I just realized….

My first “Crush” was me being pressured into thinking I had a crush

My second “Crush” what purely an aesthetic attraction

My 3rd: Literally just me trying to figure out “why the hell dont i have a crush, let me try flirting and see if that helps” (it didnt)

My 4th: I wanted to get to know him. Thats it. I classified the feeling as a crush. It was probably just a strong Squish. 

And I dont understand dating at all. Like what (other than sexual activies) Can you do with a S.O, That you cant do with a friend.

Like… I can go to dinner with friends, and buy my friends chocolate. I can take them to the movies, and we can go to the park. I DONT GET IT??? What am I missing here? Idk.

I keep being told “i’ll understand when I am older” but I kinda hope I dont. Dating seems like a lot of work anyway

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)...

When I first learned about it:

Once I realized that “reasonable accommodations” is a big grey area that makes getting accommodations really hard sometimes:

and also that just because the law exists doesn’t mean everyone follows it

and to get what the law promises you, you would have to give up everything else in life to pursue legal action over and over again.

The law  "isn't gonna solve it all, but it’s a damn good place to start"