actions speak more than words

OKAY so this has been in my head all day.

Everyone remembers the famous klance bedroom scene and we saw how Lance was talking about leaving Voltron. Then we see Keith’s reaction. That’s what gets me.

Remember when Pidge said that she was leaving voltron? And remember how Keith became furious with her for even thinking of leaving?

I know that the circumstances are different since they only had five people who could control the lions at that time and character development and all that but still.

Keith showed Lance genuine concern about the idea. Not enough to stand out (especially to Lance) and convince him that he is needed on the team. But enough for Lance to still confide in him. Usually Keith is the person to get upset and think about the big picture but he didn’t this time.

With Pidge he said that she is putting her needs and feelings before everyone else’s and thinking of herself but with lance he said “…what are you talking about” and told him to stop worrying (Not the best way to comfort someone but that’s not in Keith’s character to be good with words. He’s more of an “action speaks louder than words” kind of guy).

Keith is growing as a character and is learning how to be more like a leader and we can definitely see that in season three. We can also see how Lance and Keith’s relationship (platonic or romantic) is developing which is great for the team overall.

It’s also another hint at major angst in the future. Building strong relationships in books, movies, and shows is how you make a strong connection between the characters and the audience just for the creators/authors to crush your feelings and leave them damaged.

And I am not ready.

I’m hoping s13 picks up right where it left off with Dean on his knees and Sam in the cottage with Jack.  Because Cas is dead in a way he never has been before, killed with an angel blade.  Dean watched him die. Saw his wings burnt out on the ground. And the two of them are alone.  

Dean has never lost Cas alone. Bobby, Sam, Mary, someone is always there when the angel is torn from his life with the exception of Purgatory when Dean was desperately trying to hold on and pull his friend through that portal.  We didn’t get to see Dean’s reaction once he was certain he was out and realized Cas was lost to him, but we know that Cas pushing his hand away hurt so much that Dean purposefully mis-remembered what happened.  

Dean and Cas have never been alone when they were reunited. Again, Sam, Bobby, Benny, Daphne, Meg, Mary, someone is always there when these two finally find their way back to one another. We’ve seen some enthusiastic hugs and soft moments despite that. 

We know Dean lets himself be more vulnerable around Cas when it’s just the two of them, and in recent seasons especially, he’s rather tender with Cas no matter who is watching. Exhibit A:

So what I’m trying to say is whatever happens on that beach, I really hope to see Dean grieving Cas in a way he hasn’t before. And if Cas is resurrected right then when the two of them are all alone… well, i imagine that should be more significant than we’ve seen it in the past too ;)

Your words are pretty, but they are just words. I can’t hold them in my hands. I can’t wrap myself in them when the night is cold. I can’t cover the wounds on my heart with them. They are just words and I could get them from anywhere in the world like a penny on the sidewalk- and no matter how shiny they may be they are not enough for me. I’m worth more than words.
—  [s.bucks]
#95 // excerpt from a book I’ll never write
Strings II

Summary: The Red String of Fate exists, and like only someone people in the world, you have the rare ability to see them- to change them.

Genre: Soulmates!Jungkook + angst but not angst at all + fluff

Word count: 14.6k

A/N : Surprise!!! I am back! After months of procrastinating here is the long awaited part II! Thank you for all the praise for part I and I hope you guys like the sequel just as much. It’s not edited properly and there might still be mistakes but I really just wanna get this out! Comments and criticism are very much appreciated. :)) 

Part I 

For the first time since you’d found out that you could see strings, breathing felt easy. 

You felt like you were floating, grasping onto the air with your fingertips, flapping your arms as if wings had been stitched onto the flesh like seams to keep you airborne and for fleeting moments, you embraced the sensation of liberation

You couldn’t deny the way your cheeks ached in a way that was anything but unpleasant and your hair in those brisk moments spiralled behind you in its frenzy of locks and screaming with sovereignty.

Despite the ruins you were the cause of, despite the flames you’d set alight and left unattended, despite all things destruction that you were the cause of- oddly, you’d never felt so free.

You’d never felt so close to the air.

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I thought I’d have some fun and make a Nameless Shipping AU! These not at all canon Red and Blue designs are kind of a mix of all their character designs, with some personal flare added in! (and I gave Red a visor because I like visors)

Travel Buddy AU:

An AU where Professor Oak basically ordered Blue to travel with Red during his Pokemon journey because they had a falling out (Blue was being a butt) and he’s like “you guys used to be childhood friends, you shouldn’t be on bad terms, you need to get along” and Blue’s all tsundere about it being all jealous of his Red’s coolness meanwhile Red honestly just wants to be friends again. Also they’re older– like 18 or 19 or somethin’.

Red - A stoic but sweet boy. He’s a silent child with a heart of gold. He has a hard time emoting, and hardly ever speaks, but his actions speak much louder than his words. He loves his Pikachu more than anything in the world. He gets anxious when they’re far apart. Red actually likes traveling with Blue, because despite his troublesome attitude, he’s basically the only one that Red considers a close friend.

Blue - Loud, annoying, and always in your face. He acts smug, he acts tough, but really– he’s just a jealous mess who wishes he could be as popular and cool as his rival. He’s always calling Red names and getting frustrated with him, but yet– he always talks for him when Red is short on words, always seeming to know what his friend is thinking.

