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Walked 5k at the gym today.

I had planned to take another rest /recovery day but I was feeling pretty good and decided to walk instead.

My plan has me easing back into it for the next few weeks and then I’m heading out on vacation so I won’t be back to full speed until mid November.

I’m going to try to get some good work done before then though. I can’t chill that long and I need 23 more miles this month to stay on track.

I just removed like 80 people that I followed because they were old, inactive glee blogs but one of the first people I followed (like number 10 or 11) is a phan blog, so apparently I’ve been casually watching over what they’re doing for at least 5 years? I didn’t realize I’d followed a phan blog that long ago. Also, I started following a lot of phan blogs way before I made this account?? So how long have I been watching them without realizing it? Why is everything before this account a blur? What have they done to me? I’m scared.

me, an Asian: [calls someone out for whitewashing Japanese characters in her American choir club AU]

that someone, a white person: [prioritises the American setting over the original Japanese setting] umm no I’m not whitewashing them? I’m 100% against whitewashing? you’re being ignorant and throwing around the term like it’s nothing? you just have a stick up your butt?

also that someone: btw if y'all see me whitewashing it’s your priority to give me the smacc of a lifetime! 😜 also I’m an otaku 😜😘

Are you afraid of the darkives? 

A question we hear a lot in our instruction sessions is, “who decides what gets added to the archives?” Usually, this question comes from undergraduates and first time researchers who are surprised at the complexity of our answer. Looking beyond the concrete processes of the profession, the deed of gift agreements and donor cultivation efforts, Archivists play a large role in memory production. We’re often charged with forging lines of communication between the past and present. We’re as much a part of the life cycle of information as we’re a part of the lives and deaths of individuals represented by the collections we preserve. Being and archivist requires a certain amount of reflection on morality that isn’t necessary in other information professions.  And we think that’s pretty metal.

Stay tuned for more posts from the darkives between now and Halloween.  Stay spooky, Tumblr.

Happy Birthday @inazuma-eleven-translations :D 

lets pretend that i am not late okay ? xDD i wanted to make you something and sorry it is small and rushed but i really hope you like it and I want to thank you for all your translations works you did/will do for us !!! You are a precious treasure to this fandom and I really appreciate everything you do !! Thank you A lot !! and have a good day/night/ life

I am still so greatful for Yuuichi’s interviews no one actually cares enough about his character and finding posts with him was kind of HARD but your translations for me even when i didn’t request, is literally one of the best things ever happened to me! Thank you so much you are so kind and sweet to all of us! ;w;