activism is not a crime


What a complete shit show. It’s like a scene stolen from Get Out.

NOW can we finally drop kick the Clintons, the DLC and neoliberalism out of the Democratic Party? Can we at least stop pretending that they’re progressives, instead of neoliberals with a “benevolent” plantation owner mentality?

If you haven’t already seen it, now is probably a very very good time to watch 13th, a documentary about how prison labor is legalized slavery.

Bill Clinton was bad enough for Black people: Think about all the harmful anti-Black legislation he actively supported, like the Crime Bill of 1994 (mass incarceration), TANF (gutted welfare), how he signed legislation that blocked Pell Grants from going to prisoners seeking education, to how he blocked parents with drug arrest records from receiving food and housing assistance.

And now remember Hillary’s racist super predators speech (who needed to be “brought to heel” like animals), and how it took her 20 years to give a tepid non-apology, and how she literally had to be BEGGED to stop taking money from the private prison industry. The Clintons are foul.

YES, we still need to get rid of Donald Trump. No one is losing sight of that. But we can chew gum and walk at the same time. To beat Trump by wide margins we need actual progressives in 2018 and 2020. Not Third Way “moderates”. Not centrists. We need—we demand—progressives. By now it should be painfully clear that we can do better than Bill or Hillary Clinton. They are a political gift to Republicans and a liability to progressives. Any political influence that the Clintons hold over the Democratic Party needs to be completely rejected and eliminated. And that includes revamping or eliminating the rigged Super Delegate system.


Please sign! This incident was about 3 weeks ago, there has been 5-6 more attacks since. It’s becoming rampant in London and seemingly focused on POC as a hate crime!

Astrology & Crime

It’s been established that zodiac signs directly correlate to the type of crime they’re likely to commit. The signs are divided into different categories:

* Fire Signs are Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo. Of the 3, Sagittarius has a higher population of criminals and they’re more difficult to capture. Aries is usually armed, while Leo is usually very dangerous and physically violent.

* Air Signs are Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. Libras have the largest criminal percentage compared to the other 2 - they’re usually armed and dangerous. Geminis are involved in fraud crimes. Aquarians usually commit crimes based on revenge.

* Earth Signs are Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus. In this category, the criminals are usually caught. Of these, Taurus is quite dangerous and temperamental. Virgos are also usually armed. Capricorns are usually all-around criminals.

* Water signs are Cancers, Scorpio, and Pisces. Cancers are the largest majority of criminals among all the zodiac signs. All 3 can be very violent due to hot tempers and over-emotional reactions.

According to the FBI’s website, Cancers are the most booked criminals and are the the most dangerous of zodiac signs. 

So Cancer is #1 for the number of crimes committed, #2 is Taurus. #3 is Sagittarius, then comes Aries, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini.

Cancers are known for being mostly passion killers. They kill multiple times and leave some kind of markings on their victims to distinguish themselves. This kind of killer is usually thought to be mentally unstable.

Taurus is usually involved in money laundering. They’re clever and commit most of their crimes alone. 

Sagittarius are con artists, robbers, and thieves. They do not, in most cases, hurt their victims.

Aries are usually hired to do crimes. 

Capricorns are mostly involved in organized crime; they’re rated as being more sadistic than Scorpio. 

Virgos often are burglars and hackers. 

Libras are usually corrupt people. 

Pisces are mostly in drug-related crimes.

Gemini criminals do not take things seriously; they’re con artists and thieves. 

Leos usually are involved in criminal activity for the sole reason of getting recognition; they do not get into petty crime. 

Scorpios are contract killers. 

Aquarius’ are hackers & hustlers - con artists involved mainly in manipulation.

I’m done with you, Mr. Wayne - Bruce Wayne x Reader (angst?)

First, thank you very much for your comment, and then here for a somewhat angsty story based off your prompt  :-) ( I never know if I achieved my goal in making people feel with my stories so you know…). Hope you’ll like it :


No matter what his brothers were telling him, how hard they were trying to reassure him and convince him that he did nothing wrong, Damian still thought it was his fault. Without him, none of that would have happened.

If he had been more careful, this all situation could have been avoided. His father wouldn’t be heart broken, and his mom…his mom…

No matter what his brothers were telling him, how hard they were trying to reassure him and convince him that he did nothing wrong, Damian still thought it was his fault. Without him, none of that would have happened.

Without him, his mother…He couldn’t even think the words. It hurts too much. To think he was the cause of it all ? It was even worst.

No matter what his brothers were telling him, how hard they were trying to reassure him and convince him that he did nothing wrong, Damian still thought it was his fault. Without him, none of that would have happened.

Without him…Without him…Without him his mother would have never left.

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First Love

Summary: You move into a new apartment and you become enemies with your new neighbor.

Pairing: Min Yoongi / Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 4.4k

Part 2Masterlist

“Thank you so much for helping me.” You hugged your friend.

“You sure you’re gonna be okay here alone?” She asked concerned.

“I’ll be okay Chae.”

She hugged you once again before leaving.

Now to unpack.

You finally moved out of your parents house and into your own apartment. You wanted a change. The only thing was that you were living in the more active side of town. You were more towards the city so the crime rates were a little high. Plus it was loud.

As soon as you went through your boxes, pulling out picture frames first you heard piano coming from next door. You leaned in closer to get a clearer sound. It was beautiful.

You decided to just go back to unpacking. You did feel a little uneasy being alone. This was a new feeling for you, being on your own.

One of the first things you wanted to do was set up your TV. You hooked up your cable, easy enough and then turned your TV on using the remote. As soon as you turned it on, it seemed to be working fine so you left and went to the kitchen putting away some dishes.

You turned around from the sound of plastic hitting the floor. Sammy. Your cat jumping up on the counter knocking shit off like usual.

“Get down.”

You went back to unpacking your kitchen box when you heard the cable going out with a loud static you had to cover your ears. You immediately went into panic mode trying to find the remote that you only had a few minutes ago.

The noise was unbearably loud that you couldn’t take another second. You heard a loud door bell ringing over the static.

You quickly went to the door opening it up seeing a young guy looking extremely annoyed.

“Shut it off!” He tried to shout over the noise.

“What?” You yelled back.

“Shut it off!” He made his voice louder.

“I’m trying!”

He entered your apartment uninvited and marched over to your TV. He couldn’t find the buttons to the TV so he just reached around and unplugged it.

You looked at him apologetic.

“You couldn’t do that?” He snapped.

“I’m sorry….my cat must of knocked the cable out.”

He rolled his eyes making his way towards the door. “You just move in?”

“Yeah.” You nervously tugged your hair behind your ear.

“Please keep it down.” He glared at you before he stepped out your apartment and you heard the door next door shut. Was he the one that was playing the piano?

You glanced at the time seeing it was 10:30. No wonder he was mad, who wouldn’t be mad.

