A week of ups and downs

Company strengths:

Commitment to workshop/character

Support in singing workshop

Exploring physicality freely


People being off the floor

Lack or respect in the warm up

Consistency working as a company

Action plan:

Try individual the a company focus
Have respect for the person leading the warm up

This week has been a bag of mixed emotions, we have been working with good quality but we fail to maintain that standard this week which is something we must improve next week, warm ups are still an issue what do you guys think the issue is? And how can we resolve it?

Stop setting goals. Goals without a specific action plan are pure fantasy. - Stephen Covey mt=2&i=340004157. #goals #GoalGetter #goalsettingsuccess #GoalGetterNation #success #motivation #action #fitness #wellness #lifegoals #Podcast #actionplan Get the Goals You Set!

Live to inspire. Start doing good things, no matter how big or small, that could inspire the people around you. I’m not telling you that you need to be a perfect figure in order to do this, you are human after all. You’ll stumble and fall, cry and get angry, mistakes are inevitable but always try your best to get up, stand up and try again. Remind yourself everyday that you want to inspire others and you’ll set yourself a goal to be a better person, to live to inspire. Smile at strangers, help out a friend who is stressing out, give some encouraging words to someone who is feeling down, feed a stray animal on the streets or do something as simple as saying thank you to a café waiter to let them know you appreciate their hard work. Try to be an example to those around you and inspire them. A little bit of inspiration can go a long way. Never doubt the power of inspiration. Start today. Each time you feel like doing something bad or giving up and running from your fears, ask yourself, “How can I be inspiring if I am going to be like this? How can I be of good influence?” Work hard to overcome your challenges. There are no limits but the ones you set upon yourself. Be strong. Be courageous. But be kind and humble to those around you. Start today and everyday, try your best to inspire hope, love and joy in people’s lives. Do good things and inspire those around you to do them too. Live to inspire.
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It's an IMAGINARIUM week

The week started off quite slow and progressed and was more productive by the end of the week. The bond of the company became closer after having the discussion of respect and focus in the company. We have produced a lot of great creative work and have developed our characters bringing big physicality and energy to all workshops. Next week we need to up the game and the pace as we have 12 rehearsal days left, so focus goes without question. Keep pushing and selling the show and keep positive.


- The energy in all scenes has really worked this week and has brought a great atmosphere to the space.
- The physicality has been more interesting this week with everyone taking risks with big characters.


- Focus is a big weakness this week and talking in between exercises, brings a negative atmosphere into the room.
- The approach of attitude towards other company members and the tone of voice used.
- Letting our professionalism fall; not wearing the correct blacks (nails varnish, logos etc).


- Be responsible for your own focus
- Have a positive approach to all work. (say yes)

“Το Κίνητρο ειναι αυτο που σε κανει να ξεκινήσεις,
Η Συνήθεια ειναι αυτο που σε κανει να συνεχίζεις”
Jim Rohn

Good morning friends

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Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one who finds the gold.
Proverbs 11:27
Often times we come across negativity on the media. It has become a common case in the world for people to receive hate and insults on social media via comments on their posts, some from people they don’t even know. Often times we see a person shaming and posting gossip posts on their social media account about someone they know and cyber-bullying another. Because of this negativity, death by hate on social media is now an actual thing. The negativity spreading around in the media, especially throught the world wide web which is the easiest method to spread and share news and information, is slowly creating a new generation of bullies. And with bullies, there are also the bullied. Insecure and afraid. Is this the future we want to see for our next generation? Social media is one of the easiest ways to spread news. Instead of spreading negativity, choose to share positivity. Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one who finds the gold. Inspire someone today and put a smile on their face :) #stsycs #actionplan #inspire #saynotonegativity #sharethepositivity #jjh #quotes

Yes!!! Just dropped my newest video. Check my bio for the link. It’s a recap of my journey on 2014 and having a lot on my mind and I’m so greatful for it. now it’s all about the new 360 perception, new mindset , vision and drive i learned I had within me already. Time to use and apply it tenfold. #unleashedfullpotential #greatful #vision #passion #dreams2reality #create #ui #actionplan #surroundedbylikeminds #beyondthisworld #matchwordwithaction

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Day 1 of my gratitude journal and my 3rd cup of tea of the day. I used to be queen of setting a schedule, planning things out and sticking to it. My goal is to do just that from now on. It’s quite clear to me that I have to get back into a solid structure and do the things I said I would do. Challenges are going to present themselves, but I’m more the positive I can handle it; that’s where the journal comes into play. I believe it’s imperative to stay centered and be grateful for the things and people life has given us. This book will be filled with goals, dreams, actions, affirmations, situations, things and people I am grateful for, and honestly anything that I feel was significant on any given day.

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