A few of my gifs are being played in Milan alongside fellow gif-smiths Vince McKelvie, Georges Jacotey, Haydi Rocket, Philippe Blanchard, Walter Giordano, RRRRRRRRoll, and Erdal Inci.

If you’re in the area please check it out!

“Taking action from sport to art”: this is the concept behind the Action Gallery project, a temporary art gallery powered by Vans and AW LAB.

Movement and dynamism are the defining elements of both brands, meaning the gallery won’t be exhibiting classic art but more innovative and experimental pieces such as the SKATE ART MACHINE, a ramp that traces the movements of the skaters and transforms them into art, and the GIF ARTIST EXHIBIT, where a selection of international artists will exhibit work they have created with those famous moving images.

Action Gallery is a ‘living’ space, a playground where the spectator is involved in a dynamic experience that makes them more protagonist than observer.

Adam was born in Richmond, VA in 1988. After receiving a BFA from The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD he relocated to Los Angeles, CA where he currently resides. His recent work utilizes the RGB Tricolor separation process and pixel sorting algorithms as procedural mechanisms to initiate iterative changes in light and pixel structure.