You decided to just call it a night and dragged yourself to your room.


The next morning you got a call from your friends Chae and Jisoo. They wanted to meet you for lunch. As soon as you got ready they texted you the address of the place. It wasn’t too far.

“Hey girl.” Your friend Chae greeted you. “How’s the place?”

“It’s pretty nice, and cozy.” You smiled.

“Did you finish unpacking?”

You shook your head. “Too tired.” You leaned back in your chair.

“What apartment complex did you move into again?” Jisoo asked.

“The Gardens.”

“Really?” She asked. “My brother lives there.” She smiled.

“That’s cool.”

“Now I can visit you both at the same time.”

“You go there often?”

“Not really, my brothers always busy.” She pouted.


You didn’t stay long, you still had a lot of packing to do. Before you went upstairs you stopped at the main office claiming your mailbox. They gave you a key and they told you to make sure it works from it being a little out of date.

You went back to the front door where the mailboxes were and attempted to open your mail box. As soon as you opened it you saw a letter already.

Welcome to The Gardens.

That’s it?

You heard noise next to you as someone else was getting their mail. The guy from last night. You tried not to cause attention to yourself. You walked back over to the office saying your key was fine and headed towards the stairs. You had to pass the mailboxes again to get to there.

You saw the guy look in your direction as you walked forward.

“Hey….I’m sorry for last night I was just trying to finish my work.” He apologized.

“No I’m sorry for making so much noise.” You smiled.

“I’m Yoongi.” He reached out his hand.

“I’m (Y/N).” You shook his hand.

“Do you need any help unpacking?” He kindly offered.

“No that’s okay I only have a few boxes left.” The shy person you were avoided any confrontation as possible. Even how cute this guy was.

“Okay well, you know where to find me.”

He went to the elevator. You were honestly afraid of elevators you avoided them at all cost. You were only on the third floor so it wasn’t a big deal.

As soon as you got to your room you continued unpacking, you had more then you led on.

“Sammy, don’t you dare touch that TV.” She looked at you then swatted at the cord making it fall out again. The irritating noise come back.

“Sammy!” You ran to your TV hitting the power button turning off the sound. You didn’t bother even looking for the remote because you knew you wouldn’t find it.

You heard a instant knock on your door. “You’re making me look bad Sammy.”

(I actually talk to my cat, not crazy cat lady way but like this, so I hope this is not weird xD lol)

You opened the door to see the familiar face of annoyance. “Need help with your TV again?”

“I’m sorry but I turned it off quicker this time.” He walked into your apartment again uninvited. He sat down in front of your cable box attempting to screw in the cable.

“Here’s your problem.” He sat up. “Your cable adapter is broken….it just spins it doesn’t tighten that’s probably why it keeps falling out.”


“Your gonna need a new one.”

“Here I have a better idea.” You grabbed the duct tape and started to unwrap it.

“Really? Duct tape doesn’t fix everything.” He arched his eyebrows.

“It will do for now so Sammy won’t knock it out again.”

“Sammy?” He asked.

“My cat.” You confirmed.

He laughed. “Of course.”

His laugh was beautiful.

What were you thinking, you just met this guy and he seemed like a grouch. No offense.

He looked around your apartment seeing the mess. “It looks like you still have a lot of work to do.”

“Yeah….I’m not exactly sure where I’m putting everything yet.” You bit inside your cheek.

“Need any help?”

“That’s okay I’m gonna call it a night.”

“Okay.” He nodded and made his way towards your door. “Hopefully your cat can keep it quiet.” He smiled causing you to blush.

Why was his smile so perfect? Why was he effecting you this way?


You woke at 5am on this Saturday morning so you can start your morning shift at 6am. You worked with your parents twice a week but you also had a full time job at the local restaurant for about two years now.

It was nicer since you only had to travel a few blocks but now you were on your own so it was either walk or city bus since you didn’t have a car.

You hated working at the restaurant, it was always busy at night and you had to deal with rich snobs. There was occasional sweet people who left you nice tips but that was a rare occasion. You were trying to work your way through school. You still had two years left.

“You’re late sweetie.” Your mother scolded you.

“I’m sorry, the bus was late.”

“I don’t feel comfortable with you taking the bus.”

“It’s fine mom.”

“You should of worked on getting a car first before moving into an apartment.” You rolled your eyes. She was always like this.

“Mom I’m 21 now, I need to be on my own.”

“Okay fine then be on time.” You squinted your eyes.

Your parents owned a local pharmacy in the city.


As soon as you dragged your self off the bus you were already tired. Saturdays were your busy day at the pharmacy. When you reached your apartment entrance you decided to stop at the mail box.

You opened your box and it only had a few letters in there. You couldn’t imagine you having mail already. As soon as you pulled them out you noticed the name saying Min Yoongi.

You felt a mini anxiety attack meaning you had to bug him again.

When you got to your floor you stood outside his door taking a deep breath before you lifted your fist and softly knocked.

You heard the door handle turn not to long after. When he opened the door he seemed surprised to see you there.

He didn’t say anything he just stared waiting for you to say something.

“Um….your mail was in my mail box by accident.” You looked down handing over his mail.

“They do that a lot…they probably have dyslexia.”

You pursed your lips. “Okay well-” You started to turn around.

“Wait.” He stopped you suddenly. “Can I ask your advice on something?”

You looked at him confused. He moved to the side so you could walk through. He shut the door behind you making you jump. You didn’t know why you felt so intimidated by him.

You waited until he led you to a open space next to the living room. He had a grand piano next to a Yamaha electronic keyboard.

“I want advice from an outsiders point of view instead of my friends who hear my stuff all the time.”

He sat down at the piano and he looked at you signaling you to sit next to him. You noticed the music sheet on the stand labeled ’Butterfly’.

He brushed the keys before he pressed down playing the first note. The song was unbelievably gentle. It gave you some inner feeling you couldn’t explain. You had chills, you have never heard anything so beautiful in your entire life.

The song felt emotional.

After he was done he looked forward, like he was thinking until he turned to you. “Was it okay?”

“Okay? It was beautiful.” You sweetly smiled.


“Yeah….you wrote that?”

He nodded. “Amazing.”

“Thank you.”


For the past week you couldn’t get Yoongi out of your head. The way he smiled, even though that wasn’t often. But yet you couldn’t figure him out. One moment he was grouchy the next he was sweet.

You couldn’t even tell if he likes you or not. He’s either knocking on your door telling you you’re being too loud or he’s inviting you over for advice then kicks you out.

You were a dance major so once you hooked up your stereo you were always practicing, which often caused Yoongi coming over asking you to lower the music.


You were living at the apartment for a month now and you had a huge audition coming up so you had to practice as much as you could.

You had your music at a dim volume so Yoongi wouldn’t come pounding on your door again, it got to the point that every time he saw you he was constantly wearing a annoyed expression and he hasn’t invited you over since that one day two weeks ago. You came to the conclusion that he didn’t like you.

