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President’s budget proposal to eliminate federal library funding

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Do we need to tell you we aren’t thrilled about the President’s budget? Didn’t think so.

This is just the first of many calls to action we’ll be posting, but for now here’s what you can do:

  1. Call your Members of Congress and ask them to publicly oppose wiping out IMLS, and ask them to commit to fighting for federal library funding.
  2. Share your library’s IMLS story using the #SaveIMLS tag - tell us how IMLS funding supports your local community.
  3. Sign up to receive our Action Alerts - we will let you know when and how to take action, and send you talking points and background information.

If you need some background information about IMLS or the appropriations process, you can check out this IMLS database or our most recent blog post on the subject of LSTA and IAL..

Writing the Climax & Resolution

Anonymous asked: “Lately I noticed that I’ve been having trouble with the scenes leading up to a climatic moment. They just don’t feel climatic enough. Do you have any tips?”

I want to preface this by saying this is not going to be an end-all-be-all on endings or anything remotely like that. It is a few thoughts here and now specifically for this question. Now, let’s get to it. 

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On the heels of what was another successful educational event at the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center here in Baton Rouge, it literally *KILLS ME* to see this posted by Kevin McCurley of NERD in response to what is now a HUGE threat to Zoos, Aquariums, and individuals like myself and my fiance who have dedicated our personal and professional lives to showing children and adults the wonders of the reptile world through safe educational outlets. THIS is why it is so important to pay close attention to what you say, what you post, and how you portray your animals! From Kevin:

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Action Alert: Protect Federal Library Funding

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The Trump Administration recently released its proposed federal budget for FY2018. The Institute of Museum of Library Services (IMLS), the independent agency that administers the bulk of federal library funding under the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA),is included in the list of independent agencies whose budgets the proposal recommends eliminating.

There’s an easy way for you to help - call your Senator today and ask them to sign the Dear Appropriator letters supporting LSTA and IAL.

These letters support $186.6 million for the Library Services and Technology Act, which goes to every state in the country for them to decide how best to use it, and $27 million for the Innovative Approaches to Literacy Program that buys books and other supplies for kids from the poorest communities across the country. For more information about these programs, check out our other posts about appropriations.

Members of the Senate have only until May 19th to sign the separate LSTA and IAL “Dear Appropriator” letters now circulating.

Use ALA’s Legislative Action Center today to ask your Senators to sign both the LSTA and IAL letters. Many Members of Congress will only sign such a letter if their constituents ask them to, so it’s up to you to help save LSTA and IAL from elimination or significant cuts.

Five minutes of your time could help preserve over $210 million in library funding now at risk.

Want to do even more to protect libraries? Sign up to participate on National Library Legislative Day or sign up for our Thunderclap.




DATE & TIME : April 9th (Sun) 13:00-15:00
PLACE: Ikebukuro Station West Gate Area (See map).

・Join trash cleanup volunteer activity in the area shown in the map.
・No briefings or instruction. You can come and go anytime you want.
・Dispose properly of each waste or garbage you find on the street.
・Check attached videos to see how wastes are generated in this area.

地図 Map

添付映像1 - 2009年 /Video 1 - Year 2009

添付映像2 - 2012年 /Video 2 - Year 2012

Action Alert: Help us save library funding!

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The Trump Administration recently released its proposed federal budget for FY2018. The Institute of Museum of Library Services (IMLS), the independent agency that administers the bulk of federal library funding under the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA),is included in the list of independent agencies whose budgets the proposal recommends eliminating.

There’s an easy way for you to help - call your Representative today and ask them to sign the letters now circulating. These letters support $186.6 million for the Library Services and Technology Act, which goes to every state in the country for them to decide how best to use it, and $27 million for the Innovative Approaches to Literacy Program that buys books and other supplies for kids from the poorest communities across the country.

Members of the House have only until April 3 to let our champions know that they will sign the separate LSTA and IAL “Dear Appropriator” letters now circulating, so there’s no time to lose.

Use ALA’s Legislative Action Center today to ask your Member of Congress to sign both the LSTA and IAL letters. Many Members of Congress will only sign such a letter if their constituents ask them to, so it’s up to you to help save LSTA and IAL from elimination or significant cuts.

