B99 + Adoption AU: in which Raymond and Kevin adopt Jake as a baby.

Raising Jacob isn’t easy. 

When they finally bring him home (once all the paperwork is approved, several months after Raymond found him abandoned at a crime scene), Jacob crawls over to Cheddar’s bowl and chokes on a dog biscuit. Kevin is frantically trying to explain the situation to a 911 dispatcher when his husband calmly announces he’s successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver. The moment of panic over, Jacob babbles loudly, grins, and places a slobbery hand on Raymond’s face. 

When he enters 4th grade (at the private school Kevin had chosen for its exemplary curriculum, prime student-to-faculty ratio, and exquisite lunch program; and Raymond had chosen for its safe and secure environment), Jacob is sent to the principal’s office for punching Keith Pembroke in the face. Initially, his fathers are confused because he had always been excellent at responding to bullies – they had made sure to brief him on what he might hear, being the adopted son of two gay men. When they find out he had reacted to a slur Keith had used against another student, and when the administrators still insist on punishing Jacob for his actions, Raymond and Kevin gladly move their child to a nearby public school.

When he first gets his heart broken (on the day of his bar mitzvah, which Raymond and Kevin had dedicated a year planning for), Jacob locks himself in a closet and cries for over an hour. Raymond is offended their hard work went unappreciated, but Kevin ignores his complaints and instead knocks on the door and gently coaxes Jacob to let him in. After another 15 minutes of sobbing against his father’s shoulder, he croaks out a semi-coherent explanation involving Jenny Gildenhorn, Eddie Fung, and stupid love songs. Kevin cheers him up by making his favorite breakfast for dinner and recounting the greatest love stories in Greek mythology. 

When he arrests a perp for the first time (after spending every summer at CSI camp, joining the junior police program, and finally completing his academy training), Jacob pays his fathers a visit in his newly acquired secondhand Mustang. Kevin is appalled he made such an impulsive purchase, especially after everything they had taught him about saving money. Raymond tries to hold back tears of pride as Jacob points out the dent that formed when he had thrown the guy against the car.

When he falls in love for realz (with his partner, Amy Santiago – and honestly, Raymond had seen this coming since eight-year-old Jacob started pulling her pigtails at CSI Camp), Jacob’s fear of commitment almost screws up their relationship. Kevin had always been the one to help him navigate his girl and boy issues, but this time, Raymond sits him down and tells him about how they first got Gertie. It’s a story Jacob has heard once or twice before, but it still pushes him to sell the crappy Mustang they had been fighting about and purchase a brand new, fuel-efficient, crash-tested (and interestingly) family-friendly car. 

Raising Jacob isn’t easy, but hot damn, it sure is worth it. 

→ inspired by Influence by VivaRocksteady / @tallycola 

Shout out to @elsaclack@cassianperalta, and @peraltiagoisland for the help!!! ♡♡♡

this is my @aftgexchange gift for @sirandking i’m not sure if this is quite what u were hoping for n it’s messy but idk i kinda like it 

tw for mentions of alcohol as a coping mechanism, as well as super brief blink-and-you-miss-it mentions of riko, drugs and self-harm

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“That sweater is new,” Kevin comments as he seats himself in the beanbag next to Andrew’s, passing over a mug of coffee as he does so. It’s a small, meaningless comment - the kind of small talk they both collectively despise - but it’s something, and since the death of Riko, Kevin’s found that there are not really any other threads connecting the two of them. Silence has panned out between them for weeks. He tells himself he’s irritated by it because it’s bad for the team’s dynamics - a rapport with your teammates is essential for a successful team. He won’t admit that Andrew is probably the closest thing to a friend Kevin has around here, except for maybe Neil.

He doesn’t expect his comment to be dignified with a response; he knows Andrew well enough to know to expect perhaps a nod of acknowledgement, or a stony look his way, questioning and judging his observation. Nevertheless, the silence makes him ever-so-slightly self-conscious, so as his eyes catch the way the sleeves fall over Andrew’s hands, he tacks on a lousy “–and too big for you.”

Andrew Minyard has always been best at defying expectations.

