Stop Patriarchy July 1st National Protests Against Attacks on Abortion Rights!

photos from LA and the Bay Area

full reports coming soon!


First service for Indiana cannabis church: no weed, no arrests

INDIANAPOLIS (Cannabist) — More than 100 people packed a pot-smoking Indiana cannabis church for a music-filled service without their illegal sacrament Wednesday, days after authorities threatened arrests if the congregation lit up during the rites.

Participants in the inaugural service of the First Church of Cannabis, formed as a test of Indiana’s new religious objections law, had planned to celebrate by smoking marijuana. But church founder Bill Levin decided to keep pot out of the first service to ensure that he can test that law in civil court and not on criminal grounds.

Marijuana is illegal in Indiana, but Levin plans to defend the congregation’s pot smoking during religious ceremonies under the new law, which took effect Wednesday. It prohibits any government actions that would “substantially burden” a person’s ability to follow his or her religious beliefs.

Putting climbing skills to good use: activist Bree Newsome climbed a flagpole in Columbia, South Carolina and removed the Confederate flag that still flies in front of the Capitol building.  The flag was being flown at full mast while the State & US flags were at half-mast to mourn the victims of a racially-motivated murder of 9 black people in Charleston just days earlier.

I wanted to share a quick note to say thank you.

Yesterday afternoon, I shared the news that our campaign has already received nearly 400,000 individual contributions from more than a quarter million supporters. We raised a lot of money to build our campaign in these first two months, but what’s more important is that we did it the right way.

We aren’t begging for money from billionaires and we’re not endorsing a Super PAC. More than 99% of our contributions came from people who gave $250 or less and the average donation was $33.

I know we asked a lot over the last ten days and I didn’t want any more time to pass before saying thank you.

The truth is our campaign finance system is nothing short of a national disgrace.

Elections should be determined by the power of good ideas, not who can hustle the most money from the rich and powerful. They should be about the issues that impact the lives of ordinary Americans — not the day-to-day soap operas of campaign staffers, personal emails or fluctuations in the polls.

So over the course of the next few weeks we will be releasing a series of policy proposals to address the major issues facing our nation. We’ll be discussing these issues at a number of nationwide organizing meetings taking place on July 29th.

Add your name to let me know if you’re interested in hosting or attending an organizing meeting on July 29th.

Real change comes when large numbers of Americans get involved in the democratic process.

Together we’re building the political revolution we need to rebuild our middle class, reclaim our democracy and save our planet.

I am excited to see what comes next.“


Parody of Jenna Marbles’ “What a Girl’s Makeup Means”. To make a few things clear, I love Jenna Marbles, and I am an actual transwoman. Nothing in here is meant to be offensive, just a light-hearted, and hopefully educational look at one of the many facets of life as a transwoman.

Hopefully it’s humorous too, but frankly I don’t consider myself to be all that funny. Nowhere near as funny as Jenna anyway. So if it makes you laugh, that’s just an added bonus.

If you’d like to help support me in trying to rebuild my life and afford the necessary procedures for my transition which my insurance will not cover, please consider a donation to my gofundme, www.gofundme.com/stillawoman and be sure to subscribe and also follow me on tumblr at http://justtransgirlythings.tumblr.com for transbeauty modeling pictures and more awareness activism and advocacy.


Stop Patriarchy July 1st National Protests Against Attacks on Abortion Rights!

photos from NYC

full reports coming soon!



Stricter Colorado law for home hash oil extraction goes into effect July 1

(Cannabist) People who make marijuana hash oil with hazardous materials at home will face felony charges in Colorado, and online bullies will be subject to penalties for harassment under new state laws taking effect Wednesday.

Licensed manufacturers of pot concentrates won’t be affected by the new law, but amateur cooks will be charged if they use materials like a flammable liquid chemical or compressed gas, both of which have been linked to explosions. More than 30 butane explosions were connected to hash production in 2014.

One of the sponsors of the law, Rep. Yeulin Willett, R-Delta, said that one benefit of the legislation is that it will allow law enforcement to make arrests before there’s an explosion, rather prosecuting cases after the fact. “Many jurisdictions felt that their hands were tied, and they could only respond after an accident,” he said.

It’s unknown how many of the explosions from last year resulted in prosecution on charges such as arson or criminal mischief. Amateur manufacturers of marijuana concentrates will now also face a Class 2 drug felony.

