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3rd House and Your Childhood

Yes your 3rd house can actually describe aspects of your childhood! So go to,, or and find out what sign rules over your 3rd house. 

Aries in the 3rd house: Associated with aggression and competition in their childhood. Takes a leading role at a young age. In early childhood learns well from hands on experiences, childhood had a lot of excitement and forward attitudes.

Taurus in the 3rd house: Likely had a very stable environment as a child, slow learner, good listener as a child, early practical mind. Associated with growing up around nature or in an attractive neighborhood, probably didn’t move a lot as a kid.

Gemini in the 3rd house: Likely VERY involved in their community and environment growing up. Highly curious as a child. Had a very active, energetic childhood. Associated with mimicking others, associated with ADD and ADHD.

Cancer in the 3rd house: Likely to grow up in a very tight-nit community, neighbors like family, family had a HUGE influence in early childhood. Associated with protective and caring siblings or being protective and caring over siblings. Easily home sick when older, likely to not stray far from their hometown or old neighborhood.

Leo in the 3rd house: Had a childhood with a lot of travel, praise, attention, and ways to express their creativity. Likely lived comfortably as a child, attracted a lot of attention as child, ego was developed quickly. Likely the golden child, grew up in a very traditional household, aligning with their society.

Virgo in the 3rd house: Had a very practical childhood, associated with worry, stress, and desire to be skilled or perfect as a child. Associated with OCD as a child, there was a lot of direct, unfiltered communication in their environment. Associated with being a germaphobe at a young age, develops skills very quickly, a natural in academics.

Libra in the 3rd house: Associated with growing up in a balanced environment with room to explore. Likely had guardians/parents who are very well liked in a community, associated with developing unbiased views. Associated with growing up in a “it” place, famous city, posh neighborhood, etc. Does have an association with distance and shallowness being around in early childhood somehow.

Scorpio in the 3rd house: Learns to be perceptive at a young age, associated with traumas and secrets in early childhood. Investigate child. For sure had some sort of private journal or box as a young child. Associated with witnessing secrets among siblings, neighbors, and parents. Learns passion and deepness young.

Sagittarius in the 3rd house: Might travel a lot as a child and associated with having a lot of religious influence growing up. Had many adventures growing up, associated with learning multiple languages as a child, lucky childhood. Learned independence and aspects about honesty early on, associated with high-quality education as a kid.

Capricorn in the 3rd house: Associated with growing up in a strict environment, huge connection to their father and authority. Associated with growing up in a conservative atmosphere, learned hard work and practicality early on. Grew up in an organized and structured environment, parents likely very providing, a lot of family traditions. Realistic expectations for them as a kid,reputation likely important to their family, workaholic family members. 

Aquarius in the 3rd house: Associated with child genius/prodigy, stood out in school, could feel like an outsider growing up. Thought differently than most kids, associated with an unusual childhood and progressive learning. Associated with having parents/guardians who mentally stimulated them and gave them freedom to explore ideas. Found it hard to belong to a group as a kid, very observant, distant, likely reserved.

Pisces in the 3rd house: Likely very involved in their community as a kid, especially helping out. Withdrew into their mind a lot as a kid. Had family or an environment that stimulated the imagination, acted kind towards neighbors and siblings. Associated with religious education as a kid, easily being used as a child, shy or sensitive child. Escapism and creative expression were part of childhood.

something i found in a cat activity book from my childhood. there was a letter template below it but it wasn’t filled out, just this

Jackson Wang from GOT7, was a born into an athletic family and started his fencing career when he was 10. Since then he was trained by his own father as well as other professional coaches and achieved multiple awards and winnings for Hong Kong national fencing team.  Coincidentally he has mars (sports and physical activity) aspecting his IC ( childhood, family,mother) and his MC ( achievements, recognition,father).