You practiced your whole routine twice through still needing to practice it.

As you started the third time you heard loud music coming next door. You stopped immensely to turn your music up a little more but that made no effect. It seemed his music just got louder. For the past ten minutes you just tried to ignore it but it had no use. You stopped your music and left your apartment in a rage.

You buzzed his doorbell and knocked as loud as you could. He opened the door arching his eyebrows. You heard a echo of his music coming from another room.

“Can you please keep it down?” You shouted.

“Sorry am I too loud?” He smirked.

“I’ve been keeping my end low lately.” You argued.

“I can still hear yours, so I just decided to turn mine up.”

“I have an important audition coming up.” You basically whined.

“Oh, that’s why your dressed like that.” He referred to your ballet sweats.

You glared at his cocky smile. “I’m being serious.”

“Well sorry I’m doing my job.”

“Is your job being rude as fuck?” Your shy side no longer an issue.

Yoongi stepped back with a surprised expression but he still had a smile on his face. You also saw that he had guest so you immediately toned down.

“Okay I’ll turn it down if you do.” He smirked again.

You rolled your eyes and stormed back to your room.

You knew you weren’t being that loud he’s trying to get back at you.

“You have a friendly neighbor.” Jhope laughed sarcastically at his friend.

“She’s cute.” Jimin said making Yoongi smile.


You wasted too much time angry at Yoongi that you had to already get ready for your night shift at the restaurant.

It was 9:30pm and you were counting down the time you could go home. You still had a dreadful four hours. You stood to the waiting area for another family or couple to be seated. You looked at the direction of a young couple entering the dinning area. Your eyes widen as you had to take a double glance towards the pair.

It wad Yoongi with a girl. She was beautiful. Of course he has a girlfriend.

Wait a minute, why did you all of a sudden feel jealous? After today you never want to see or hear from him again.

You don’t care. You don’t care.

You kept repeating.

“(Y/N)!” You heard your manger whisper shout at you. You looked at him and he pointed to the young couple.

Of course. You have to seat him.

You made your way over to them and bowed. Yoongi looked at you with wide eyes and then he smirked. He didn’t say a word that he knew you, which you were kind of grateful for. You lead them to their table and pulled out your pad.

“Hello I’m (Y/N) and I’ll be your server, can I start you with some drinks?” You asked professionally.

“I’ll take a water….Suga?” She tried to get his attention. He looked up from the menu.

“Same.” Then looked back down.

You walked away getting ready to get their drinks. Why did she call him Suga? Was it some cliche couple name? Why were you caring so much?

“Why so grumpy?” One of the cooks laughed as you set up the drinks.

“Nothing.” You smiled sarcastically.

“Are you guys ready to order?” You said as sweet as you can while putting their drinks on the table.


She ordered and then he just agreed on whatever she was having.

The rest of the night was a blur, as you waited in your service area, you occasionally caught Yoongi glance at you and he would do his annoying smirk.

You honestly couldn’t get him through your head. Was he purposely trying to annoy you or make you uncomfortable because it was working.

Cleaning up their table you collected the envelope where they placed the tip and put it in your pocket with the rest of your tips.

Later that night you dragged yourself up the stairs through your apartment complex. You dreaded this job, but it was too good of a paycheck to pass up.

As soon as you entered your room, the shoes came flying off. You heard faint piano keys from the room over. What was he still doing up? It was 1:30am.

It reminded you to check your tips. You opened the envelope from.his table. You pulled out the amount and looked at it confused. This must be a mistake. $300. You never got that high of a tip before.

You knew he was up so you made your way next door knocking. You heard the piano stop suddenly and not to long the door opened.

He had a habit of not greeting you, he would just stare and wait for you to speak first.

“I think you accidentally gave me too much money.” You waved the envelope.

“No.” He shook his head.

“Yoongi this is $300….even rich people with ten houses don’t give me that much.”

“That’s how much we gave you.” It looked like he was almost going to shut his door in your face

“Well…its too much….I appreciate it but I’m not struggling or anything.”

“It’s fine, my friend has a lot of money….you deserve it.”

Before you could speak he did shut the door in your face.

You deserve it? You went back to your apartment confused. How would he know? Yoongi was a puzzle that you were trying to figure out. Even though your close to finishing it there’s always one piece that’s missing.


It was the end of next week and your last day to practice your dance routine and of course Yoongi had his music interrupting your music again.

You marched back over pounding on his door. His music never stopped so he probably didn’t hear you. You jiggled the handle and saw that it was opened. You didn’t see him once you entered. You just followed the music until you stood in front of another door. You turned the knob and saw a studio type den.

He was sat down in a chair in front of a panel filled with hundreds of switches and buttons.

“Yoongi!” You shouted over the music. He slightly jumped and turned the music down to a dim.

“What do you want?”

“Don’t you own a pair of headphones?” You snapped.

“Yes.” He smirked.

“Why are you doing This? To get back at me? I’m sorry for the past few weeks okay… can you please stop punishing me I’ve been playing my music low every night for you.” You rambled.

“Why should I, I pay to live here and I’ve gotten no complaints till you lived here.”

“Why are you such a jerk?” You yelled.

“If I’m such a jerk then move.” He stood up.

“You know what, good idea.” You turned around and headed towards his door.

You were close to his opened door but before you could leave he beat you to it and closed the door with his presence behind you.

“I’m sorry okay.” You turned around and walked backwards until your back hit the door from how close he was. “I don’t want you to leave.”

“Why do you care….you hate me.” Your tone of voice was still agrivated.

You saw him lean in closer. “I dont hate you.” He glanced at your lips before looking into your eyes again. You saw him lean in even closer that you could feel his breath on your lips.

You were tempted to fill in the rest of the space but your mind flashed back to the restaurant. He had a girlfriend. You weren’t gonna be some homewrecker to some innocent girl who has a cheating boyfriend.

“Can you let me leave please.” You said softly.

“Do you hate me?” He asked sadly.

You didn’t answer you just closed your eyes to avoid his gaze. “Please Yoongi.”

“Why didn’t you say so?” He backed up and opened the door. After you left you couldn’t help but feel guilty. The look on his face was haunting.


The only positive thing this week was that you passed your audition with flying colors but the rest of the week was quiet. You didn’t have to practice or neither did you hear Yoongis music through your wall. You were happy but yet you felt lonely.

But you tried to not feel guilty, he wanted you to suffer and you did.

It was Monday so you had the night off. Thank God.

You were about to cook yourself some dinner when you heard a loud irritating noise. You looked over to where it was coming from and you saw your cat playing with the cable again.

“Sammy!” You ran over and chased her away from the TV. You quickly hit the switch making it quiet again. You expected a knock on your door immediately but nothing. You went back to the kitchen to go back to cooking. You were actually quite sad honestly, you wanted him to go to your door like before.