Five minutes of your time could help preserve over $210 million in library funding now at risk.


so I’ve seen a lot about this app around tumblr and a while ago I downloaded it since I tend to walk home late at night from friends’ houses in the city sometimes. I’ve always had to assume and hope it worked because I’d never had to see it in action… until I accidentally alerted them last night! when I got to my block I let go of the button but was unable to enter my password correctly because it was raining and the drops on the screen were interfering with me pressing the numbers I needed to. they texted and called me to make sure I was okay and when I did not answer they said they alerted the police! I eventually was able to call them and let them know I was okay once I got inside before the police got here, but I wanted to spread the word that it seems like this app will actually work! stay safe, friends!

List of essential oils‘ correspondences

Bay: attain desires, success, clarity of visions or dreams
Basil: intuition, optimism, psychic awareness
Cedar: cleansing, strength, meditation
Cinnamon: energy, courage, goals, money
Citrus (lemon/lime): invigorate, joy, energy
Cypress: calmative, soothes emotions, stability
Frankincense: cleanse aura, enhance psychic power, energizer
Jasmine: love, intuition, spirituality, confidence, sexuality
Lavender: balance, calming, cleansing, exorcism,
Orange: visions, psychic dreams, restfulness
Patchouli: Earth energy, sexuality, strength, power
Peppermint: alertness, action, mental clarity
Pine: energy, cleansing, strength, clarity, action, protection
Rose: energy, love, gentleness, peace, happiness
Rosemary: mental clarity, memory, protection, invigorate, blessing
Sage: purify, cleanse, spiritual visions, inspiration
Sandalwood: cleanse, purify, energy
Vetiver: internal alignment, unified energies

(source: Grimoire for the Green Witch - Ann Moura, 2003)
I want to publish dynamic, impactful LGBTQ stories. And I need your help.
So, I recently became the editor in chief of Grindr and was tasked with leading our new digital magazine called INTO. Yes, that Grindr.
By Zach Stafford

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CEO!Sam coming to work with hickies on his neck because of the activities, him and you were doing 😏 and him struggling to cover them

@tbholland​ this concept was so adorable wtf // tell me stuff

  • sam always loved it whenever you dominate him in bed, seeing you on top of his body as you take control of whats to come
  • but tonight you might have went a little overboard with your actions because spoiler alert, you apparently left a ton of bruises around your boyfriend’s neck and torso as you gone down on him
  • so as a bright morning started sam awoken from the exhausting night and began prepping himself for the day though only to realize later on that he was already behindhand with the time
  • he didn’t bother to wake you up as he saw you soundly asleep and tucked under his bed —so he kissed your forehead goodbye and went off to work
  • as he arrived, pushing the glass door open and being immediately greeted by the receptionist, he hurried towards the elevator with a bright smile —and there he got a quick glance of his reflection at the reflective glass-like material 
  • the grin that was once on his face was now washed away as he deeply became flustered in the brightest shade of red, his hand nervously shifted, and his face focused down on his shoes as he embarrassingly hoped no one had observed it
  • and so the whole day he actually had his hand stuck on his neck whenever his assistant or anyone else came in his office, in attempt of covering the love bites
Uncertain Future: 3

One Two Four Five Six

NOTE: Wolf!Jeno’s story, Wicked Fate, fills in the time skip in this chapter. So maybe read that if you want.


Hearing the familiar pattern of footsteps reach the porch, you closed the book sitting in your hands and crossed the flat in seconds. Opening the door you smiled at the long blonde haired girl standing before you. “How’d hunting go?” you asked, stepping aside as she entered the living room.

She shrugged. “A few demons, and a crazed vampire,” she took off her coat, revealing cuts on her arms and shoulders from that night’s hunt.

You met the young hunter about two years ago, in fact, she was the first person to befriend you since stepping off the travel bus that you escaped home in. The town you now lived in wasn’t too close or far from your stepfather, and during your first night here, you thought it was still too close to home. But once you met Lisa in a small diner, you learned the town was filled with supernatural beings, and even had it’s own clan of hunters, except unlike your father, these hunters only rid of rotten creatures. Your flatmate was one of those hunters.

