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Snow Daze: How to Get Ready for the Big Chill

For those of you who don’t live on the beach, winter is coming. Trekking to school, work, the subway or even your car in the snow isn’t fun AT ALL, but why not try your best to stay warm and dry?

Here are 5 Wantering winter essentials to have in your closet for the next snowfall.

1) The Kensie Fair Isle Pajama Jumpsuit with Eared Hood is the cutest onesie to wear on Christmas Day with the family.

2) The UGG Elsa Waterproof Boots are made from waterproof leather and have a solid rubber/cork sole for grip on the ice.

3) The Canada Goose Victoria Parka is insulated with down-fill making it the perfect everyday winter jacket to wear with jeans and a sweater.

4) The Sperry Top-Sider Chunky Infinity Scarf will keep your neck warm when the wind starts blowing. Its marled grey waffle pattern is this season’s go-to cozy look.

5) The Minnetonka Chrissy Bootie Slippers make sitting by the fire and reading a good book the perfect evening activity.

What other winter accessories are must-haves in your closet?

(Main photo from Insider Love and Ace)

anonymous asked:

I'm a still kind of new to playing opdb and there are still a few things I don't quite get or understand, like a sub accessory. Is that different from the accessory you get from the dh gacha with dp? Sorry for bothering you with this, the answer is probably pretty obvious and I'm just to stupid to figure it out ^^;

That’s okay, we were all new to this game at one point ;). And, to be fair, the sub-accessory option (and also the friend special) is kind of recent.
Let’s see if I can answer your question clearly and without forgetting anything. 

WARNING: this will probably turn into a full-blown sub-accessory tutorial! 

Blogger’s Note 1: Please feel free to ask about any doubts you might have! I started this blog precisely because I wanted to help other gamers, because I wanted to share my acquired knowledge (though limited as it might be..) and because I love talking and discussing all stuff related to opdb and One Piece in general!! :D
So don’t be afraid! I don’t bite! xP
Blogger’s Note 2: I’m sorry!!!!!*Bepo Style* for the Elbafian post (huh, get it? get it!? Elbaf, giants!? Oh well ;p)

Now let’s start with the basics to avoid any possible doubts! ;) 

Number One: All the accessories come from one place, and one place alone: The DP Gatcha (located in the dance hall menu).

After you spin the DP gatcha and get your acessories, you can equip them on your leaders.

Then you get a menu where you choose which character you want to equip.

After you choose your character, you get something like this:

A list of all the accessories you have for that particular character.

Now, if you notice, all the accessories I have for Nami are listed under that blue tab that reads “main” (メイン).
However, if you look closely, there’s also a blackened tab right next to it, that reads “sub” (サブ)

The reason why it’s blackened is because I haven’t activated this Nami’s sub-accessory ability.

On the other hand, my Pirate Alliance Law has both Main and Sub-accessory tabs available ( the sub-acessory tab turns green):

That’s because I’ve activated his sub-accessory ability

But what are sub-accessories? you might ask..

Well, in nature, main accessories and sub-accessories are exactly the same! 

What it means is that, by activating the sub-accessory ability,  you are able to equip not 1, but 2 accessories on a chosen character! 
That has certain advantages, depending on the accessories you have for your characters. But I’ll elaborate more on that further ahead.

But how can you activate the sub-accessory capability of your leader?

This has to be done in 2 steps: Shopping, and activating.

STEP 1: Shopping!!
To add a sub-accessory to a character you need Jewels!! 100 Jewels to be precise (whole gems! jewel shards won’t do!)
You can usually get those when there’s a campaign and they give a few away; or by getting repeated characters from the coin gatcha (I think only the leaders count…).

When you have enough jewels, you make your way to the jewel shop:
1- click on the shop menu item

2 - Once you’re in the shop menu, click on the jewel shop icon (upper right corner)

3 - Scroll down, until you find the sub-accessory items (the hat icons):

Now, the 2 hat items have different functions!
The first one enables you to activate the sub-accessory ability

The second one allows you to increase the strength of that sub-accessory ability.

SO, for starters, you want to purchase the first one!
Increasing the strength of the sub-accessory will only come afterwards (and I’ll talk about that later too).

STEP 2: Activating

After you’ve purchased your item, it’s time to use it on your chosen character! And you have 2 ways of doing it (but Option A is my preferred method)

Option A
1) Go to the “Character” menu

2) Click on the Sub-accessory button

3) You select your intended leader from the list
4) The game asks if you want to activate that leader’s sub-accessory ability (by applying the item you’ve just purchased).
5) You confirm your choice (blue button) and you can now equip your leader with a second acessory!

Option B:

1) Go to the “My room” menu

2) Select the Items icon

3) Select the item you want to use (the hat with the plus sign)
4) Select your intended leader from the list
5) The game asks if you want to activate that leader’s sub-accessory ability (by applying the item).
6) You confirm your choice (blue button) and you can now equip your leader with a second accessory!

Equipping the Sub-accessory

Now that you’ve activated your leader’s ability to use a secondary accessory, it’s time to equip it!
For that, you follow, more or less, the same steps as you would for a main accessory:

1 - Go to the accessories menu

2 - Select your leader

3 - Select the sub-accessory tab (green tab)

You’ll see that the items available as sub-accessories are exactly the same that are elligible as main accessories!