And then after some time passes they fall for each other and when they do it’s really pure and adorable

the end

You Can Tell A Lot About A Person By Their Favorite Radiohead Album

Requested by anon

Add anything/ tell me what you think differently about i am only one person generalizing many things

The Bends: friendly, though not necessarily in the first meeting,wise, cool and attractive, though they may not believe it, have a thirst for life, can be aggressive, assertive, may not seem immediately warmhearted but are very understanding when someone is genuinely in need of help, proactive and good at getting things done, even if it’s in the last minute, guarded with their emotions

OK Computer: very aware about the world around them, cynical, introverted, deeply concerned about a variety of issues, interested in science, very intelligent (though not necessarily in the way reflected in grades), detail oriented, perfectionists, not quick to trust people, impatient, stubborn, individualistic, independent, moody, more analytically and mathematically inclined, secretly much more vulnerable and caring than they let on, more pessimistic in comparison to fans of other albums.

Kid A: quirky, deep appreciation for art, often in their own heads and not as concerned with the present, sometimes seem aloof or in a trance-like state, hard to read at times as they don’t over-share, wallflower, if they say they don’t want to talk about it they probably actually don’t want to talk about it, may lack common sense when they become deeply involved with their own thoughts/thoughts about the world around them

Amnesiac: odd, though not in a negative way, enjoy a good bit of solitude and reading time, deep thinkers, very loyal to a handful of close friends, good sources of unconventional wisdom, feel like outsiders at times, good at pursuing a skill until they have developed and mastered it, determined and not quick to give up, cultured and with a wide variety of interests and acceptance for things and people, refuse to be a part of something they don’t agree with

Hail to the Thief: tend to be more extroverted, believe firmly that actions speak louder than words, good at making friends of all different lines of thinking and keeping them all engaged, easygoing and a calming presence to have around but despite this they will defend their convictions and do not like their core values being affronted, present and skilled at active listening, well-dressed

In Rainbows: warm personalities, very creative, often in multiple art forms, can be overemotional, lively and fun when they want to be, don’t like to be tied down, deeply compassionate, good listeners, self-doubting, generous, people-pleasing, form deep attachments to people and things, tend to put their needs aside to take care of others, always moving, even if it’s just fidgeting or playing with something in their pockets, tend to not give themselves enough credit in areas they excel in

The King of Limbs: maintain a calm, cool, collected exterior most of the time, even if it’s not representative of how they feel, good dancers! spacey, have a hard time focusing on one thing for too long, eccentric, and very funny to anyone who appreciates their original take on things, optimistic and complimentary

Pablo Honey: constantly apologizing for their favorite album choice

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Will it ever be that day when they will finally say: my girlfriend Caitriona and my boyfriend Sam? Or my wife Cait and my husband Sam? I wonder....🤔

Haven’t they been saying that almost since the beginning, anon? At least since that “magical climb” up North Berwick Law “an ideal date, maybe not the first one…not every girl wants to be dragged up a mountain, but it’s a pretty good test…”, and they continue to say it with every post and interaction and appearance since then, and yes, that even includes the ones that feature “others”.
Oh, you mean say it with words, like with a publicist, and make it all official and all? Well, there are many very good privacy and career related reasons why they, or their publicists, are not likely to be saying those words anytime soon, but actions speak louder than words anyway…and much more truthfully too!

30 day OTP Challenge Day Four: On a date

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Note: Fluff! 

Words: 1580

Loki looked over to you as you laughed with Wanda and Natasha when he gritted his teeth gently. He hadn’t had a moment alone with you in a while considering you were with the team, or out on missions. He decided to change that when he stood up striding over to your seat with the two women before he placed his hands onto your shoulders. You looked up to him before smiling happily to see your beloved towering over you in the seat. “Hello Love.” You said when he leaned down to your ear gently. “I have a question for you.” He whispered softly.

You looked to him in confusion for a moment as the two women watched with smirks on their faces. “What?” You asked when he cleared his throat. “Will you go on a date with me?” He asked as his face slightly flustered at the sudden request making your eyes widened before you giggled. “I would love to my King.” You whispered leaning up kissing his cheek as he grins in delight. “Wear that dark green dress.” He purred softly before slipping away from you as he walked away like nothing happened. “What was that about?” Natasha asked grinning.

“I have a date with a king.” You laugh as they joined you before you stood up. “I’ll see you girls later.” You said standing up with a wink as Natasha whistles. “Go get him Tiger.” She calls making you laugh harder when you went down to your apartment. You opened your closet finding the backless green dress that fell to the floor with a slit that went to your knee. You smirked before walking into the bathroom to take a shower biting your lip in excitement. You knew that Loki wouldn’t let you down, he was going to make you feel like a queen.

You did a little pampering to your hair, nothing too fancy. Next, came your make up that you did lightly to make it look more natural. You bit your lip gently deciding to go with a gloss of lipstick instead of a dark red. You stepped out of the bedroom before your gaze fell on Loki who stood dressed in a suit when you smirked to yourself. You had a feeling that his suit belonged to Tony, because Loki wanted to go out in his armor, but the Billionaire would refuse that thought. Loki heard the door open when he looked up smiling before it faltered as his eyes gazed at you.

“You look like a Goddess my darling.” He said when your face lit up before you look down to the green flats that complemented the dress. “Thank you.” You mumbled when he offer out of his for you as you walked over to him before looping your arm in his. “Shall we go?” He asked as you nod before he leads you onto the elevator. You smiled softly looking at him when his gaze fell onto you as he quirked an eyebrow at you. “Is there something you wish to speak of?” He asked. “Why did you want to go on a date?” You asked softly when he chuckled.

“Well we do not always have the time to be together. You and I are always so busy with things that deal with the so called Avengers. It angered me that the only time I saw you was a few moments before we collapsed onto the bed from exhaustion. Besides, we haven’t had a date in a very long time.” He explained when you smiled softly kissing his cheek. “Thank you, but you sound a little jealous don’t you?” You asked as he looks at you with an unreadable expression. “Care what you say next my darling, you are treading on shallow waters.” He said softly.

