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Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: THIRST PARTY SATURDAY! I hope everyone has had a good week! This was brought into being because I watched too many of those terrible cop movies from the eighties and nineties. Be warned! This is some gratuitously-written stuff right here, with a silly plot and so many tropes I literally named it Overtrope. I hope you guys like your officers ultra cheesy. Tagging @toxiicpop, @oraclegazes and of course, the King Captain @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

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“Must I be moral because Kant tells me of a categoric imperative, of a mysterious command which comes to me from the depths of my own being and bids me be moral? But why should this ‘categoric imperative’ exercise a greater authority over my actions than that other imperative, which at times may command me to get drunk. A word, nothing but a word, like the words ‘Providence,’ or ‘Destiny,’ invented to conceal our ignorance.

“Or perhaps I am to be moral to oblige Bentham, who wants me to believe that I shall be happier if I drown to save a passerby who has fallen into the river than if I watched him drown?

“Or perhaps because such has been my education? Because my mother taught me morality? Shall I then go and kneel down in a church, honor the Queen, bow before the judge I know for a scoundrel, simply because our mothers, our good ignorant mothers, have taught us such a pack of nonsense? “I am prejudiced, — like everyone else. I will try to rid myself of prejudice! Even though immorality be distasteful, I will yet force myself to be immoral, as when I was a boy I forced myself to give up fearing the dark, the churchyard, ghosts and dead people — all of which I had been taught to fear.

“It will be immoral to snap a weapon abused by religion; I will do it, were it only to protect against the hypocrisy imposed on us in the name of a word to which the name morality has been given!”

Such was the way in which the youth of Russia reasoned when they broke with old-world prejudices, and unfurled this banner of nihilist or rather of anarchist philosophy: to bend the knee to no authority whatsoever, however respected; to accept no principle so long as it is unestablished by reason.

Need we add, that after pitching into the waste-paper basket the teachings of their fathers, and burning all systems of morality, the nihilist youth developed in their midst a nucleus of moral customs, infinitely superior to anything that their fathers had practiced under the control of the “Gospel,” of the “Conscience,” of the “Categoric Imperative,” or of the “Recognized Advantage” of the utilitarian. “

Kropotkin, 1897

Opening this post with something I already said but thats worth repeating -imagine stanning Lois Lane and Clark’s love for her?!!! ZACK SNYDER CAN RELATE

more Justice League spoilery thoughts below

everyone was roasting Bruce left and right asdfghj I loved it

I just want to scream my love for Clark and Lois like thats all I want to do!!!!

I have A LOT of favorite things and they’re all Superman or Lois related asdfghj also every word out of Barry’s mouth was genius and I must protect

Victor Stone had a central role like he deserved! yet ANOTHER son under my wing

lets go back to Zack stanning Lois and her journalistic skills and her voice being the ending note to the movie tho because she Did That

DIANA PRINCE AND THE AMAZON WARRIORS MOTHERS TO US ALL *insert that gaga gif you know the one here*

ok but Zack does action like no other some of these sequences were outstanding  

Mera was so regal UGH she’s so powerful

keeping Ezra’s improv making Barry canonically jewish!

the mourning Superman sequence was the biggest MOOD I ever experienced in my LIFE

a superhero movie having a sequence thats explicit condemnation of xenophobia? JUSTICE LEAGUE CAN REALTE

it was noticeable where the two directors differ in technique and based on this movie and previous dceu outings I would have preferred to see Zack’s whole vision as I find his portrayal of what these superheroes are (and can be) much more sincere but thats just my onion

The opening mourning Superman sequence with Everybody Knows playing ending with Lois contemplating Superman’s memorial was everything that makes Snyder’s movies poignant and it MIGHT be my favorite part of the movie

anonymous asked:

What do you think of business majors? I know someone who wants to major in business when we get to college and from what little I know, it seems like it would be hard for it to avoid presenting capitalism as a good thing.

I don’t really think anything of them? Major in whatever you want, I considered being a business major at some point. Just be aware of how your actions affect others.

ـ رسولُ اللهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): الوَرَعُ سَيِّدُ العَمَلِ، مَن لَم يَكُن لَهُ وَرَعٌ يَرُدُّهُ عَن مَعصيَةِ اللّه‏ِ تعالى إذا خَلا بها لَم يَعبَأِ اللّه‏ُ بسائرِ عَمَلِهِ، فذلكَ مَخافَةُ اللّه‏ِ في السِّرِّ والعَلانِيَةِ، والاقتِصادُ في الفَقرِ والغِنى، والعَدلُ عِندَ الرِّضاوالسُّخطِ.

