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Thank you Running Man

Today, same as Wednesday, is not a good day. I woke up, read the news and well….Running man, my favorite show for like 7 years is going to be cancelled. Honestly, I preferred that over Kang Ho Dong joining. I’m not really fond of him, you see, but somehow deep down I didn’t want Running Man to end ever. After family outing was over, it was a bit empty, I kept on looking for similar shows, but none caught my eye and suddenly RM started, I would come home Monday thinking about the new Running Man episode. My mondays were never boring, because of Running Man and to see that suddenly it’s gonna stop, it breaks my heart. But the only thing I can do is to thank all the cast and the staff for these amazing years of laughter.

Thank you Yoo Jae Suk for being who you are. An awesome MC, a jokester, Yoo hyuk, Grasshopper, for your rivalry with Jong kook which was always funny, for your “outburst” with Haha and Kwangsoo, for being Ji suk jin’s sunflower, for your finger hearts or however is named, an overall honest person. You are one of the reasons why I started watching RM. Coming from Family outing and already knowing you was like a plus and you grew on me. I now know why people call you Yooneunim. Sincerely thank you.

Thank you Kim Jong Kook for being the Tiger and Mr. Capable. I also knew you from Family outing but man, you started to be more talkative with some time XD. Thanks for being the capable one, the scary chaser XD, the guy who would glare to his hyungs with no problem, the hyung with the kids who would get scolded every now and the, for being Coach kim and try to teach athletes how to do their jobs, for being the muscle guy and more.

Thank you Song Ji hyo for being the kind of actress who is not afraid to get dirty just because she has an image to maintain as other actresses or idols. Thanks for being a woman who can stand its own against all the males in the cast, let’s all remember one of the latest episodes where they had to piggyback the girls and neither Gary nor Kwang soo could move because Jihyo would squeeze them (I was cracking up,for real) ; thanks for being Meong ji, the girl who can fall sleep almost anywhere, worth mentioning the Jenga tower. Thanks for being part of one of the longest love-lines out there, the monday couple, thanks for being part of the candy alliance, the kwang-mong siblings that I seriously love, the song-song couple, spartace and so on. Thanks for being such an ace.

Thank you Kang Gary for being Gary-ssi and Random Mr, Capable. When you appeared for the first time…I didn’t know who you were, I just didn’t know about Leesang or the hip-hop scene in south korea but by far, I could tell you would fit well in the show. You always had the most normal and humane reactions ever, your speech with -seumdwa was always something that I don’t know why, it made me smile​. Thank you for being oblivious Gary, peaceful Gary, Random Mr. Capable, part of the monday couple that most people love. Thank you for being the amazing person you are.

Thank you HaHa for being the kid of the show, for being the schemer and cool person that you are. I already knew you from Infinite Challenge and although the characters on both shows are similar, they are not the same. I could always tell Haha is a smart cookie. He’s clever and witty and I have always laughed whenever he got annoyed either by Yoo Jae suk, Ji hyo or the guests. Also, thank you for being the “dongsaeng” to “uri hyung”, Time controller, Haroro, Haha the playboy or the kid who wants to be the villain. And as your stage name, thank you for the laughs.

Thank you Ji suk Jin for being the old ambitious guy of the show. At first, I admit that I didn’t like him, I always felt he was annoying and was craving for attention but as time passed by, well, I saw he was trying to be funny and honestly for a person his age, it must’ve been difficult to be running around with no problem. Thank you for being the race starter, the impala, Jaesuk’s sunflower, the only cast member who always was ready to face the female guests with no problem, the old guy with the cheesy lines. Thank you for being in the traitors club with Kwang Soo and in particular, thank you for being Wangko ahahahha

Thank you Lee kwang soo. What can I say about him? Similar to Ji suk jin, at first I didn’t like him, the whole framing and betraying simply wasn’t my style but over the time, his character grew on me. He is like a gem for the variety show scene of south korea and an awesome actor too. Thank you for being the giraffe, framer Kwangsoo, avatar Kwangsoo, traitor Kwangsoo,kwangtoad,  unlucky Kwangsoo and a million of other nicknames. Thank you Kwangsoo for being the gem that the show needed.

Last but not least. Thank you Joong Ki. When running man started I was relatively new to dramas so I didn’t know what types of drama he starred in, but guys, he’s such a good actor. You all know him now because of Descendants of the Sun, but what made me say that he is an awesome actor, was the movie “a werewolf boy”. Honestly, he was the flower boy of the bunch, I always loved how he seemed so close with everyone. Thank you for being active Joong Ki and the guy who cannot draw well. Thank you for the time you spent with Running man and all of us until you parted ways.

Special thanks to Kwon Ryeol VJ, Dong wan FD and Lizzy. These guys were always such a laugh. I was planning to write more, but I’m started to tear up and my heart feels so heavy

Running Man family, you’ve worked hard. Thank you for all the laughter these 7 years. You will always be in our hearts.


Running Man - Episode 34

Location: Hongik University Street, Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea

Guests: Uee and Park Jun Kyu


Jae Suk’s Team- Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Song Joong Ki, and Ji Suk Jin

Jong Kook’s Team- Kim Jong Kook, Gary, Song Ji Hyo, and Lee Gwang Soo

First Mission: Find the guest. The Running Man members must wear bells on their shoes and search for the guests in Hongdae. The Running Man members must look for the guests in various restaurants. However, once a Running Man member enters a restaurant, they must finish the food that is provided to them. The guests must find five hidden coupons in the restaurants. If the guest has their wristband removed, than they are eliminated from the mission.

  • Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin enter a Ddukbokki shop.
  • Jong Kook’s team enters a beef soup shop. 
  • Jong Kook’s team enters a Japanese curry shop.
  • Park Jun Kyu finds the first coupon.
  • Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin enter a tempura shop.
  • Uee finds the second hidden coupon.
  • Song Ji Hyo and Gary enter an Indian shop.
  • Park Jun Kyu finds the third coupon.
  • Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin enter a spaghetti shop.
  • Uee finds the fourth coupon.
  • Lee Gwang Soo removes Park Jun Kyu’s wristband.
  • Song Joong Ki enters a fried pork chop shop.
  • Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin enter a coffee shop.
  • Uee finds the fifth coupon.
  • The guests win.
  • Song Joong Ki is referred to as Active Joong Ki and Enthusiastic Joong Ki.
  • Haha refers to Kim Jong Kook as Our Hyung.
  • Kim Jong Kook refers to Haha as My Dongsaeng.
  • Haha is referred to as Haroro.
  • Ji Suk Jin is referred to as Big Nose Hyung.
  • Song Ji Hyo is referred to as Ace Ji Hyo.
  • Kim Jong Kook is referred to as the Commander and Sparta Kooks.
  • Song Ji Hyo and Gary are referred to as the Monday Couple.
  • The caption “Life Reduced By 10 Years” is shown.

Second Mission: 1 versus 9, Trick Uee. This mission is disguised as an “I Miss You Friend” mission. All of the members must call up a friend to come and join them. Which ever team has all of their friends come first wins Running Balls. However, all of the members already have friends prepared for them. Uee is the only one who actually calls someone to come over. One her friends are called, the Running Man production team informs them of the mission, stopping them from coming. If the Running Man members are able to fool Uee into thinking that the mission is real, than they will all earn Running balls. If Uee figures out what is happening then she will earn a Running ball.

  • For the rest of the episode, Uee is on Jae Suk’s team and Park Jun Kyu is on Jong Kook’s team.
  • Park Jun Kyu’s friend is VJ Kim Yoo Seok.
  • Ji Suk Jin’s friend is set director Kim Sang Don.
  • Song Joong Ki’s friend is a security staff member Min Eun Ji.
  • Lee Gwang Soo’s friend is maknae FD Dong Wan. Lee Gwang Soo decides to say that Dong Wan is a model friend of his.
  • Gary’s friend is Haha’s coordi Seon Ah.
  • Kim Jong Kook’s friend is Yoo Jae Suk’s VJ Kwon Ryeol. Kim Jong Kook decides to say that Kwon Ryeol is a neighbor of his.
  • Song Ji Hyo’s friend is maknae PD Jung Cheol Min.
  • Haha’s friend is singer Shim Tae Yoon.
  • Yoo Jae Suk’s friend is actor Park Geun Shik.
  • Uee calls After School members Nana and Raina.
  • Haha’s friend arrives.
  • Song Ji Hyo’s friend arrives.
  • Song Joong Ki’s friend arrives.
  • Kim Jong Kook’s friend arrives.
  • Ji Suk Jin’s friend arrives.
  • Yoo Jae Suk’s friend arrives.
  • Gary’s friend arrives.
  • Park Jun Kyu’s friend arrives.
  • Lee Gwang Soo’s friend arrives.
  • The nine Running Man members successfully trick Uee, earning Running balls.
  • Nana and Raina show up.
  • Song Ji Hyo is referred to as Blank Ji Hyo.
  • Gary is referred to as a Corporate Spy.
  • Seon Ah and Kim Yoo Seok are referred to as the Monday Staff Couple.

Third Mission: Expert in pouring water. Each team selects a representative to be blindfolded and pour the water. The remaining members must hold a glass on top of their heads. On the glass is a red line. The representatives must pour water into the glasses above the red line without spilling. The team with the most successes win, earning Running balls.

  • Jae Suk’s team is referred to as the Local Barista team.
  • Jong Kook’s team is referred to as the Foreign Barista team.
  • Song Ji Hyo and Uee are selected as the team representatives.
  • Jong Kook’s team goes first.
  • Song Ji Hyo is successful in pouring the water in Kim Jong Kook’s cup.
  • Song Ji Hyo fails in pouring the water in Park Jun Kyu’s cup.
  • Song Ji Hyo fails in pouring the water in Gary’s cup.
  • Song Ji Hyo fails in pouring the water in Lee Gwang Soo’s cup.
  • Jong Kook’s team has one success. 
  • Uee is successful in pouring the water in Yoo Jae Suk’s cup.
  • Uee is successful in pouring the water in Ji Suk Jin’s cup.
  • Uee fails in pouring the water in Song Joong Ki’s cup.
  • Uee fails in pouring the water in Haha’s cup.
  • Jae Suk’s team has two successes.
  • Jae Suk’s team agrees that is Song Ji Hyo is successful one more time, given one chance, than Jong Kook’s team will win.
  • Song Ji Hyo fails in pouring the water in Kim Jong Kook’s cup.
  • Jae Suk’s team wins, earning Running balls.
  • Song Ji Hyo is referred to as Miss Mong.
  • Gary is referred to as the Monday Boyfriend.

At the end of the night Kim Jong Kook, Park Jun Kyu, Gary, Lee Gwang Soo, and Song Ji Hyo are punished. They must wear hot pants and red underwear while posing for art students.