“It’s not mine,” he responds coolly, devoid of emotion or even acknowledgment, eyes still trained on the contents of his mug as he mutters, as though talking to no one.

It’s an easy enough admittance, casual and shameless, yet it still manages to leave Kevin embarrassingly taken aback. He knows, realistically, that he probably has the best insight into the relationship between Andrew and Neil than any other outsider, however he’s still never quite got it. The logical part of his brain tells him it shouldn’t work - two people both so shattered and fiery, like shards of broken glass, in such close proximity can only end in further shattering, as far as he’s aware. And flames. It’s concerning, something with so much power, with so many sparks - just one wrong move could become a savage wildfire that burns his team down to nothing more than ashes. It’s risky and dangerous and stupid and he hates it, is terrified of it, but this admittance that comes so easily changes something in him.

Because something about the idea of Andrew Minyard curled into a beanbag with a cup of coffee and his boyfriend ’s (and isn’t that in itself another unexpected and ever-so-slightly strange thing to wrap his head around) sweater on feels less like untamed sparks and more like a candle light. And that’s much more soothing than terrifying, even if it is still a little strange to him.  

Perhaps trying to understand this would be a good idea, he concludes. So he asks “When did all this start for you anyway?” waving a hand conspiratorially to punctuate the question. And this time he’s almost convinced he’ll be ignored, or delivered a vague, meaningless answer as a result of the unspecific question, but the furrow of Andrew’s brow as he lifts his gaze up to Kevin’s tells him otherwise. It’s a strange, uncharted territory.


“You liked him before then,” Kevin suddenly finds himself accusing before he can stop himself, still processing this new information, whilst considering every sign he could remember, the most poignant being the way Andrew did things for nobody but Neil. Could only have his arm twisted by Neil. Had always drifted towards Neil, had never raised a knife to Neil, had always been straight with admittances to Neil; Neil, Neil, Neil was the exception to every rule of the Andrew Minyard handbook, the one Kevin had studied meticulously and still never found a loophole in. He finds himself itching to know more.

“I hate him.” Andrew deadpans, a reflex at this point, and if Kevin was anyone else, he’d have furrowed his brow, wrinkled up his nose, frowned and found himself reprimanding Andrew, but he’s not anyone else, so he smirks instead, because he thinks he’s finally starting to understand how Andrew works, and this kind of understanding is as scintillating as it is spine-chilling, like watching a horror film, driving past a car crash or finding a spider in your room - the kind of fear that keeps you captivated, unable to tear your eyes away from it even when you know it’s awful, and you shouldn’t, and if this is what Andrew feels around Neil, no wonder he hates him. Andrew has never enjoyed feeling, as far as Kevin knows, and something so intense and contradictory, something that can’t be calculated and analysed can only be devastating.

The words “I know,” feel foreign and awkward on his tongue, his body tense as they slip out and it all multiplies when Andrew’s blank stare shifts from the mug he warms his hands on to Kevin’s face. “Why him?” he eggs on, trying to coax something out of Andrew, whether it be more answers and information, something to help him understand, or just a reaction, something to put the world back in order and dissolve the itchy curiosity and mere residue of fear that has settled on his skin.

Andrew ignores it entirely. “You’ve reached your daily quota of questions you can ask me for free.” He pauses, as though considering something for a moment, before finally deciding against whatever it is and dismissing Kevin with a curt “You can go now.”

Kevin goes.

The next time Kevin sees Andrew, it’s because he’s paused the exy game on his laptop and emerged from his room for the first time in hours after smelling something divine. He is greeted with the sight of an unholy amount of Indian food scattered across the table, and isn’t sure whether he wants to kiss Andrew (if he was not in a relationship, if Andrew was not in a relationship, if either of them were in any way attracted to each other and if he had a death wish - none of which are even remotely true) or kill him, because really , this is not how future professional athletes should eat, but he can hear Jean’s voice in his head telling him to relax, to loosen the tight leash of control he has over his life in order for total success, thus he reluctantly picks up the spare fork left on the side and a tub of something orange, before sitting on the other end of

the sofa to Andrew.

“Nicky and Aaron will be here soon,” Andrew states at the exact same time that Kevin asks “Where’s Neil?”, changing his course of action to start Kevin down instead.

