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Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Has Cassini inspired you? Learn more about dwarf planet Ceres, get the latest images from the Keck Observatory and more!

1. Has Cassini Inspired You?

During nearly two decades in space, Cassini has been a source of inspiration to many. Has Cassini inspired you? Upload your artwork, photos, poems or songs to the social media platform of your choice, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or others. Tag it #CassiniInspires. Or, send it directly to: We’ll highlight some of the creations on this page. See examples and details at:

2. Dawn’s Shines a Light on Ceres

Our Dawn mission has found evidence for organic material on Ceres, a dwarf planet and the largest body in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Learn more:

3. Into the Vortex

A new device called the vortex coronagraph was recently installed inside NIRC2 (Near Infrared Camera 2) at the W.M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii and has delivered its first images, showing a ring of planet-forming dust around a star, and separately, a cool, star-like body, called a brown dwarf, lying near its companion star.

4. Enceladus: Cassini Cracks the Code of the Icy Moon

A puzzling sensor reading transformed our Cassini Saturn mission and created a new target in the search for habitable worlds beyond Earth, when on Feb. 17, 2005, Cassini made the first-ever close pass over Saturn’s moon. Since our two Voyager spacecraft made their distant flybys of Enceladus about 20 years prior, scientists had anticipated the little moon would be an interesting place to visit. Enceladus is bright white – the most reflective object in the solar system, in fact – and it orbits in the middle of a faint ring of dust-sized ice particles known as Saturn’s E ring. Scientists speculated ice dust was being kicked off its surface somehow. But they presumed it would be, essentially, a dead, airless ball of ice.

What Cassini saw didn’t look like a frozen, airless body. Instead, it looked something like a comet that was actively emitting gas. The magnetometer detected that Saturn’s magnetic field, which envelops Enceladus, was perturbed above the moon’s south pole in a way that didn’t make sense for an inactive world. Could it be that the moon was actively replenishing gases it was breathing into space? Watch the video.

5. Descent Into a Frozen Underworld

Our planet’s southernmost active volcano reaches 12,448 feet (3,794 meters) above Ross Island in Antarctica. It’s a good stand-in for a frozen alien world, the kind we want to send robots to someday. Learn more:

Discover the full list of 10 things to know about our solar system this week HERE.

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My kids lost their shit when we found the sunflower star. It was upside-down in the tide when we spotted it. I thought it was dead at first, but its tube feet were actively searching for hold.

As graceless and soggy as it is above water, submerged, the sunflower star is agile and exceptionally fast. They will eat just about anything they can catch and grow up to 24 arms as they get older, reaching a diameter of a stunning ~3 feet. We counted 16 arms on this specimen before naming it Elizabeth and returning it to deeper water.

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Stiff ankles as well as high ankle mobility can harm you if you are an endurance athlete.  Below are some exercises which can help increase mobility (if you are on the stiff side) or strengthen your weak joints if you suffer from joint laxity. But before I tackle that let me briefly identify the primary role and the function of the feet & ankles.

  • Your feet are essential for locomotion, they anchor your body’s weight to the ground and can perform these movements: rotation, eversion, inversion
  • The ankle is a stability joint which keeps you in equilibrium when standing or walking. The ankle movements are plantarflexion and dorsiflexion.  
  • The various foot movements are controlled by tendons like the plantar fascia and and the Achilles tendon which are instrumental for walking, running and moving up on your toes. 
  • All tendons are held by ligaments whose role is to stabilize the foot. The medial and lateral ligaments around the ankle are such key ligaments.

MOBILITY EXERCISES  the link illustrates the 1st four points

  • seated, knees touching the floor, circle your feet inward and outward
  • plantarflexion - seated, knees touching the floor, move the foot down towards the floor 
  • dorsiflexion - seated, knees touching the floor, move the foot towards the body 
  • seated, knees touching the floor, keep knees and ankles together, turn your feet outward and let your soles touch 
  • wiggle toes
  • plantar fascia and Achilles tendon stretch - stand with the ball of your foot on the edge of a stool,  a treadmill, or stairs and perform an eccentric dorsiflexion allowing your heel to drop keeping your knee straight until you feel a stretch; repeat with the other leg.  


