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Shishio: I love you

Mamura: I love you.

Shishio: This is Yosano Suzume who will be joining our class.

Think you can make friends?

Suzume: Mamura-kun! Please be my friend!

Mamura: You can just call me Mamura.

Shishio: Chun-chun. What are you doing?

Suzume: I think I fell in love.

Yuyuka: It’s Shishio-sensei right? You’re in love huh?

Shishio: It’s kinda fun being with chun-chun.

Yuyuka: Just hurry up and confess already!

Suzume: Eh? To sensei?

Yuyuka: Who else do you have in mind then?

Mamura: Hey you!

I think I like you. Only you.

Yukichi: Do you know what you’re doing?

Suzume: Did you really love me sensei?

Shishio: Sorry no.

Mamura: You should just fall in love with me.

Don’t mind him. Just date me.

Shishio: I won’t let go.

Mamura: I won’t let her go easily either.

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  • Translations: beaux-mont

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HnR Additional Cast Revealed + Live Action Tweets Part 3

“Suzume’s classmates are also familiar (like) the original work!! The cast of Inukai, Sarumaru, Tsurutani and Kameyoshi has been decided!”

  • Manabu Inukai - Onedera Akira
  • Sarumaru Kotetsu - Hibiki Muroi
  • Tsurutani Monika - Koyama Rina
  • Kameyoshi Nana - Obata Shieri

“There’s so many cute photos…! A sudden Hirunaka 4-panel theatre. “[A Hirunaka Staff Intepretation” Chun chun’s arm pose  → Shishio-sensei imitating her pose→ No reaction?   → Pulling so that she stops and waits. Followers, what is your interpretation?”

“Woah! I don’t look for a little and the whole cast is announced 〜( ´ ▽ ` ) When I was at the shooting location, I casually met Obata Shieri-san who plays the role of Kameyoshi, in my head there wasn’t anyone that sort of suited the role of Kameyoshi but after that meeting, I really thought that Obata-san mashed well and suited the role  (*^^*) “

“Shooting in nature. My heart is healed ✨ - ALAN”


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  • Translations: beaux-mont

Please credit if re-translating or taking out from source.

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Hirunaka no Ryuusei Live Action Tweets - Part 2

“Nekota Yuyuka will be played by Yamamoto Maika!! Also, an official Instagram has been started today! Everyone please start following it (^^)

“Information! I’ll be playing Nekota Yuyuka. I’ll do my best~ - Yamamoto Maika”

“Shohei-kun, you’re too much a reproduction of Shishio-sensei 👍✨ If I had this sensei, I wouldn’t be able to go to class”

“Shishio-sensei gave us some tangerines 🍊 It’s yummy and sweet. I’ll do my best Vitamin C - Nagano Mei”

“An additional cast of Yuyuka has been announced 😊 Yamamoto Maika-san little devilish cuteness was so perfect I was surprised ✨‼️ Personally, I heard that the height difference between her and Mei-chan is the same as Suzume! That made my heat beat 😳 Without further ado, Margaret Issue 23 is on sale, please give your support👍”

“Waiting to film. Shirahama-kun asked “Am I a chihuahua!?”  when I asked him for a photo 🐶💕”

“Hirunaka no Ryuusei. I’ll have to return to filming soon!! I will continue doing my best as Mamura 😁✨ - ALAN”

“Shishio-sensei surrounded by students playing well with each other 🐥🐴. After that it was the #Mozzarella cheese game where a fierce battle unfolded 😂💕 #Shishio-sensei and children”

“Today is also a Hirunaka shoot!! Shooting everyday would make everyone tired but I don’t feel that at all. Such a powerful and honest filming site!! ✨ It’s full of smiles 🙌😁”

“It’s still a bit early but, I’m looking forward to drawing the Hirunaka no Ryuusei one shot”

“ Yamamoto Maika-chan was cast the other day!! Personally, she’s addicted to the Yuyuka role 🙌🙌 - Shirhama Alan

Both of them look liked they jumped out of the manga so were addicted to them 👍✨”


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  • Translations: beaux-mont

Please credit if re-translating or taking out from source.

Hirunaka no Ryuusei Live Action Tweets - Part 1

So hey guys! I’m finally free so I’m going to start translating all the HnR Live Action goodies. I’m going to try and split it up because it’ll be such a long post.

“The shoot is going well (good job) ☺︎. Everyone, the seasons are changing so please be careful in not catching a cold!”

“Recently, the weather has been good constantly ☀️✨. The shooting site is going well too!! This photo is of Mei-chan with an onigiri for the shoot”

“Hirunaka no Ryuusei. I’m filming everyday surrounded by lovely staff. I’m with Nagano Mei-chan who plays the role of Suzume. Her clarity is awesome. - Shirahama Alan”

“Today is a Hirunaka shoot as well! The shooting site is so fun! Ahhh. I want to return to being a high school student… (laughs) - ALAN”

“Today we’ve been shooting while it was getting a bit muddy 🎥✨ Shirahama-kun, we heard that you encounted a wild deer when you were moving around 👀 After that, I heard this was your “intimidation pose”!!”

“Everyday I’m seriously thinking and feeling that it was good that Shirahama-kun could play Mamura 😭 Also, this is really beautiful…!! I went to the shooting location with my assistant Kame-chan and because Shirahama-kun was shining so much we couldn’t look at him at close range 😳”

“Hirunaka (slightly cloudy) talks. Shohei and Shirahama talking in the school yard… What kind of big talk are they having…!?”

“This is a bit sudden, but seeing these people making the story that I’ve written somehow makes me feel so grateful. Wah!”

“The result of the talk… A friendly pose ✌️️✨ Their distance has slowly shrunk 😍💕 Shohei-san is cherishing Shirahama”

“When I was at the shooting location, I met Shohei Miura-san for the first time and he was really cool as a gentleman, it’s almost like he came out of a shoujo manga I thought “This is so luxurious having a guy like him playing Shishio…!!!”. I’ve been impressed. I’m sorry for running my mouth like this 😭”

“Today is a Hirunaka shoot ☄️ I haven’t been excited on the ground in a long time 🔥😂 A flare from a stretch! 🌀”

“Practising repeatedly whilst on break…Mei-chan wants to be good enough so that she can boast at these stilts 😂 Look at the hands 👀✨ On this blue sky day, isn’t this smile such a match!? I have a video of this so please look forward to it (^^)!!”

“Shishio-sensei and Mamura 🐴 Their roles often has a lot of conflicts but… once the camera stops they become the friendly pair. These are 2 photos taken on their breaks”


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  • Translations: beaux-mont

Please credit if re-translating or taking out from source.