There’s a handful of new mottled bruises adorning his face from who knows where, and a nasty looking cut beneath his eye that he’s certain Aaron will fuss over later, much to Andrew’s dismay, and for a moment he considers asking if he’s okay,  before swiftly realising what a stupid idea that is and dismissing it completely as Andrew opens his mouth again.

“I’m not his keeper.”

“I know.” Again. Andrew sighs.

“Did I or did I not tell you that you have asked as many free questions as you are permitted to today?” This time, as Andrew snaps, Kevin hears it.

“Free?” he asks around a mouthful of rice, swallowing hastily before he continues. “So if I give you something, I can ask more?”

It’s a rhetorical question, but Andrew grants him a small nod anyway. “Neil and I have - had - a thing.” Kevin agonisingly anticipates his next words as Andrew scoops up another mouthful of food. Static silence stretches out between them until he swallows again. “Truth for truth. For everything you ask me, I ask you something.”


“It’s my turn.” His gaze shoots skywards, face contorting in mock-thought. “Why are you so interested?”


He rolls his eyes. “Do I have to spell it out?” is punctuated with a sigh. “Me and Neil.”

“I don’t understand it,” is all Kevin replies, because, really, he’s not all too sure.

“Understand what?”

“Any of it. It’s a lot to process.” Andrew nods as Kevin finishes, despite the answer being indisputably lame.

“It’s your turn.”

“Why him?” falls out of Kevin’s mouth again like a reflex. He watches as Andrew’s blank expression twitches and his eyes shut for a second in something akin to stoicism.

“He’s interesting.” Kevin knows how much that means from a perpetually bored man.

“He’s kind of messed up,” he replies hesitantly, though there’s really no “kind of,” - there’s not doubt that Neil’s messed up - and he isn’t sure whether his words are a challenge or a disagreement.

There’s something almost wistful in Andrew’s eyes. “Exactly.”

Kevin gets that, too. The reason things have always worked with Thea, even when others told him, told both of them , that they shouldn’t, is because she always got it. She knew what it was like to be a Raven, she knew the complicated relationship he had with Riko and the Moriyamas, she never judged, never told him his reactions were gratuitous or invalid, she just understood .

Understanding, true understanding, is unparalleled in rarity, and perhaps the most coveted trait of all.

“Why alcohol?” interrupts Kevin from his thoughts, and it takes him a moment longer than it should to process that it’s Andrew’s turn again.

“What?” Kevin asks, wrinkling up his face.

“You could have any coping mechanism you wanted: drugs, self-harm, running yourself to the bone, food addiction, therapy, adult colouring books…” he lists off, his eyes infinitesimally lighter than usual, and Kevin resists the urge to roll his eyes, because of course the only person who can amuse Andrew Minyard is Andrew Minyard. “Why alcohol?” he repeats.

“It’s the only thing that can make me forget.”

“There are drugs that could do that much easier,” Andrew replies, but there are lines in his forehead as he tacks on “probably.”

“After Seth and Aaron,” Kevin responds cautiously, “and you – cracker dust is the worst I swore I’d ever do. And that–” he pauses again, mind casting him back to nights at Eden, panic attacks in toilet stalls and the burn in his throat that leaves his brain null and void of all things Evermore. “–It’s not enough on its own.”

“It’s weak. And unhealthy.”

“I know.” He replies, and there’s something cold and cumbersome building up at the pit of his stomach as the topic is stretched out like an elastic band, millimetres away from snapping or closing back in on itself, so he tries his hardest not to trip over words as they stumble out of his mouth. “It’s my turn again. How does it work - you and him - after everything? Your past. How do you–”

“No.” Andrew cuts him off, fists clenching tighter around the cutlery in his hands. “You don’t get to ask that. Something else.”

Kevin doesn’t say sorry, but his face does, even if there’s something about pulling a reaction out of Andrew that sets his nerves on fire. “What are you scared of?”

Andrew blinks at him once, empty composure regained. “Heights.”

