active hamster

So. Hamsters are commonly kept in way too small cages with ill suitable wheels, bedding and toys.

The set up you see above is about 80x50cm of unbroken floor space. This is the minimum required cage size. As you can see it’s much larger than crittertail sorry habitrails people commonly keep their hamsters in.
Hamsters are active animals that can travel several miles a night in the wild. They do not thrive in small cages, in fact it stresses them out and they develop issues like cage aggression, monkey baring, bar chewing etc. Would you like to live in a small room your whole life?

Also, most of the cages people use can’t even fit the stuff they need. Syrian hamsters need 11" wheels, dwarfs usually need around 8". They need to be able to run with their backs completely straight, if the back curves it will deform their spine and it’s just extremely uncomfortable for them.

Even the set up above is smaller than I keep my hamster in permanently, this is a temporary set up… Because again, this is the *bare minimum* required cage size but ideally you’d go even bigger than that.

Hamsters are more work than people realize. Hamsters are generally very neglected. Let’s change that.

Seventeen As Pets

Hip-Hop Unit:

S.Coups: I can see him being a Golden Retriever. He’s a family dog and extremely loyal. He’s the type to try and sleep on your bed with you.

Wonwoo: Wonwoo would probably be a turtle. Really easy to care for and adorable at the same time.

Mingyu: Another dog. Only, he’s one of those huge dogs that thinks he is a lap dog. Probably chases his own tail for hours. Also sniffs your butt a lot…..

Vernon: He’s a lap dog that thinks he’s a guard dog. Really hyper and adventurous.

Vocal Unit:

Jeonghan: A cat. The kind that sleeps all day and knocks over things while you tell it to stop. Also kind of vicious to strangers but sweet to you.

Joshua: A guinea pig. These babies are so laid back and docile. He’s kind to anyone who holds him and is entertaining to watch.

Seungkwan: I can see Seungkwan as being a house cat. He really loves attention and is always getting into something. He plays in the toilet a lot and gets his head stuck in empty cereal boxes.

DK: A parrot. Really loud and hard to miss. Extremely sweet and bright, much like DK. He’ll be whistling and singing all day long.

Woozi: A mouse. Really intelligent and also very small. You don’t even know how, but he gets out of his cage often.

Performance Unit:

Jun: A ferret. Kind of like a cat but not quite. He likes to wrestle a bit with you but is pretty good most of the time.

Hoshi: Hamster. Really active. Cute but don’t cross him because his bites hurt (i’ve had mean hamsters) Luckily he’s a really sweet hamster though who is usually running in his wheel all night,

The8: An outdoor cat. He likes to explore outside a lot but you can count on him being home for his dinner. He brings you presents a lot.

Dino: A husky puppy. He likes to think he’s a grown up dog but he still has some time as a pup. This puppy fears no one and lets you know when it is time for a walk.