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How many,, active relationships with other Critic blogs do you have? like I see pan and gay and ryuto and all these blogs coming after you

I talk from time to time to few other critics, but I’d say that my “active” relationships are with :

@@oka-synpath : @@occultie : @pangema ; @gaygemataku ; @bosozuko-ryuto-ippongo ? I talked few time with @oka-deserves-better and @oka-loves-cats

And pretty often, I have @critical-asu-rito in my notifications and same for @purepotatonation.

I’d love to have more interactions with the others, but I’m bad at it, haha;;;;;

Daddy took me for ice cream 🍦

Daddy took me to the Park for a picnic! It was so lovely and he said if I was a good girl he would take me for ice cream! Daddy took me to this cute ice cream parlour and when I was thinking about which one to choose he put me in little space quick as a flash by saying “You want the rainbow swirl?” He said it more as a statement than a question and I instantly regressed and felt adorable and clingy. I nodded shyly at Daddy and said “yes please” and the confusion on the ice cream ladies face was priceless haha she saw me going from this bad ass bitch looking at the chocolate ice cream flavours to a shy baby fluttering my eyelashes at Daddy in less than 2 seconds. I love when Daddy reminds me that I’m his little one by doing cute things. I love love love my Daddy!

While all my friends were busy
getting married
taking trips
kissing someone they called home
I sat alone
Finding every crooked crease in my palms
Smearing muddy mascara so deep into my skin
That it ran into my veins.
I’ve got my mirror to keep me company, baby.

You see I’m really just so selfish that I ended up alone.
My fatal flaw.
Too grandiose to realize I couldn’t clone myself
That I could never tuck myself in or kiss my own bruises

But my bruises still look better than your new bitch

—  Leos Never Learn, E.L.
When you tell me you love me I don’t want it to sound like an apology
And I hope when I say you’re beautiful it doesn’t come out like some sappy poetic bullshit I hope it resonates like a fact you still believe when I’m angry and spewing every flaw I’ve counted in the web of your being
I know deep down we are mis matched like my Sunday socks nervously scraping up on sheets while I hear you daydreaming in the bathroom
(About her, I know it)
I know the antidote for my soul never laid in your suspicious little mouth
I knew you were no good for me and I know that I can offer you a hell of a lot but it’s just not the right “a lot”
And I guess I didn’t love you but I love you for giving me the opportunity to try
Because when you’re rattling off stories from your drunken past and I get to hear you inner monologue making me laugh
I’ve just really never felt so alive
—  I Need To Stop Opening Your Snapchats, E.L.

Don’t know why I am a wrapped up in
Yesterday’s, last years
Why my heart won’t stay still at cliche hours
Why do I still feel the dust in my nose
Still dripping memories
I won’t let go of anything, I earned that good feeling
Fought so hard
Just to be at ease
For a night
I want to relive, relive, relive
Read over every text
Make sure my heart flutters the same
I’m still in love with 3 people
And I’d leave them all just for one last hit

Book the same hotel, please smell the same
Bring along the grey backpack with the rips along the seams
I wasn’t satisfied last time
But I get full off the memories
Savor them down, suck you up
You as in the concept
Of having normalcy
Things should be this way, I know
I shouldn’t be this way, I know
Just the way you are is a way enough
Keep lighting up my phone

—  I’ve Been Awful Lately, E.L.