Currently, you kept quiet, a question forming in your mind that you’ve wanted to ask her for awhile now. “Lisa,” you murmured her name, and she turned.

“Hm? You okay?”

Nodding, you sat down on the couch with a huff, frowning. “Since you’re a hunter, I was wondering if you heard anything about my stepfather.”

Lisa sat next to you, knowing this was a sensitive topic. “Y/N, Agent Kim shut down your case last year.”

You nodded knowingly, staring into the hunter’s large eyes, worried. “He could still be out there.”

She shook your head. “I highly doubt it. You’ve been gone more than a year, I’m sure he’s given up by now. And with the way he treated you…” she trailed off for a moment. “Do you think he’s that determined?”

You scowled. “Let’s hope not.”

There was a beat of silence before Lisa spoke up, leaning her side against the back of the couch, legs tucked aside. “You’re planning on going back, aren’t you?”

Nodding, you muttered, “Yeah…I promised I’d return once I’ve taken responsibility for my life, and look, here I am…” You swung open your arms, gesturing around the flat. “I’ve finished my education, got a job at the bar — oh damn I’ll miss Irene…received Eomma’s money from her will, learned more about werewolves than I could imagine, grew into my own character, discovered how our world works……” you trailed off before smiling at Lisa and sighing. “And I’m gonna miss you guys the most. I’m so thankful you and Jennie guided me through it all.“

She grinned then pulled you into her embrace. “And we don’t ever regret bringing you in, and letting you stay here.”

You both laughed in each others arms, happy and content.

The next two weeks past by too quickly for your liking. You slowly packed, day by day, saying your goodbyes to everyone from work and even ran a quick visit to Agent Kim, thanking the vampire for closing your “missing” case in order to keep you safe and sound. Lastly, you said goodbye to Jennie and Lisa, tears were shed but you three had an amazing movie and girls night before your departure.

Now you drove through the forest in your own black car, using your heightened senses to watch for any signs of wolves or hunters nearby. It took you the entire day to get here, and to say you were nervous was an understatement.

You glanced at the instructions Detective Byun, another vampire in Agent Kim’s coven, wrote you. Since he, his mate Isuel, and Agent Kim had apparently been to NCT’s pack house before, you were relieved when he dropped by the flat to say goodbye and give you the instructions to your destination.

An array of emotions filled the pit of your stomach. Would they recognize me? Do they even remember me? Gosh it would be so awkward if they didn’t. But you were also a little excited to see everyone again.

The closer you got, the stronger an unfamiliar emotion filled your chest. It was longing, but happy and focused all at once. You didn’t recognize it as your own feelings, but then remembered learning how mates, if close enough, could grasp the general emotions of the other. You wondered if he could feel your own anxiety right now, and suppressed it just in case.

Finally, you arrived, recognizing the large house from before and drove into their large driveway. Parking, you turned off the engine and sat their for a minute, calming down, breathing in and out. Gathering all courage, you stepped out of the car and did your best to quietly close the door. You hesitated, staring at the trunk with all your necessities, but decided to grab those later.

The forest looked slightly different in the spring then it did a couple years ago. But the familiarity was welcoming, along with the scents of pine, soil, and fresh air.

Stepping up to the front door, you inhaled deeply before ringing the doorbell.

“I got it!” a young voice called out and you felt your heart skip a beat.

The lock clicked, the knob turned, and you looked away, all of a sudden shy. You swallowed.


Your head shot up at the sound of your name. There stood Eunjung, the warm, familiar smile spreading across her lips. “Hi,” you murmured awkwardly, fidgeting from foot to foot.

Silence filled the air for a heavy second, it felt almost too long, you just about turned away before she pulled you into her arms. “I can’t believe it,” she breathed in wonder before pulling you into the living room, eyes and hands giving you a full examination. “Look at you, you’ve grown, your complexion is healthier, cheeks have filled out, your hair’s shiny…” she went speechless, unable to contain the excited grin lighting up her face. “Oh goddess,” she couldn’t help but giggle and you found yourself laughing along with her, her bubbly mood easily affecting yours.

“I know, I know,” you chortled, happy to see her. “I look different.”

The older shook her head. “Not by much but you look so healthy compared to the night you left I just…” she laughed again and pulled you into another embrace. You remembered how motherly she treated you from before and hugged her tightly, not wanting to let go.