  • Place a towel on the floor and pull it in with your toes 
  • active dorsiflexion pushing against a wall (for resistance)  try to bring your leg closer to the wall while keeping the knee straight
  • active plantarflexion pushing your toes into the floor from a seated position. 
  • dorsiflexion, plantarflexion, eversion and inversion moves seated with a resistance band around your foot pulling the band in the opposite direction of the foot. The move always starts with the foot in neutral position i.e. centered or aligned with the leg, toes facing the ceiling. .

STATIC STABILITY to strengthen your lateral and medial stabilizer ligaments

  • balance on two feet with heel raised as high as possible 
  • balance standing on one foot heel raised, knee straight, body and spine erect, core in brace, gluteus tight, stretch your arms in front of you (you can hold a ball or a dumbbell) this will shift your general center of mass and further engages your stabilizers.
  • balance standing on a disk or wobble board, keep your knee straight and move the board in a circular form.
  • stand on a bossu or a mini trampoline on one leg and have someone toss a medicine ball at you from different angles (sideways; overhead; below your waist; at your chest) catch it while still on one foot.
  • balance on one leg, close your eyes and pretend your free leg is a pen and write with it an imaginary alphabet without touching the floor. If you have problems staying in balance start initially near a desk or a chair lean on it as you need to, until you are able to do it non-aided.


I normally do this routine before my runs after a short warm up. The last 2 moves help open up and condition my hip joints. 

  • walk on toes (raising heels as high as possible) 
  • walk on heels 
  • walk in eversion  
  • walk in inversion  
  • walk normal but with toes in extension (toes off the floor)
  • walk normal but with toes in flexion (toes crunched in as if you are holding the towel as in the 1st photo of this post)
  • Walk in classical ballet’s 1st position, or like a duck :)
  • Walk with feet parallel to your body, if that feels hard limit the move to a pigeon walk (toes in) ~ MFS
The Ultimate Beauty List™

Face: -Moisturizer
-Face Mask
-Night Cream
-Resurfacing Peel
-Acne spot treatment
-Dark spot corrector
-Eye Cream
-Lip scrub
-Lip moisturizer
-Teeth whitening strips
-Face scrub
-Face steam mix
-Eye serum
-Neck serum

-Face Mask
-Night Cream
-Resurfacing Peel
-Acne spot treatment
-Dark spot corrector
-Eye Cream
-Lip scrub
-Lip moisturizer
-Teeth whitening strips
-Face scrub
-Make-up remover wipes
-Face cleanser
-Pore strips
-Blackhead remover

Face: Face primer
-Color corrector
-Translucent powder (NO flashback!)
-Contour Kit
-Beauty blender
-Powder brush
-Full-face brush
-Setting spray
-Powder 2 shades lighter than skin tone
-Powder 2 shades darker than skin tone
-Highlighting kit
-Liquid illuminator
-Oil-blotting sheets
-Pore Minimizer
-BB Cream
-Kabuki brush

Eyes: Eyelid primer
-Underye primer
-Eyeshadow (matte, metalic, cream)
-Eyeliner (liquid, pencil, and gel)
-Eyelash glue
-False eyelashes
-Eye-pencil sharpener
-Clear mascara
-Loose glitter
-Glitter primer
-C brush, blending brush, smudge brush

-Eyebrow pomade
-Eyebrow color
-Eyebrow shapers
-Eyebrow setting gel
-Angled brush

Lips: Lip primer
-Lipstick (nude, pink, and red)
-Lipgloss (clear, sheer pink, red)
-Lip pencils (nude, red, pink)
-Liquid lipstick
-Lip brush

-Nice quality wig (protect your identity!)
- Moisturizing conditioner
-Protein conditioner
-Protein Recontructor (use every six weeks)
-Stripping shampoo
-Liquid moisturizer
-Cream moisturizer
-Sealant (oil, shea butter, ect)
-Hair scissors
-Blow dryer
-Flat Iron
-Wig stand
-Bobby pins
-Hair ties
-Curling iron
-Perm rods
-Leave-in conditioner
-Denman brush
-Comb set (check to make sure they have no seams)

Skin & Body
-Body scrub
-Shaving cream
-Body oil
-Body foundation (for scars, uneven skin-tone, discoloration)
-Neck cream
-Deodorant (aluminum free)
-Shea butter
-Body cream/butter
-Skin brush (for skin brushing)

