Oh yeah I forgot to post, since Bill and I are spending Christmas with our own families, we exchanged presents before he left (although his isn’t finished yet, but he got his joke gift already).

AND HOLY SHIT HE BOUGHT ME A 3DS. I’m pretty sure I said something offensive when I opened it because I just don’t know how to deal with people doing nice things for me. And then I cried a bit oops. I’m such a pizza shit for real.

But seriously I feel terrible because this obviously wasn’t cheap, and I don’t really have much money to do anything big for anyone this year. I wish I could though because he really deserves the best because he IS the best. <3 I know I don’t post much about our relationship because that’s just not how I am, but goddamn I appreciate and love the shit out of this man. I don’t know what I did to get him in my life but I’m hella grateful and not taking a second of it for granted.

TLDR: you should friend me on the 3ds or however that works. My friend code is 3840-6866-1552