After you finished your meal, you went back over to the TV and plugged the cable on. When you turned it on it was still a loud irritating static.

What the hell? The cable was in. You turned your TV off again to make it quiet. You pulled out the cable to look at it. It was broken, actually more chewed off.

“Sammy.” You mentally argued. She must of just did that. You put your shoes on getting ready to leave. You needed to buy a new cable, you couldn’t just sit in silence for the rest of the night.

As soon as you opened your door, Yoongi was waiting on the outside. “Having trouble with your TV?” He smirked.

“My cat chewed it up.” You looked down.

“You need a spare?” He asked.

“You have a spare?” He nodded.

“I was gonna give it to you before but then you pulled out the duct tape.” He smiled making you blush.

He tilted his head for you to follow him. And you did.

When you entered his apartment you closed the door behind you. He went to the end of the hall into a walk in closet. He leaned down and grabbed a fresh new cable that was still in its package.

He stood back up and handed it to you. He looked at you with hungry eyes. You felt butterflies in your stomach.

“Thank you.” You softly spoke as he handed it to you.

“Do you need help hooking that up?”

“Um…I-” He caused you to stumble over your words as he leaned in closer to you, resting his hand on the wall next to you.

He smiled as you attempted to speak. You closed your eyes. The last thing you saw was him leaning in closer but this time you were frozen. You finally felt his lips brush yours. It felt nice. You didn’t push him away, your lips actually responded against his. He gently pulled your hips to his feeling every inch of him closer to you.

Before you could go in any deeper. You softly pushed him away. “What about your girlfriend?”

He laughed. “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

You looked at him confused. “But what about at the restaurant-”

“That’s not my girlfriend…we work together and she invited me out for dinner.”

Now that you thought about it, that night you never seen them being affectionate. It was wrong for you to assume.

“So…” He waited for you to do something. “Can I kiss you again?”

You blushed as he leaned in forward. You bit your lip nervously while you nodded in approval. He once again broke the free space bringing his lips towards your.

This time he didn’t hold back, he kissed you desperately. Like he wanted to for a while. He lifted you up and carried to the next room over which was his studio. He sat you on his desk and immediately started sucking on your neck. You wrapped your legs around his waist to feel him closer.

You felt his hand make it’s way up your shirt playing with the hooks of your bra. You toyed with the waist band of his sweats making his voice moan vibrating your skin. You felt chills run down your spin.

He left your neck and went back to your lips. He moved his tongue inside to explore every inch. The butterflies went off when You felt his member poking you through his thigh. You had the urge to reach through his pants grabbing him but your shy side didn’t want to make anything uncomfortable.

He pulled away noticing how you stiffened up. “You can tell me to stop, I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I feel that way about you.” He arched his eyebrows confused. “I want to um-” You nervously stumbled.

“Say no more.” He leaned in kissing you again tugging on your sweat pants. He pulled them off in a swift motion dragging down your underwear also. He pulled away slightly to admire your body. You smiled as he started tugging on his own pants.

But before you could get a look at him he kissed you again. You felt his member brush your folds before pushing in. You arched in pain as you tried to adjust to his size.

He didn’t give you much time as he started thrusting into you. The pain was visible for the first few pumps until it turned into pleasure. You tilted your head back enjoying the pleasure.

You heard him giggle watching you skirm. You grabbed onto the edge of the desk as you felt your body reach its climax. Your moans were pretty much uncontrollable at this point. The feeling hit you immensely, you felt weak but he kept his quick pace working up his own release.

He continued to rock against you until you heard a ring enter the quiet room. You giggled as he rolled his eyes but he didn’t stop. You leaned in and kissed him passionately while he hit his release.

You both took a second to catch your breath. “Your phone’s still ringing.” You whispered.

He leaned back and made a cute groaning sound. He pulled his pants up while going to his phone.

“Yeah?” He answered annoyed.

“What took you so long to answer the phone?” You heard the other end. You slid off the desk and pull your pants back up.

“I was busy.”

“I’m outside your door.” You heard the female.

You watched as his eyes widen. Then turn to annoyance. “Okay.”

Then he hung up. “What’s wrong?” You asked.

“My sister’s here.” He walked out of the room while you followed him.

“You want me to go?” You asked before he made it to the door.

“No…please stay.” He begged.

You went over to the couch and sat down. He opened the door for his sister greeting her in the process.

You glanced back and you never felt more anxiety.


“Jisoo?” There stood your best friend, who happened to be sister’s with the guy you just slept with.


Masterlist | Part 2


In February, 2017, a girl was arrested for hanging a poster “You can’t kill us all, you can’t send us all in prison.” She wanted to remind people of the murder of the Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. Nemtsov was murdered two years ago near Kremlin. An unknown assailant fired seven or eight shots from a Makarov pistol; four of them hit Nemtsov in the head, heart, liver and stomach, killing him almost instantly.

BSD Chapter 54 Summary

I am not sure if I should call it a “summary” anymore lol I should drop that word from the title. I basically just wrote out everything that I think can add up to the plot xDD So here you go, my lengthy “summary” of Chapter 54 (the chapter numbering is driving me crazy lol). Pretty interesting chapter, compared to the last ;)

                                                SPOILERS AHEAD

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Lai Guanlin Mafia AU
wow this got really out of hand, fair warning that it’s SUPER long

warnings: blood, alcohol, shooting, guns, illegal activity, organized crime, the father of reader passes away