4 - Choose the item to be used as a sub-accessory.
Be aware that it cannot be the same as the main accessory!! 
If you have item A chosen as the main, and you click that item and define it as the sub-acessory, that’s what it will become!! Then you’ll have to choose another item to become the main accessory, or correct the situation.

And that’s it!! Your leader is now equipped with a second accessory!!:D

There are some visual aspects you may want to take into account:
- The main accessory is highlighted in yellow (the festival mask)
- The sub-accessory is higlithed in green (the glasses)
- Only the main accessory is visible! The second accessory remains hidden, but it’s still there doing its job.
- Your leader’s avatar gained a little icon, signalling you’ve activated his/her sub-accessory ability (my Law has 2 little icons, because he’s also got the friend skill activated - the sub accessory icon is the lower one)
- There are intermittent numbers in your leader’s avatar. The yellow numbers indicate the level of the main accessory, while the green numbers point out the level of the sub-accessory.

Note: always double check that you have chosen different main and a sub-accessories!!

Very Important Aspects About Sub-Accessories

- The starting point for a sub-accessory is level 1, which amounts to 10% of that accessory’s real strength. 
- The power of a sub-accessory is increasable (1% at a time)
- An accessory’s skill and power will always be stronger if used as a main accessory, instead of as a sub-accessory.
- The maximum achievable power increase of a sub accessory is 40% of it’s real strength!
- “Perfect”  accessories should always be set as the main accessory!! If you set your perfect accessory as your secondary item, your amount of perfect taps will be awful! Even if the sub-accessory has reached its maximum of 40%!!!
-  Once you’ve activated the skill, you cannot deactivate it and use it on some other leader.

So what’s the advantage of using sub-accessories!?

Well, you can give your character an extra boost of ATK, HP points, or maybe charging speed.

I find the sub-accessories particularly useful for those leaders you have a hard time getting perfect accessories. Or those with some handicap in terms of ATK or HP.

I can give you a few examples:
Law - Getting perfect accessories for Law is REALLY HARD!!!His perfect accessories only come up during special events (mermaid during the summer event, white rose during the wedding event, candy chopper on Saint Valentine’s event, fox mask during the matsuri event, etc..). As a result, you have a very limited amount of time to get one of those (if you’re lucky enough) and, even harder is to power up those accessories to a good enough level (anything below 3+ doesn’t do a lot for your perfect rates).
On the other hand, it’s really easy to get attack up accessories for him - especially his 1* reading glasses. Now, if you get say 20+ reading glasses, that’s a considerable boost in his attack!
So, what I’ve done is: set the masturi mask (perfect accessory, lvl 7) as his main item, so that I can really take advantage of the perfect taps; while using the reading glasses (attack up, lvl 20) as the sub-accessory, to increase his attack as much as I can.
Zoro - Getting Zoro his glasses should be easy enough, just as increasing the level of that accessory to an incredible value. Moreover, his glasses are also his perfect accessory. All is peachy there! ;D
So what’s the point of using a sub-accessory with him!? His HP values!! If you own any version of Zoro, I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s usually an imbalance where his ATK and HP are concerned- Zoro is an attacking beast through and through!! But his HP isn’t that great, generally speaking.
Therefore, setting an HP up accessory as his sub-item can be quite useful.
Luffy - Luffy is sort of a mix between Law and Zoro. His perfect accessories only tend to be available during special events (although I think that Sabo hat is now permanentlly available) and there’s the ATK-HP imbalance. That being said, he’s one of my leaders who also got a sub-accessory.

These are just some examples, but I think they help to translate just how useful sub-accessories can be!

Increasing the Power of The Sub-accessories

Right, so after you’ve equipped your leader with a Sub-accessory you should really think about increasing its power, so that it can be as useful as possible. After all, let’s not forget the starting value is merely 10%!!
That means that: if your accessory usually boosts the HP by 100 points (when used as a main accessory), as a sub-accessory it will only increase the HP by 10 points! that’s practically nothing!!

To increase a sub-accessory power you need jewels as well! But this time it’s jewel shards - 1500 jewels shards to be precise.
1- Like before, make your way to the jewel shop and scroll down to the hat icons.
2 - This time around, pick the icon with the upward arrow!

3 - After you’ve purchased the item, you have the same two options as you did, when you activated the sub-accessory ability:
       - You can go to the sub-accessory menu–> select the leader –> confirm you want to increase the level of the sub-accessory –> press the blue button on the right –> And you’re done!:D
   - Go to the “my Room menu” –> Choose the items icon –> choose to apply the item –> select the leader –>  confirm you want to increase the level of the sub-accessory –> press the blue button on the right –> And presto!! ;D

Other Aspects

The only 2 ways I know of keeping track of your jewels are:
- Going to the jewel shop and checking your total amount
- Whenever you win a character (be it from a match, or from the coin or belli gatchas), the game calculates the amount of jewels you have won and shows you a panel like this one:

Again, I’m sorry for the sheer amount of information dumped here!! But I didn’t want to leave anything out…

Anyway, hope this helped clear things up…
Any other questions you might have, don’t hesitate! ;)