But alas she pulled away and that’s when you noticed the attire she wore. Instead of jeans and a shirt, she wore a flowy blouse tucked into an above the knee skirt, but her feet were bare, used to the floor of her home.

“Is there a special occasion going on?” you asked, gesturing to her clothes.

Eunjung chuckled and pulling you by the hand through the halls, she whispered, “It’s Hana’s eighteenth birthday today.”

You stopped her, a little shocked. “Oh no, I can’t interrupt the get together.”

But she just smiled sweetly and pulled you along. “She’ll be happy to see you, let’s call it a…surprise gift?”

This time, you used your wolf strength to pull her back, freezing her long strides towards the dinging room. “I can’t, really, I’d feel like I’m invading a private moment.”

She stopped, searching your face before sighing and reluctantly nodded. “You’re feeling that uncomfortable?”


“Then how would you like your presence to be known?” She gave you a pointed look.

You laughed quietly. “How about tomorrow morning? I’d like to rest, really. It took five hours to drive down here.”

“Fine,” she smiled in understanding before pulling you in the opposite direction. “Where’d you come from? In fact, why don’t you give me a brief rundown on what you’ve been up to.”

“Can we go grab my things first? They’re in my car.”

You two quietly headed back out, then came back in with two boxes of personal belongings and climbed up the staircase, halting in front of the guest room.

“I’m glad you worked everything out,” Eunjung said as you finished filling her in. “I remember watching the news about them closing your case, and you met Agent Kim! He helped us rescue Jisung three years ago.”

You blinked. “What? Rescue Jisung? The youngest —”

But she quickly shushed you and opened the bedroom door. “That’s a story we’ll share with you for another time, right now, get your rest, I’ll bring some food up, that is if you’re hungry.”

“That would be lovely,” you sighed, realizing just how hungry the drive down made you, then snickered a little, remembering the first time you met Taeil’s mate. “Deja vu, huh?”

She shot you a mischievous grin. “Oh you bet.”

Lying atop the bedsheets, you were out like a light.

Once everyone had gone to bed, you woke up wanting a glass of water and to change your clothes. Grabbing your clothes from one of the boxes, you changed into a pair of sweats and a T-shirt before tossing your dirty clothes aside, mentally noting down to ask where the laundry was.

As silently as possible you crossed the room, recognizing the tray from last night’s dinner Eunjung had brought up sitting on the desk. You opened the door, crept out into the hall, down the staircase (a few steps creaked damn it), and maneuvered past the living room and the dining room, heading towards the kitchen.

The house was dark, all lights turned off, the only source of light came from the moon’s rays intruding through the windows. Unlike that evening, the rooms were silent, the only sounds you could here were the clocks ticking, a mouse scampering across the floor, and someone’s breathing.


Freezing mid-action, senses on full alert, you tasted the air for any unwelcome strangers, and carefully observed your surroundings, turning slowly until you met with a pair of glowing, golden eyes in the shadows.

“You really are here.”

The voice was too familiar, one that clouded your mind on those days when you felt lonely. His face sometimes would appear in your dreams, as if your subconscious was calling to him, and now, here he was.

Your breath hitched as his silhouette stood from the coffee table to it’s full height, walking forwards until he stepped right in front of you, halting inches away, eyes going back to their normal dark brown. “Taeil mentioned your arrival.”

For a moment you couldn’t reply, just tipped your head back slightly to search his face for any give way emotions. What was he thinking? Was he angry? Disappointed? But all you could feel was the same as before; longing, deep, empty longing. His eyes were almost impassive, almost, only making his features sharper, skimming a point of intimidation, but the aura about him dissolved from it’s firm alpha hold, revealing a protective, but loving and tender man.

“Taeyong…I,” you felt words clog your throat, unable to look away. It was almost funny how much you didn’t know about him, how much you wanted to know about him, how much you yearned to reveal the past two years, only to go speechless when the opportunity came. Yet the only word you managed to whisper was, “Joesonghamnida.”

The tips of his mouth quirked upward knowingly, lips curving into a relieved smile. “I know.”