Kevin’s face wrinkles up. How can a man who has spent so long mocking Kevin for his fears of the Moriyamas, of the Ravens, of death , be afraid of something so trivial, something that is a fear of death, in a way, in itself. “I thought you said you weren’t afraid of death.”

“I’m not.” Andrew replies, a hint of a sneer on his face as he adds “And I hate that word.”

“Afraid?” Kevin asks, shrugging when Andrew nods. “If you’re not afraid of death, what is it about heights that you’re scared of?”

“Falling.” Andrew replies hollowly, and Kevin’s about to ask more, about to ask about how he can go to a rooftop so often with Neil - does Neil know? - when the conversation is interrupted by the sound of a key in the lock, and the two boys shift around just in time to watch a drenched Neil, looking like he’s just taken a fully-clothed shower, stumble through the door, flanked by Dan and Allison, both also varying levels of waterlogged.

As the girls immediately make their way over to the excess of food lying on the table, eyes wide and begging Andrew and Kevin to let them have some, Neil slides effortlessly into the space between them and turns to Andrew, who tentatively reaches out towards him and ruffles a hand through his hair, watching as Neil slides his soiled jacket off and finally wiping his now wet hand on Neil’s shirt to dry it.

The sides of Neil’s mouth twitch and Kevin battles with the urge to turn away, to leave.

“There’s enough food there to feed a small army,” Neil mutters, low enough that the words were really meant only for Andrew, and softer than Kevin’s ever heard. It’s more than slightly disconcerting.

“You’re a small army,” Andrew retorts, only Neil must be hearing something else completely in that, because next thing he knows, Neil’s turned around to face the girls who are still fawning over the makeshift banquet.

“Invite the rest of the team and you can help yourselves,” he states, watching with eyes showing something reminiscent of fondness as Allison immediately pulls her phone out and Dan digs through their drawers for extra cutlery.

Neil turns back to Andrew, the ghost of a smile hanging from his mouth fading after a second, face wrinkling up.

“Isn’t that sweater mine?”

Kevin’s mind may say “Disgusting,” but he can feel the sides of his mouth quirk upwards as he finds Andrew’s face encrusted with crumbs of fear like he’s tumbling, freefalling, into an abyss.

If Wrestlers were Youtubers

Seth Rollins - Gamer

Dean Ambrose - Adventurous

Roman Reigns - Eater (e.g Furious Pete)

Finn Balor - Vlogger

Randy Orton - the one that explodes things in their backyard

John Cena - Fitness Guy

Nikki & Brie - Makeup tutorial

Alexa Bliss- the one that make videos about “Signs that a guy likes you”

Bray Wyatt - Storyteller

Emma - Baker

Bayley - Slime Maker

Sami Zayn- Collector of action figure

Kevin Owens- Makes giant food

Sasha Banks - Hair tutorial

Paige - The Comedian

Naomi - Dance tutorial

The New Day - The Prankster

The Usos - Reaction Videos

Nia Jax - The one that tests out kitchen gadgets

Aj Styles- The one that make videos about “How to get free games on ps4”

I’m Here For You - Jughead x Reader

Request — Anonymous asked: Could you do something where the reader is always relatively outgoing and tries her best to keep everyone happy and always jokes but Jughead finds out that the reader’s parents are verbally abusive and the reader is very depressed and insecure?

A/N — GUYS I am so incredibly sorry for not updating like I promised, school has been extremely stressful and I’m currently in the middle of changing schools as I am not happy at the one I’m already enrolled in. But anyway, I do apologise for not updating for so long, but here it something that hopefully makes your day!

Words: 1153

Warnings: Fighting, Verbal abuse, signs of depression and insecurities

(Y/N) , (Y/L/N) , (E/C) — Your name, your last name, eye colour

It was just another one of those days at Riverdale High. Reggie was teasing Dilton Doiley in the hallway, Kevin was gossiping, as always, to Veronica and Betty about the infamous Cheryl Blossom, the local sweetheart Archie Andrews was practising his music with Ms Grundy, and last but not least, Jughead Jones, Riverdale’s lone wolf, was casually sitting by himself in the student lounge, coffee on the table in front of him with a laptop perched on his lap. Along in the student lounge sat (Y/N) (Y/L/N), keeping to herself as she always did every morning. She was always seen as such a bubbly and confident personally, but something was off about her. The first person to notice was Jughead himself. Of course, he didn’t want to interfere, as he was battling his own issues in his life, but she was stuck in his mind that whole day.

