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Do you wear auditory aids? Either to increase or decrease sound?

Show them off! I want to see your ear defenders, your ear buds, your ear plugs, your hearing aids, your implants - whatever you use that you are willing to show off! I want it to be easy for someone to find that they are not alone.

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I kinda want to go to pride this year. But I’m autistic so noise and crowds are hard for me. 

I have active noise canceling headphones I could being but idk if that will be enough. Plus what if people judge me for wearing them? 

The group I was thinking about going with is going to be actually in the parade and I don’t think I’m ready for that, so I guess I’m not going with them… 

any advice?

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I can listen to music on earbuds really loud and not get the "sensory hell" feel but the thing is that I've slowly accidentally built up tolerance and now even the loudest volume isn't loud enough for me, but I need it loud because that's the only way I can ignore the sounds of my surroundings (and I am actually literally addicted to music, can't go anywhere or do anything without it). What should I do? I don't want to cause serious hearing loss....

I think you may need to get earphones/headphones that have ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) settings on them. ANC basically tunes out noises from the outside so you can focus more on the music (and you do not have turn the volume up so high). The only downside is that ANC headphones are not cheap (like the decent ones start around $50 to $300-400 for really good ones). 

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I agree with you about the active noise cancelling headphones (I presume you mean the ones that play sounds at certain frequencies to block out those same frequencies coming from things like TV's?). I got mine using fly buys points so it was free (thank goodness) and my parents got it for me, as I'm a minor. And they're definitely a different experience, its incredible. My family can watch TV and I can be in the same room and watch netflix on my ipad, so I can still hang out with them.

Yup, that’s the type of noise cancellation I mean - “active” noise canceling. They’re pretty sophisticated now, and it’s amazing how “smart” they are - especially with the microphones connected to the earbuds. They’re pretty much the life saving device I never knew I needed.

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You know in those selfies you have that thing around your neck that the headphones are attached to? What is that? (Is it a fancy wireless/bluetooth thing or a noise cancelling thing?) I'm pretty new to your blog so I'm sorry for not knowing!

Right! So! Great question! I have a pair of Bose Quiet Control 35 earbuds. They are wireless active noise canceling earbuds, and Bluetooth 4.1 headphones. The black ring around my neck is where the processor for the noise cancellation is located, as well as where the Bluetooth transceiver and antenna are housed. It is also meant to give the earbuds something to connect to so that they don’t get lost.