  • you had always been aware of the presence of 101 in your life
  • your father was a member, and in charge of a fairly large gun dealing operation
  • your mom hated it, but he was so entrenched in the mafia that there was no other option
  • he would leave at night, returning at two or three in the morning
  • your mom always waited up, sitting in the kitchen quietly with a cup of tea that turned cold soon into the night
  • sometimes you would wait up with her, feeling bad that she was spending so much time waiting after your father
  • and the money that he did earn from 101 went right back to the mafia, because he gambled
  • your mom was forced to work two jobs just to support you and your younger brother
  • one night, your dad left and didn’t return that morning
  • your mom was a mess, calling his phone and sobbing
  • at three am, three men showed up, clearly from the 101
  • cutting straight to the chase, they informed you that your father had been shot and passed away
  • “he still had a major debt to be paid to the 101″, they explained, demanding that your younger brother join the 101 in his place
  • your younger brother was still in middle school, only 12, there was no way you were letting that happen
  • “i’ll join” your mom said desperately, “please, leave my kids out of this”
  • “mom, no!” you snapped, shaking your head
  • you took your father’s place, refusing to let your dad’s mistakes ruin your mom’s life even more
  • the first day on the “job” was nerve-wracking to say the least
  • a shipment of ammunition came in from indonesia, and the man working with you briefly showed you how to shoot your father’s gun before telling you to go talk with the people bringing the shipment
  • you had to inspect everything and pay them the correct amount
  • the amount of tensions in the air was palpable, and you wanted to run far, far away from everything, but you knew you couldn’t
  • once you had the ammo, you and the guy you were working with, sam, had to re-sell it to a waiting customer
  • the man was a first-time customer, and sam warned you that you had to sell the product, ensuring him that the 101 was confidential in all aspects
  • you did your best to charm the buyer, and managed to get him to agree to continue to buy ammo/arms from the 101
  • after that night, you become one of the 101′s best arms runners
  • word on the street is that you can sell to anyone, that you could convince someone to shoot themselves if you really tried
  • through all the deal’s you’ve successfully facilitated, they start calling you black widow
  • which is quite possibly the stupidest name you’ve heard in your life but whatever
  • there’s been talk of a super huge arms deal with the russian mafia
  • and sam (your partner) informs you that you need to go to the 101 headquarters because someone wants to talk to you
  • you enter the building nervously, not really sure what’s going on
  • if your mom knew what was happening, she’d probably have a heart attack, but you had to keep telling yourself that you were doing this for your family
  • one of the lower-down members recognizes you and instructs you to go to the back room
  • you do so, but before you enter, your hear a couple of guys arguing
  • “hyung, this is my first deal and you want me to hand over control to some random person?”
  • “she’s not some random person, she’s the best damn arms dealer in this entire city. you know we need her on this deal”
  • you knock on the door a bit nervously
  • “come in!”
  • you enter the room
  • there’s a huge wooden table in the center, a bottle of bourbon out
  • three men were sitting around it, all with one drink
  • a cabinet with a glass front behind them has various machine guns displayed
  • “so this is the famous black widow?”
  • you immediately recognized kang daniel, one of the heirs to 101
  • “i wouldn’t say famous” you stammered out, carefully closing the door behind you
  • “take a seat, dear” daniel gestured to one of the seats 
  • you took a seat, scanning your surroundings quickly
  • “i’m sure you’ve heard of the deal with the Kalashnikovs by now”
  • you nodded, still a bit tense from the nerves
  • “this deal is huge. if we get them to agree, we could be routing billions of dollars in arms from the middle east to russia and europe”
  • and wow you really didn’t expect the deal to be THAT big
  • “this is guanlin here’s first deal”
  • “lai guanlin?” you asked, eyebrows shooting up
  • everyone knew about lai guanlin– the half-son of the current 101 boss
  • he’d been living in taiwan for a while, until he returned to korea to reunite with his father and half-brother, continuing the work of 101
  • guanlin bristled, glaring at daniel
  • “daniel, don’t forget about me!” the last man grinned cheerfully “i’m sungwoon, in charge of the getaways”
  • “and getting shot at” daniel cut in with a grin
  • “welcome to the team!”
  • you’re like ummmm
  • they have you temporarily stay at this hotel where the high-ups of 101 all live, so that you can work more efficiently and easily
  • your mom is upset that you’re getting even more involved in 101, but there’s really no other option
  • as soon as you move in, this young guy who’s obviously new brings you huge files with information on the Kalashnikovs
  • you’re sorting through it, trying to figure out who they’ll send to negotiate when someone knocks on your door
  • it’s guanlin, standing there and looking a bit grumpy
  • “hey, ready to work, partner?”
  • he just glares at you, shoving past you and throwing himself into one of the chairs
  • you miss sam
  • you end up doing most of the work in terms of person-to-person research, but when you look over, guanlin’s going through what kind of arms they use and deal with mostly
  • the boy from earlier shows up with jjajangmyeon, and you two take a break to eat
  • guanlin just eats in silence, but you try to get to know him, since you’ll be working together
  • it starts out with you just asking questions and him grunting out responses, but soon he starts actually responding and you two have an actual conversation
  • granted, it’s a conversation about food, but it’s talking nonetheless
  • once you two are done with your food, the conversation shifts to the deal
  • you show guanlin what you’ve found, the men they’re most likely to send, what deals have been successful and what fell through for them
  • guanlin in turn shows you his projections for what models/makes they’ll likely ask for
  • he’s working and you’re taking a quick break and you realize that he’s actually quite handsome,,,
  • one night you guys are busy working and guanlin disappears for a sec, coming back with two cups of coffee
  • “you looked like you were getting tired”
  • you end up falling asleep and when you wake up, the work that you’d needed to complete is finished and someone (guanlin) lifted you up from the chair you were working in and set you in your bed
  • wow cute
  • the day approaches, and you can’t shake the nerves you’re feeling
  • sungwoon explains that he’ll have a car ready in case anything goes wrong, but guanlin will drive you two to the casino where you’ll be meeting the Kalashnikovs
  • you’re dressed in a fairly tight black velvet slip dress, makeup done up by a dancer from one of the 101 clubs, hair arranged perfectly
  • you have an in-ear disguised as an earring, but you have to stay with guanlin since you’ll be the only one who can hear daniel, who’ll be guiding you
  • guanlin comes to your hotel room to pick you up, holding a tan shoe box
  • its a pair of fucking louboutins
  • he gives you that slow once-over that sets butterflies fluttering in your stomach
  • he looks amazing in the crisp, expensive designer suit
  • “gotta show off, right?” he smirks at you as you shove your feet into the louboutins quickly, not used to the feeling of high heels
  • you normally do your deals in jeans and sneakers, so it’s weird for you to be so dressed up
  • the car guanlin drives to the casino is obviously expensive, though you don’t know much about cars
  • “nervous?” you ask, looking over at him.
  • guanlin looks like he’s about to puke all over the steering wheel, knuckles white
  • “not at all” he lied easily, making you chuckle
  • “my first deal, i almost passed out in fear” you quipped, sending him a smile
  • he grinned half-heartedly, pulling up to the casino entrance
  • one of the workers, wrist with the telltale 101 tattoo, informed you that the men were already in the backroom
  • you walked towards the backroom, doing your best to exude fake confidence
  • looking up at guanlin, it was like he was an entirely different person
  • his face was confident, brooding, and he strode forward like he owned the place
  • actually he did pretty much own the place, so that was accurate
  • you entered the backroom, greeting the two men that the Kalashnikovs had sent
  • “so this is the black widow that they’ve been talking about” one of them said, kissing your hand
  • “lovely dress,” one of the men smirked, eyes slowly raking over your body
  • you smiled, trying to fight the urge to sock him in the face
  • guanlin stiffened next to you, placing a heavy hand on your waist
  • “now, let’s get started gentlemen, shall we?”
  • guanlin unbuttoned his suit jacket and took a seat, while you opted to stand, leaning on his chair easily
  • guanlin pulled out several papers from his briefcase, detailing your offer
  • you explained your offer easily, bending down to grab the duffel bag that had been sitting under the table
  • you walked around the table to the men’s side, heels clacking against the marble floor, setting down the various models of guns that you were willing to deal next to them
  • the two men looked down at the models and traded looks, nodding
  • “you know how to make a good offer” one of them said, picking up one of the guns to inspect it “but how do we know that you’re dealing in authentic models?”
  • you could tell guanlin was panicking, but you knew how to handle the situation
  • you left the room to ask for a bucket of water before returning to the backroom with it
  • “gentlemen, this room is soundproof” you said with a smirk, before grabbing one of the semi-automatics and pointed it at the wall, firing through one clip before replacing it with another, doing this four times
  • once you were done (and the wall was significantly damaged), you shoved the gun into the bucket of water, showing it to them
  • “dense steel alloy,” you replied, clicking the safety back on, “don’t question if our arms are authentic again.” you threw the gun back onto the table, setting your hands on the table and clicking your nails against the surface
  • the two men looked thoroughly scared at that, and guanlin is staring at you intensely
  • “we’ll sign” the man who seemed more in charge said, pulling the “contract” towards him 
  • you managed to get the deal through, even if you wasted four clips doing so !
  • the men are escorted out of the casino and you leave the backroom as well, heading to the office where daniel was waiting
  • he greets the two of you happily, celebrating your obvious success
  • while he’s calling in to the 101 headquarters to let them know to proceed with shipments, guanlin turned to you, obviously still in shock over what happened
  • “how the hell did you do that?” he asked, eyes wide
  • you smirked at him, patting him on the back
  • “when you’re trying to get a deal through, you’ll do the craziest things. they don’t call me black widow for nothing”
  • you and guanlin become permanent partners (rip sam), working on very high profile deals internationally
  • you definitely notice that you have feelings for him, but try to push it away
  • then one night, you two have a deal where only you go to negotiate, because the other party insisted on only dealing with you
  • as you’re leaving, guanlin stops you, pulling you into the hotel maid’s supply closet
  • “w-wha?”
  • “sh,” he said, looking down at you, brushing the hair out of your eyes. “be careful, please (y/n).”
  • “of course i’ll be careful, i’m me”
  • “(y/n), i can’t afford to lose another person who i love” he said quietly, staring down at you intensely
  • you stare up at him, something strange in the air
  • he leans down to kiss you quickly, holding you tight
  • “i’ll be careful, guanlin” you said quietly, kissing him back before leaving the closet
  • the deal ends up folding because they had a hidden person almost shoot you
  • you managed to get away thanks to sungwoo, but you’re bleeding from where the bullet skimmed you and get rushed off to the hospital asap
  • you get knocked out for a quick surgery since you need stitches, and when you come to, guanlin is sitting in your hospital room with a frown
  • “you know how worried about you i was?”
  • he rushed over to you, checking to see where you’d hurt yourself
  • “love you too, guanlin” you teased, making him frown down at you
  • “i was really worried!”
  • “just kiss me, idiot”
  • you two become the power duo, negotiating and making bombass deals for 101
  • the money you earn all goes to supporting your mom and brother, which guanlin knows, so he spoils you all the time and buys you expensive things
  • calls you princess
  • he gets super cuddly and clingy the night before another deal, not wanting to ever lose you
  • not the best lifestyle in the world, but you’re glad that it led you to guanlin