You decided to let go of the subject before he led you out of the tower and into a car. “Did you steal this from Tony?” You looked at the black dodge viper in front of you. “I’d say more of a borrowed type of deal. I shall bring it back.” Loki shrugged closing your door before he came around as you let out a laugh shaking your head. “Oh he has more cars than he knows what to do with. He won’t miss it.” Loki said rolling his eyes before he pulled out from the tower. “So where are you taking me?” You asked looking out the window to the night sky.

“That my darling is for me to know, and you to find out.” He said with a smirk dancing across his lips. You loved the glitter in his eyes as he drove down the road before he pulled to a nice restaurant when your eyes lit up. “This place looks… expensive.” You said looking back to him. “Tony allowed me to borrow his card in order to have this night.” Loki smirked holding up his card. “Did you threaten him?” You asked raising an eyebrow as Loki held a scowl. “Why do you immediately assume I used violence? I merely asked him calmly.” He said with a small huff.

“You’re the God of Mischief.” You said as he smirked darkly. “And a damn fine God of Mischief I am.” He said making you roll your eyes before he got out of the car when he came around to your side. “Thank you.” You said taking the hand he offered out to you when he helped you from the car. He locked the car before leading you inside as you gasped softly looking at the beautiful dance hall. People swayed with each other while others sat at the table and ate their dinner as they chatted with their dates. “This is breathtaking.” You whispered softly to him.

“Indeed, but nothing compared to such a delicate flower like yourself.” He whispered back making you grip his arm tighter when a waiter came leading you back towards your table. You ordered your food as you look around the room when he smiled softly watching you. “Thank you so much for this.” You said when he chuckles softly. “My Queen deserves only the best.” He said and before too awful long your food had arrived. You began to talk about your day and the missions you had been on as he sat there listening to you.

“Loki, can I ask you something?” You asked looking at him as he nods. “Of course.” He said taking a drink of his champagne. “Why did you choose me of all people? I mean, you could have had anyone…  yet you chose me.” You said when he stood up offering out his hand. “Dance with me and I shall give you the answer you seek.” He said when you took his head allowing him to lead you to the dancefloor. He placed his hands onto your waist while you wrapped yours around his neck before looking at him waiting.

“My reasons for choosing you are simple. You weren’t afraid of me. You called my bluff and never backed down whenever I spat fire at you. You merely returned it. I’ve had women flaunt themselves at me, yet you didn’t have to do anything for me to find you intriguing.” He said as you bit your lip thinking about the women when he lifted your head to meet his gaze. “I have never looked at another woman, nor thought of touching them until I met you. I want to have you at my side. I want no other but you my darling.” He said smiling as you laid your head down.

He held you closer as he swayed you before he smiled softly. “Why did you choose the likes of me? You knew what I had done, yet you kissed me back the first time I kissed you. You agreed to become mine when I asked.” He said when you swallowed. “I chose you because… I was told how much of a cruel man you were, but whenever I met you.. I could see the pain.. The fear that plagued behind your facade.” You said as he froze for a moment watching you with the same pain you saw that day you first met him.

“You hid behind yourself because you were tired of feeling broken, forgotten. Just like me, and you when you spat at me I saw the plea that echoed behind it. I heard it, that’s why I loved you, because you allowed me to take your walls down. You allowed me entrance into your heart, body, and mind without a second thought. You, my king, allowed me to be your Queen.” You smiled as he swallowed thickly trying not to show weakness, because he wasn’t ready to break. Suddenly he leaned in towards your ear as he breathlessly chuckles making you shiver softly.

“I know that actions speak louder than words, but it seems that words hold more value on this planet. I finally understand what my heart desires.” He smiled as he placed his hand onto your cheek. “(Y/N), I love you.” He whispered as your heart stopped. It was as if time froze when tears flooded your eyes and trailed down your cheek only to be swiped away by his thumb. His expression was soft, and full of worry that he made the wrong choice in telling you. “I love you too.” You choked on a sob before immediately pulling him into a passionate kiss…

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(season 3) paladins and the special places they like to be kissed:

• lance likes to be kissed behind the ear! as a kid from a big family he gets a lot of kisses, but a kiss on the ear makes him feel really happy. also, his ears are really sensitive. (basically he’s a big puppy who likes his ears being scratched)

• allura loves forehead kisses. to her they convey a deeply emotional bond. not only do forehead kisses remind her of her father, but it was also something she used to do with her closest friends and romantic partners on altea (sometimes she kisses the paladins on the forehead before a mission, hoping it’ll keep them safe)

• pidge isn’t big on physical affection from anyone who isn’t family, but for those who she’s close to, she loves being kissed on the nose. it makes her feel like a kid again, it makes her feel safe and protected !!

• hunk really really loves feeling protected and safe, so when his close friends kiss him on the eyelids it makes him feel like he isn’t alone. he knows it’s a little bit strange, but he loves feeling delicate and precious sometimes

• keith loves being kissed on the cheek. he’s always secretly wanting affection, but a kiss on the cheek really makes him feel warm and appreciated and loved. he often speaks more through actions than words, so cheek kisses are deeply meaningful to him

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talk about their friendship :) it's a bit banal tho

Oh trust me my dear anon this won’t be boring!

First i want to start with the fact that kihyun and wonho are the longest trainee since they arrived in starship before other members,so there is already this long term friendship going on. 

The main important reason why i ship kiho is because of the way they supported each other in no.mercy! Kihyun and Wonho were together since 3rd mission until the very last mission they were always in the same team and from that i noticed how much kihyun took care of wonho as hyung and how much wonho look after kihyun as a dongsaeng! 

When wonho was practicing for his solo mission kihyun came up to him and cheered him before he leave.