You’re not sure who leaned in first but his lips were on yours, warm and soft, delicate and gentle. A part of you couldn’t help but press against him, feeling him reciprocate and your back met the counter. Arms wrapped around his neck, you could feel his body heat seeping through your shirt, the pressure of his mouth, the shampoo from a recent shower, and the evident tang of wolf.

The kiss turned passionate, impatient, longing, but content, and you couldn’t help but emit a sigh in relief. He was here in your arms, physically and spiritually here, it wasn’t a dream anymore.

Minutes later you both pulled away, catching your breath, foreheads meeting, just basking in each other’s scent. “Two years is too long,” you heard him whisper and felt him press a kiss against your forehead.

“But I don’t regret leaving,” you muttered in reply. “I’m safe now.” You enveloped him in an embrace, face pressing into his shoulder.

“No more running?” he inquired, feeling him run a hand up your back, gently tangling his fingers in your hair.

You hummed a reply and felt him sag in relief. After a moment you felt yourself beginning to doze off. “Taeyong.”


“I’m falling asleep.”

“Why were you up?”

You both chortled at his words and you pulled away, but immediately missed the warmth of his embrace. “Water. I came down to find water.”

“Ah I’ll get that.” Taeyong headed toward one of the cabinets, pulled a glass out and filled it with water. “Well,” he muttered. “I must’ve distracted ya.”

Laughing quietly, you took the glass from him and downed it quickly. “You really did,” you teased.


Whatta reunion, I’m getting emotional these two are just too freaking sweet for me (yet again I’m the one that wrote it lmao)!

This unintentionally ended up sad! ☹️

“They’re all armed and dangerous, be in and out as quickly and as quietly as you possibly can be,” Merlin instructs on the plane, “Lancelot will be dealing with the outside security, Galahad, you’re on the inside. Good luck.”
Roxy and Eggsy both nod to Merlin, then to each other and head out of the plane, ready for their hike up a mountain to the new bad guy’s lair. Roxy goes around to the front of the bunker while Eggsy heads around to a back entrance that Merlin has rigged to open when he gets there. Upon entering, Eggsy looks around, holding up his gun as he turns every corner, making sure there are no surprises.
“Coming up on your left is a door, Galahad. The key code is 7935, the USB is in the computer in the middle. Grab it and get out,” Merlin says calmly through the ear piece.
“Cheers Merlin,” Eggsy says. He comes up to the door mentioned and enters the key code, then the doors slide apart, letting him inside. They close immediately after he enters and he quickly scans the room for any danger before walking towards the middle computer and grabbing the USB from it.
“Galahad, company is heading your way,” Merlin warns.
“How many?”
“Just one.”
“Easy,” Eggsy smirks, aiming his gun up at the door. It opens and in you step, gun aimed at a threat you hadn’t seen yet, then you see him. His large glasses accentuating his glimmering eyes, his suit perfectly tailored to his body. He hesitates, trigger finger not wanting to pull as he takes in the sight before him. Your eyes sparkled, like the diamonds he’d only seen in jewellery shop windows he used to pass, your body curving like the back roads leading out of London to the countryside. He notices your failure to shoot and decides to put his gun down.
“What are you doing here?” You ask, mirroring his actions, but staying alert.
“Forgot my USB didn’t I? I’m a sucker for taking my work home with me,” Eggsy smirks.
“Don’t lie, you’re with them aren’t you?”
“With who, love?”
“Never heard of ‘em, sorry. My name’s Kevin, I work in this department.”
“That’s funny, because my name’s (Y/N), and I actually do work in this department,” you say, squinting suspiciously at him.
“Well, I must be in the wrong office! Haven’t been here long, every corridor looks the same,” he smiles, heading towards the door. You block his path, then he goes to move you out of the way, but you push him backwards into the desk. He lays there and you straddle him, pinning him in place with your thighs.
“Fuckin’ hell love, I don’t know whether to be scared or turned on right now,” he pants, getting his bearings again, then flipping you over onto the floor and gaining control of the situation by holding your hands above your head on the floor and sitting on your legs. You breathe heavily, looking up at him, but can’t help wanting more. You struggle against his grip as he tightens his.
“Well, what now?” You ask, unable to move.
“Can I have your number?” He asks bluntly. You open your mouth to answer, then Eggsy gets a message from Merlin.
“Galahad, stop pissing around and get out of there, guards are on their way.” Eggsy jumps up and looks back at you still on the ground in shock.
“Maybe later yeah?” He calls back as he runs off. You get up and dust yourself off, remembering the feel of the weight of his body on top of you.
“Oh god,” you say out loud.

