarius: making fun plans
  • Capricorn: running errands
  • Aquarius: at political protest
  • Pisces: useful arts and crafts

find your top 5 favorite things from this list! Mine are 10, 18, 39, 53, 65 and 92 (yes i am aware that is more than 5, but there’s so many cool things!) :)