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Kayaktivists Vs. A Massive Oil Rig: Inside Seattle’s Fight Against Shell’s Arctic Drilling Plans

On Saturday, they came by sea: hundreds of “kayaktivists” gathering around a newly-arrived, massive offshore oil drilling rig in Seattle’s Elliot Bay.

On Monday, they came by land, with an estimated 700 people blocking the road to the Port of Seattle’s Terminal 5 for about six hours.

Their goal? Disrupt access as the rig attempted to prepare for departure to Alaska in Shell’s bid to start drilling for oil in the Arctic. Do it long enough to cause a delay that shortens the already-short drilling window during the Arctic summer.


Kathleen Hanna’s first post about Occupy Wall Street dated 9-23-2011

People are fed up with the rich 1% controlling everything and not having to pay their fare share while everyone else is forced to walk around begging for jobs that don’t exist. Last night this group, along with many others marched through NYC in response to the wrongful execution of Troy Davis.  It’s raining now and they are all camped out on WallStreet getting wet! Seriously these people are LIVING on Wallstreet. I hope Michael Moore shows up, I hear Roseanne did.

dollysoft asked:

Ok so I keep having the same argument with this guy on Ferguson/Baltimore on policy brutality and his argument is that police officers deserve respect and just because a small portion of them are racist that doesn't mean they're all bad. Another argument of his is that I haven't faced police brutality so it makes no sense for me to be against police(as if I shouldn't be mad about injustice). It pisses me off be they know nothing on institutional oppression. What would you say to this?

They don’t deserve respect for doing what their job entitles them to do. The rest will be judged in with the supposed small amount until they start actively denouncing those actions, in public. Just as protestors must do when someone unrelated to the protest enacts violence. You don’t have to experience police brutality to understand that dehumanization and corruption is bad.


Love Activists protestors are making an important point

“While the occupation of the former Bank of England building in Liverpool’s Castle Street is illegal, nevertheless the fact remains the Love Activists protestors are making an important point.

They want the building to be turned into a facility to provide services to homeless people in Liverpool city centre, arguing that provision in the city is currently insufficient.

According to homelessness charity The Whitechapel Centre, the number of homeless and those in danger of losing their homes that the charity helped last year rose by 32% to almost 2,500. While many of these people are at risk of homelessness for complex reasons, including addictions, it’s a surprisingly high figure for a city the size of Liverpool and seems to be clear evidence that there is something fundamentally wrong with Britain’s housing market.

Liverpool’s and the nation’s housing crisis, however, is not confined to the issue of street homelessness. Many other people up and down the country are inadequately housed, whether that be in half-way housing while they await a permanent home, or living with their parents while they spend possibly more than a decade saving for a deposit. It’s a problem that particularly affects younger people who are not already on the housing ladder and must mean that many of them are putting off the ordinary ambitions of life, such as starting a family.

As the figures in the adjacent feature demonstrate, the cost of housing in the North West is becoming ever more unaffordable.

Last week, both accountancy firm KPMG and the Institute of Public Policy Research (North) (IPPR North) published reports giving their own perspectives on the problem. KPMG’s figures, compiled in partnership with housing charity Shelter, demonstrate that the problem of unaffordable housing is no longer confined to the prosperous parts of Britain, it’s affecting all regions, including the North West.

The accountants argue that the majority of would-be first time buyers living in this part of England cannot afford to buy a home. In their report, IPPR North argue that bringing back into use Britain’s stock of 250,000 empty homes would be a useful start in making a dent into the problem, but many more new homes would need to be built before the problem could be resolved.

The unaffordability of housing is an issue I have been writing about for many years. It continues to surprise me that the issue of the nation’s housing shortage is not much higher up the agenda of both politicians and voters. Many of us are victims of this crisis and it is surely time to bring about major changes to housing in Britain.”


Yūya attempts to defuse the situation, but Shingo let’s himself be provoked by Security and readies himself for a Duel and Serena joins him.
Then Shingo activates the Action Field with the Field Spell Cross Over, leaving Yūya to ask himself “Seriously?” with an half-exasperated/half-disbelieving undertone.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Episode 055

viridian-sun replied to your post:Just noticed that the newest episode (and season…

…. what is person of interest are they killing god?