“What was that?” Merlin asks when Eggsy gets back to the plane.
“What was what?”
“Asking for her number? You’ve got to be joking right,” he scalds.
“You saw her, how could I not?”
“Eggsy, you’ve got to take missions like this seriously.”
“I am! I can’t help it if someone like that happens to work for the other side though can I?”
“Just try not to let your urges get you killed.”
“I won’t, don’t worry! Just a quick, totally unrelated question though… Can you track someone’s phone from this computer?”
“Totally unrelated, Merlin, honest.”
“I don’t believe you, but if you had to track a phone, this might be how you do it,” Merlin says, sitting down at the computer and showing Eggsy how to do it. He then gets up and leaves to start the journey back home, Eggsy now taking a seat and putting a trace on your phone. Once they all get back to Kingsman headquarters and have been debriefed, Eggsy checks his phone to see where you are.
“London?” He says out loud.
“Yes Eggsy, we’re in London!” Roxy teases as she walks past him. He fakes a laugh at her as she leaves, then follows your phone’s signal to Hyde park. He wanders around, trying to find you, then the signal drops out.
“Fuck!” He shouts, squeezing his phone angrily. He looks up, scanning the area, then he sees you, walking towards him on the path and he runs as fast as his legs can take him, almost not stopping when he gets to you.
“Fancy meeting you here,” Eggsy smirks as you look up at his chiseled jawline.
“How did you-?”
“I have my ways.”
“I shouldn’t have come, I need to go, sorry,” you mumble, trying to walk past him.
“No, please. We’ll go get a drink, just give me a chance to explain,” he pleads, so convincingly that you can’t help but give in to his charm. You nod as he takes your arm, linking it with his, then leads you out of the park and to a nearby cafe. He gestures for you to sit and then goes up to order you both tea.
“Just so you know, this isn’t something I make a habit of doing,” he explains, setting the tray down on the table and sitting opposite you.
“Me neither,” you mutter, taking your tea from the tray, “thank you.”
“What brings you to London then?”
“I was sent to kill you.”
“Yeah, awkward huh?”
“Just a little.”
“Why didn’t you kill me earlier?” You ask.
“I’d like to think it was the same reason you didn’t kill me,” he replies, “and the reason you’re having tea with me instead of slitting my throat right now.”
“This could never work.”
“Who says?”
“Doesn’t matter who says, it just wouldn’t. Thanks for the tea Kevin,” you smirk, knowing that wasn’t his real name, then you get up to leave.
“Huh?” You ask, turning around, looking at him with a frown.
“My name’s Eggsy,” he clarifies, getting up as well.
“You know mine already,” you smile, hand landing on the door handle.
“Will I see you again?” He asks, a hint of emotion showing on his face as half of his mouth turns down.
“I don’t know, Eggsy,” you say, shaking your head, trying to control your emotions as you turn away and exit the cafe, willing yourself not to look back.

Nanashi from Sword of the Stranger sketched by Saito Tsunenori 

If you haven’t watched this anime movie yet, you’re missing a worth-to-be-appreciated action, samurai and historical story! The art, the music, the sceneries, the characters, THE ANIMATION!!! … I’ve discovered it only now and well, I liked it a lot … (*⁰▿⁰*) 

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Hey! I saw your post and couldn't resist. Do you still do Leonard snart? Could you do a Leonard snart x reader where it's just a peaceful evening for them with cuddles, shark week, and popcorn? Smooching too? Thank you!

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IP_LPI_NAMIBIA_04 by Ignacio Palacios
Via Flickr:
Baby Caracal (African Lynx) in wildlife sanctuary in Namibia

Action Alert

Ask your Representative to support the Email Privacy Act

On Monday, February 6, the entire House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 387. If approved in the current Congress, the bill finally will extend full 4th Amendment privacy protection to all Americans’ emails, texts, tweets, cloud-stored photos and files, and other electronic communications. Now is the time to start making that a reality.

