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O.o like I’m always looking to see who else is posting at my rate but very few even come close. I’m always wanting to interact with the community. So I’m always looking at the League of Legends tag to see who’s art or ideas I can share. Because some of these bloggers need exposure like that for their amazing content!


Visit Us at Minneapolis Urban League Family Day

Come visit us at the Minneapolis Urban League Family Day on Plymouth Avenue from 10:30-5 this Saturday, August 27. Hennepin County Library will have a pop-up library on site with books and activities for all ages. We hope to see you there!

The Minneapolis Urban League was established in 1925. Abram Harris, first Executive Secretary of the Urban League, conducted a comprehensive study of social welfare, education, and economic opportunities available to African Americans in Minneapolis. Highlighting poor living conditions and a lack of economic opportunity, this study laid the groundwork for much of the Urban League’s activity throughout the last 90 years. Securing economic opportunities for African Americans and other people of color remains one of the Minneapolis Urban League’s main focuses today.

Many notable Minneapolitans have served on the Board of Directors or been staff members of the Minneapolis Urban League over the years, including Cecil Newman, A.B. Cassius, William Seabron, Gary Sudduth, and Steven Belton (current President).

Photographs are from the John Glanton Collection at the Hennepin County Library Special Collections. To help us identify more individuals in the John Glanton Collection visit

An excadrill for your thoughts? // Cynthia and Dawn


In all her years, Cynthia could attest to the fact that there was nothing quite the same as actively breaking League laws within the League building itself. Nothing quite like travelling with not five, not six, but seven pokémon on their person, no sir. If other trainers might’ve felt a sense of power, a sense of defiance even, as they crossed the foyer with a hand shoved into their pocket, fingers clasped around the extra, offending ball— she wasn’t sure what she felt, but she was intensely aware of how embarrassing it’d probably be, if Dawn ended up having her arrested for this.

Getting through the ace trainer standing by the inner entrance proved more of a challenge than she would have liked to admit. He certainly did his job of guarding the place magnificently; ex-champion or not, he refused to hear a word until she reluctantly dug through her bag for her badge case to present to him for inspection. Past the door, however, it was smooth sailing. Down the familiar corridor, away from the main hall that lead into each elite’s chamber, through to the offices on the right.

Stopping by the door to her— rather, Dawn’s study, she tarried a moment, running her fingertips across grooved surface of the old wood, surprised at her own hesitation. It wasn’t a bad thing, though; it was bad practice to simply barge in, anyway. Taking a breath, she knocked once, softly, then slightly louder once more.