I don’t know if you know but they showed 2 sec of kihyun literally sitting on wonho’s thighs while wonho was doing his sit up :)

^^(this is from ep 3 btw if you are curious). I mean you have to be pretty comfortable with each other to be able to do this. (gosh this ss always gives me extreme feels but i should move on)

In no mercy when they go out they were always next to each other and sit next to each other! After they went to k.will concert wonho talked about how he first met kihyun and acted out how kihyun was like when they first met. I found this really sweet and wonho is always teasing kihyun just to make him laugh!. 

this was when wonho was cheering on segyero and when wonho forgot to introduce the segyero team kihyun was there to remind him about it. 

When kihyun was nervous wonho cheered him by saying “show them what a main vocalist can do”. 

hugging after their last mission together.

when wonho’s name was announced as a member of monsta x kihyun willingly put his hand out to hold wonho’s hand probably to show that he is happy and glad and appreciate that after so long they are finally in a team together!

Now that was just short no.mercy friendship kiho that i have in mind rn. after debut,i see fancams where wonho would tease kihyun and tickle him. there was a show champion backstage video where wonho said he wasn’t sure how his performance turn out well and kihyun told him he did well and in the same video they were sweating and wonho wiped kihyun’s neck with a tissue and etc.

On kihyun’s birthday last year they had a fansign and mind you kihyun have his own jacket on and wonho gave his jacket to kihyun to show that he care. action speaks more than words right?

so kihyun ended up with  two jackets 

there is a fancam where shownu accidentally hit kihyun’s lips with his elbow during a fansign and wonho came screaming at shownu for hurting  him and asked kihyun if he was bleeding. 

These little moments where they take special care of each other and how they always support each other is what makes me love kiho so much as an otp and i love their friendship so much i can’t explain it in words. They are not touchy obvious otpbut they stay a distance from each other while supporting each other and i just have a weak heart for them two being sweet to each other.  

WOW ok this is longer than i expected but i shall stop here. Please appreciate kiho and their friendship :)

Best Friend Series; Wonwoo

- you met wonwoo in high school
- you’re class president and you’re always making sure your classmates are studying hard and doing their work
- like you make sure no one’s fooling around or breaking the rules, and some of your classmates joke about how you’re much scarier than the teacher
- but they all know you mean well and are only looking after them
- you don’t tell the teacher, you just tell them “oh that’s due for third period, try to finish it up during lunch!!” or “you seem like you’re struggling in math, i know a really good tutor if you need one!!”
- there’s one boy though who you’re always so amazed by though…..
- and it’s your classmate jeon wonwoo
- you never really talked to him before….. but that’s because he always has a textbook in front of his face
- he’s not messing around with everyone else during breaks, he’s just always reading his notes and everything
- he’s a really studious person you think, and he’s always following the rules so you never have anything to say to him
- but one day, you decide to go up to wonwoo to ask if everything’s all right because he looked really amazed last english class
- you see him reading a textbook as always, but when you get to his desk…. you see a COMIC BOOK hidden behind it
- that’s when you realize….. this WHOLE time, he wasn’t studying, he was reading his comic book
- wonwoo senses you staring at him, and when he turns his head, his eyes go wide and he says “…..i….. i’m sorry”
- you’re about to scold him over it, but instead you start LAUGHING because seriously??? he fooled you good
- instead, you take the seat next to him and say “all this time??” and he kind of blushes while shamefully nodding his head
- with a smile still on your face, you point at the comic book in his hand and say “i love that comic book. are you up to date??”
- you and wonwoo start excitedly talking about the last chapter, the characters, the cliffhangers, and you eventually realize….. he’s the only person whom you allowed to get away with breaking the rules
- and ever since that day, you’ve become BEST FRIENDS
- wonwoo looks like he wants to rip people to shreds in broad daylight but then when he smiles his nose scrunches up and you’re always like “wonwoo you’re so CUTE”
- and he gets really embarrassed hearing that, he like covers his face and his ears turn bright red
- wonwoo speaks mores with his actions than with his words
- so sometimes when he sees that you’re sad, he’ll pull you in for a hug to let you know that everything’s going to be all right
- or when he’s proud of you, he’ll ruffle your hair
- or when you’re over-thinking, he’ll flick your forehead like stop, you’ll be fine
- little things that hold big meanings
- you give each other book recommendations
- on lazy days, you both like to sit together under a tree at the park while reading a book
- we all know wonwoo makes the best jokes ever
- some days, he’s on a roll and he just makes puns and jokes all day long
- at first, you were like ashfsfjkd SHUT UP WONWOO but now you add onto his jokes and he’s so PROUD
- he’s scared of dogs and one time you had a job as a dog-walker
- you showed up at his door with five dogs and you’ve never heard someone look so terrified in your entire life
- he didn’t talk to you for like three days and you had to go to his house and apologize
- “if it makes you feel any better, i nicknamed the shiba inu shiba wonu”
- “how is naming my biggest fear after me supposed to make me feel better, (name)”
- he passes by the bakery in the morning to get you both a little extra breakfast before morning classes
- he can tell right away when you’re annoyed or angry, and all he needs to say is “who did it and what did they do” before you start ranting nonstop
- he’s the type who just listens while you rant and then waits until you’ve calmed down to give realistic advice
- wonwoo just wants you to learn from your mistakes and grow from them
- you pick him up after class because he always ends like thirty mins or an hour after you and sometimes a comic book falls out of his textbook
- and when this happens, it takes you back to your high school days
- suddenly, you’re class president again scolding your best friend for not paying attention in class
- you like looking back at high school pictures with wonwoo because it’s so nice to see how much you’ve grown together
- it’s nice remembering all those times you got him out of trouble, those times he bought you lunch to repay you, and those days you spent hanging out together whether it’s in the sun, rain or snow
- you’ve been best friends for a few years already and you know….. that you’re going to be together for so many more
- nothing makes you happier than that
- “i’ll always be by your side, (name). no matter what, so don’t think for a second—”
- “what if one day i turned into a dog??”
- “ok maybe not always….”
- (he’s kidding, he loves you too much)

