Ramadan Reinspired: Day Nineteen

Don’t ever think that you have reached the peak of your eman because once you let the thought cross your head, you stop striving for it and your downfall begins. Your nafs might tell you otherwise, but there is nothing like a ‘top eman’. You should always aim to rise higher and higher, by improving your ‘Ibadah, and adding more actions to please your Rabb. The Qur’an tells us how much Allah loves the Muhsineen (those who try to attain perfection)

“.. and do good. Truly, Allah loves the doers of good. ” (Qur’an 2:195)

We should realize that praying the 5 daily prayers, Taraweeh and Tahajjud is not enough, there is always a potential to go higher.

Subhan’Allah we don’t even know which of our deeds were accepted. May Allah SWT grant us sincerity in our actions and give us the Tawfeeq to strive harder for His sake.

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