You sat there in that crowded room. Kept to yourself, nice and quiet. People greeted you that morning and all you could do was reply with a smile. Veronica, Betty and Kevin walked in, laughing as usual to something funny they were just discussing. You knew they would come up and speak to you like they always did most mornings. And you also knew that you couldn’t deny the fact if you told them you were ‘okay’, because you really weren’t and know Veronica, she always found a way to see right through someone, and that was a risk.

“Good morning, sleepyhead!” Kevin singed to you, making you jump a little from the sudden action.

“Wow Kevin, you should totally audition for American Idol or something.” Veronica said sarcastically, making Kevin scoff dramatically. “What’s up, buttercup?” She asked, sitting on the armrest beside you.

“Uh, nothing much!” You tried covering up, with your usual happy voice and bright smile. “Just so tired, was up all night studying for that test on Tuesday.”

Lies. Well, not entirely true. The up all night part was right, but studying? Not so much. The reason (Y/N) was up all night was because of what was going on in her house.

Her parents were fighting, almost getting the extreme cases were she would have 911 on speed dial on her phone. It wasn’t physically, but it was loud. Too loud in fact. She was worried the whole neighbourhood would hear them. But as he always tried making situations better, she interfered, but it made it worse. By this time, she was up in her room, sitting on her bed, trying to not cry as she didn’t want to make them more angry. She never fell asleep that night.

Unlucky for Jughead, he was walking home from Archie’s one night when he heard the screams. He instantly knew it was (Y/N)’s house. He knew if he knocked on the door, it could escalate. He ran behind a bush, listening in knowing that if it did get worse, he would call the police. And as soon as he crouched down, it all went quiet. Peeking up to look at the house, the lights were all off, signalling that they all went to sleep. He stood up, up at her window. Light completely off. He took out his phone which sat in the pocket of his jacket, going through his contacts and selected her number. He hesitated before doing so. They only talked a handful of times, he did like her, but he knew something was up and he didn’t want to interfere. He shook his doubts, typing away before clicking send and shoving his phone back in his pocket. One last glance, he walked back to the Drive In to where he lived.

The end of science class was the relief to your day. Keen to get out of the classroom, you gathered your things and stuffed them in your bag, taking your time as you wanted to be as far away from everybody. The only other person competing with you still in the class was Jughead. You looked up every now and then as you continued putting your things away. Just as you remembered, you hadn’t checked your phone since that yesterday afternoon before the fight. You turned on your phone, sitting back down in your seat, waiting for your phone to startup. The room was quiet, although you could hear Jughead’s steady breathing. As soon as your phone buzzed, signalling it was turned on, another vibration went through your hand. The long awaited messaged was finally received.

‘Jughead: I’m here for you’

All she did was just read that message over and over again. She noticed everyday after school, Jughead, Archie and her would get the bus home every afternoon, the two of them going in the same direction as she just went home. Everyone knew Jughead lived at the Drive In, yet the rumour was that it was going to be demolished by Archie’s dad’s company with a little help from Hiram Lodge, Veronica’s dad. She quickly put her phone back in her pocket, zipping up her backpack as she slung it over her shoulder. She got up from sitting at her desk before slowly making her way to Jughead’s.

“Why did you send the message?” (Y/N) asked, standing directly opposite him.

“Look, I mean, I didn’t want to interfere or anything but..”

“You heard, didn’t you.” She cut him off, looking down at the floor in guilt. All he could do was nod.

“(Y/N), I’ve seen you a lot lately looking down and believe me, I have my own problems I should be working on and trying to fix, but I just.. I don’t know.” Jughead sighed, shrugging his shoulders.

“Jughead.. I..I,” You paused, looking back up into his eyes. “Thank you. It’s just, well, right now I’m shocked. I mean, no offence but you don’t seem like the type of person to ask if anyone would be okay.” She sarcastically said, making him chuckle along with herself.