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Kristyn Burtt from dance network has a great article about Maddie's People interview. Instead of focusing on what Maddie did/didnt say about Abby she talks about overall stress of competing & how it affects ALL comp kids not just DM girls. Take Sophia, she recently spoke about leaving Master Ballet cause of being stressed. I think ppl are into gossip & missing the point Maddie gives about feeling pressure to always win. I didnt dance but I played other sports and I can relate to that feeling.

yea im sure that feeling comes with any childhood activity! it’s just amped up alot when you have camera’s filming for tv

Hi all, my name is Alyanna. I’m a student at UNC Chapel Hill. Since my parents can neither help me with my education, nor are they willing to be cosigners on any student loans, I’m faced with paying roughly $16,000 in tuition and fees for the next three years on my own. Fortunately, I have some money from extended family and work, but more than anything, I need to get out of my parents’ house. My adoptive father has made it aggressively clear to me that I am not welcome in their house, and has had a history of verbal and emotional abuse. Furthermore, I’m trans nonbinary, and as my parents continue to degrade transgender people, misgender me, and actively make my own childhood home an unsafe place to be who I am, it becomes less clear if I can survive here for three more years.

Unfortunately, I’m caught in a bind: to move out means that I need to pay for rent and food, but if I’m paying for rent and food, there is little, if any, left over to pay for my education. I’ve applied for scholarships, and I work two jobs as a lifeguard. I looked into filing my FAFSA as an independent student, which would mean more financial aid, but that would require me to wait until I’m 24 to go to college, have a kid who is dependent upon me, file for emancipation, join the military, or get married. I can’t take out student loans without paying taking on massive interest rates due to my lack of cosigner and virtually zero credit history.

I need to leave my house for the sake of my health and wellbeing, and so that when I do finally give the long drawn out trans speech, I’m in a place where I am not at risk of being kicked out or sent to conversion therapy, and can stay in school.  I’m asking for help with one year of my school, which is about $5300, because I have two more summers of work where I should be able to make up the difference.

So, I am asking folks on Tumblr, if you have the means to help, please donate to my PayPal. I’m trying to make YouCaring work, and I’ll update the offline donations to accommodate anyone who contributes via PayPal, so for now, it’s I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t truly in need, but I am. If you do donate, send me a message with your mailing address, and I’ll write you a thank you note and a recipe for lemon pound cake. Help your local nonbinary Filipinx golden wonder go to college to become a professor and be independent!!

(Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016)

I wonder who I’d be without you. Maybe I give you too much credit for the way my flame burns. Maybe the method with which I stir my coffee has nothing to do with you. Maybe you’re not the reason I’m afraid of the dark. Maybe you weren’t the one to introduce me to this awful confusing numbness. Maybe the raging battle cry of this bloody war inside me wasn’t actually your name. Maybe the memories I have of you are all that’s really there and now I’m grasping for something I’ve totally imagined. Maybe this is just who I am. And then again…. maybe not.
—  A.O.A.M || I Wonder Who I’d Be Without You
Mars in the 12th House

The twelfth house is the house of containment and self-undoing if it doesn’t find a way for the energy to be released. When Mars is found in the twelfth house, one needs to release the energy and not let it remain blocked or bottled up. Energies of mars in the twelfth house will work against them when its repressed or inhibited. Being able to express their feelings in a non-combative manner and developing a creative self-expression would be not only wise but helpful. A good advice for those with Mars in the twelfth house is to let go of old resentments.  When Mars gets placed in the twelfth house, it can indicate a resistance towards taking action, and people may find it difficult to actually stand up and deliver. They may make a lot of plans but the outcome is rarely satisfactory because they spread their energy into different places. A lot of energy is lost in their activities.

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12 Signs As Stages of Life

Aries: The Infant. Does things on instinct and has potential. Will throw tantrum to get something they want.

Taurus: The Toddler. Enjoys being pampered by people around them, with the nourishment they need for growth. 

Gemini: Chatterbox. Gains knowledge in rapid speed and expresses it through communication. 

Cancer: Early Childhood. Going outside to play, when they get hurt, a motherly figure in their life nurtures and cares for them. 

Leo: Middle Childhood. They actively play the Star of their own reality show with great imagination and vision that could lead others. 

Virgo: Late Childhood. Acknowledges the pressures in society and finds a more logical approach for a solution.

