If we treated the #climatechange as the emergency it is, we would create many more times the jobs than we have now, and in the way we design the next economy, we could make sure that we don’t repeat the failures and injustices of the last one.

I’m here because I think that the coalition that is represented in today’s march and rally, and not just today but ongoing in Canada — First Nations, labour unions, working people, students — this is the kind of coalition that will make the difference.
—  Author and activist Naomi Klein.

‘Historic’ Toronto climate march calls for new economic

I have respect for the whole radical politics “we must take down the entire fucking system rather than making incremental changes to it” approach, but to be entirely honest, I would burn the fuck out after about a month if I took that view. So like, again, respect, but stop trying to get me to do it your way. I don’t particularly feel like losing my will to write, speak, get up in the morning.


Show World Leaders You Choose #BooksNotBullets

For Malala Day, Malala’s 18th birthday on July 12th, Malala is done with wishes. She wants action.

Post a photo of yourself holding up your favorite book and share why YOU choose #BooksNotBullets - and tell world leaders to fund the real weapon for change, education! We’ll use them on Malala Day to show world leaders that the public wants global education to be a top priority!

The shocking truth is that world leaders have the money to fully fund primary AND secondary education around the world - but they are choosing to spend it on other things, like their military budgets.

In fact, if the whole world stopped spending money on the military for just 8 days, we could have the $39 billion still needed to provide 12 years of free, quality education to every child on the planet.

Join us this Malala Day and share why you choose #BooksNotBullets!


Dear cis people in my professional community,
If you have been teaching trainings about trans needs for several years but find the need to interview trans people about commonly known, easy to google topics then you should not be teaching trans trainings. Please step back and educate yourself more; perhaps consider attending one of the many easily accessible trainings I, your trans colleague, lead in our shared community. Once you have ensured that your information is thoroughly competent, please feel free to resume your actions of solidarity. Thanks for your efforts and standing behind us in our movement.
One of many experienced trans educators who should be hired instead of you, but won’t be because cis privilege is real.

Evidence Of The Corporatization Of Pride Parade, In One Pie Chart

Today, I (Riley Konor AKA Riley Kollaritsch) had the pleasure of doing an interview with Rachel Cromidas who writes for the Chicagoist. We discussed the corporatisation of lgbtq+ Pride parades these days, and this is the result:

For better or worse, corporations love Chicago’s Annual LGBTQ Pride Parade. Evidence of this fact could be found everywhere at this year’s parade, from the “I Eat Tacos” buttons passed out by Chipotle reps via a burrito-shaped float to the Google logo-emblazoned sunglasses carted around in a Google Van to the local fitness center employees whose custom T-shirts read “Less Work, More Out!” Acceptance is very, very in these days. And while many take heart to see rainbows and glitter across their favorite brands, some LGBTQ-rights advocates are increasingly divided over whether that’s unequivocally a good thing—particularly if it’s coming at the expense of the radical politics that characterized the Stonewall Riots that birthed the modern pride movement.

Some parade-goers have been complaining for years that Chicago’s pride festivities have gone corporate, and in the process turned into a commercialized spectacle and yet another excuse for straight people to day drink in the streets. Some LGBTQ revelers have simply chosen to stay home from the parade in response; others have turned to the growing Chicago Dyke Marchfor a more indie alternative and still others have opted to bring their displeasure to the parade itself, as a group of #BlackLivesMatter protesters did last week, with a die-in style protest that brought the parade to a halt.

To test the theory, Illinois-resident Riley Kollaritsch crunched the numbersof parade participants, listed on the parade’s website, and graphed them with a pie chart by organization type. Kollaritsch, 27, a writer and creator of the website Project Queer, found that corporate-representation did appear to surpass LGBTQ groups at this year’s parade—several times over. His graph shows there were 132 floats or parade slots held by corporations, compared to 11 LGBTQ groups, 1 bisexual group, 1 trans group and 5 groups related to queer people of color.

Pride Parade and Fest planners did not respond to requests for comment from Chicagoist Monday afternoon.

