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Remington eXperimental Pistol number 100 “Fireball”

Manufactured by Remington Arms c.1963-1998 - serial number B7500376.
.221 Remington Fireball single shot, bullpup bolt action, nylon target grip.

The Model XP-100 was made specifically for long-range pistol shooting, a thing it indeed excels at by using the fastest handgun cartridge commercially available. Which also happens to be a rifle cartridge.
Space gun !


Burghley Horse Trials 2015 - Mark Todd by sue oreilly


Nagant M1895 Model 2 MTs-4 target revolver

Designed by the Tula Central Design and Research Office of Sport and Hunting Weapons in USSR c.1955 and manufactured out of old M1895 service revolvers -which production stopped in 1946- c.1955-61.
7,62x38mmR B1 wadcutter target cartridge, seven round cylinder, heavy 20mm diamater 154mm long barrel, single action only, orthopedic grip.

The Nagant revolver has a distinct advantage over both self-loading pistols and other revolvers in target shooting competitions, because its lack of gas going anywhere but out the front end of the barrel.