Libra: Teenager. Feels the pressure to fit in with their peers. Most times, they do but don’t realize it so they keep trying. 

Scorpio: Early Adulthood. Gets rid of their habit and starts their life or mindset over.  Finds deeper and more meaningful relationships. Knows that they can’t adjust to what everyone else wants and not everyone will like them. They just have to find the ones right for them.

Sagittarius: Midlife. Looks back in the past at what they’ve done and looks in the future at what they could do. Seeking more of what’s truly out there.

Capricorn: Maturity. Most things in their life has settled down after all their hard work. They have a stable career, group of friends, and family.

Aquarius: Late Adulthood. Guides and spreads their past experiences and wisdom. Using that knowledge and imagination for a new vision that can revolutionize the world.

Pisces: The Elders. Slowly retreats back to their own world in bliss. Living in the past, present and a imaginary world. Has learned to understand and appreciate the situations and the people around them.  

This is based off the archetypes itself, since everyone has different experiences.  



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HC + childhood

Send me  “HC”  + a word and I’ll write a headcanon about it.

     As a kid, Moon focused on just a few things: his dreams & his father. He didn’t make many notable friends, even though he got quite along with the other kids. At first focused on space & being an astronaut at his fullest capacity, his dream for theater took over. This meant he spent a lot of his childhood actively focusing on it doing things like puppet shows, writing his own stories/plays  ( not good, mind you ),  singing & dancing, etc. A creative dreamer, with a very active imagination. This meant he was the type of kid who was in their own world & in their own corner, unless he attempted to  ‘ recruit ‘  a few other classmates to do a play of some sort. 

     & his focus on his father is definitely another big part of his childhood. His father put so many dreams & positivity into his head, despite what his father was going through personally. Koala children are very family-oriented, especially with their mother. So, I feel that’s why his father became so important to him since he was all Moon really had.


“When the Lord displayed His activities just suitable for childhood, He was visible only to the residents of Vrindavana. Sometimes He would cry and sometimes laugh, just like a child, and while so doing He would appear like a lion cub.”~Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.2.28

Possible ways Natsu can wake up

1. Completely fine

2. END activated = with memories from childhood with Zeref

3. END activated = ‘evil’ / demonic

4. Lost memories = either of Zeref conversation or all before he died in the past

5. No powers

6. Beginning of dragon transformation due to loss of the tumor activating it 

7. Power boost due to lack of tumor 

8. Still ill, shrinking didn’t work

Some unlikely … but what do you think?

In honour of John and Anna Bates son’s 90th birthday this New Year’s Eve, please consider answering these questions as if you were him.

1. We know your daddy would have opted to call you Kumquat (see here) but what is your real name?

2. Most special memory of your mother?

3. Most special memory of your father?

4. What did you accomplish in your long life which you are most proud of?

5. What is your favourite childhood memory?

6. Did/do you have any siblings?

7. Did you marry? Anyone we know?

8. Did you have children?

9. Of all the staff at Downton Abbey who was your favorite?

10. What was your favourite food as a child? Your least favourite?

11. What was your favourite childhood activity?

12. Did your parents ever buy their hotel?

13. What was your favourite book as a boy?

14. After such a long life, what is your favourite book now?

15. What colour was your hair at twenty?

16. What was your occupation for the better part of your life?

17. Do you think you’ve made your parents proud of you?

18. Show us a photo of yourself at 25, if you have one.

19. What’s the earliest memory that you have?

20. A dream you always wanted to accomplish.

21. Did you go to war? If you did, tell us one of your most revived memories from it. 

22. Did you keep in touch with the Crawleys/Talbots? 

23.  One thing you learned from your parents is?  

  • Make a text post of your own to answer these questions and tag us (x) and “baby bates q&a” so we won’t miss it!
  • You don’t have to answer all the questions. Your answers can include little scenarios if you want or just straight answers. You can do as little or as much as you chose.
  • Credit to @adamsforthought for this idea, and thank you for letting us use it to celebrate the “little one’s” birthday! 

Thank you and Happy 2016 xXx