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Fred Jones!The Man Behind the Mystery Machine!
Omg I love Fred!He’s like my second favorite character next to Shaggy! (although the Fred from Mystery Begins and Curse of the Lake Monster is kinda pointless, I mean I don’t hate him its just… how can he be a fred if he’s not a blonde??)

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hi!! I've been following ur baby time series for awhile, and if ur still taking requests could you do one where a weird alpha (male or fem) starts trying to chat up tooru in a public place but pregnant omega means a fertile omega and and some alphas want that as a Mate and will try to take that mate (it's a really old way of thinking) (if ur not doing requests anymore, it's fine!!! I'm just a sucker for protective iwa)

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*You are so lucky you sent this when you did, because I only write this story in order and if I had posted what I was going to before you sent this, I would have had to disregard this. Good timing, anon!*

“Do you remember if we have any tofu left in the fridge?” Tooru asks as he scrolling through the grocery list on his phone, trying to remember if he’d seen any when he glanced in it earlier.

He gets no answer besides a half shrug from the alpha next to him, Hajime being more preoccupied in trying to keep the little pup bundled to his chest from reaching for things off the shelves instead. After the toddler reaches to slap at the boxes on the row for a third time, Hajime takes a step back from Tooru’s side bopping the pup’s little hand lightly.

“Taichi, Daddy said no. Don’t touch those.” He’s using his stern voice and their son whines at the sound of it, giving one more glance to the boxes before dropping his hands as he’s told. Tooru quickly fishes from the baby bag a teething ring for him to play with and his mood instantly brightens as he shoves the toy in his mouth.

Hajime pats his head, looking at his omega again, “Should I go run and get some?  

Tooru smiles, “Do you mind? I really don’t feel like walking all the way back there again.”

“I don’t, I’d rather you not walk around so much anyways. Sit tight for me, okay? We’ll be right back.”

The omega hums, waving his alpha and pup away before looking back down at the list and grabbing the rest of what they needed from the aisle. He checks the list again, comparing it to what’s already in the cart to makes sure everything is there. Tooru makes a noise when he realizes they are missing one thing off the list.

“Ugh…laundry detergent…that’s just on the next aisle, I’m sure Hajime won’t mind if I just…”

Tooru moves to push the cart, taking the few steps it took to get him into the other aisle and to the detergent he preferred, giving it a frown when he realized how high up it was. “Did they rearrange the aisle…?”

He pouts further, debating with the idea of reaching and getting it himself, knowing the earful he’d get from his alpha for it. He’s so focused on the idea of just figuring out how to reach up there without hurting himself that he doesn’t even notice the presence of another is next to him until that person starts speaking.

“Want me to get that for you?”

Tooru startles, turning his head to the side and instantly taking in the obvious alpha now standing next to him. The guy is tall, taller than Tooru himself and that fact alone gives makes the omega slightly uneasy. He rubs over his pup swollen stomach almost restlessly.

“Uh, it’s fine. I’m pretty sure I can get—” But the alpha is already pulling down and setting the bottle in the cart before he can refuse.

The alpha gives him a grin and Tooru gives a weak smile back. “T-thank you.”

“My pleasure.” And the omega swears this man purrs at him.

“I do have to get going now, but I really appreciate the help—” He tries to say quickly, moving to back up his cart, feeling a pang of fear when the alpha suddenly reaches to grip onto it, making it impossible for him to move.

“I just thought it would be cruel of me not to say that you are probably the most gorgeous omega I’ve seen in a long while…the way you carry child is just…” There’s this sort of leering expression across his face and it makes Tooru’s insides twists.

“Tha-That’s very kind of you to say, but I really do need to go find my alpha now. He’s probably looking for me…” Tooru tries to put major emphasis on ‘my alpha’ praying that this creep would finally get the hint.

The cart is still in between them, but it’s still too close for Tooru’s own comfort, especially with how small the baskets were. The freaky alpha doesn’t hesitate to try to take a side-step around it either, making Tooru take his own step to the side to still keep it in between them.

“What if I told you that I could be your alpha instead, I’m positive we could make very big and healthy pups if we were together…”

Tooru doesn’t hide the repulse at the idea in his expression, utterly disgusted this guy would assume an obviously mated and married omega would even consider the idea.

“I’m married!” He bites back at him, brows furrowing as he glared at the foul way the alpha kept on smiling.

“To an alpha who makes you do all the shopping alone? Sounds like a great person…” Tooru despises the sarcasm in his tone; he wants to hit this man in the face.