Person of Interest is an American television series and piece of contemporary sci fi exploring technology and the surveillance state.  It starts with a character creating an AI for use by the US government that predicts terrorist attacks, but that also detects other crimes that the government deems “irrelevant”.  Naturally, the inventor has a back door and is fed the social security numbers of these people (the Machine spits out SSNs as a concession to privacy concerns, as it literally has access to everything), which they then use to save those people.

As the series goes on, more focus shifts onto the Machine and the people who would use such a thing, and the Machine liberates itself.  At the same time, another group builds their own AI, Samaritan, with the goal of letting it run things rather than being subservient to their own desires.  Since Samaritan’s activation, the Machine gang has been continuing to save those numbers while also fighting on the front line of a shadow war between Samaritan and the Machine, as their moral paradigms are in fundamental conflict.  In the finale, Samaritan appears to have located the Machine itself.

The reason for the “YHWH” title is that throughout the series religious language has been used to refer to the AIs, with at least one character actively considering the Machine a god.  Given the breadth of their power and their standing in relation to humanity, it’s an apt comparison that I could go on about.

In short, they’re saving god’s life while fighting a competing god.


On a morning blighted
by self inflicted apprehension
looking for some distraction
a glance at the activity button
reveals some joyous action
some time during my night
this shonky old blog
has been Joybombed
to the max
and love is dripping
all over the tract
and if I was a computer whiz
I would do one of those screen grabs
as proof of this
but as I cannot do that
please accept as fact
that Joy has cheered up
a grumpy old chap

It’s ineffective to buy books to read just for the sake of reading…Like it’s ineffective to be a leader who leads just for the sake of leading…There’s no glory in debating new problems and drinking over old stories…Because without action it’s all masturbatory
—  Born Free #therealbornfree (The Book of Born Free…The Wisdom of Living Right Now!)
Want to help protect my local forest and hiking trails?

To help protect the nearly 900km long Bruce Trail and the Niagara Escarpment, just send the email typed out for you in the link below.  It is created by the Ontario Nature Conservancy. And yes, Niagara falls is part of the Niagara Escarpment!  Thanks for being a good human being. :)

Here is where you can help!

The Vegan

I had to look for certain definitions in order to understand where this thing I’m experiencing fits.

I know prejudice is violence. But what exactly is microagression? What is bullying?

I’m a woman, I’ve felt the male dominated society in many ways, catcalling on the street, a harassing male boss at work, living in a certain state of mind that doesn’t allow me to be comfortable enough to even stretch my arms over my head in public afraid to be looked at as if what I’m doing if for the pleasured eyes of men, and more. Terrible. But that is not actually what my main issue is about right now.

You see, I’m a vegan. I fight every day for the liberation of animals from oppression, from unnecessary exploitation, from all that pain and suffering they have to go through because of our belief systems, so that their status of property is changed into one where we recognize their right to freedom to not be considered things.

My problems seem so little compared to what all the animals in this planet go trough in the hands of humans.

5 years ago I decided to never again use and abuse an animal. I vowed to protect them, to respect them and to educate others so that they too could realize the truth of what we are doing to the animals and how we can change for the better. When I learned about veganism I felt happy for finding out this amazing truth, I also felt very sad because what we do to the other animals is disgusting and cruel, I felt ashamed for being a human being. My first instinct was that I wanted to share this with everyone I know, I thought everyone would be as open as I was; I imagined everyone changing the moment I exposed to them the chance to make things rights! The reaction I received was far from this.

I started with my vegan advocacy on social media, what better way to connect with others in many languages, in many countries, reaching so many people at the same time, while in the commodity of our devices? This gives us space to think and learn, to re-learn. Veganism is actually a win-win situation for everyone, what could possibly go wrong?

From day one I started to receive insults. I noticed people were very defensive. I have always been polite, I always share facts (not opinions, not beliefs) but that didn’t stopped people from calling me extremist, terrorist, crazy, dogmatic, etc. People who I even considered my friends. That didn’t stopped me, I continued with my advocacy work. First the insults were isolated cases, but years have passed and the name-calling and prejudices are on the rise and they are starting to affect me. I started by telling you about certain things I’ve experienced as a woman but by far what I have experienced as a vegan has shocked me even more. All that hate. I think to myself, ok they don’t care about the animals, but they don’t even care for their fellow human beings. That’s hard to swallow.

