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Disrespect incites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.

Meryl Streep, Cecil B. DeMille Award Speech at the 74th Golden Globes

Meryl Streep: forever classy, forever brilliant, forever effortlessly charming and witty. 

We should all aim to possess a fraction of the poise, class, kindness, and humility that she contains in her pinkie finger.

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Here there are a thousand minds
a thousand lights
a thousand worlds lining walls
like tiles
or stained glass windows
and your mind moves through them
like a fish through a reef
shiny and graceful and quick
and at the same time it is in the center
it is the center
and I want nothing
other than to explore it
and it alone
—  A.O.A.M. || Library Love Poem
I want teeth
longer than my fingers
and claws longer than those
and I want stars on my cheeks
and sunbeams tangled in my hair

I want to smile at strangers on the street
with a bounce in my step
and I want to intimidate
to freeze hearts
I want to awe

I want the guts
to be capable of filleting an idea
as it flips and squirms in my hands
while maintaining a mind
as open as the ocean

I want to burn
and destroy
and I want to build
and create worlds

I want to finish this poem
and I never want it to end
—  A.O.A.M. || Am I a Mess of Contradictions or Am I Just Closed Minded

Today (Dec. 1, 2016) I hit a major milestone in my weight loss journey! I started this journey May 23, 2016, a week after the left picture was taking, at that time I weighed in at 239 pounds. I was in disbelief when I saw that number because I never saw myself as being that heavy, I knew it was time for a change. I started cutting back on my eating and didn’t workout at all within the first four weeks I had lost 9 pounds. I continued eating right but not working out another month pasted and I only lost 5 pounds which didn’t feel good considering what I’ve done before so the following month I incorporated exercising and the weight started falling off like crazy. I weighed myself about twice a week and it was nice to see the numbers decreasing, it always gave me a little joy to keep going. Tonight when I stepped on that scale and saw a 1(one) leading I was again in disbelief but this time it was different! I felt amazing and proud of my weight and the work I’ve done. I now weigh 198! 40 pounds lighter than I did seven months ago. I’m nowhere near where I want to be but I’m nowhere near where I started and I will continue working hard so I won’t ever see a 2(two) leading on my scale again!
SW:239 CW:198 GW:144 Height:5'5 Age:20

Active Study Tasks

Hi everyone! One of the hardest things to do is active studying before exams! While many of us study hard, we may not be considering that we are not studying actively! Passive studying is things such as only reading previously highlighted material and continuously reciting the same information over and over. To actively study, first break your study time down into two different categories: Preparation and Review! 

The key to Preparation is ICOW! Identify, Condense, Organize, and Write. These strategies will help you do it:

  • Develop study sheets
  • Develop concept maps and charts
  • Create flash cards for vocab, questions, formulas and problems
  • Make self-tests
  • Remark (rehighlight or review previously highlighted material and finding what is the most important information)
  • Find practice problems
  • Outline
  • Rewrite any notes
  • Summarize text or lecture notes into main ideas
  • List the steps needed for a problem or concept
  • Plan essay answers
  • Answer questions at the end of the chapter.
  • Prepare material for a study group
  • Create a 5-Day study plan

Next you want to actually Review the information you gathered through your prep. The key to review is RE-USE: Rehearse, Extend, Understand, Self-Test, and Evaluate. Here are some strategies:

  • Recite outloud information from your study sheets
  • Replicate concept maps with little to no help
  • Recite any flashcards you made. Separate out any difficult cards so that you can continue to review them. 
  • Practice writing formulas
  • Complete practice problems, circle steps you did wrong and try again in a different pen color (to help you identify the differences)
  • Take the self-tests you made before. 
  • Attempt reverse testing. Make questions out of the answers from before and work them backwards.
  • Take notes on remarked tests and notes
  • Explain material to group members
  • Write essay answers from memory
  • Go through lecture slides or textbook and recite all the information you know based off of the heading. 
  • Evaluate how much you know and how much you have to review again. Take longer in reviewing missed material and simply review information you learned quickly for the end of your study session. 

Note: Many of these tasks are from the book Taking Charge of Your Learning by Dianna Blerkom 

1. To exhale all of the choking, sickening fumes that have gathered in the vacuoles of my lungs as I’ve watched others live loves

2.To put my hands where my mind is and to keep my mind where my hands are 

3. To close my eyes when I feel sunlight kiss my cheeks and to smile at the way it’s lips dance and to fold the memories of these moments into the lining of my heart until it glows

4. To trust the winds that guide me and not to always go where I am urged

5. To no longer fear burning too hot, or running out of light and love and wonder to pour into the world, to no longer fear having none left for my own heart

6. To love stars without counting them and to love myself  the same way

7. To exhale love with every breath of life I take

8. To push and pull on my own bones until they stretch and grow and reach out long enough to grab each idea floating past me

9. To grow my soul past what I can imagine tonight

—  A.O.A.M. || A Cliche Poem Made of Hope and Light and Borderline Realistic Fantasy / Desperate Dreams For This Beginning/ Happy 2017, Loves
“Which do you prefer?”
she asked
or Sunset?”
and I thought
but my darling
they are the same
our American sunset
is China’s Chinese sunrise
and the death of the big old oak behind your house
is the birth 
of a thousand fungi today
and another tree tomorrow
but this is the way the sun and the stars and the moon
are supposed to view the universe
they don’t have any skin in the game
you and I
we are animals
full of blood
and tears
we are allowed to see a changing of the phase
of an existence
and cry and scream for what no longer exists as it did
you and I
we are lucky
—  A.O.A.M. || Sunrise Sunset
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I’m looking for a little more non-Sherlock content on my dash, to give myself some space to heal without having my entire dash be a constant reminder of the show. 

I am making all sorts of mistakes
for example
packing flesh like clay onto the skeletons of dreams
the fuller and more beautiful they are
the more painful it is
to remember that they are sculptures just the same
and that they will remain so
whether I carve prints into their fingers
or if I pop eyes into their heads
or tongues behind their lips
and that if they start to speak I am talking to myself
will someone please come teach me
how to build my desires into living functional bodies
so I can avoid growing any more attached
to all these fantasies turned mannequins
—  A.O.A.M. || Mannequins