“My husband is here with me,” the omega tells him knowingly, “getting what I asked him for like a good alpha, nothing like a fucking creep who hits on uninterested omegas because he’s got the brain capacity of an infant and doesn’t know how to take ‘no’ for an answer.”

The alpha bristles at his words and Tooru braces himself, fully prepared to shove the cart into him and scream if he so much as moved. He watches as the alpha’s knuckles tighten on the cart, refusing to let himself be afraid of the low growl that bubbles past his chest.

“You should really learn your fucking place you damn bitch, I was trying to be the nice one here. You should realize the only thing you’re worth is bearing children for strong alphas like me, you should be grateful I even decided to offer—!”

Tooru realizes he’s about to take a step. He opens his mouth to yell, fingers prepared to push—

“What’s going on here?” An icy, familiar voice rumbles down the aisle suddenly and Tooru can almost cry when his alpha’s scent fills his senses.

He turns just enough that he can glance at his husband and the picture he makes—even with their son still strapped to his chest—is piss-inducing. He notices the subtle way the other alpha tries to take a step back and it makes him want to laugh.

Hajime takes slow, but sure steps down the length of the aisle, quickly unstrapping Taichi from the carrier and passing him off to Tooru, the pup instantly curling against him, burying his face into Tooru’s neck. Tooru takes a few steps back, giving the two alphas a wide berth, marveling in the way the taller alpha was starting to submit just at Hajime’s glare.

Hajime lets out a low, threatening growl, making the other man stiffen even more, Tooru hardly even has the chance to blink before his alpha has the other up by his collar and the other man lets out a terrified yelp.

“Let me make this very clear,” Hajime begins to say, voice so deep and startling that it even pins Tooru to his place, “don’t ever come near my omega again if you know what is good for you. If you so much as breathe in his direction again, I’ll personally see to it that you end up losing a couple of limbs.”

The airborne alpha makes a cry of protest, “I-I-I wasn’t doing anything to your omega, sir! I was just helping him get down something off the shelf, I swear!”

Hajime hits him against the shelf, making the other man whimper when he brings their faces closer, “You act like I can’t smell my omega’s distress from a mile away!”

The alpha gulps, expression that of true terror when the stronger alpha whispers, “If I find out that you even disturbed the slightest hair on his head, I will personally make it my mission in life to fucking destroy you. Don’t think that I won’t hunt you down if I find out you’ve done anything to him.”

He quickly releases his collar letting the creep bust his ass on the floor. Hajime looms over him, glaring with all of his might. “Now get out of my fucking sight.”

The other alpha doesn’t need to be told twice and scampers out of sight looking like a dog with his tail between his legs. Hajime doesn’t take his eyes off of him until he’s disappeared from the aisle way, turning back to Tooru and his pup and hurrying back over once he knew they were safe.

He reaches out to cup Tooru’s cheek, looking over him worriedly. “Are you—?”

Tooru just take pushes forward, moving until he’s in his husband’s arms as Hajime wrapped him in a hold while being careful not to crush their pup and Tooru’s belly in between.

“I want to go home.” He tells Hajime seriously, having a hard time keeping himself from trembling with how scared he was.

Hajime just nods and without a word takes the cart, keeping a protect arm around Tooru’s waist as they walked to the register. When they make it to the counter, Hajime is sure to give the cashier a description of the guy and brief account of what happened. It probably wouldn’t do much, but for the slim chance that it could, well.

They leave the store and he quickly sets the bags he was carrying in the car, the alpha tucking their child into his car seat afterwards—after a few necessary nuzzles and kisses to calm his little nerves. He assists Tooru to his own seat, giving him a few kisses too for good measure. He doesn’t let go of Tooru’s hand until they arrive home and he repeats the actions of taking his pup and husband out, saving the bags for last as he carried the several on one arm and Taichi in the other.

That moment of relief doesn’t hit him until he’s standing in the kitchen putting up the groceries while listening to Tooru rocked Taichi for his nap and he can finally ease down enough to realize his omega and pup were definitely safe now. He rests his head down at the counter for a moment just to let out the heavy breath he’d felt like he was holding this whole time.

It’s a little while after when Tooru comes to sit with him on the couch after getting their restless pup to sleep. The omega lets out a sigh of his own when he’s finally tucked back against the alpha again, voice soft as he murmurs, “I really can’t believe the nerve of some people…”

Hajime hums in agreement, pulling Tooru even closer to him. He lifts an arm from where it had been around the other’s waist so that he can bury his fingers in his hair, stroking it gently.