No matter where you live, we need you to help bring the 4th Amendment fully into the 21st century by calling, emailing, and/or tweeting your Member of Congress.

Ace!Sportarobbie part 2: The Word Asexual

He had FINALLY done it.

After all these years, Robbie Rotten had FINALLY found a surefire way to make the notorious SportaACTIVE slow down! He had been practicing the method for the past few days, and he was ABSOLUTELY SURE that it would work, this time.

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heyy, i miss reading your naruhina fanfics. Love them. if you have time can you write a short fic about boruto maybe picking out his pink shirt? the spoilers are getting to me haha

For as long as Boruto can remember, pink has always been his colour of comfort. His mind recalls hazy memories of falling asleep on his mother, his cheek nestled against her soft, pink shirt with her heart beating a steady lullaby to sing him to sleep.

He remembers, he loved that shirt. Whenever Hinata carried him and she was wearing that pink shirt, he’d bury his head against the soft fabric and feel the laugh rise up from Hinata’s chest. His little fingers would clutch at the cotton and when he’d close his eyes, pink would still press against the inside of his eyelids, bright and hot as stars.

“Why do you think he does that?” Naruto asks Hinata once as Boruto presses his eyes into Naruto’s orange shirt. The smell is different- a little like noodles, a little like sunshine- but this way, the colour is the same. Pink starbursts behind Boruto’s eyes, lingering before melting into black.

“Maybe he’s shy?” Hinata suggests, her fingers combing gently through Boruto’s fluffy hair.

At her touch, Boruto turns and smiles blearily at the blurry sight of her. He sees a smudge of pink and automatically leans towards it, reaching for her.

“I think maybe he just wants you,” Naruto laughs. Boruto doesn’t get passed over so much as he does just climbs into Hinata’s arms. A happy coo bubbles up as he presses his cheek against Hinata’s warmth, snuggling against the familiar cotton.

It’s partially true; but as Boruto closes his eyes against the pink of her shirt, he watches hot pink ignite in the darkness, imagines that the colour trickling to the back of his throat stirs into a rumble, believes the brightness lingering in his eyes allows him to shoot laser beams.

“Little lion,” his parents called him affectionately for his wild mane of hair. Gold is what makes Boruto look the part, but the pink in his throat itching to be let loose in a roar is what lets him live up to it.

At some point, Boruto knows Hinata figures part of it out, which is of no surprise since she has always been able to understand him best. His childhood is littered with pink memories: a knit blanket he played superhero with, his first apron from Teuchi, a carrier that Naruto proudly toted him in until he outgrew it.  

As Boruto grows older, old enough to choose clothes for himself, he carries the colour proudly with him as he goes with Hinata to buy his first set of training clothes. A tracksuit in black is hardly worth a second look, but the pink lining, bright and hot as stars, is exactly what Boruto wants. It’s powerful and impossible to miss.

But they don’t walk away with just a set of training clothes for him. A sensitivity to pink alerts Boruto to a rack of casual t-shirts in just the right shade of soft pink. It’s been years since Hinata’s carried him, since he’s fallen asleep to the rhythm of her heartbeat drumming away under her pink shirt, but his fingers reach out and clutch the shirts on the rack like second-nature.

The cotton is soft beneath his hands. He picks out a shirt in his size and turns to Hinata with his prize. She takes it, and knowing brackets her smile like she finally understands a secret.

It becomes Boruto’s favourite shirt. He wears it often enough that Naruto ends up going out and buying more of them in bulk; but no matter how many shirts crowd Boruto’s wardrobe, the first will always be the best.

It’s a fact that Hinata accepts, that Naruto understands, and that Himawari questions.

“Why do you wear that shirt the most?” Himawari asks curiously. “What’s wrong with your other colours?”

“Pink is comfortable,” Boruto says. A mischievous grin splits across his face as prepares to launch himself from the chair and onto an unsuspecting Naruto slumbering peacefully on the couch. “And pink is unforgettable.”

He leaps into the air with a mighty roar, a lion constellated in pink and gold.

“Oh,” Himawari murmurs as she looks up to her brother. “I want a pink shirt now too.”