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i got in an argument with my mom over text today. I didn't have what you would call a "normal upbringing" and it really is causing me some issues now and every time i try to bring it up mom flips it around and says that im ungrateful and that shes done so much to support me and i should get over it and its just fucking me up more. she refuses to admit anything was wrong and wont listen to me when i tell her its bothering me. i dunno what to do at this point because its bothering me more and more

Talk to a doctor about your mother abusing you and see if it has fucked you and see what the next course of action is from the doctor. Our parents mostly fuck us up these days so it’s not unusual if you have issues. Just see how to deal with rhem and move away from your mom if she’s really bad. The ideal path is to help her see how she’s affected you and reconcile that shit right up, but she probably has issues too so it probably won’t be easy or soon. Maybe one day you both get along really well and forgive each other for the past, but it’s something you work towards as you both heal. In the meantime, try to get safe. You can only really start healing once you’re out of the shit.


With a new Captain America movie out, I was reminded that Chris Evans has a small, but really funny part in Scott Pilgrim v The World. They did all these fake movie posters for his character that were in the background… some of them are really funny.

My favourite is the tag line for Action Doctor:

‘Good news is you’re going to live, the bad news is he is going to kill you.’


GALLIFREY: “Tales of intrigue and political manoeuvring from the seat of Time Lord power. Join Romana, Leela, and K9 as they find enemies on all sides in a delicate game with the fate of Gallifrey hanging in the balance.”


Tribute to the Action Doctor - Part One

Despite his advancing years (Jon Pertwee was 51 when he took up the mantle of the Doctor), the Third Doctor’s time on Earth introduced us to a side of the Doctor that we hadn’t seen before. Facing off against mooks and goons for the first time, the Doctor showed us that he wasn’t just superior in intelligence, but also in hand-to-hand combat.


In the spirit of the fake action movie posters featuring evil ex No. 2 - Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs The World (The news papers at the top there) I decided to try my own hand at making a cheesy action movie poster starring the half-man half-cliché himself. 

Not too fond of how the titles at the bottom turned out but the rest i think looks pretty sweet.

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