Requested By: @timmers18

A REQUEST COMING AT YOU::: After Harsh Words, CAN YOU PRETTY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write another story similar like this, except they always had been fighting, Spider-Man vs Villain- plot twist: they’re best friends at school. I’d stay up 3 days straight for this.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader (aka Spider-Man vs Villain)

Description: Queens had been an active crime space for the past few months, Spider-Man was constantly fighting against this newbie of a villain that wouldn’t stop causing chaos, they both despised each other, or so they thought.

Warnings: Swearing, fighting

Word Count: 3,757

A/N: So, this request is kinda similar to my mini-series Web Of Lies that I’ve been writing, but I couldn’t help myself and wrote this anyways. I hope you like it a lot because I do aslkdfjsdkj.

Friendly PSA: Please do not steal my writing without my permission, or flat out steal it at all. It’s super disrespectful and 100% plagiarism. So, if you’re someone who does steal other peoples’ work, think about what you’re doing before you hit that copy button. Thank you!

Originally posted by darkslayer092

“You do realize that I’m going to turn you in right?” Spider-Man leaned against the pole, watching as you sat on the edge of the building, a laugh escaping your lips.

“You’re funny Spidey.” You mused, standing up, turning around to face the masked hero.

“I’m serious, you need to be stopped, I can’t have you roaming around Queens.” He shook his head, stepping forward, watching you carefully.

“Well that’s a shame for you, because I’m not going anywhere.” You grinned through your mask, crossing your arms.

“Fine, have it your way.” He shrugged, before charging at you, webs shooting out of his wrists.

You quickly dodged them, before charging at him also, kneeing him in the face, before hitting him on the back, making him groan in pain as he fell.

You smiled behind the mask, satisfaction evident across your features, thinking you had won, turning to walk away when he grabbed your leg, giving a yank before you went slamming on the ground.

Spider-Man hovered over you, webbing your one arm to the ground, as you fought his other hand.

“E-Either you surrender now, or I have to do this the hard way!” Spider-Man grunted out, trying to push your other arm down so he could web it.

“I-I don’t crack under pressure!” You shouted through your mask, moving your leg and wrapping it around his waist, his eyes widening on his mask.

You grinned through yours, as your legs finally twisted around his waist, flipping him over as you got up, cutting your other arm free of his web.

“I’ll see you around Spidey.” You gave a salute, watching as he started to get back up.

Once he got up, he looked around for you, but you were nowhere to be seen, you had vanished, and he once again, missed his opportunity to turn you in.

“Fuck.” He muttered, running his hands over his masked head, he’d been fighting you for weeks now, and he still hadn’t caught you.

He desperately wanted to know who you were, and why you were the new villain of Queens, but he never had a chance to ask.

Peter went home after that, cleaning his fresh wounds that were starting to form from your fight with him.

He saw his phone light up, seeing it was a text from you, making him smile slightly.

From Y/N: hey nerd, did u do the chem homework? i’m stuck like usual and u normally can make me understand it, would u mind video chatting for a bit?? :)))

To Y/N: hey pipsqueak ;))) yah, i did the homework, i can help, i’ll chat u in a sex


From Y/N: damn parker, i didn’t kno u wanted to get into my pants that bad ;))))

Peter rolled his eyes, his face flushed slightly as he read your message, a grin spreading across his lips as he let out a chuckle.

He then finished covering up his bruises before video chatting you, pulling his homework out as you appeared on his computer screen.

“Well hello there Mr. I want to get into his best friends pants.” You smirked, winking at him, as he rolled his eyes playfully.

“You know that wasn’t what I meant!” He whined, but couldn’t help the smile that ghosted across his lips.

“Mhm sure Parker, you’re a teenaged boy, your hormones are going out of control.” You shrugged, looking at the chemistry homework in front of you, not noticing Peter’s flushed cheeks.