Hands & Nails:
-Acrylic tips
-Acrylic liquid
-Acrylic powder
-Nail primer
-Acetone polish remover
-Non-acetone polish remover
-Oval nail brush
-Nail polish
-Nail glitter
-Nail designs
-Nail tape
-Orange-wood stick
-Nail slippers
-Acrylic nail clippers
-Nail stencils
-3D nail art
-Base coat
-Top coat
-Lint-free wipes
-Dotting tool
-Hand cream
-Hand lotion
-Hand scrub
-Cuticle oil
-Nail oil
-Nail file
-Fine grit nail buffer
-Soft nail buffer
-Electric nail buffer
-Cotton balls
-Face masks
-Practice hand
-Gel polish
-UV curing lamp
-Nail resin
-Resin activator
-Rhinestone picker

-Foot scrub
-Foot lotion
-Foot cream
-Callous remover
-Hydrating socks

It’s my birthday so what better occasion for some Captain Cobra Swan silliness?

“You two are absolutely ridiculous.”

Both Henry and Killian tore their attention from the video game currently on their television at the sound of Emma’s voice. The distraction proved to be fatal; neither one of them could regain their rhythm. “Aww, man!” Henry cried when the game ended abruptly. “Thanks a lot, Mom. I had a good streak going, too!”

As she tucked her phone out of sight of her boys, Emma swallowed a chuckle. She was trying her hardest to appear annoyed by her boys’ choice of activity but she was fairly certain her amusement was clear as day on her face. “This is what you play when you play video games?”

“The control devices for Henry’s other game systems are not made for one-handed pirates, love,” Killian reminded her, somewhat out of breath from his previous effort.

“I get that but this?” Emma threw her hand out in the direction of the television. “This is what you decide to play instead?”

Henry shrugged. “You don’t need hands, just feet.”

“Aye. Although,” Killian interrupted, frowning down at Henry, “I’m not entirely sure what this particular activity has to do with dancing. I know how to dance. This is not dancing. It’s simply stepping rapidly.”

Henry considered his point “Maybe that’s where the ‘revolution’ comes from.”

“Well,” Killian huffed, “there are some revolutions that just shouldn’t be fought.”

That finally did it. Emma busted out laughing.

Always happy to make his Swan laugh, Killian smiled at her. “What’s so funny, love? I don’t suppose you’d be willing to try your hand at this activity. Or your feet, I suppose.”

No, she most certainly was not, thank you very much. In answer to Killian’s question, she held up her phone. Henry, who must have just now figured out what she’d been doing before she interrupted them, grinned. “I was just thinking,” Emma replied, “that I now have the fearsome and debonair Captain Hook on video playing Dance Dance Revolution.”

With a teasing grin on his lips, Killian stepped up to her and plucked the phone from her hand. “Turnabout is fair play, love. It’s only right that I get to record you.”

Emma heaved a mock put-upon sigh. “All right, fine, I guess if I have to.” She turned to a grinning Henry. “Is this the one with ‘Forever Sunshine?’”


“All right.” She turned to Killian and smiled. “Watch and learn,” she said, thanking the heavens for the few years of fake memories and the year of real ones in New York of repeatedly playing this exact game with Henry.

When she was done with the song, Killian was suitably impressed.

The three of them ended up spending the next couple of hours playing, taking turns sitting out and only stopping for good when it was time to get dinner going. Who would have thought that one of the best days Emma would have would involve nothing more than her, her boys, and a ridiculous video game?

theheartofmed  asked:

What are your biggest interview tips? :)

Here’s a summary of the most important things I could think of! 

Things that interviewers are trying to assess: 