Kollaritsch told Chicagoist the graph confirmed what he already suspected, after trekking out to the parade from his home in Marseilles for several years. “Pride has become a very heterosexual spectacle nowadays,” he said. “It’s not about the roots of why Pride was started, and it’s not about the people who started it anymore, the [trans and queer people] who took it to the streets and made this a thing.”

Though some may disagree with this perspective, arguing that mainstream acceptance and visibility beget acceptance and visibility, Kollaritsch’s response is nuanced.

“It depends on the corporation. A lot of the corporations that take part happen to be quite harmful to our movement, like alcohol companies that target our communities even when something like 30 percent of our community struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction,” he said. “I like to have the support of a company that genuinely cares, but if it’s somebody just trying to take advantage without doing anything to give back to the community, then I don’t think it’s appropriate at all.”

Trans-Fuzja Poland: Moving forward from the gender binary
Rosamund Mather interviews Wiktor Dynarski - President of Trans-Fuzja - about transgender life in Poland and Eastern Europe.
By Rosamund Mather

Yours truly at the Miss Trans 2015 pageant in Warsaw last weekend. <3

I was recently invited by Rosamund Mather to give some thoughts on trans spaces and trans activism in Poland for the “Europe & Me” project. I have to say, it was quite interesting to be able to dwell on some aspects of trans realities in Poland from a different than usual perspective. You can view it on the project’s website. While you’re there, be sure to check our other content. It seems very interesting.

I think my favorite part of the interview was when we talked about the concept of passing and being visible and how I felt about the whole idea altogether. It’s very important for me both as an activist and a scholar to be critical both to realities surrounding trans lives and to the way some of us subscribe to mainstream societal expectations of gender to the point that we start oppressing each other.

But enough about my thoughts on that. Please, enjoy the interview!


Think about this for a second: Why would the mainstream media and the government decide to all of a sudden care about whether or not your children get their feelings hurt?  These entities are part of the same Military-Industrial-Media-Corporate-Government complex that brought you false flags, propagandized history and news, vaccines, “silver” mercury fillings, gmos, publicly-traded prison enterprises, and so forth. It would be naïve to believe it is for your children’s own good.   The hidden drive to promote the anti-bullying movement are beginning to surface out in the open:  speech censorship and to fill prison quotas.

Prisons are privately owned corporations, they “have lockup quotas to ensure prisons keep turning a profit.  If a number of beds are not filled, states have to pay the prison companies for the unused beds, leaving the tax payers to foot the bill for lower crime rates.” 1  It’s common knowledge now that judges have been known to receive kickbacks for jailing innocent children in ‘kids for cash’ scheme. 2    The anti bullying campaign is a effort to villainize and exaggerate the viciousness of an improper childhood behavior that requires simple parental intervention.  

Instead, a fear campaign is promoted to scare the washed up masses to support and encourage excessive, overkill, tyrannical regulations and enforcement from the state.   Does it seem rational to throw a child in jail for calling someone a name in person or online?  Bullying is not a crime, at least not until unlawful statutes are passed that says otherwise, which is currently underway.

Which brings me to the other reason why I believe anti bullying is promoted: to severely restrict speech, particularly to incrementally censor speech that are not politically correct, but to be even more precise, speech that is anti-slavery or pro- individual freedom and pro-consciousness of any kind.  The end goal is to criminalize any child and eventually all adults, for making any statement against any significant tyrannical person, like a teacher, judge, president, corporation, or government entity or employee, etc. 

Why is censorship so important? Because the word is mightier than the sword.  Don’t underestimate the power of your voice. If anything, this enormous nationwide effort to shut people up should be a reminder that speaking up is our most mighty weapon.  It works and it works better than buying guns and ammo (not that I am against them, shoutout to the anti gun control community!) So pass this around, especially you teens out there believing that antibullying means you will be safer.  Now you’ve been deprogrammed.

