active items

You were dared to spent the night in a creepy abandoned mansion- in the winter.  It’s actually not that scary here, but it is way too cold!  Your sleeping bag isn’t enough, luckily you find a bear skin rug to curl up under.  It’s incredibly toasty and you fall asleep in no time.

When you wake up the next day, you seem top heavy walking upright, colors are dulled and smells and sounds are way enhanced.  Also the bear fur seems affixed to your skin and your hands lack thumbs.  You run into your friends, and they scream and run away.  What is that, a ghost behind you?!?

Nah- the rug just happened to belong to a werebear, and you are one now!

My hot takes on the new pokemon

Bewear - Everyone seems to hate it, but I think it’s weird and cute. I like how its whole thing is that it injures though it doesn’t mean to. That’s fucking evil game freak what the fuck.

Mimikyu - This is one the most conceptually strong Pokemon that Game Freak has made probably since the game was created. Like, it’s so fucking good. I love Mimikyu. I wish its english name was Mimichu, though. I also hope it evolves.

Wimpod - Possibly has one of the most useless abilities I’ve ever seen. Its like an eject button. I wonder what will activate first, the item or the ability? Pokemon itself is alright, though. It better evolve.

Bounsweet - It’s Cherubi…

Comfey - Its name reminds me of that pepe wrapped in a blanket meme. Also, it has the best, most insufferable ability I’ve ever seen. I hope it evolves and becomes really tanky. It will aid me greatly in quest to fucking grief noobs.

Mudsdale - Hornse. Another pokemon with an insane ability. I can see Mudsdale being ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING. Hopefully it has some decent stats to go along with it.

My lovely Educhums, I’d like some advice. My wonderful mentor @maevegreen and I discussed this earlier this week, and we thought it would be best to ask the community. 

I’m working on my Classroom Culture plan, and I’m trying to think of extrinsic rewards for 6th graders. So far what I’ve like best is creating a punch/stamp card for them to redeem for a prize. They’ll keep it in their interactive notebooks, where they’ll be gluing brown paper envelopes to store post its and stray pieces of whatever. And I’ll be getting either a shape punch from the craft store or a custom stamp so they can’t cheat. I figure the stamp card will be 4x6 or 3x5. 

What I need help with is this: what should they receive the punches for? I know classroom management criteria should be on there as well as following expectations.  
And what items or activities do you allow for prizes? I’m thinking (school willing) a soda, lunch with teacher, headphone time, etc. 

Thanks in advance!

Shattering the Shatterer

Alisaie could see others mounting their attacks on the Shatterer, some beginning to cast various magicks - some being summons that she would never touch. After all, summoning Primals within Eorzea was sheer stupidity - it drained the land of its lifeblood aether. So any other sorts of summons made her wary. Carbuncle was the singular exception, but only because it wasn’t a primal. It was something closer to a familiar of the Arcanist that created it.

She remembered hearing poison attacks did nothing to the dragon, which unfortunately, was a number of the skills of the Arcanist. Pulling out her grimoire, she began to heal herself with the spell Physick, soon remembering that she still had the Hermes’ Shoes that she had risked life and limb for.


Just as she attempted to activate the item, she wondered how it would- oh. So when activated, golden lines appeared on her boots, as if golden embroidery making designs of a pair of winged sandals went from the toes of her footwear all the way  up to her knees. A spell effect she was unfamiliar with took over, hastening her every movement and the Physick she had cast next much, much faster. Flesh mended, and she was soon ready to start her attack.

It was odd not casting Bio II and Miasma first, instead being forced into sticking with Ruin. At least this item had come in handy for her. Alisaie knew they had to win or it would be devastating.

“Time to banish you back to where you came from, wrym!” she shouted as she kept casting Ruin spells in the direction of the dragon. The Elezen wasn’t strong enough to finish him off alone but she would definitely help set it up for another.