  • Motivation: Why do you want to become a doctor? What activities have you done that indicate you are interested in medicine?
  • Logical Thought: Can you tackle a problem in a step-by-step fashion? Can you think on your feet?
  • Extracurricular Activities: What do you do besides study a lot? What did you add to the organization?
  • Leadership: What experiences have you had leading large or small groups of people? Did you do a good job at it?
  • Maturity: What responsibilities have you had? How did you overcome a difficult obstacle in your life? Do you fully understand what you’re getting yourself into? Are you ready to commit to a career in medicine?
  • Open-mindedness: Can you see both sides of a problem regardless of your own personal opinion?
  • Empathy and Compassion: Anyone can say they are, but can you prove it?
  • Goals: What are your ultimate dreams (this does not necessarily have to be related to medicine)?
  • Weaknesses: Not just what they are–what have you done to overcome them?
  • Strengths: What are your interests? What unique skills can you provide to your patients?
  • Knowledge of the Field: Are you familiar with current controversies in medicine? What is your opinion on these subjects?
  • Miscellaneous: It’s not possible to list everything that an interviewer could ask. Some interviewers like to talk about a specific topic in length and assess the aforementioned things all at once. Be prepared for different interview styles and take advantage of mock interview sessions if your undergrad offers them!

Other things the interviewer will notice about you:

  • Articulation: How well do you put sentences together? Do you communicate well? Can you handle stress well?
  • Sincerity: Are you genuine and honest?

So, how should you prepare?

  • Review your record. Extensively. Be prepared to answer questions directly from your application, especially your personal statement.
  • Answer honestly if you are asked about other medical schools you have applied to. 
  • Know who wrote your letters of recommendation. 
  • Be familiar with the medical school before your interview!!!!!! Spend some quality time on their website and BE PREPARED TO ASK THEM QUESTIONS.
  • When they ask you “is there anything else you’d like to add,” have an elevator speech ready to go. Just a brief, but strong summary of why you should be accepted into their medical school.
  • Dress professionally, but comfortably. Most schools take you on a tour on your interview day. If your 5-inch-heels are comfortable, that’s great. But if not, just please wear the flats. 
  • Have fun!!! Interviews can be nerve-wracking and scary, but try not to let it get to you. Your interview days are supposed to be your time to shine! Just be yourself, be prepared, answer honestly, and have a great time!   

Apollo & Daphne, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1622-1625.

Daphne, fleeing from Phoebus (Apollo) but being helplessly caught and her forces weakened, prays to her father Peneus: Destroy the beauty that has injured me, or change the body that destroys my life.
Before her prayer was ended, torpor seized on all her body, and a thin bark closed around her gentle bosom, and her hair became as moving leaves; her arms were changed to waving branches, and her active feet as clinging roots were fastened to the ground—her face was hidden with encircling leaves.

from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

Sikorski X2  

Sikorsky developed the X2 helicopter on a $50 million budget. The design includes expertise gathered from several earlier design projects. The S-69/XH-59A Advancing Blade Concept Demonstrator had shown that high speed was possible with a coaxial helicopter with auxiliary propulsion, but that vibration was excessive;[3] the Cypher UAV expanded the company’s knowledge of the unique aspects of coaxial flight control laws with a fly by wire aircraft; and the RAH-66 Comanche developed expertise in composite rotors and advanced transmission design.[4][5] Other features include slowed[6] “de-swirling”[7] rigid rotors 2 feet apart, active force counter-vibration inspired by the Black Hawk,[8] and using most of the power in forward flight for the pusher propeller rather than the rotor.[3] Test flights and flight simulations were combined to improve test procedure.[9][10] The fly-by-wire system is provided by Honeywell, the rotor by Eagle Aviation Technologies, anti-vibration technology from Moog Inc, and propeller by Aero Composites.[11] The rotor hub can have 10-20 times the drag of the blade.[12] Sikorsky intended to test hub fairings to reduce drag by 40%,[13] and test flew fairings on the hubs themselves but not the central hub fairing (“aero sail”) in between the hubs.[14] Sikorsky has since patented a “Standpipe” (fixed tube between rotating rotor axes) suitable for a central hub fairing.

  • Anakin Skywalker: *had all his limbs chopped off, then was left to burn to a crisp in an active volcano like two feet from lava, and lived*
  • Darth Maul: *was chopped in half and fell down quite a big hole, and lived*
  • Mace Windu: *was thrown out of a window, at a pretty high height*
  • Star Wars fandom: But it is ENTIRELY IMPOSSIBLE for Mace Windu to survive that!
How to get a fish without fishing

Do you need to stock your fishtank with a certain type of fish? Don’t feel like taking forever sending your sim out to go get it for you? NO PROBLEM!