11 of the Fiercest Conscious Hip Hop Videos
Every age has its protest music, from blues to rock and roll, folk to punk. Today hip hop is leading the charge, challenging the staus quo and shining a light on the injustices that dominate our...
By Andrew Butler
  1. B. Dolan - Which Side Are You On
  2. Lowkey - Terrorist?
  3. Bocafloja - Obsolescencia Programada
  4. 3D Na'tee - Who Can We Run To
  5. Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn
  6. Dead Prez - Hip Hop
  7. M.I.A - Born Free
  8. Calle 13 - Multi_Viral - ft. Julian Assange, Kamilya Jubran, Tom Morello
  9. Akala - Find No Enemy
  10. Keny Arkana - La Rage
  11. Rebel Diaz - Which Side Are You On? Remix ft. Dead Prez & Rakaa Iriscience

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Remembering Frank Kameny, the Jewish Moses of the LGBT Movement - Culture
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the LGBT civil rights movement, Benjamin Ivry remembers the contributions of astronomer and activist Frank Kameny.

Frank Kaneny knew that ordinary people could have great influence on society and he spent decades doing just that, championing the rights of LGBT people through demonstrations, letter-writing campaigns, and political activism.


Stop Patriarchy July 1st National Protests Against Attacks on Abortion Rights!

photos from Seattle, courtesy of Eino Sierpe


full reports coming soon!


Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in Winnipeg on Canada Day

(CTV) Winnipeg’s first medical marijuana dispensary plans to open its doors on Main Street on July 1.

The owner says he actually plans to open two stores, but you’ll need a prescription to buy the medical marijuana.

Glenn Price runs the store which is called ‘Your Medical Marijuana Headquarters’.

“This is our lounge for members to come in and be able to relax and meet other medical cannabis users,” said Price in a room in the back of the rented store front at 1404 Main Street.

“I hope this store will bring awareness that there is alternative medicine besides pills that the doctors are pushing constantly,” he added.

Since Tumblr generally hates John Lennon and Gandhi for being assholes who are given way too much credit, I figured I’d post this song I made from a satirical perspective of the “slactivist asshole” who thinks they were good people.

To hear the full Acoustic EP this comes off of, click here to listen to 2 Rowdy 4 Dennys. Your support is much appreciated.

Special thanks to whospantsamiwearing for drawing the cover and terminusundefined for editing it. Keep it real.

Girl Scouts return $100,000 donation to transphobic donor -- and then raise the money back in a day
"Girl Scouts is for every girl," said Megan Ferland, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington.

Earlier this year, the Girl Scouts of Western Washington received a donation of $100,000. They were thrilled – that amount of money comprises nearly a third of the organization’s financial assistance program, and it makes a huge difference to the girls they serve.

Then, they learned that the donor had made the gift on one condition: It was not to be used to support transgender girls, which the Girl Scouts has been doing for years. So the Scouts returned the gift. Every dollar.

To make up for the huge dent in their finances, they just launched an Indiegogo fundraiser to raise back the $100,000 and use it for every girl who needs them, regardless of whether or not the girl is transgender. In one day, they’ve already far surpassed their goal, raising over $175,000 and counting. And there are still 29 days of their online campaign remaining. 

The Seattle Met reports that it’s the second time “in less than five years” that a Girl Scout council [led by chief executive Megan Ferland] “has taken a public stand to support transgender girls.”

From the magazine:

In 2012, when she headed the organization’s Colorado council, a 7-year-old transgender girl in Denver was denied entry to a troop. Although the council had never specifically said that it accepted transgender girls, the national organization had always made inclusivity the foundation of its mission. So after checking with the council’s attorney, Ferland issued a public statement welcoming transgender girls and explaining that the council was working to find a troop for the girl who’d been rejected. “Every girl that is a Girl Scout is a Girl Scout because her parent or guardian brings her to us and says, ‘I want my child to participate,‘” Ferland says. “And I don’t question whether or not they’re a girl.”

Absolutely incredible. I am the best kind of speechless.

Badass Bree Newsome Climbs S.C. Flagpole To Remove Confederate Flag
Early this morning, activist Bree Newsome climbed a flagpole in Columbia, South Carolina and removed the Confederate flag that still flies in front of the capitol building.
By Stassa Edwards

“You come against me with hatred and oppression and violence - I come against you in the name of God!” Bree Newsome yelled, before descending using the tree climbing equipment she’d brought.

Throughout, she clearly communicated to the police that she was ready to be arrested - which she was, upon coming down. She quoted scripture to them as she was being taken away. 

And although the flag was put back up a short time thereafter, for a bit, the flagpole was bare.

Bree Newsome is a filmmaker, activist, badass, and possibly your new hero.

EDIT: Here is a petition to get all charges against her dropped.

Privileged, rich conservative white trans lady: *comes out*

Mainstream gay movement: “WOW!” *applause and praise*

Undocumented trans woman of colour: *risks safety and well-being to come out against racial injustice and institutional abuse perpetuated by the Obama administration*

Mainstream gay movement: “HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT OBAMA!” *comments with racism and transmisogyny and ignores the issues at hand*

I, for one, am hoping that Jennicet Gutiérrez gets more positive attention in the media than Caitlyn Jenner.