He cleared his voice, running his fingers through his curls as he tapped his pencil on his desk anxiously.

Anyways!” He smiled, making your head snap up and look at him, waiting for him to continue.

“What were you having trouble with?” He glanced down at his completed homework, before you started explaining your issue.

You both spent the next two hours doing your chemistry homework, having Peter explain the setup and the process on how you solved it.

Once finished, you spent another hour just chatting, something you both always did whenever you video chatted.

“No way, Ghostbusters is so much better than Star Wars!” You declared, making Peter gasp and place a hand on his chest.

“You traitor! Take that back!” He demanded, unable to keep the smile off his face.

“Nope, no can do, it’s just the truth!” You smiled, folding your arms and resting your chin on your hands.

“You’ll regret making an enemy of me Mrs. Y/N.” He grinned, making you wiggle your eyebrows at him.

“I’ll see you tomorrow hormones.” You bit your lip, before ending the video chat, leaving Peter grinning at his computer screen.

You really did know how to get under his skin, good or bad.

Morning arrived quickly, far too quick for your liking, your alarm blaring on your nightstand as you groaned, smacking at it to shut it off.

Thus, your day began, getting ready for school, the place you hated the most.

“Y/N, don’t forget to eat breakfast!” Your mother called from downstairs, making you sigh and yell back a ‘I know!’

You threw on an outfit, brushed your teeth and hair, put on a little bit of makeup and ran down the stairs, grabbing your breakfast to go, shouting a ‘Bye mom, see you later!’ before exiting the house.

You held your phone in your hand, your breakfast bagel in the other, taking a bite and scrolling through your social media, a certain topic catching your eye.

Queens Latest News: Last night the villain of Queens struck again, sources say they saw the masked villain go in and out of banks, and then eventually go off to cause more chaos.

You were so intently staring at your phone you didn’t even have time to react to the person in front of you, bumping into them.

“Ah! Shit sorry!” You apologized, steadying yourself as did the person in front of you.

“No worries.” They replied, making you smile sheepishly, you really needed to pay attention to where you were walking.

After deciding walking and reading wasn’t the smartest option, you made it onto the subway, taking the train all the way to your school.

You also decided to take this time to eat your bagel, which was very good by the way, your mom always got the chocolate chip ones.

Once you heard your stop, you got up and off the train, your phone returning to your hand as you started to scroll through the article once again, as you periodically glanced up to make sure you didn’t ram into anyone again.

Queens Latest News: Another source says they saw the famous neighborhood super hero Spider-Man around Queens last night, they claimed they saw the hero and villain fighting, but ran off when they saw the villain get away.

You couldn’t help but smirk at the last sentence, of course you got away, you weren’t an amateur after all.

 You continued to read the rest of the article, walking into the school and immediately going to your locker, your phone still glued to your hand.

Queens Latest News: Everyone wants to know why this villain is in Queens and when their next strike will be, but the main question is, who are they when they aren’t this villain of the night? Could it be you reading this right now? I guess we’ll never know.

You bit your lip, reading the last sentence once again, they weren’t wrong, you were reading their article, and the villain of Queens is you.

How ironic isn’t it?

You set your phone down, grabbing a few books and your chemistry homework, you were not going to forget that.

“Hey Y/N!” Ned and Peter greeted you, smiles on their faces as they approached your locker.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” You smiled, putting the few books into your backpack, before grabbing your homework and phone, shutting your locker.

“Not much, I just found out we have a chem test today..” Peter rolled his eyes, as you stared at him in disbelief.

“You have GOT to be kidding me! I suck at chem so bad, I’m doomed, I’m one hundred percent doomed!” You exaggerated, your hands flying up into the air, which was such a stupid idea, once you saw your phone fly onto the floor.

You shrieked, shutting your eyes tightly, not wanting to see if it was cracked or not.

“What’s the damage Parker?” You questioned, your eyes still shut, waiting to hear your fate.

“It’s all good, no cracks, you’re a lucky duck.” Peter shook his head, a smirk playing on his lips as you let out a breath of air you didn’t know you had been holding in.

Peter handed you back your phone, which you thanked him for, before putting it in your pocket, keeping it safe this time.

“I couldn’t help but notice what you were reading.” Peter spoke up as you all were wandering to your class.

“What about it?” You glanced over at him, his expression staying straight ahead, as Ned glanced over at him too.

“Do you believe it?” He questioned, making you raise an eyebrow, signaling you didn’t understand.

“I mean, do you believe Spider-Man is a hero? He’s doing his best to protect Queens but this new villain of the night just makes it more difficult to do that.” Peter explained, making you shrug nervously, since when did Peter care so much about Spider-Man?

“I don’t know, I didn’t know you cared so much, I learn something new about you everyday Parker.” You winked, making him shake his head and chuckle at you, knowing what you were referring to.

You all then walked into class, where your Chemistry teacher eagerly awaited, ready to give you all a test and watch you all fail miserably, except Peter most likely.

You did, in fact, know a few questions, but overall, you knew you failed, unlike Peter however, he walked out, a smile on his face.

“That was so easy, I bet I got an A.” He bragged, as you hit his arm slightly, a frown on your face.

“Not everyone can be a genius!” You whined, a fake hurt look on your face, while Ned laughed.

The day continued on, you and Peter teasing each other all day as Ned and Michelle told you to get a room, which you then decided to tell the story of last nights video chat.

“Y/N, no please.” Peter begged, his cheeks reddening as he saw your mischievous smile on your lips.

 "Oh, hell yes Parker, you’re getting exposed.“ You grinned, before telling them the story, Peter’s face flushed red with embarrassment.

There were certain times where he’d wish he was confident enough to just drag you away and make you quiet in ’other ways’ but he wasn’t Spider-Man, he was Peter Parker, the guy with no confidence.

“Damn Peter, you must really like her if you want to get in her pants that bad.” Michelle teased, making Peter groan and hit his head against the table.

“I don’t blame Peter, you are attractive Y/N, that’s just a fact.” Ned shrugged, making you smile, a blush rising onto your cheeks.

These dumbasses.

School finally ended which was a relief for you, you weren’t sure if you could handle anymore hours in this prison of a school.

“Are you guys still coming over later?” Peter questioned both you, but his eyes lingered on yours more than Neds.

“Of course, it’s movie night!” Ned chimed in, his face bright with excitement as you stood there, gathering your books once again.

“I might have to cancel..” You mumbled, avoiding their shocked expressions, you’d never canceled on them before.

“B-But Y/N, this is a tradition!” Ned shrieked, making you sigh and nod in agreement.

“I-I know, it’s just.. I’ve been busy..” You shrugged, playing with the hem of your sleeve, a nervous habit you did, which also didn’t go unnoticed by Peter.