“Well yeah but, with you, I can make an exception.” Those words? Our of Jughead Jones’ mouth? That couldn’t have just happened.

Wait, wait… why me?” She said, almost in a whisper. There was a pause, not too long but not too short.

“Maybe because I like you?” He went serious at this point. “Maybe because I’ve been a chicken to confess that I liked you since you came to school?”

“Jughead, thank you. Not for telling me you like me, but for just caring enough to ask if I’m okay.”  She smiled at him, closing her eyes as she placed a soft kiss against his cheek. She opened her eyes once again before fixing the bag that was clung onto her shoulder. She smiled at him before walking off into the busy hallways once again. Jughead stood there, a goofy smile playing on his lips before snapping back into reality.

A/N —Thank you guys so much for waiting so long! I feel like this wasn’t exactly how I hoped the request thought it would be, but my mind is literally a mess at the moment so I apologise in advance. I hope you enjoy it because I tried my hardest as I haven’t written in so long, but yeaaahh

Kevin and Nazz enter the factory well after Ed and Eddy have left.

See, if Kevin didn’t have that bent tire they would have gotten to the factory in a heartbeat and captured the Eds.

Okay, I just realized that Kevin and Nazz came through the door that the Eds didn’t batter through. Was it really unlocked the whole time? The Eds were quite excited so they may have automatically believed that it was locked. If this is true then it add to my theory that this factory was abandoned.

Kevin has to take his bike inside. Well, maybe I would too considering they’re in an area which is unknown to them. You never know what could be out there, Like the possible killer who Eddy may have inadvertently killed in the woods.

Upon Nazz questioning the rubber snakes Kevin shushes her. Or rather he says, ‘shup’.He practically told his girl friend to shut up!

And Nazz is completely head over heels by this.

She likes being talked down to? Or she thought it made Kevin look really cute.

What does Nazz find so attractive in Kevin? They’ve been close friends for a while. I think it’s because they’re able to tell one another about anything as they’re able to relate to having divorced parents. 

Kevin has always seen Nazz for herself. Once he learns that he has feelings towards her Kevin thinks he should act differently. They were never meant to be in a relationship. They were better friends. A relationship may work out later on once they understand love and themselves.

Nazz points out the lit up office. 

Edd left the door open when he emerged from the office. Maybe he closed it offscreen. The only reason it magically closed itself is for Kevin’s cop routine we’ll see in a moment.

“You are so on fire today, Nazz!” Kevin remarks as he playfully and roughly punches Nazz on the arm.

These are my favorite screenshots which really describes how the true Nazz feels.

What did Kevin mean by that?

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Save Justice League Action!

I noticed that the Cartoon Network show Justice League Action hasn’t been renewed and may face cancellation! We have to save this show! There have been 52 episodes made with 24 aired in the UK and about 14 episodes here in the USA. Thanks to the ever present Teen Titans Go, this show has not been given the proper credit it deserves with a 7:30 AM on a Saturday timeslot. This show actually is really funny with both non-reference humor and reference humor regarding the source material! This show has fricking Kevin Conroy as Batman in it!And Mark Hamill playing both Joker and Swamp Thing! What more could you ask for?! I don’t want a good show like this to be tossed in the dump with even being given a chance!

Let’s save Justice League Action!

Remember, watch JLA as it airs at 7:30 AM on Saturdays!

It’ll be tough getting up that early but,… fingers crossed….


Baby Driver review

Edgar Wright can do no wrong. This may seem like a horrible pun, and it is, but after seeing his latest cinematic offering, Baby Driver, I think it’s a pretty safe thing to say. Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and now Baby Driver… the man just seems incapable of disappointing with his films. This film was still a risky move for Edgar Wright; the man is known mostly for comedic films, or at least films where comedy is a huge selling point. Scot Pilgrim and Hot Fuzz are both action-comedies, whereas Baby Driver is more of an action crime thriller with comedic elements (hey, Wright’s not just gonna drop his signature style, is he?). It is also a low budget film where Wright insisted all the stunts and driving be done with practical effects rather than CGI, and it was originally going to be tossed in August, which is a dump month for… but after being screened at South By Southwest and receiving critical acclaim up the wazoo, it was pushed on up to June. The riskiness of jumping into another genre paid off, because Baby Driver made up its production budget its opening weekend and is still going strong!

