just ten of robert sugden’s master manipulating attempts at being a devil in disguise that haven’t quite worked out as well as first thought:

  • stages a raid in his home purely to gain hero status, only to end up having an affair with and falling in love with one of the hired men whilst the not-so-secret plan gets figured out in the end anyway
  • engraves his brother and soon to be sister in law/ex lover’s wedding rings with insulting remarks only to forget and remember regretfully once it was too late to take action
  • plans on striking the mum of the man he’s cheating on his wife with, with intentions of finishing her off with a small rock
  • hires a hitman on said mum once the threats to expose continue only to cancel and pay him off last minute 
  • attempts to blackmail the village’s local tough nut thug without concern for consequence, only to get badly beaten once karma catches up on him
  • tries to drunkenly drown his lover’s surrogate dad in a mountain of grain as he hesitates on whether he’s gone too far and gets stopped by the sound of help on its way
  • casually picks his teeth in the mirror as his ex father in law lays having a heart attack and he goes against any kind of humanity
  • kidnaps a kid, ties him up and puts him in the see through glass boot of his car but then feels sorry for him, gives him money and feeds him hummus and coriander sandwiches
  • pretends to be the dad of his creepy ex stepson to gain information to help give his brother freedom, only to f*ck it up by emailing the wrong sort of context and once again being found out
  • sabotages his ex wife’s project, plans to endanger her life and get her business into trouble but ends up hanging upside down from a rope in a tree because his responsible boyfriend wasn’t around to keep him on the straight and narrow

you’d think he’d learn his act first, think later schemes will never work but that doesn’t seem to be the case. someone tell him to never give up his day job because he’s the worst villain ever

A week of ups and downs

Company strengths:

Commitment to workshop/character

Support in singing workshop

Exploring physicality freely


People being off the floor

Lack or respect in the warm up

Consistency working as a company

Action plan:

Try individual the a company focus
Have respect for the person leading the warm up

This week has been a bag of mixed emotions, we have been working with good quality but we fail to maintain that standard this week which is something we must improve next week, warm ups are still an issue what do you guys think the issue is? And how can we resolve it?

It's an IMAGINARIUM week

The week started off quite slow and progressed and was more productive by the end of the week. The bond of the company became closer after having the discussion of respect and focus in the company. We have produced a lot of great creative work and have developed our characters bringing big physicality and energy to all workshops. Next week we need to up the game and the pace as we have 12 rehearsal days left, so focus goes without question. Keep pushing and selling the show and keep positive.


- The energy in all scenes has really worked this week and has brought a great atmosphere to the space.
- The physicality has been more interesting this week with everyone taking risks with big characters.


- Focus is a big weakness this week and talking in between exercises, brings a negative atmosphere into the room.
- The approach of attitude towards other company members and the tone of voice used.
- Letting our professionalism fall; not wearing the correct blacks (nails varnish, logos etc).


- Be responsible for your own focus
- Have a positive approach to all work. (say yes)

This is a action plan that I have created for the week beginning the 29th. This says what I have to do for this week and what work that I need to complete. This is good because it helps to keep me up to date and what work that I need to complete with the help of my specialist tutor.