“Alright well.. Just let us know alright?” Peter smiled slightly as you nodded, giving them both a small wave before leaving the school, Peter’s eyes not once leaving you until you rounded the corner.

“Peter you alright buddy?” Ned waved his hand in front of Ned’s face, making Peter blink a few times.

“Y-Yeah I’m good.” He muttered, his mind racing with questions, before walking home with Ned.

You felt bad ditching the traditional movie night, but what you read in the article and from what Peter said about Spider-Man just pissed you off.

You weren’t someone to be messed with, at least your alter ego wasn’t, which is why you were currently putting on your suit and mask, before entering out into the darkness of the night.

You decided to go with the more, ’fun’ route this time, cans of spray paint in your hands as you sprayed the brick wall, creating your mask to let people know it was you.

You opened the other can of spray paint, until you heard a voice clear from behind you.

“This is unusual for you.” The voice spoke, making you roll your eyes from underneath your mask.

“I’m just having fun is all.” You shrugged, spraying the blue color onto the bricks, not caring if the hero was behind you.

Next thing you knew it was flung out of your hand, a annoyed sigh escaping your lips.

“Really? I am trying to create something here.” You huffed, turning around to face the masked hero once again.

“And I’m trying to protect Queens, but here you are making my job difficult.” He crossed his arms, setting the spray paint on the ground.

“You don’t think what I’m doing is to protect people too?” You raised an eyebrow through your mask, crossing your arms back at him.

“You’re joking right? You’re a villain you don’t protect people, you hurt and kill them.” Spider-Man growled out, making your blood boil.

Who the fuck did he think he was?

You nodded slowly, before kicking him in the shin, making him groan, as he watched you sprint off.

“I don’t think so, not today!” He shouted, running after you, trying to web you while running, but you did your best to doge them.

You then jumped onto a building, climbing up the side of it, yes, you too, had powers somewhat like Spider-mans.

You flipped over onto the roof of the building, hiding behind an air vent as he got onto the roof as well.

“You can’t hide from me you know! I will find you!” He shouted, as you tried to regulate your breathing.

You had planned on not fighting tonight, that you would just spray paint a few things on the bricks of some buildings and then go to Peter’s to watch a movie with him and Ned, but instead, here you are, on some random roof, about to fight your enemy once again.

“Come out and fight me!” He shouted once again, as you slowly appeared out from behind the air duct.

“Look, I’m in no mood to fight, in fact, I need to be somewhere right now, so we can resume this later okay?” You leaned against the air duct, your arms crossed as you watched the hero intently.

Spider-Man laughed, his head shaking as he took a few steps toward you.

“How stupid do you think I am? I’ve been trying to for weeks to catch you and turn you in, and now that I have another chance, I’m sure as hell going to try to.” He growled out, making you sigh in frustration.

Next thing you knew, webs were on your legs, pulling you down to the ground as he dragged you towards him.

“Just cooperate with me and this will go so much easier!” Spider-Man grunted, as you twisted and turned, cutting your legs free.

This bitch.

“Okay, now you really pissed me the fuck off.” You growled out, as he tried to web your hands, you did something that shocked him, you caught his web, a smirk appearing through your mask.

You yanked him forward, before slamming your fist into his face, hard, making him stumble backwards, but you weren’t done yet, you pulled him back up with his own web, before hitting him once more, and kneeing him in the stomach.

“Next time, when I give you a chance to leave, you take it.” You spat out, watching him hold his chest, groans escaping his mouth.

You were now walking away, but felt his hand on your ankle, pulling you down on the ground with him.

“And I told you,” He panted, grabbing your one wrist, “That this is my chance to turn you in, and there is no way in hell I’m letting you get away again.” He grunted, hitting you a few times, making you even angrier.

This was one of the most intense fights you’ve had with the neighborhood hero, but at least you knew he wasn’t just some joke.

You looked up at him through your mask, his own staring back down at you, his breathing heavy as was yours.

“There’s a reason why you never officially catch me.” You groaned out, grabbing his other wrist, pushing it backwards to make him loose balance, which he did and fell.

You then took this as your opportunity to flip him over, you now hovering over him, his eyes wide on his mask.

You panted slightly, trying to get some air back into your lungs, before a smirk made its way back onto your mask.

“You want to tell me why?” He spat out, making you laugh slightly, as he squirmed underneath you.

“As much as you want to turn me in, you don’t because I’m the only one in Queens giving you a run for your money, and you find it exhilarating to have someone to fight, therefore, you let me go, whether you want to believe it or not, you like having me here.” You grinned, making Spider-Man freeze, you took this as your time to get up, before disappearing off the roof.

Peter slowly got up, your words replaying in his head, trying to figure out if you were right or not.

Why did he always seem to let you get away?

What was it about you that seemed so familiar?

He quickly rushed back home, his face bruising already, as was yours, but you did your best to cover it up, before going over to Peter’s.

You knocked on the door, May opening it with a smile on her face as he let you in, you walking to Peter’s room.

“Hey guys, it’s me sorry I’m late.” You apologized, walking in to see Peter and Ned watching Star Wars.

“We’re watching your favorite movie Y/N!” Ned smirked, making you roll your eyes as you sat down next to Peter.

You gave him a soft smile, which he returned back with one, before focusing on the movie.

However, your mind was racing with a million questions, as was Peter’s.

Why did you both have fresh bruises you were covering up?

History cannot be changed or forgotten. Especially when witnesses of those crimes are still alive. These people who were taken to Siberia, who were scattered around the territories of now former Soviet Union, who lived through unimaginable physical and emotional torture, they deserve to be remembered, they deserve justice and our active condemnation of the crimes committed against them.
—  The Ministers of Justice of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Ukraine
about the squad (part 1):

Penguin: Lawful Evil: Uses the Iceberg Lounge as a front for crime activity and money laundering. also sells penguin trinkets. large chunk of proceeds go to Audubon charities, “WENK, WENK, WENK”

Riddler: Chaotic Evil: scorned millennial college drop out. broke (spends all money acquired on schemes and top ramen). determined to prove that he would have ruled the world with his superior intellect if it wasn’t for his obnoxiously large student loans. in cahoots with everyone. “m’bat” *tips bowler*

Two-Face: lawful evil: Bruce’s estranged honorary family member. still pretty handsome. cries a lot, indecisive, “gotta rob things by two’s because this is my life now i guess” 

ScArEcrow: neutral evil: scientist with a Halloween aesthetic. just wants to be left alone so he can do his experiments (on people). onto something but no one knows what (and neither does he). sometimes collaborates with jay on new toxins. “ooga booga”

I REALLY REALLY hate the True Crime Community. How could you actively idolize monsters? How could you actively say you forgive them when you are not affected in any way. This not your place to forgive. This is not your place to call them good people. This is not your place to complain about the death penalty. You are a disgusting monster almost as sick as they are. Shut the FUCK up