The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘Piety is the master of action. He who does not have piety to prevent him from an act of disobedience to Allah Almighty when left with it, Allah will not care about any of his other actions. This means that it [piety] is fear of Allah, both in secret and in public, economizing both in poverty and wealth, and fairness both in [times of] contentment and discontentment.’[Kanz al-`Ummal, no. 7299]

It’s Chloé’s fault

She and Adrien are friends

She doesn’t get along with Marinette

Chloé’s friendship with Adrien causes Nino and Adrien to become friends 

That her treatment of Marinette causes Marinette and Alya become friends

That a misunderstanding happens between Adrien and Marinette 

Which causes Nino to give advice to his new friend 

and Marinette to become Ladybug to save her new friend 

Which overall results in Marinette and Adrien falling in love with each other 

Questions for the Signs


  • Why do you hurt people without consideration?
  • Does it ever get tiring, keeping so many secrets?
  • Why are you scared of letting others help you?
  • Why do you jump so quickly into relationships only to leave just as quick?


  • Why do you need others peoples approval?
  • Why do you not believe in yourself?
  • Do you not think you’re worth more, do you not see all the value you have?
  • Do you like to feel broken or have you just learned to live with the pain?


  • Are you afraid of your flaws?
  • Do you fake your confidence so people can’t see how self conscious you truly are?
  • Have you ever stopped to think how others feel when you leave them behind because you got bored?


  • Why do you claim to be innocent when you are guilty of so much pain and abuse?
  • Can you not live independently?
  • Why must you jump into relationship before you are even aware of what love is?
  • Will you ever take responsibility for you own actions?


  • Why do other people’s opinions matter so much to you?
  • Why do you have to win ever argument you get into?
  • Will you ever be able to fully shown another person your flaws and insecurities and realize they still love you even if you’re not perfect?


  • Why do you see emotions as a vulnerability?
  • Are you so proud and mighty that you must go through life without ever letting others help you?
  • Why are you incapable of realizing you aren’t perfect, but it’s okay that youre not perfect?


  • Why do you try so hard to make sure nobody ever finds out who you really are?
  • Why does your social appearance dictate how you live your life?
  • Do you think you are only worth love if you conceal your true self?


  • Why do you hide your loneliness behind your humor?
  • Do you not see all the value you’re worth?
  • Why do you expect people to be honest to you when you always lie and deceive others?


  • Why do you have to one up people every single chance you get?
  • Why do you never take other people’s feelings into consideration?
  • Do you know how much of a narcissist you are?
  • Is there a reason you need to be better than everybody?


  • Why is it so hard for you to express your emotions to others?
  • Will you ever stop and realize other people can help you, you aren’t alone?
  • Why do you push yourself so hard and still never think you’re enough?


  • Why are you so scared of accepting the love people have for you?
  • How can you be so oblivious to other people’s emotions?
  • Will you ever learn that some things are better left unsaid?


  • Are you capable of being your own person instead of just following everybody else?
  • Why do you let others walk all over you?
  • Do you know that your opinions and feeling are just as valid as everybody else’s?
  • Will you ever let other people see who you truly are instead if putting on some “innocent” facade?

i wish people would stop seeing animated movies at the result of big name studios and see them rather as the result of the hard work of hundreds of artists who dedicated their time and effort into creating something for us to enjoy

How to Make Your Descriptions Less Boring

We’ve all been warned about the dangers of using too much description. Readers don’t want to read three paragraphs about a sunset, we’re told. Description slows down a story; it’s boring and self-indulgent. You should keep your description as short and simple as possible. For those who take a more scientific approach to writing fiction, arbitrary rules abound: One sentence per paragraph. One paragraph per page. And, for god’s sake, “Never open a book with weather” (Elmore Leonard).

But what this conventional wedding wisdom fails to take into account is the difference between static and dynamic description. Static description is usually boring. It exists almost like a painted backdrop to a play. As the name suggests, it doesn’t move, doesn’t interact or get interacted with.

There were clouds in the sky.
Her hair was red with hints of orange.
The house had brown carpeting and yellow countertops.

In moderation, there’s nothing wrong with static description. Sometimes, facts are facts, and you need to communicate them to the reader in a straightforward manner.

But too much static description, and readers will start to skim forward. They don’t want to read about what the house looks like or the stormy weather or the hair color of each of your protagonist’s seventeen cousins.

Why? Because they can tell it’s not important. They can afford to skip all of your description because their understanding of the story will not be impacted.

That’s where dynamic description comes in. Dynamic description is a living entity. It’s interactive, it’s relevant. It takes on the voices of your narrators and characters. In short, it gives us important information about the story, and it can’t be skimmed over.

So how do you make your description more dynamic so that it engages your readers and adds color and excitement to your story? Here are a few tips.

(I have a TON more tips about setting and description. These are just a few. But I’m trying to keep this short, so if you have any questions or want more advice about this, please feel free to ask me.)

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that’s not a proper confession, Baku

  • Person: which percy jackson character do you hate most?
  • Me: eeny meeny miney no one

so, on the subject of fish

I dont fuckign know guys

Building systems of mutual aid is definitely the most important thing the left needs to be doing right now. Y’all can crow about The Revolution all you like, but none of that is going to matter as long as the working folks you claim to represent and fight for remain dependent on the state and capital for survival. As long as that’s the case, any revolution y’all try to start is just gonna be a bunch of Bolshevik LARPers getting squashed by the cops.