1. Make sure you have an active sim on the lot you want the fish.

2. Have an aquarium to put your fish in.

3. While in live mode, press pause. 

4. Open the cheat window (Ctrl+Shift+C)

5. Type in the cheat: Testingcheats on

6. Next, open the cheat window again (Ctrl+Shift+C)

7. Type in one of the following cheats for the fish you want: (copy starting at the word objects…)

  • Bass ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xAFF0
  • Cichlid  ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0x171BE
  • Goldfish ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xAF70
  • Guppy ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xB184
  • Koi ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xB04C
  • Minnow ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xAFE4
  • Perch ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xB16C
  • Salmon ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xB0A2
  • Tetra ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xB1DC
  • Trout ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xB03B
  • Walleye (OR) ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xFFCD
  • Yellow Perch (OR) ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xFF19
  • Angelfish ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xB03F
  • Betta  ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xB0B4
  • Catfish ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xAF6E
  • Discus (SD) ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0x171BF
  • Exotic Goldfish (SD) ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0x171C0
  • Kissing Gourami ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0x0B0C2
  • Tilapia ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xAF72
  • Wolf Eel ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xB0A6
  • Red Crawdad (OR) ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xFEB3
  • Anglerfish ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xAFE6
  • Batfish ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0x0E874
  • Bonefish ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0x1A79B
  • Gummie Guppie ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0x1A799
  • Piranha ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xAEF4
  • Rainbowfish ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xAEF1
  • Red-Tailed Black Shark ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xB082
  • Sturgeon ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xB101
  • Treefish ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xE876
  • Blue Crawdad (OR) ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xFEB1
  • Mountain Lionfish (OR) ||  objects.gsi_create_obj 0xFF4A

8. The fish you generated will appear at your active sims feet.

9. Simply, drag and drop the fish into the aquarium. 

Yay! You have free fish!

duckonwater  asked:

For the foot dysphoria anon: the only shoes that really NEED to fit are shoes that you wear for physical activities where your feet would need support (I.e, running/gym shoes, dance shoes, horse riding boots, etc). I buy all my other shoes a full size up!! Vans (or that style) are especially okay to buy a size up in because they're so flat. :))


i am no longer endorsing the #foothive culture or any nigga-based feet related activates ( statement below )

listen my dude im at work and im helping this couple and the lady,, she fucking she says she needs a footie you know like the sock to put on – so i grab it, im a good man a good sales associate. the thing is her boyfriend cuts me off before i give it her, this nigga, this foul ass light skinned demon, this deep v-neck t-shirt wearing baby oil on his chest ass boy goes “ i got it bruh, we good ” and he takes the footie from me and moves to his girls foot. now immediately a lot of danger alerts are going off in my heart – no my soul, i feel something truly sinister about to be born from this – however im on the clock and i left a pair of shoes by them so im morally obligated to stay and not run to the backroom. this nigga… this absolute depraved ass instagram star starts fucking doing handseals and shit on his girl’s exposed bucket naked ass foot and i immediately freeze up, im paralyzed, im asking myself “ this real? word? ” and its not just an instant this shit go on for some minutes and shit my nigga straight up increasing the chakra flow for her toes and shit, this nigga touching the fist of the north star kenmei point on her fucking feet and start talking to her dirty and shit, start talking to her feet like they the pig from charlottes web and shit and i just black out – i mentally, spiritually and emotionally reject the event in front of me

Safe and Sound For You

Alright, it’s official I am Hamiltrash. But you probably already knew that. Anyways, a certain line in “Dear Theodosia” kind of sparked the idea for this little fic and 3k words later you have this little thing. Flailing in the tags or at is always appreciated. (And I know I’m supposed to be working on the next chapter of An Open Heart, but this idea wouldn’t leave me alone and it’s been so long since I posted anything and I NEEDED to post something, so here have heart-breaking fluff.)

Tagging @timeless-love-story cause you said to tag CS stories. Also @xhookswenchx, @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable, and @i-know-how-you-kiss because we talked about this. And finally @sammmtacular, because I think she’d stop speaking to me if I forgot her (not really).

I hope you like it! (P.S. No spoilers, total song lyric based speculation from my brain only.)

Word count: 3,440

Emma doesn’t even take a proper breath before prying her hand from Killian’s, arms shaking as she reaches toward the activity at her feet.

“Let me—” She gasps, though it’s hard to tell if it’s from pain or exhaustion or simply that she ran out of air. “Let me hold her.” Her voice breaks on a barely restrained sob.