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I don't mean to create any drama/fights but don't you sometimes wish that Taylor spoke up more about issues going on or visit victims of abuse or those who live in poverty, etc. Like I know she visits sick kids & that's great but sometimes I wish she contributed more of her time & spend time with victims than just to donate money. I love Taylor and she's wonderful and she does lot of charity work, but I don't mean to compare her with others but you don't see her interacting with victims a lot

My own opinion on this? No, I don’t wish it. Taylor isn’t obligated to speak up on political issues or in general. To me, it doesn’t matter whether she chooses to speak up about something or not, she does not shape my views, I shape my views and I don’t look to her or any other celebrity to speak up. Now, if they choose to speak up, then that is their right and they have every right to and I will listen to what they have to say and form my own views on what they have to say. But I certainly don’t expect them or Taylor to speak up. They aren’t obligated to. And I mean, Taylor has tried in the past, speaking up a few times on certain issues, and well she got dragged to hell and back. The woman is going to be scrutinized no matter what she does, so I think her just going about her business, doing her thing is what is best and what she needs to do right now. And I am not trying to start anything here with you, because I do understand what you are saying, believe me I do, but, let’s be honest here. Whether she spends more time with victims, or chooses to donate money she is going to get dragged for it. If she were to spend more time with victims, people would attack her for not doing more, “Well why doesn’t she donate some of those millions she is making daily? Why not use that money for something good?!” And her donating money they drag her for being all attention grabbing and such. So the woman is going to be picked apart no matter what. We already know this, but I think in the last year or so Taylor has realized it as well. That no matter what she does, she is damned. Damned if she does. Damned if she doesn’t. I personally don’t expect her to speak up more and such, she isn’t obligated to and I think she does WAY more. Actions speak louder than words and she has acted more often than not. 

But it’s Taylor Swift. She will always be held to a higher standard than every other human being on the planet for whatever reason.

Sooo… I just smacked myself with a really, really sad Dean/Cas headcanon.

Ketch: You, Halo. Do you sense I’m lying?

Castiel: My name is Castiel. And… no. But the truth can be situational.
12x08 LOTUS

So this makes it canon that Cas can sense lies – or at least, when humans are lying. This doesn’t mean he knows what the truth is, just when something is a lie.

And where did many people suspect a lie, or at least suspect something that may have not been 100% truth?

You’re our brother, Cas. I want you to know that.

And if all Cas can detect is deception… well. If, right there, he could sense Dean was lying, but he didn’t know why or what the truth is? OUCH. And it adds into to the ball of bad emotions and being stuck on the outside that Cas has been feeling. Maybe it’s more than just ‘actions speak louder than words.’

Maybe it’s because Dean lied, and Cas knows it. He just doesn’t know what the truth is.

(I’m actually not TOTALLY sold on this as I still firmly think that Dean believes he was trying to speak for both he and Sam, so that wouldn’t have necessarily been a lie… but it’s definitely a half-truth. So then the question is - how much of a lie does something have to be in order for Cas to sense a lie?)

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Um, i don't know if you did that before but, how will RFA react to MC being a virgin? (like didn't even hold hands with a guy before)

RFA + discovering MC is a Virgin


  • ( cracks knuckles ) listen m8 ya boi zen
  • will never ever force something you do not want and he would always ask your permission first ( he may have come to you so strong at first but trust this guy that he always has your best interests at heart )
  • so whenever there is a time when you two are at the right moment to kiss each other and you would never come to him first, he won’t force it to you or would just lightly give you a peck
  • but he would always be the one to kiss you first each time
  • just woke up? expect a good morning honey kiss from zen
  • going to sleep? just the same
  • you, yourself is so insecure at the fact that Zen is a good kisser ( he knows how to do wonders with those lips ) and that sometimes, you are so stiff and you worry he might be turn off at the fact that you never kissed someone and you’re not entirely good at it
  • and hell, every first you experienced is with him
  • but lately, he had noticed that you have been actually avoiding physical contact with him
  • so one day, he straight up asks you regarding the matter, with a worry laced on his crimson hues and a small pout on his mouth
  • “Princess… is there anything wrong?” cue worrywart momma zen
  • and god he looked so worried and insecure?? zen was actually getting insecure?? the world must be ending lolol
  • you hesitated at first because you considered it as p embarrassing on your part but when you told him your concerns, he sighed in relief and laughed
  • you couldn’t help but smack him in his arm because why are you laughing you jerk
  • “God… I thought you were getting bored of me!” he continued to laugh as he pulled you gently to his arms, hugging you tight like he couldn’t get enough of you “But, really? I am your first?! Ahh, god! I couldn’t believe it. How lucky can I possibly be, hmm?”
  • and when he confirmed that he was your first, he couldn’t help but stare fondly at you every chance he gets and he would smile sweetly like
  • ‘This girl is mine and I am her first oh god I am so lucky!’ look on his face
  • he would from time to time, tease you about it teasing with a little cuddling and kissing


