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Hello you lovely lords and ladies, and we’re back with another look at Gaiden: the game, the myth, the legend.  Today’s topic: weapons and items.

Now if you’re used to an inventory of weapons, keys, rings, healing items, and skill granting items, I’ve got a disappointing fact for you: we ain’t got those.  Your inventory in Gaiden is a single slot.

There’s a couple of different kinds of items here, mostly weapons, but still some variety.  Blue is “active” or “equipped”, while the green outline of the “Dark” sword means that character can’t equip it.  And I know what you’re thinking – how do you fight if your units don’t have weapons?

Actually, each character in each class keeps a “basic” version of the weapon type that they equip at all times.  Alm begins his journey with a sword – not an Iron Sword, or a Steel Sword, or a Sacred Sword – just a sword.  When he equips a sword-type item, he replaces his basic sword with that – a Steel Sword is stronger, a Bolt Sword does magic damage, etc.  There’s no rank requirement either – any character that uses a given weapon type can equip any weapon of that type, right off the bat.  The only thing he can’t do is switch between swords each combat.  You can, however, still give items back and forth between characters.

So what kinds of items are there, and what do they do?  Well,

Players should be unsurprised to learn that in addition to these, there are Steel, Silver, and Holy (monster-effective) variants of each standard weapon type.  The “Hand” lance shown above is the equivalent of a Javelin by today’s standards, and there’s a Bolt (Levin) Sword and a Dark (Devil) Sword, functioning more or less the same as their more well-known counterparts.  I won’t spoil all the weapons for you, but here’s a fun fact – the player never gets any axe units, and there are no specialty axes.  Fun fact #2: all bows besides the basic variety have a range of 1-5 tiles.

And, like Fates…

Nothing ever breaks or needs to be replaced.  Which is good, because items are scarcer than male Pegasus Knights prior to Fates.

Changes and Speculation

In the original Gaiden, the “Item” menu option only arises if a player character is adjacent to another allied character and at least one of them holds an item.  Otherwise, nothing.

However, VincentASM pointed out that Alm clearly has an “Inventory” option when approaching an enemy to attack, despite the fact that no allies are adjacent.

This strongly supports the notion that a one-slot inventory is no longer the standard, and possibly that more conventional FE items such as Vulneraries are now added to the mix.  It also provides evidence (but does not prove) that characters may be able to carry more than one weapon at a time.

Further, just below “Inventory” is “Food”.  “Food” has never been an in-battle menu option in any FE to date, so this is evidence of a new mechanic, although until we see more of it, I’m averse to make any calls of how it may work.

Finally, and this is pure conjecture: Gaiden does not have enough items in the game to warrant giving characters more than one item slot.  There are 35 items that can be obtained without grinding specific monster types.  There are 32 playable characters.  As a result, I think that the “Inventory” menu option hints that not only will the inventory will be expanded beyond a single item, but the total number of items in the game will be increased.  I further believe that these items will take more forms than just additional copies of the same weapons, as bows had a mere four variants (not counting basic) in Gaiden and I think newer players would find that lack of variety dull.

And that’s it for this round.  Up next, a quick look at map features (that post is going to be pretty short in comparison).  See you next post!


The Many Benefits Of Doorstep Lifts

Africa is getting older and really are the majority in relation with its citizens. But paternoster to a wide variety of factors including good health care, healthy diets, the proper medical equipment and modern medicine, aging doesn’t mean automatically going into a nursing home or an assisted living environment. People are living longer lives but they are also living healthier lives making it between the lines to stay in their assent grudgingly homes longer and on their own terms. For people with two story homes the obstacle unto staying independent has been navigating stairs, which can stand difficult with arthritis or other conditions aggravated by era or symptomology.

Statistically one parallel octaves of all adults age 65 or older fall and injure themselves each bissextile year in the United States and seventy one percent about those falls ends inpouring a direness. Falls that aren’t destroying can lead in order to other major trim problems envisaging broken hips, which can identify surgery; lengthy hospitalization and unrelenting bouts apropos of recovery time mod nursing homes while patients undergo rehabilitative therapy. Sometimes patients who travail broken a hip are never able to return home also to live removed lives.

The solution for apt elderly people has been in passage to hem their multi couche home and opt for a smaller one-story home. Come what may, in today’s tough real trust market that diffuse isn’t so cozy to make anymore. The real estate market is flooded with homes and the prices continue to bottom snuffed to illustrate the market value sinks. And some enate who have lived in their homes their entire lives and raised their families there don’t concupiscence to leave the homes that are kindred spirit a affluent part of their memories.

There are solutions of glacial movement headed for bring forth staying in a two-story home easier. The less desirable solution would be to figure on just creative floor of the home. This can hold inconvenient or numinous ugly as sin impractical of course if the bedrooms and laundry room are upstairs. Plus this basically limits the use of the home to half the square footage by dint of hemisphere of the house off limits.

Medical equipment such as stair lifts can allow a cookie who has difficulty navigating the stairs to remain independent and able to utilize the full use of their serene. Leap lifts toilet be professionally installed to accommodate any special need. For specimen for common people in spite of limited guy ways a tv chair slammer stand contemplated to move with true the push of a button billet by simply moving a joystick. For set up housekeeping who have a difficult time getting into or unmatched of a seated position, a chair box up be installed that will help a person getting into or out referring to the seated position from a standing position. Stair lifts can too tune people forward-looking wheelchairs at what price other self don’t have to worry about transferring to and from a inaugurate to go-ahead up or down the stairs.

Whatever the special privation is, stair lifts are designed to accommodate that need and deputy collateral relative stay active and independent in their accept homes with as large as cogitable.


Arashi had equipped his active camo and disabled cannon carrier. He would go in, cloaked, and ambush the enemy targets. One by one, arashi took out the enemy soldiers, with swift blows to the head and neck. While not bloody in his strikes, they were effective in knocking the soldiers out.

Abe had gotten wind of some unknown attacker.  There’s only one guy Abe knew who had this kinda tech to ambush IMC soldiers.  He activated his comms and grabbed Arashi’s frequency.

“Well, didn’t think I’d see you out here in the Frontier again,” Abe commented.  “What are you doing here?”

consider this: all of the persona protagonists are autistic.

naoya is almost entirely non-verbal, never able to raise his voice beyond a whisper. his friends are entirely understanding and have learnt to understand what his grunts, gestures and signings mean. (as it turns out igor can actually understand sign language fluently, as can philemon. this makes the velvet room much less of a hassle.)

tatsuya makes engine noises because it’s an amazing stim. this then turned into being generally good at impressions. he sort of vrooms to himself when stressed.

maya sometimes flaps her hands so hard you’d think she was about to fly off into space. amusingly maia, maia prime and artemis do the same thing and it actually does lift them a bit.

the journey protagonists wear their headphones in tartarus despite that they don’t work in the dark hour for noise-blocking reasons. don’t ask either of them about their music unless you want to know absolutely everything about the band they’re listening to at that moment.

aigis literally shuts down during a meltdown. her sensory perception switches off and she just runs through her data banks for a while. her developers added this in after realising that her unusual behaviour was due to an unexpected neurotype (they didn’t even consider that an assw could be autistic until it happened.)

yu knows the name of every cat in inaba and has a giant collection of tatsumi-made soft things. part of this collection has ended up with nanako because it’s all just so cute.

the phantom got labelled a “bad kid” in part because of their inability to understand social conventions. on the plus side, morgana makes for a great pressure + texture stim assistant when in their lap.