A sharp, piercing cry floods the room and Killian’s heart swells, shattering to pieces as it runs out of room for the emotions coursing through him when he gets his first good look at their daughter. The nurse approaches them, one hand supporting the squalling infant’s head and neck and her other hand grasping her bottom firmly, despite the way the babe squirms and kicks.

“You’ve got a feisty one,” the woman says, handing the baby to Emma.

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winterschild5-deactivated201705  asked:

Hai doll! Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing! Have a good day! Okay bai *floats away in the wind*

Hai lovely! Today was a great day- mummy really liked all of her Mothers’ Day presents! She was also bragging to my brother about my blog even though she hasn’t seen it yet *I better hide all the NSFW stuff under a ‘read more’ tag LMAO *laughs hysterically* I spent all day on my feet being active so, it’s only been a day, but I’m improving slowly :D SO I’M FEELING LESS WORRIED THAN YESTERDAY WOOOO! I can go back to being happy Moosh!

- I hate comic con in this city because I’m not sure if I should be impressed by costume accuracy or piss my pants because there’s an active criminal 5 feet from me. #onlyingotham 

-Whenever I see broken glass on the way to work, I like to play a game called robbery, Batman or both #onlyingotham



Using props can be a great way of easing/helping yourself attain a certain pose and it can be wonderful for restorative poses. These are some of the poses I most often find myself doing by the wall:

Forward fold: (uttanasana) This is a great variation because it activated your hamstrings and prevents you from leaning back for further flexibility. It also activates your feet a lot and you can even put weight in your arms.

Squat pose: (malasana) This variation is great for activating the entire back and though some pressure is taken of the thighs other areas are forced activated. It’s great for lower back pain (try sitting against the wall if this is too much for you) 

Lazy split: (viparita karani variation) Favourite pose. Let’s you stay in your split, with ease and comfort (somewhat) The back releases so that it’s the inner thighs that are worked. You can place your hands on your inner thighs for a deeper stretch. 

Standing splits: (Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana) This gives the standing legs hamstring quite a pull and is a good way of practicing flexibility for the full pose. There are a lot of variations for your arms, if you place them like I do you can eventually lift that bottom leg right of the floor - activating both legs ALOT. See full post on splits here

Half handstand: (Ardho Mukha Vrksasana) A wonderful pose if your practicing pushing into handstand because you get to push “into the shoulders gradually and eventually you can push of the wall and straddle or pike down (reverse handstand pushup - doing things reversed creates muscle memory for when your doing it the right way, so do it a couple of times. I also find this great for my back and finding alignment for handstands.

Superman pose: (Viparita Shalabhasana) Well kinda. This variation is the easiest of the three shown backbends. Go on all fours. Put your hands on the wall in the appropriate height and let your pelvis sink forward SLOWLY (or you will face plant into the wall, believe me I’ve tried) This is AMAZING on the shoulders and lower back

Superman pose II This is basically just a variation of the former, but activates your thighs and if you push of the wall with your arms - it increases the stretch in your lower back and creates strength in the shoulder.

Locust/pigeon/superman-ish pose (if there is a name please let me know I’ve been searching frantically)  Also a variation of the former where you grab you foot or the belt. This practices the movement of the shoulder that has to "go through” it’s rotation if you’re not grabbing it overhead. REMEMBER both sides. 

Legs-up-the-wall pose: (viparita karani variation) ) Best thing in the world for back pain! This is a restorative pose, and if your feet fall out you can tie them together with a belt. Put a bolster or blanket under your bum if you need to and BREATHE. Even when your feet fall asleep, let yourself go even more and let your back be straight along the floor. 

Please remember to warm up, be safe, listen to your body, be present and cut yourself some slack :) 

As always, don’t hesitate to comment or ask (especially if you come up with a name for the nameless pose) 

Love & light


CS ff: Untitled ficlet

A/N: Based on the spoiler pics. I don’t normally do flash fiction pieces of this nature, but I felt inspired…

“Why does it feel like I’ve been awake for a century?” Her whole body sags against the side of the house while Killian pulls the house key from his pocket. Suddenly, she doesn’t feel so tired, watching him unlock the door with ease, like this is the thousandth time they’ve come home and today is just another day. 

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