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Fitness is like gardening. If you sow a seed, you don’t come back the next day and don’t start digging in the soil to see if the plant has already begun to grow. The same applies to working out. You can’t do a work out and stand in front of the mirror the next day expecting to see your muscles already growing and fat melting. Trust the process. It is a slow one but it is happening. The change is already happening deep within but you have to wait a few weeks or months to finally see it. But once you do, you will feel proud and accomplished.

you may not be in a position where you’re able to do much, and that’s okay: that’s understandable. but remember you have a voice, and your voice is important. wield it like a weapon formed for justice.

How to Propagate Succulents

My latest obsession is the pretty succulent. They are beautiful plants and come in so many varieties and great colours. They are very hardy and need little watering (once every two weeks or once a month depending on your climate and environment) so they make a very good plant for indoors and anyone who doesn’t have a green thumb. 

The great thing about these guys is you can actually grow heaps of succulents from the one plant. It’s called propagating and I’ll run you through just how to do it!

Step One:

Choose the succulent. Head to your local garden nursery or local market to pick one. 

Once you’ve got your little friend home. Start by carefully removing the lower leaves. Pull off as many as you would like to propagate. Most people usually remove all the leaves from the lower level. That way you have a few if any don’t make it. Hold the leaf firmly and wiggle it until you can feel it pull away.  Make sure you get the whole leaf and don’t tear it otherwise it won’t grow a new plant.

 Step Two: 

Your leaves should look something like this If you have correctly pulled them off in one piece.

Step Three: 

Now we wait. This step is the most important!! The leaves need to dry out & callous over before we plant them or else they will  absorb too much moisture,rot and die. This usually takes a few days to a week. 

Step Four:

Once you feel the ends have dried over, place them in a pot or tray ontop of well drained succulent & cactus soil mixture (you can buy this in a bag from your local hardware/ garden nursery I got mine from Bunnings). Some people dip the ends of the leaves in a plant cutting mixture (contains stimulating root hormones). This speeds up the growth process. You can try this but not essential.

Leave them inside where they can get indirect sunlight. After a few weeks you will notice roots shooting out the ends of the leaves. Then very small succulents will begin to form. Lightly water once you see these. During the process if the soil is dry add water to keep the area moist. Remember too much water is not good. Succulents aren’t big fans. 

Step Five:

Congratulations you've successfully growth succulents! Once they get to this size (see image below)  or even like the above image. You can carefully remove the new succulents and plant them in their very own pot (remember to use a succulent cactus soil mixture) and watch them blossom! Pretty cool hey! 

Now you can start getting creative and making gorgeous features out of your succulents. Mix them with other plants just like this. 

Happy Gardening! x 

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“I used to know what I was doing. I used to be always sure of my course. And now everything was chaos and tumult. Yet I wouldn’t trade it. I didn’t want the life that made sense. NOT IF THE CHAOS MEANT THAT I COULD BE WITH BELLA." 

Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun

People are obsessed with the New York in the seventies and 80s cause they can’t believe so many talented people were socializing together like it was just luck of the draw but a lot of them were actively working and inspiring each other and elevating each other’s work through that, and I feel like the way people conduct diy scenes now doesn’t reflect that it’s not about the art it’s about the group’s collective social identity. And the scene as a “thing” to be reflected on even as it’s happening. That doesn’t foster breakthroughs


How are you helping the generation? Love this clip from the powerful short film, High Above, featuring @alisonstroming_ and an original song performed by @indiaarie. You can catch the full video by visiting the link in Alison’s bio

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The Elements as Activists

Fire signs: Tries to inspire you, makes you feel like change is not only possible, but easy

Earth signs: Makes you feel like you don’t have to do much to make a big change without having to put in too much effort

Air signs: Convinces you that the cause is important, and that you would be illogical for not understanding the severity of the situation, makes helping seem like the rational thing to do

Water signs: Convinces you that the cause is important and that there could be huge negative consequences if you do not choose to help

Sophia Lillis

- rollerskates, plays the piano, loves to draw even though she thinks she isn’t good at it

- attended the women’s march, says she likes to be politically active (an inspiration)

- Amazing photographer, she INVENTED the colours black and white

- Read some of the book before her fricking AUDITION, like some of those kids stilll haven’t read the book and she read relevant parts just to audition, incredible.

- She won comic con with that clown dress (the guys were so lame, they need to step it up)

- Laughs at at deaths in horror films, laughed when she saw Pennywise for the first time? That girl is UNFAZED and has probably killed a man

- speaking of laughter, i heard her laugh in a video once… it was so beautiful, i didn’t recover for days

- her Instagram icon has been the Stay Puft marshmallow man for at least six months? will it ever change? probably not 

- she once did a livestream in which she and her friends found a lost dog and cuddled it for 20 minutes before ringing its owner, it was beautiful

- the iconic sophia lillis Awkward Smile ™  

- same birthday as Latrice Royale, which may be meaningless but also may be another sign that she, just like Latrice, is a goddamn treasure?

- underappreciated brotp with Wyatt

- I know this isn’t important but she’s really pretty 

- her smile is like the sun, I cry everytime

- She’s an angel who none of us deserve

Writing Prompt #151

“It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine…” He murmured the mantra, holding onto his legs, pressed against the corner of the room. But he knew it was coming.