In short, this movie is a massive sleeper hit, and for very good reason: it’s fantastic, stylish, exhilarating, and populated by some of the finest actors playing the most intriguing characters in a crime film since The Usual Suspects or GoodFellas. So what story could produce characters so good? Well, let me tell you! The story centers on a young man known only as “Baby.” Baby is the getaway driver for a criminal kingpin known as Doc, who has a gang of bank robbers he sends out to commit crimes. Baby is a kid with a tragic past, as an accident claimed his mother’s life and gave him tinnitus, which is why he constantly listens to an iPod at all times. One day, he meets a lovely young waitress named Deborah, and the two soon fall in love… and now Baby finally has a reason to leave the criminal world behind after his last job. But things never turn out so easy, do they?

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vfxsup BTS workflow for a heart pull/replace step1. Plunge hand into chest step2. Freeze and do not move, Kevin will put a heart in your hand or take it away step3. continue action after Kevin has left frame. Not only is kevin a props ninja, he is also a leather crafty with some super cool belts and wearables~!  Check him out~! @krsd_leather Kevin Santarossa krsd (cursed) leather Custom hand dyed and handcrafted wearable art. Created locally in Vancouver. (x)

(Veronica x Reader): It’s a Quintessential Rite of Passage

Summary: The Drive In is closing and everyone is going, it’s a rite of passage to go with a date after all. Reader has a crush on Veronica and is trying to figure out how to make it a date and admit her feelings.

Word Count: 2716

Warnings: (Kissing I guess)

Author’s Note: This gets a little bit rambly in the readers thoughts but I figured that’s pretty on brand for the character but it is a little hard to read (apologies for any spelling/grammar mistakes)

You were sitting in your booth at Pop’s with the rest of the gang, minus Archie, you were squeezed in on one side of the booth by Jughead and Betty, Kevin and Veronica were across the table from you. You’d been picking at your fries as Jughead angrily ate most of them while complaining about how the drive-in was closing. Everyone else was listening quietly, no one really cared as much as Jughead, but all of you were trying to be supportive. 

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Driving Ms.Daisy

Synopsis: you go away for the weekend to a theme park opening with your friends. With two friends hoping to ride a different kind of rollercoaster with you.

Pairings: Jugheadxreader, archiexreader, ( Joaquin x Kevin and Betty x Veronica mentioned.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, reckless driving? Don’t be an idiot like the Reader in this is.

A/N. Not requested, just came out of my lil brain tonight, poorly edited.


“We’re going to die”
“We’re not going to die Archie, calm down”
“We’re going to die”
“We’re not going to…GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY JACKASS!!!”
“I agree, we’re definitely going to die” Joaquin chimes in from the backseat.
“Would you babies calm down for christ sakes I know what I’m doi…OI SNAKE BRAIN! YEAH YOU! YOUR BRAIN IS THE SIZE OF THAT GAP YOU LEFT! SHARE THE FUCKING ROAD!…. Bastard”
“Yup, we’re dead” you head Kevin whine from behind you before launching into the rosary. You swerve the people carrier tightly around the corner, the only way you know how, sending the boys flying into the side of the car with Kevin ultimately ending up on top of Joaquin.
“Fucking hell ynn!” Archie rubs his head with one hand while the other stays white knuckled around the grab handle, the sun just starting to break behind him.
“If you cook like you drive then god help us” a now slightly green Joaquin adds, helping Kevin to sit back upright and tighten his safety belt even tighter.
“If we even live that long” you hear Kevin whisper.
“The utter lack of faith that my boys have in me is really quiet disheartening….who wants to bet I can make all these green lights before they change?”
“No!” They all scream in unison as you laugh and accept the challenge.
“How the fuck did you pass drivers ed?”
“Driver’s ed? what’s that?” You smirk at Archie who was now turning the same colour are Joaquin.
You pull up to the curb finally and Kevin opens the door before sliding out onto the ground and practically kissing it. You roll your eyes at the actions as Archie joins Kevin by lying flat out on the pavement with Joaquin close after.