  • ok getting your first hand holding with jaehee was a bit awkward
  • the poor girl was so shy that all of her attempts to hand holding was futile
  • you have tried several times too but nah, she would only look at you with a puzzled expression and would wonder why are you putting your hand in the middle of the table while eating that was not so discreet of you actually is2g
  • and you are hella nervous because you have never held hands with anyone before and jaehee is older than you are so you assumed she may have at least done it a few times
  • but she is just the same as you are
  • sometimes, there are moments where you two were walking together while going home and you just want to hold her hand but then she raises it and points at something timing’s a bitch
  • or when jaehee would give you the clean dishes she would graze your hands with her just to lay the idea down on you and you do not get what it means
  • ugh
  • so one day, after dinner, while she was brewing tea on the kitchen, you gathered your guts to tell her straight about your concern
  • “Uhm, Jaehee?” she turned to face you and when she saw that your cheeks were cherry red, she became extremely curious about it
  • “Yes?” she was looking at you, puzzled as to why you were fidgeting so bad “Is there something wrong?”
  • “C- can I… Uhm…” light lip biting “…can I hold your hand?! I- I want to feel it against mine!”
  • she was taken aback by such boldness and you looked hella cute too so she giggled a bit
  • “I’ve been trying to relay that message to you myself…” she walked to you and held your hand, lacing her own fingers to yours “I’m glad it got through.”
  • and you two have been obsessed in holding hands for a week


  • you were younger by a few years than him so he had this mental image of you that you already had a boyfriend before him and that you are very much aware of such physical things and he always has a say to how frisky the younger generation are ( much to zen’s, yoosung’s and luciel’s chagrin aka they are younger than jumin )
  • but jokes on him you’re not he’s your first lolol
  • so one saturday night when you two played beer pong ( you taught him and he doesn’t like beer so he insisted you two use wine of any variants /merlot, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, etc/ gdi trustfundkid and it became a wine pong ) you got hella drunk
  • out of the spur of the moment, you received your first ever french kiss ( it was a bit sloppy because your sorry ass is drunk )
  • and jumin was a bit too so he had no restrictions regarding the kiss ( this was the first time in your entire relationship that he had been aggressive since he does not want to pressure you on to anything you don’t want to do with him ) but when he noticed you pushed him away from you, even a bit, he immediately cut the kiss short
  • he sighed as he messed his hair with frustration and offered to wipe your lips with his hanky “I’m sorry… I might have forgotten to restrict myself. It’s because… you were very gorgeous on my eyes and I couldn’t help but praise your beauty with my mouth– in an entirely different way, of course.”
  • despite your drunk state, you blushed on his remarks because how can he say that without stuttering and with a serious expression?? gdi
  • “If you wish to erase any traces of what happened, I will not have any qualms against it.” he distanced himself from you as if he’d been burned by your presence
  • you immediately grabbed his sleeves as you gently whispered with reddened cheeks, “I- It’s my first time…”
  • his eyes immediately widened in surprise “Are you really?”
  • “Y-yes…” stop biting your lip the man has almost no control
  • “…am I your first, MC?” he asked, his eyes darkening with desire
  • “Y-yeah…” you stuttered because you can’t read his thoughts behind his hooded eyes it was so intense
  • “Then, it is an honor to me. I couldn’t possibly ask for more.” he let out a soft sigh of relief as he chuckled, his deep voice sounding so sexy at the moment “I thought you hated my touch for a moment there…”
  • then he carried you bridal style and laid you to his bed, gently caressing your hair in the process
  • “I won’t force you into anything, please remember that. Then, have a good night. I’ll stay here until you fall asleep.” he said, his voice full of fondness for you
  • and you swear you couldn’t sleep properly that night


  • ya boi yoosung is a virgin too ( did not experience any intimate physical touch except for his mom and he was still a kid back then )
  • so when you two were cuddling together one rainy night, on his apartment, watching a scary movie he couldn’t help but scream his ass off and hug you tight, that in the process he accidentally planted a kiss on the edge of your lips
  • you both were stunned he was your first kiss and you were his too
  • and everything seemed slow mo for a moment?? he was staring into your eyes and you were hella embarrassed because you were so sure you smelled like the flavor of chips you just ate
  • but no, ya boi yoosung leaned in forward, eyebrows knitted together as he watched you intently while pursing his lips
  • he kissed you with eyes shut tight like he was concentrating
  • but his touch is gentle, almost feather-like that you swore it felt like you were just imagining things when it happened
  • and when the kiss ended, yoosung looked like as red as a freshly picked rose, he was blushing hard
  • you didn’t speak because you were so stunned that he immediately panicked
  • “U- uhm!! I’m sorry! Uwah! I did not– I mean, I meant it, but uhm!!” he was stuttering so bad you couldn’t understand what he was trying to say
  • poor boi he was too caught up in the momentum of what transpired and he’s a bubbling mess
  • he stopped fussing when you let out a breathy giggle and he was confused because why were you laughing??
  • “No, it’s alright…” you were so sure you gave him a hearty laugh that his face reddened more
  • “W- was I not good? Um… I’m sorry… It’s my first time…” he said shyly while looking anywhere else but you
  • you held his hands tightly with your own as you admitted that it was your first time too
  • his face lit up like fireworks and he couldn’t help but smile in glee as he fussed more about how the two of you were each other’s firsts
  • he leaned in once more, trying the kiss again
  • it was hella sloppy but he was willing to learn with you along the way 


