Here’s a fun little observation: John Wick fights like an “action girl”.

My housemate and I watched the movie again last night and noticed that his style is like a less flashy version of Black Widow’s. He even use his legs to trap opponents. Look at those pictures up there. Isn’t that something you would expect a woman to do in an action movie?

He isn’t as muscular as most action heroes these days, so it makes perfect sense that he’d use that sort of style. I appreciate that.

(If you decide to watch this movie now, be warned; a dog is killed off camera which starts John Wick’s anger fueled quest for revenge. Yes, he is killing a man in those pictures because another man killed his dog. Dog owners will understand)
First Nations chief says Standing Rock protest tactics could be headed to Canada
"Our people are in Standing Rock. They're quite prepared to take to the streets in the north," Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ move to halt construction of the Dakota Access pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation has given new hope to Indigenous leaders in Canada opposed to oilsands extraction, with some vowing to adopt tactics used by protesters south of the border to block construction of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline.

“Our people are in Standing Rock. They’re quite prepared to take to the streets in the north,” Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day said in an interview with CBC News. “We definitely see parallels. We’ve got the same issues, they’re the same companies and they’re the same corporate interests that we’re having to deal with.”

The events at Standing Rock, N.D., where protesters opposed to the pipeline at times faced police rubber bullets and water cannons in frigid weather, seized attention on the opening day of the Assembly of First Nations’ special assembly Monday. Hundreds of chiefs from across Canada are gathering in Ottawa to discuss progress on the Indigenous front a year after the Liberal government took office.

Quebec Chief Serge Simon said the protests in North Dakota send a clear message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet colleagues who last week approved the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and renewal of Enbridge’s Line 3.

“We’re making it clear to the colonizing government that you’re not going to get away with this,” he said. “We have certain rights and we will assert them.”

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Perrin Mle1865 revolving rifle

Manufactured by Louis Perrin c.1873~80′s in paris, France - based on his Mle1865 revolver design - serial number 413.
11mm73 six-round cylinder, double action, side-loading gate with manual ejector rod, leaf sight, military foregrip and buckles
Originally presented in its prototype stage along with its handgun counterpart to the French army as concurrents to the Chassepot rifle and Lefaucheux revolver, the Perrin Mle1865 was rejected on both occasion. It was however a very popular private purchase for French officers, especially in the Army where the service pistols were still percussion designs. I doubt that the prototype carbine presented by Perrin was in a serious military rifle caliber, which might have been why it lost to the Chassepot despite arguably using superior technology.
This particular example was manufactured well after that however, since it is chambered for the same round used in the MAS Mle1873 revolver.