Your Brain on Google

Whenever a new technology is introduced, there’s always a bit of anxiety about how it will effect us.

Back in 2007, Dr. Gary Small, a professor of psychiatry at UCLA, wanted to know what the brain looks like when it searches for something online for the first time.

So he and Dr. Susan Brookheimer did a study: using an fMRI machine, they looked at the brain and how it functions when a person is using a search engine vs. reading a book.

They gathered 24 people —12 who had little experience with search engines and 12 who were quite web savvy. (It’s amazing that even in 2007, the researchers were able to find people who weren’t frequently using google). 

Here’s what they found:

The study found that Internet searching engaged a greater amount of neural circuitry that is not activated during reading — but only in those with prior Internet experience.

The brain isn’t necessarily more conscious or “better” when it’s searching online — but it is activating areas in the front of the brain that are associated with decision-making. This makes sense because when you’re searching online, you have to seek out and choose the relevant information. 

The minimal brain activation found in the “net naive” group may be because the Internet task was unfamiliar to them. They didn’t quite know the strategies needed to successfully engage in a Google search.

"With more time on the Internet, they may demonstrate the same brain activation patterns as the more experienced group,” Small said.

Small noted that pursuing activities that keep the mind engaged may help preserve brain health and cognitive ability. Traditionally, these include games such as crossword puzzles, but with the advent of technology, scientists are beginning to assess the influence of computer use — including the Internet.


Aboriginal historian, activist and leader, Gary Foley, explains the do’s and don’t’s of white activism. 100% Juice from an inspiring orator, and priceless advice for all would-be allies of Indigenous people in the struggle for justice.

Filmed during the public discussion forum: ‘Deactivating Colonialism / Decolonising Acivism’ convened by Clare Land at MAYSAR (Melbourne Aboriginal Youth, Sport and Recreation), Fitzroy: August 31st, 2010.

For more info about Foley, visit:

Really important information for white “allies”! Educate YOURSELF, then educate the people. Don’t expect us to do it for you.

Rapid Eye Movements in Sleep Reset Dream "Snapshots"

TAU, UCLA researchers find eye movements during REM sleep reflect brain activity patterns associated with new images

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, the period in which we experience vivid dreams, was discovered by scientists in the 1950s. Because REM sleep is associated with dreaming, on the one hand, and eye movement, on the other, it has been tempting to assume that each movement of the eye is associated with a specific dream image. But despite decades of intense research by leading international scientists, this intuitive hypothesis has remained unproven.

A new study based on rare neuronal data offers the first scientific evidence of the link between rapid eye movement, dream images, and accelerated brain activity. When we move our eyes in REM sleep, according to the study, specific brain regions show sudden surges of activity that resemble the pattern that occurs when we are introduced to a new image — suggesting that eye movements during REM sleep are responsible for resetting our dream “snapshots.”

The research, published in Nature Communications, was led by Dr. Yuval Nir of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with TAU’s Prof. Itzhak Fried, also of UCLA and Tel Aviv Medical Center; Thomas Andrillon of the Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique in Paris; and Dr. Giulio Tononi and Dr. Chiara Cirelli of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Deep down in the brain

“Our goal was to examine what happens deep in the human brain during REM sleep, specifically when rapid eye movements occur,” said Dr. Nir. “Prof. Fried’s trailblazing research with epilepsy patients at UCLA offered a unique opportunity to collect the necessary data — the activity of neurons located deep inside the human brain.”

The research for the study was conducted on 19 epileptic patients at the UCLA Medical Center, who required invasive monitoring of brain activity prior to potential surgical excision of seizure-causing areas of the brain. Electrodes were implanted deep inside the patients’ brains to monitor their brain activity over the course of 10 days. These electrodes were able to provide the rare data needed to prove the link between eye movements, dream imagery, and brain activity.

“We focused on the electrical activities of individual neurons in the medial temporal lobe, a set of brain regions that serve as a bridge between visual recognition and memories,” said Dr. Nir. “Prof. Fried’s prior research had shown that neurons in these regions become active shortly after we view pictures of famous people and places, such as Jennifer Aniston or the Eiffel Tower — even when we close our eyes and imagine these concepts.”