  • this boi has bragged that he had experienced kissing before such a dork
  • but in truth he did not he only saw it in movies
  • you two were going heads to heads one night while playing FFS Dissidia Duo Decimal /he was sephirothy and you played cloudy/ and every time he beat you or you beat him, you two were bound to receive the punishment of the game Never Have I Ever
  • but alas, his character beat yours badly and he was pumping his fist to the air while smirking at you
  • “Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s time for your punishment~” he said as he rubbed both of his hands, laughing naughtily “Well then~ I wonder what I should ask? Hmm~”
  • you gulped because you know this was a very bad idea because Luciel seemed to be so passionate about finding things about you
  • “Aha! My cutie, how about I ask you… dun dun dun dun!! Have you ever kissed someone before~?”
  • your face flushed and almost gave away what your answer would be this dork!! is2g!!
  • “Ohhh! It seems that actions does speak louder than words!” he teased you more and because you didn’t want him to make fun of you or give him the momentum, you stood up with knitted brows and serious look as you marched up to him, standing just in front of his figure as he sat peacefully
  • he was so surprised by what you did that he gulped and asked, “Oh? What are you doing?”
  • you grabbed him, with both hands, by his collar and smacked your lips to his own you did not know if you were doing the right thing but you still did it anyway
  • he was so surprised by what you did that he blushed so hard he looked like an overripe tomato lolol
  • “Mmph!?” this is the way you will succumb to me luciel lol
  • as you ended the kiss, you let go of your hold and he was blushing hard you swore you wanted to laugh at him
  • “Anything you want to know more? Ah, for your information too, you are my first kiss.” you smirked triumphantly because he looked like he just lost all his powers as he turned to jelly under your gaze
  • he gulped as he tried to re-adjust his glasses, trying to cover up his blush and surprise because wow?? he was your first kiss?? and you were so badass about it omg??
  • “U-uhh…” he couldn’t even properly form his thoughts into words lolol
  • he swore he wouldn’t play against you with games like these any more because he knows you would take it seriously

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gray, berkut, & saber relationship headcanons? •̀.̫•́✧

Gray, Berkut, and Saber relationship headcanons:


  • Gray loves with all his heart. The boy will never let a day pass without telling his s/o how much he loves them and how amazing they are. When he falls for someone, everyone and I mean everyone knows.
  • Gray is actually surprisingly observant of his s/o’s quirks, likes and dislikes. He makes it his mission to learn everything he can about his lover so that he can make sure that they are as happy as they will ever be with him. He always notices the small things, like the way the bite their lip when they get nervous (and how much he loves that), or the way their eyes light up at their favorite meal. He can’t help but notice, since he is always watching them out of the corner of his eye.
  • It’s always painfully obvious who Gray likes when he falls for someone, but everyone really knows things are serious when he stops showing off in front of his partner. Gray no longer feels the need to up his bravado, he knows that his s/o is there and there to stay. Instead, he tends to act even more on the goofy side, often giggling with his partner and making eyes at them all night long.
  • Anytime someone sees his s/o, Gray is sure to be close by. He is constantly by his partner, all day, and every day. He can’t get enough of them. He will marvel at their beauty when they first wake up, drool at the sight of them getting dressed, and stares while they are sparring, you name it. Gray thinks his lover is the best thing there is in the world, and he intends to enjoy every single second he has with them.


  • Berkut is an extremely passionate lover. When he falls in love, he does so for a reason. He falls in love with the grace, the poise, the beauty and the strength of his partner. He holds them to high regard, since he is expected of great things, though if he was able to fall in love with them, they must be truly something special.
  • Berkut is a man who takes pride in how happy he makes his s/o. He knows that he must work hard to be the man everyone expects him to be, but with his s/o he feels a little less pressure. He knows that they will always be there to support him, and to understand when he lashes out. He is well aware he can be a difficult man to love, but that is why he loves his partner with every fiber of his being.
  • Berkut will work day and night to make his relationship work. He will never let his partner be unsure of where they stand. He is a straightforward man, and he will tell his lover as it is. He knows that sheltering them from the man he must be will do nothing but harm, so every night he tells his partner what he has done that day. His lover is his one and only support system, the only person he can be true and vulnerable around.


  • Saber isn’t one to mess around with sweet nothings whispered in his s/o’s ears. He is a blunt man who tells it as is, and that is no exception to his partner (though he tends to use less harsh language around them). He will straight up tell his lover what he wants from them and how he feels (though he totally blushes when talking about his emotions. He isn’t one for that mushy gushy stuff). Though he is more of an ‘actions speak louder than words man’ because of this. He shows his love for his s/o by his gentle touch when with them, or the way a small smile will creep to his face when he sees them.
  • Saber is an extremely easy-going partner. He knows what he got, and he knows that he got the goods, so he isn’t afraid that his partner would run off without him. Because of that, the two rarely get into arguments. He often jokes that he and his s/o should teach Boey and Mae a thing or two about coming to an understanding with each other rather than resorting to bickering like an old married couple.
  • Most times, Saber and his s/o are never seen around camp. That’s because the two tend to sneak off anytime they can to get some alone time together.
  • Saber will do anything he can to keep his s/o happy. He will always make the bed after one of their… daily activities, and he will check their weapon to make sure it is in tip top condition. He watches their back in battle and he holds them every night before he can sleep. He is absolutely head over heels for his love, and he will make sure he shows it every day.
  • Saber loves touching his s/o. In every way possible. Like almost constantly. It’s just how he is, he can’t help himself when he sees his beautiful lover right there just an arm’s length away.

Thirsty Note: Berkut is so difficult because he is a little sassy man and no one can convince me otherwise.

if I seem like I’m not interested in you then don’t convince yourself that I am. my actions almost always speak louder than my words because speaking sometimes requires more effort than I care to make


[1.0] [2.0]

((Disclaimer: I don’t claim my analysis as facts. It’s an analysis based on one pov. If you have something to say, please be constructive. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Thank you.))

Firstly, I’m still learning and forever will be. If you’re an expert in this area, do inform me if I mentioned a wrong fact. It helps me a lot honestly.

So, my prof told me that she believes in three things under the romantic gestures - eye contact, personal space, and grooming/preening. Skinship becomes common now that it hard to differentiate between romantic or just platonic unless there are different body languages apply. Especially in a country like SK, which skinship among men is pretty common. Even Hen ry once mentioned in Happy Together, the one thing that surprised him the most about SK is the frequent physical contact between men.

One thing I noticed about KD is how their bodies have this certain pulls between them which lead to today’s topic - gravitation (under personal space and eye contact). Some called it magnetic pull. Keep in mind that human behavioral is a big field of scope.