Learn more: 

1)  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/19/private-prisons_n_3955686.html?ncid=txtlnkushpmg00000029 

2) google judges kickback,  don’t be fooled, these cases are not just in the past, prisons are still for profit corporations, and judges are corrupt members of a criminal secret society organization.  Corrupt judges are not the exception, they are the rule.  http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2011/07/08/crooked-judges-lawyers-and-corporate-power/

other links:

Should bullies go to jail?    http://www.debate.org/opinions/should-bullies-go-to-jail

Censorship in the name of Anti-bullying  http://libertyunyielding.com/2013/03/14/censorship-in-the-name-of-anti-bullying/

Girl Scouts return $100,000 donation to transphobic donor -- and then raise the money back in a day
"Girl Scouts is for every girl," said Megan Ferland, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington.

Earlier this year, the Girl Scouts of Western Washington received a donation of $100,000. They were thrilled – that amount of money comprises nearly a third of the organization’s financial assistance program, and it makes a huge difference to the girls they serve.

Then, they learned that the donor had made the gift on one condition: It was not to be used to support transgender girls, which the Girl Scouts has been doing for years. So the Scouts returned the gift. Every dollar.

To make up for the huge dent in their finances, they just launched an Indiegogo fundraiser to raise back the $100,000 and use it for every girl who needs them, regardless of whether or not the girl is transgender. In one day, they’ve already far surpassed their goal, raising over $175,000 and counting. And there are still 29 days of their online campaign remaining. 

The Seattle Met reports that it’s the second time “in less than five years” that a Girl Scout council [led by chief executive Megan Ferland] “has taken a public stand to support transgender girls.”

From the magazine:

In 2012, when she headed the organization’s Colorado council, a 7-year-old transgender girl in Denver was denied entry to a troop. Although the council had never specifically said that it accepted transgender girls, the national organization had always made inclusivity the foundation of its mission. So after checking with the council’s attorney, Ferland issued a public statement welcoming transgender girls and explaining that the council was working to find a troop for the girl who’d been rejected. “Every girl that is a Girl Scout is a Girl Scout because her parent or guardian brings her to us and says, ‘I want my child to participate,‘” Ferland says. “And I don’t question whether or not they’re a girl.”

Absolutely incredible. I am the best kind of speechless.

Badass Bree Newsome Climbs S.C. Flagpole To Remove Confederate Flag
Early this morning, activist Bree Newsome climbed a flagpole in Columbia, South Carolina and removed the Confederate flag that still flies in front of the capitol building.
By Stassa Edwards

“You come against me with hatred and oppression and violence - I come against you in the name of God!” Bree Newsome yelled, before descending using the tree climbing equipment she’d brought.

Throughout, she clearly communicated to the police that she was ready to be arrested - which she was, upon coming down. She quoted scripture to them as she was being taken away. 

And although the flag was put back up a short time thereafter, for a bit, the flagpole was bare.

Bree Newsome is a filmmaker, activist, badass, and possibly your new hero.

EDIT: Here is a petition to get all charges against her dropped.


“Whether you have one subscriber or one million subscribers, if you speak to someone and they understand where you’re coming from and get a new perspective from it, that’s important. I don’t think it depends on how many people you reach; it’s just that you make that connection. You’re putting what you believe out there, being your authentic self, and you’re trying to make a change for good.”

If you are a self-proclaimed social media addict, then you should be familiar with the name Tyler Oakley. The Internet personality began posting videos on his YouTube channel in 2007 as a means of sharing stories with his friends, and gradually grew in popularity, thanks in part to his honest and charismatic personality. Today, his 7 million subscribers have helped Oakley live out a vlogger’s (video blogger) ultimate dream: the opportunity to make a career out of doing what he loves. The Permanent Rain Press had an opportunity to chat with Oakley – who opted for introductory hugs instead of handshakes – ahead of his sold-out Slumber Party Tour stop in Vancouver, where we reflected on one of his first YouTube videos, details on upcoming book Binge, and activism.

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Meet Zea, the 7-year-old who silently waved a rainbow flag at an anti-LGBT protester as he screamed at her. In the video below, you see her collecting high-fives from passersby as the man continues to yell about Jesus at a first-grade child. Her bravery is amazing. 

The iconic moment is being turned into a printed t-shirt, and you can bet I have already ordered mine. If this is the next generation of LGBT activists, we’re gonna be just fine. (via the Huffington Post)