In addition to monitoring the patients’ brain activity via intracranial electrodes, the researchers also recorded scalp EEG, muscle tone, and eye movements to identify periods of REM sleep and detect the precise moment of each rapid eye movement.

Images, awake and asleep

“The electrical brain activity during rapid eye movements in sleep were highly similar to those occurring when people were presented with new images,” said Dr. Nir. “Many neurons — including those in the hippocampus — showed a sudden burst of activity shortly after eye movements in sleep, typically observed when these cells are ‘busy’ processing new images.”

“The research findings suggest that rapid eye movements represent the moment the brain encounters a new image in a dream, similar to the brain activity exhibited when one encounters visual images while awake,” Prof. Fried said.

“How and why eye movements occur are important,” said Dr. Nir. “And these moments represent privileged windows of opportunity for the study of brain activity.”

The criticism of the Seattle protesters, in particular, is largely about their tactics: that they could have picked a better way to get their message across than taking the mic away from Bernie Sanders. By being so confrontational, the criticism goes, they alienated the rally attendees who would be their natural allies.

Activists get hit with this criticism whenever they engage in tactics that disrupt other people, from blocking traffic on public roads to holding “die-ins” at New York City restaurants during weekend brunch. But as they often point out, when they try to get their message out using less disruptive tactics, they’re often ignored by the same people who criticize disruption.
California Will Limit Solitary Confinement

All across the United States, people in prison have been put in solitary confinement indefinitely, resulting in severe psychological problems. Numerous human rights groups use the word “torture” to describe the way prisons across the US stick people in solitary for years. and since 2011, tens of thousands of people in prisons across California have gone on hunger strikes since 2011 to protest the state’s use of solitary.

Now, the state is finally changing its solitary confinement laws—though over 1,000 people will still be kept in solitary. 

According to the New York Times, as of Monday, 2,858 people were in solitary housing units across the state. Under the new policy, that figure could fall by as many as 1,800 inmates.

“This brings California in line with more modern national prison practices,” said Jules Lobel, the president of the Center for Constitutional Rights and a law professor at the University of Pittsburgh, who was the lead lawyer for inmates in their suit against the state. “People have been kept in solitary confinement for outrageously long periods of time. That’s one of the problems in the U.S. — people are warehoused in these places, and now that’s going to change.”

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Emma has joined campaigners and giant polar bear Aurora outside Shell’s London headquarters today to protest against the company’s bid to drill in the Arctic. 

Emma has pledged to be among dozens of people to break a legal injunction preventing Greenpeace activists from crossing a line drawn around the Shell building on the South Bank to place a giant paw print on the offices. The giant paw carries thousands of names that make up some of the seven million people worldwide, who have signed up to save the Arctic from drilling for oil and gas.

Help amplify Aurora’s defiant roar, by emailing Shell’s CEO and telling him that you stand with her today. Together let’s force Shell, its investors and political allies to back down.

Don’t Underestimate Me

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Request: Please can I request a Theo imagine? Based on the scene where Malia and Theo are in the gym but instead of Malia it’s the reader? You can take it from there

Requested by: Anonymous

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I did use almost the same dialogue that was in the actual episode. Then I changed the ending of that scene… hopefully for the better? You tell me! Thanks for the request. Enjoy xx

You burst into the gym, looking for Theo. There he was looking smug with his shirt off. You couldn’t understand why he had to be so mysterious, why would he want to help you? And oh my god, why does he look so hot with his shirt off?

You saw Theo smirk when he saw you burst into the room. When you saw him with his shirt off you couldn’t help but glance at his rock hard abs, “Oh god” you thought to yourself. This was going to be hard to confront Theo, since he was shirtless and all. It’s going to take all of your strength not to start kissing him all over. You gulped and took a deep breath. Theo was now lifting weights so you walked over towards him.

“Why haven’t you said anything?” you asked him.
“About what?” he replied, pretending like he didn’t know what you were talking about.
“The rest of my memory, why didn’t you tell Scott?”
“You wanted me to?” Theo asked you.
“I don’t but are you going to want to know why?” you said.
“Not really” Theo answered.