Anyway, according to google dictionary, gravitation means

  1. Movement, or a tendency to move, toward a center of attractive force, as in the falling of bodies to the earth
  2. Movement toward or attraction to something.

The part that bolded apply to body language.

Two person who is attracted to each other has the tendency to attract or gravitate towards each other, including the eyes, not just the body. It’s not a part of the conscious mind. It’s a part of the subconscious mind. The majority of the body languages are a part of the subconscious mind. That’s why they said our body is more honest than our mouth - actions speak louder than words indeed. There’s no lie in that. Because those actions are not filtered. It’s directly transmitted from your brain to your body then movements. It’s like responding to stimuli when the signal is not transmitted to the brain but instead to the motor neuron for fast response. It’s mostly involuntarily.

When a person got used to their partner’s presence, they tend to gravitate towards each other. Their body are familiar with him/her and it becomes a part of their implicit memory - something you do spontaneously and automatically.

If you pay attention to your parents or your friends who are in a relationship, you can see they unconsciously move closer in a room filled with people like a party or gathering or how their eyes just unconsciously find each other. It’s a normal thing you do to your crush as well. You just want to be closer or look at them. Your mind found the idea that looking or stay close to your source of interest/comfort very pleasing and joyful.

You also tend to gravitate in a sense that you want to share everything with your partner. Like when you found something interesting, the first thing you do probably let him/her know about it or just simply look at them. And you have that mutual agreement between the two of you. ’Do you get it?’ ‘I got it.’ You want to include them in your life and include yourself in their life. To have something in common. And these small things are very meaningful.

Now, time for some example~ Let’s the deluluness begin!

1. These two gifs actually didn’t happen right after another (x). KS moved closer to JI in the beginning of the video while JI moved closer at 1.00.

It’s like close is just not close enough. There was no concrete or rational reason to explain this behavior.

This one too.

When you take a picture in a group of people, your body moves inwards especially if you’re at the corner. But one thing I notice about KD, they don’t just move inwards, they stick to each other. 

Another clear example is this one. My fav pic of KD. You can see how the others were just bros taking picture tghtr.

Then we have KD glued face to face.

This is really endearing to watch. Laughing tghtr! I love watching KS laughing! See how his body just gravitates towards JI.

This is definitely not something KS planned to do.

You can see how awkward JI’s body posture. He didn’t know how to react when KS suddenly hugged his sides. And how fast KS just pulled away like oh shit what I did I do. (just my delulu side)

Look at how long JI just kneeled on the ground while staring at KS.

Still staring.

Next, JI sure like to travel~ His power is teleportation anyway hehehe (nice joke there Am lol)

Skipping everyone just to stand next to KS.

Oh, KS too?

Just KD sitting next/close to each other behind the scene.

Let’s move on to one of the honest body parts which are our eyes. If you notice the gif below, PCY also moves his eyes towards OSH.

But only JI’s eyes remained. A simple reminder here, KS wasn’t even talking. Lay was talking.

JI just can’t get enough. Another reminder, KS wasn’t even talking. JM was talking. PCY, OSH and BH were also looking at JM’s direction.

JI, BH was talking. He just unconsciously mirrored KS’s action.

This is my fav staring gif of JI’s. His gazes were so soft (just delulu me).

Flustered KS is the best. (probably be my next analysis. still in progress of collecting evidence)

Loot at these cuties. What were u guys doing smiling like that?

Ji the lost puppy.

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Jun 26, 2016 at 3:57am PDT

A video posted by ^KAISOO!VIDS^ (@kaisootv) on Oct 22, 2016 at 8:28pm PDT

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Jul 16, 2016 at 7:13am PDT

This is from my own experience. I’ve only gone to their concert twice and I got tix at the front for both concerts (e x oluxion2). As expected my eyes are glued to both of them. Haha. I don’t have any proof for this bcoz I don’t like to hold my phone/camera during concerts. I want to see everything that I can with my own eyes.

But I notice one thing tho. It just funny how my eyes were looking/following them while their eyes were finding each other. There was one time JI was at the other side of the stage and KS was at the other end. And I saw JI looked at the other side. I was sure he was looking at KS bcoz there was no one else at the other end. Then when they were leaving the stage for each interval, both of them always looked for each other behind their backs. Like checking if ji/ks is there. Maybe I’m just delulu. They were looking for each other bcoz when they found them, they exited the stage. Similar to when you check that your friend/anyone behind you, you can walk ahead. You know they’re with you.

I also did talk to other fans. B4 1st April, I never ever mention about KD to anyone. Even on my sns. But I talk to other e x o l that likes JI and KS. A friend of mine went to their concert (diff place as mine). She’s a JI stan. She told me when JI was injured and he sat on the chair at the back while the members move to the front, JI always looked at KS’s direction. I heard similar stories from other JI’s stan who went to the same concert. Then a KS’s stan told me she’s jealous of the way KS look at JI. asdfghjkl I’m like how?? She said when no one else was looking like when there was a member who was talking or doing a funny thing (audience attention on that member), KS will just quietly looked at JI. I’m …. omg. hehee.

Both of them don’t even have a reason to look at each other. They just do bcoz they just want to. But I don’t have any proof for this since it’s just convos I have w other fans and things we saw. Take it as it is and leave it as it is. But I totally recommend you guys go to the concert and just look at KD. They just have this certain aura/vibe around the two of them. Idk how to put this into words. It’s like watching my friend and her crush stealing glances at each other. The feelings are mutual but they don’t know about it. Then, act very shyly and I just want them to say hi. Haha.

I just noticed that this post is so long and I’ve provided ample of example/evidence. Well that’s it from me~ For now. Keep calm and support KD! Take care ;)

Gifs/vids/etc credit to rightful owners