Jughead struts out of the house laughing at the sight of the lads((guys, boys etc.))
“Let me guess, yn’ driving?” Jughead finally regains composer as you give a little wave from the driver’s seat.
“Nope no definitely not, I’m driving the rest of the way, I refuse to arrive to the hotel in a casket” Archie leans in removing the keys from the ignition receiving a dirty look from you.
“Ah come on she’s not that bad” Jughead jumping to your defense surprises you a little.

“You only say that cause you’re almost as bad a her” a breathless Kevin announce, gaining a roll of the eyes from both you and Jughead.

“We may never agree on anything but at least we agree I’m a good driver” you proudly nod.

“Oh no no I didn’t say that, I said you’re not that bad…you’re still pretty shit at driving just not yanno, screaming God’s name bad”
“oh honey, I could make you scream God’s name in a different way if you’d prefer” you wink gaining a collective groan from everyone but Jughead who just smirks.
The dynamics of yere friendship was simple, 3 parts arguing, 1 part flirtatious banter, 3 parts genuine care for the other.

After Archie practically pried you away from the steering wheel you found yourself in the very back of the people carrier with Jughead. Betty had arrived with her girlfriend who had brought along more than half her wardrobe.
“Yanno V we’re going for like 2 nights…”
“I know, I should have packed more….”.
Archie’s driving was far less exciting than yours. He made it a point to explain how he was driving so safely every 10 minutes much to your annoyance as your head grew heavy.
The early morning start had caught up with you and you found yourself buried in Jugheads chest fast asleep.
Archie’s eyes met Jugheads in the rearview mirror, with a very firm but subtle glare coming from the ginger. Archie had liked you since he met you when you were 8 but Jughead had liked you since he met you at 6 but strongly denying it at any given moment. It was a source of conflict between them. One they had both chosen to ignore but somehow this weekend felt like it may be unavoidable.
You arrived upstate at the hotel by late evening, thanks to Archie’s very careful, but very slow driving.

“Well thanks to driving ms.daisy we missed the opening day of the theme park, good job!” You gave a sarcastic thumbs up to Archie who only met you with a roll of his eyes.
“We’re alive aren’t we?”
“I would have gotten us here alive”
“Last time I checked, wrapped around a the front of train was fairly dead”
“Har.har.har” you teased. “Let’s just get our rooms before I take you up on that train offer”.
Thanks to Archie’s break up with Val, you found yourself roommate-less and loving it. With the last minute cancellation you upgraded yourself to a big spacious double bed all for yourself, much to the groups couple’s discontent as they found themselves having to push the single beds together.

It was around 3am when a rapid knocking came to your door. Arming yourself with the small lamp from the besides table you cautiously opened the door to find a groggy Jughead before you.

“aw you light up my world too ynn!”
“Oh shut up Juggy, what’s wrong? It better be something major or this lamp is going somewhere that lights never shone”
“I have to share room with what sounds like a chainsaw stuck in a well….please can I stay with you, if you don’t let me I might actually smother Archie"

“Ugh” you stepped back allowing the raven-haired boy to step in. After returning the lamp to it’s home you found Jughead over your side of the bed.
“Oh no no no, that’s my side Sunshine” you out your hands to your hips in a failed attempt to assert yourself.
“AhHa, yeah right Sunshine, make me move” not thinking you’d accept the challenge, Jughead cheekily rolled over to face away from you.

Surprise ran through him as you leapt on top of him in an attempt to move him over.

“Ynn I knew you thought you were a top but I didn’t think you were this rough in bed!” He laughed using his weight to shift you to the side of him. However before long you’re on top of him again this time mercilessly tickling him until you’re both out of breath and he agrees to move leaving you both lying breathless next to each other.

“Not quite the reason why I wanted to be breathless in bed with you” he sighed light-heartedly as you flung your forearm into his chest laughing.

As you felt yourself slipping away to sleep again, an arm snaked around you, pulling you into it’s origin. Jughead rested his chin lightly on the top of your head as both of your heart rates slowed while the electricity between you two quickened. You nuzzled into his chest gladly and not totally aware of what you were doing.


Much love Xx