heartthrob pt. 2 (teaser)

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“Most importantly, I want you to treat me like a female.” As those words escaped my lips, I pulled Hoseok’s face towards mine and softly pressed my lips against his. As soon as I felt their softness it felt like my heart was going to explode. How long had I waited for this moment? I can’t even remember anymore. I ran my hand along his jaw, and up to caress his hair. I pushed his hat off his head and ran my fingers through his soft locks, pulling on them gently. I felt his hands tighten for a brief second on my arms, before he titled his head and began kissing me back. He wrapped both his arms tightly around my body, pressing me firmly against his chest. 

Suddenly I felt my stomach churning. I abruptly pushed Hoseok’s body away, doubling-over to throw up the contents of my stomach all over Hoseok’s shoes.

I felt something hit the back of my head startling me awake.

 “Oh my God, I kissed him!” I shouted, abruptly jumping to my feet. My flamboyant announcement was followed by loud laughter ringing around me. I glanced around the room in horror only to realize that I was in class. I must have fallen asleep… I glanced at the front where the teacher stood only to find her glaring at me with her arms crossed.

 “Since you’re so enthusiastic about Romeo and Juliet’s kissing scene, I think you should act it out for us” Ms. Kim retorted. Hoseok cackled at my misfortune, slapping his knee.

 “Mr. Jung, thank you for volunteering to help her out!” She said, clapping enthusiastically, “you can be her Romeo!”

 The entire class erupted into giggles.

“What’s so funny? I think Hoseok would be a great Romeo.” Ms. Kim said, staring dreamily at Hoseok. Oh my God… is she…? My face contorted into pure disgust at the thought.  Hobi caught sight of my disgust and looked away, running a hand through his already disheveled hair.

“Ms, I’d like to be your Romeo,” Jungkook said, causing the attention to shift from Hoseok and I to him. The whole class groaned at Jungkook’s attempt to be flirtatious.

“Thanks to Mr. Jeon, you all can submit a 5 page critical analysis on your favourite work by shakespeare that you’ve studied in high school tonight.”

The class rumbled with protests against this sudden assignment. From the corner of my eye I saw Hoseok slumped down in his seat. He had yet to open up a shakespearean book. I wonder every day why he’s in an Advanced English class…

“Fine, you can work in pairs.” As she said this, Hoseok whipped his head in my direction. His face broke into a wide grin when I met his gaze. My heart flip-flopped in my chest at his beaming smile. Ms. Kim definitely wasn’t wrong, Hoseok would make a fantastic Romeo…

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Why are people so insecure that they are desperate to see themselves in a fictional character? Who cares how much representation is there, if it's a good film, it's good. If it's a bad film, it's bad.

I’d disagree. Representation is important, because it is a way to culturally include groups of people who are typically excluded from mainstream discussion, and thus humanize them in the eyes of others. It makes it more “normal” that these people exist so that people are not subtly (or unsubtly) surprised when they encounter someone who is very different from what they’ve already seen.

However, representation for the sake of representation is pointless and sometimes even counterproductive, because you either end up typecasting a minority out of laziness (and thus perpetuating false stereotypes) or not developing their character at all in which case people will start to assume that movies with minorities in them are automatically badly written.

I have high hopes for Moana because Disney has proven to be an excellent company that includes diversity in a way that is not heavyhanded and that does not occur at the expense of writing or plot (e.g., Zootopia), and I’m glad that a studio with such an excellent representation is creating a story based on a group of people that not a lot of people think about.

The opposite of that would be what happened with the Ghostbusters reboot.

Gold Everywhere!

While working on a huge list of other stuff (including polishing the Lich boss and adding sounds), I finally added gold as an actual item in game. I can’t decide on a look for it though. I tried using outlines, different colors and different styles yet nothing feels perfect. I decided to stick with this simple look for now, hoping it will grow on me. What do you guys think?