Theo put down the weights and headed over to another piece of equipment, another thing involving weights. He pulled his arms out and then together over and over while still talking to you.
You stared at him while he kept working out. “I don’t get why he thinks he’s so cool and attractive. Anyone can lift weights” you thought to yourself.
Theo kept pumping, out and in, out and in. He didn’t look at you, but you knew he was trying to impress you.

You couldn’t it take it anymore, he was bothering you. You grabbed onto the bars of the machine and pulled them apart so he couldn’t move them. Theo looked at you, impressed with your strength, he wasn’t able to push them together.

“Do you think you’re doing me a favor?” you said to him. “Like I’m going to owe you now?”
Theo tried to move the bars again, “I don’t need any favors” he replied.
“What do you want?” you snarled at him. Theo gave you a long smirk.
“You” he said.

You instantly let the bars go, the bars came crashing together, and Theo’s armed collided. He felt his arm, in pain. “Me? What do you want with me?” you asked curiously. Theo stood up and slowly walked towards you. “I want… you” he said, again. You didn’t know what he was doing. You were confused, you were overwhelmed and you were turned on. Theo continued to walk closer to you. He stood a few inches away from you, then he used his hand to move your hair out of your eyes. You grabbed his head, spun around and slammed it up against the wall. “Holy shit” Theo whispered. You got up close to his face and stared into his eyes, “What do you want with me?” you asked again. “I didn’t think you were that strong” he said. You laughed, “Don’t underestimate me, you don’t know me enough” you replied. “I know enough” Theo told you. You dug his head into the wall a little harder, “Okay, okay. Lighten up” he begged. “That’s what I thought” you whispered in his ear. You looked into his eyes again, for a long time. He looked into your eyes and then bit his lip. You let him go, the tension was way too high.

“Show me what else you got” Theo demanded, taunting you. You quickly spun around and did a flip in the air, when you landed you lunged right towards him, he caught your legs and whipped you around, you landed on your feet. “I told you not to underestimate me” you shouted to Theo. “Is that the best you got?” he responded.

You took off your shirt, to reveal your bra. Theo looked right at your boobs and started to stare. You caught him off guard when you grabbed him and spun him around, slamming his whole body on the floor. He grabbed you and pulled you on top of him. He was breathing heavily and so were you. “I won’t underestimate you anymore” Theo told you. “Good” you answered. You couldn’t pull yourself off of Theo, you didn’t really want to. Instead, you slammed your lips into his lips, catching him completely off guard, as well as yourself. You didn’t plan on this happening, not at all.

You went to depart from Theo’s lips but he pulled your body closer, slamming his lips back into yours. You grabbed his head and kissed him even more. Theo grabbed your body and spun you around, now he was on top and you were on the bottom. As Theo kissed you, you couldn’t help but use your hands to feel his body, his abs were rock hard. “How many times do you work out a week?” you asked in the middle of a kiss. “Every day” he answered. You pulled Theo down and got on top again, “Do you always like to dominate?” he asked you. You pulled away from the kiss, “Yeah, I do. Now shut up” you demanded.

The two of you went at it, embracing each other, neck kissing, lip kissing, even more kissing. You honestly didn’t plan to go into the gym to kiss Theo. You wanted to make sure your secret would stay a secret. Now you weren’t even thinking about the secret. All you could think about was how hot Theo looked when you pinned him up against the way, all defenseless. Truth be told, you loved being able to dominate someone, especially him. You were really enjoying this. A little too much.

“As much as this is fun, I have to get going” Theo said, breaking the kiss. You got up and wiped your mouth, his kisses were a little wet. “So soon?” you teased. Theo eyed you up, looking extra longingly at your breasts. He bit his lip again, which was a total turn on for you.

“I need to come to the gym more often” you mumbled. Theo looked at you and grinned, “I agree with that” he said. “Tomorrow?” you asked him. He nodded his head, “Oh, come bursting in again, that was completely hot” Theo confessed to you. You walked over to him and got in his face, “I can do that” you told him. “God, you’re so strong!” Theo admitted again. “Don’t underestimate me again” you warned him. “Or what?” he joked back. You shoved him out the door, “I’ll kick your ass!” you responded. “Oh, I hope so!” said Theo, giving you a wink.

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