Yo! Have you seen this? With the help of my friend Trishia, one of my latest designs is now available on a hoodie! And if you’re game, you can purchase one to help us raise funds for anti-repression work and prisoner solidarity work in our community!

Here’s where you can order:

All proceeds from these hoodies will go toward my friend Rae Rae’s fundraiser – Community not Cops! until they recoup funds that were stolen from them.

The rest will go towards ongoing jail support at Rita and prisoner solidarity (sending books/packages/commissary to prisoners like our beloved Kali).

As Rae Rae said:

this is what happens when people in a community come together to support each other!

…the message on this hoodie and the decision to fundraise work hand in hand. we all know that the police are not accountable to our communities. we know that their role is to hurt people, and not to help people. that is why filming the police is so important, and why relying upon them for justice does not work. both the message on this hoodie and the decision to not call the police and to reach out to ya’ll are part of an effort of our larger community to practice harm reduction, restorative justice, community accountability, mutual aid and healing, and abolitionism.

you can order these hoodies online right now! until my goal is reached, the proceeds will go to my fundraiser to replace my defrauded check monies. after my goal has been reached, money will go towards prisoner solidarity work and anti-repression work, including support for folks inside and getting out of jail!

for local bay folks, there is an option on the last page when you’re ordering that lets you get it shipped in bulk for free to Naomi, and you can pick it up from us

for more information or to donate directly to Rae Rae’s fundraiser you can go here:

Whether you are able to purchase a hoodie or donate directly to their fundraiser, please consider reblogging this and sharing with folks who might be willing and able to help.

Thanks so much for your support!

Together, we can prove that calling on community is stronger and healthier than calling cops!!!


Update on Bay Area craftivist & activartist call-to-action for Earthquake & Tsunami Benefit Event.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my inquiry regarding Bay Area Benefit events for Japan’s Earthquake & Tsunami Relief.

UPDATE - 3/14: I woke up to some very heartwarming messages here on twitter, on facebook and in my inbox. It seems that many have felt similarly - wanting desperately to do more to help - but had not yet found an outlet for them to spring into action.

Already, various musicians, comedians, and other visual and performing artists have responded that they too wish to leverage their talents to bring our community together and help those in need. In light of this, I’m going to move ahead with planning a fundraiser for JCCCNC’s Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

Included among the growing list of artists:

If you have suggestions, connections to venues (I’m thinking somewhere in Japantown or, perhaps a venue like El Rio), or other organizations I should reach out to, please let me know. Again, I’m all ears.

Thanks again for your willingness to step up and offer up some hope.

Bay Area Craftivists, Activartists and Foodies, Let's Unite for Japan!

Fellow craftivists, activartists, visual, performance and / or culinary artists:

If you would be interested in collaborating on a fundraiser for Japan’s Earthquake & Tsunami relief efforts and/or know of any event planning that is already underway and in need of participants, please contact me ASAP.

I’ve already heard a few artists wanting to offer up their talents somehow and it seems like planning for a couple of events are already under way. I’d love to help facilitate these efforts any way I can, first off by putting y'all in touch with each other as well as offering up my resources to get out the word, coral volunteers and attendees. Suffice to say, this tragedy quite literally hits close to home for me and I’m willing to help any way I can.

If you are currently planning something and want volunteers or fellow collaborators, please send me your info as well so I can redirect people your way.

@ciaosamin is already planning a huge Bakesale for Japan on April 2nd. (The goal is to break the bakesale for Haiti’s record $23,000!)

What else is underway or shall we be the ones to make it happen? I’d particularly love to see a gathering that creates a space to honor our connection to Japan and the Japanese American community while making our interconnectedness as human beings the primary focus. So, if you have ideas, I’m all ears.

Please reach out to others who might be interested too. You can contact me via twitter, facebook or email me directly at activartist (at) gmail (dot) com

UPDATE - 3/14: We’re going to move ahead with planning a craftivist / activartist fundraiser for JCCCNC’s Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Live music and entertainers plus local art and food for sale/auction/raffle. Click here for full update.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your interest in being a light in the midst of this darkness.

As someone near the epicenter said, “It’s pitch dark due to the blackout, but we’ve never seen so many beautiful stars. Look up, Sendai!” I hope we all look up to those stars and remember, not just in the midst of this, that we are together under this sky…