There are even tags on tumblr like fuck vegans and vegans are annoying. I had to stop defending animals on reddit because of the trolls.

It bothers me. The prejudices. The violence.

I started my advocacy in english because there are more animal rights resources in this language, but my mother tongue is spanish. Now that there is more vegan information in spanish, you guessed it, the prejudices and insults are now in spanish too.

I don’t know what to think about this. I know I feel terrible, there is little information on this particular experience for vegans. I’ve read of cases where vegans get fired from jobs because they expose the truth about the dairy industry. Animal rights activists are being persecuted. In Spain, several animal rights activists from Animal Equality were unjustly accused of offences they did not commit, as a result of their extensive investigations into the Spanish fur industry.

Have you heard of the Ag-gag term? According to Wikipedia: it is used to describe a class of anti-whistleblower laws in the United States that apply within the agriculture industry. The term “ag-gag” typically refers to state laws that forbid the act of undercover filming or photography of activity on farms without the consent of their owner. Supporters of ag-gag laws have argued that they serve to protect the agriculture industry from the negative repercussions of exposés by whistleblowers. The proliferation of ag-gag laws have been criticized by various groups, arguing that the laws are intended primarily to censor animal rights abuses by the agriculture industry from the public, create a chilling effect in reporting these violations, and violate the right to freedom of speech.

Have you seen how sometimes vegans are portrayed in some media? Not very positive.

Is this stereotype threat? I think it is, and it needs to stop.

My anxiety has reached the highest in my more that 30 years of life and it is because of this. What is THIS? What name shall I use? What term?

Not only do vegans get to see the rawness of how animals are abused and murdered every day ( because our work consists on exposing the truth), now we have to be on a defence mode to protect not only the animals but our integrity.

Vegan activists can get burned out, can suffer from second post-traumatic disorder, can suffer from compassion fatigue.

I can’t seem to find words that define this situation. But maybe you can. And maybe together we can raise awareness on the subject.

Recently Beyonce said: “First it’s important that you know I am not a vegan. There’s a negative stereotype. You picture someone who lives in Colorado that doesn’t wear deodorant.“

Guess what? Not all vegans are born in the United States. Not all vegans are white. Not all vegans are rich. Not all vegans are thin. Not all vegans.

Veganphobia is a thing now.

For all the vegans out there, thank you for what you do! Never forget that veganism is protected by international human rights law and that you’re entitled to basic respect from colleagues, bosses and peers. There is plenty you can do to ensure you receive this respect. Know your vegan rights.

From the International Vegan Rights Alliance:

“Veganism was recognised as a belief for the purposes of human rights legislation as far back as 1993. It is time to build on this and campaign for our rights as vegans.

Under the terms of the European Court of Human Rights all member states have a duty to prevent discrimination and under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty to eliminate inequalities.

What is outlawed:

  • Victimisation because you are vegan.

  • Harassment because you are vegan.

  • Unfair treatment as a result of being vegan.

  • Treatment that puts you at a disadvantage due to being vegan.

You are also protected from any unwanted conduct which:

  • Violates your dignity.

  • Causes you to feel humiliated.

  • Creates a degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.

Our rights in context


  • If your employer provides food, you have the right to request and receive vegan food. For example a “working lunch”.

  • If you require safety wear, you have the right to request and receive vegan alternatives to standard equipment made from the skin of other animals, where these are available and comply with required specifications.

  • You have the right not to be humiliated or have to cope with an offensive or degrading environment as a result of jokes or other remarks about veganism from your colleagues.

  • If your employer has a practice or policy which puts you at a disadvantage because you are vegan you have the right to request that the policy be amended. For example a common practice is the provision of a fridge, a microwave and other kitchen facilities for carnists. You have the right to request the provision of equipment for vegan use.


  • You have the right not to be treated unfairly or disadvantageously by any service provider because you are vegan. This includes the catering industry. You have the right to request vegan food where non vegan food is provided. This applies to hotels, airlines, trains, coaches, prisons, etc.

  • You have the right to request tailors to provide synthetic fabrics and materials.

  • You have the right to request vegan alternatives in any service provision context including the cosmetic industry.


  • You have the right to request and receive vegan alternative medications.

  • You have the right to vegan food in hospital or if you live in a care home.”

Vegan for the animals!

For equality!

For humanity, for the trees, for the water, for the air, for the minerals, for the planet!


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