Sneak peak of an exclusive collaboration with #ActivePro DanLu & Provost!

These boards will be available only at @activerideshop.

Artwork by @tempster_returns (at Tum Yeto HQ)


Activepro is an energy drink produced by Multibrands International Ltd, headquartered in Brandford, England. It has hit other countries in the United States and South East Asia, and now aims to break into the Singapore market as well. Scheduled for launch in 2014, this brand will be handled by Technoanima Marketing Pte Ltd, who specializes in managing drink brands.

This proposal was designed to inform them of the local energy drinks market, and how to improve chances of becoming a market leader. It covers numerous aspects of a planned marketing and advertising campaign, including guerrilla marketing, and two events involving the local underground arts, cultural and creative communities.

This project is a WIP. To learn more, click here.

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5

#activePro Willy Wonka @daniellutheran here at @activelongbeach with @toymachine. Thanks to all who came to the signing. Come meet us at McBride Skatepark aka MLK Skatepark!!! (at Active Long Beach)


nothing can get into @anthony_schultz’s way. 🎥: @ratone187

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