“…are you okay?” He questions after several minutes of silence, keeping with stroking the omega’s hair in a way which would usually have him purring by now.

Tooru nods once against his shoulder, reaching for Hajime’s other free hand to play with his fingers. “Just a little spooked still…and disgusted that people like that still exist.”

“He didn’t hurt you at all?” Hajime confirms.

The omega shakes his head, “No, just said some nasty things.”

“Yeah. I heard.”

Tooru picks up his head at that. “You heard all of that?”

This time Hajime shakes his head, “No, I just heard him call you a bitch and I almost went over there and strangled him right then. I probably would have if you and Taichi hadn’t been there.”

Tooru eases back into his side. “I’m glad you didn’t. I really wouldn’t want my alpha going to jail, justified or not.”

“Let’s just hope I never see that fucker again then.”

Tooru is almost tempted to laugh. “You’re such a good alpha.” He whispers instead.

It’s enough to make Hajime smile. “Let me be an even better one by drawing a bath for the two of us. We’ll even throw in one of those smell things you love so much.”

The noise the omega makes is a happy one. “You’re already the best alpha, now you’re just fishing for brownie points.”

Iwaizumi snorts. “No,” he corrects, “I’m just trying to take care of my omega who had to deal with a real shitty guy today. Let me spoil you, okay? It’d make me feel better if you do.”

Tooru shakes his head with a small laugh, “How can I argue with those reasons?”

“You can’t, so let’s go relax together in a bath for a while and then cuddle up with our little man for a movie when he wakes up.”

The omega smiles gratefully at him. “You know we are going to just put on Finding Dory again, that’s his favorite.”

The alpha grins, “Finding Dory it is then.”

TFP AU w/ Soundwave Reading Minds that got super long

I have this cute little TFP AU idea where for some reason Autobots and Decepticons have to work together, putting them all under the same roof (and eventually, it’s deemed safe enough for the kids to come back)

Also in this little scenario Soundwave has his psychic/mind reading abilities. Just putting that out there, cuz I don’t think it was ever confirmed to be canon for TFP.

So anyways it’s some sort of “Bring Your Pet To School” day, and Miko is in charge of the host family’s– unruly– dog (and maybe Raf has a bird or something). They bring their pets to base because they wanted to share the animal companions with the Cybertronians too. Soundwave takes an immediate liking to them, idly sitting with the creatures off to the side. (And is actually having a little conversation)

After a while Jack is like “Hey Miko, your dog hasn’t barked at anyone since she started hanging around Soundwave..!”

And Miko is like “Hm? Woaahh, you’re right!” So they all start making their way over.

“Hey Soundwave, how did you get her to calm down? Is it some sort of a secret space-robot technique, cuz I’d really like to know…!”

“No technique,” Soundwave says in his usual garbled words, “Soundwave just… told her she was safe.” he paused in thought.

“And asked her to be quiet.”

“Asked her? How?” said Jack.

“Is it… kind of like how Bee and I communicate?” Raf supplied.

“You can TALK to DOGS?!” said Miko.

“Soundwave can… TALK to DOGS.” Soundwave parroted, but then tapped his helm with one of his long, slender digits.

“With my… mind.”

The kids flip out, totally astonished. Meanwhile on the other side of the base, Ratchet slows his work enough to hear their conversation more clearly.

“How does that even work?!”

“Can you read MY mind?!”

“What’s my dog thinking right now?!”

Soundwave decided to answer Raf first.

“Cybertronian processors… operate on a… frequency. Earth… creatures… operate on… another frequency. Soundwave… simply tunes into… the correct one. Like a television.”

“Amazing…” Raf was already taking notes on his phone.

“So how’d you get her to use her inside voice?”

“Soundwave… felt distress. Gave reassurance. Asked for… ‘inside voice.’”

“So what’s she saying now?”

“Miko’s pet,” Soundwave turned slightly to address the impatient, pink-haired human, “Thanks you and… the others… for treating her so well. Says that you… are new… but kind.”

“Aw! Tell her I love her too!” Soundwave nodded.


“Wait, who are the others? Us?” Jack asked. Soundwave cocked his helm slightly, as if listening.

“No. The others… are… ‘family’?” The Decepticon responded, still unsure of the word’s proper usage.

“She must mean my host family! They’re her real owners.”

“Acknowledged. Pet… also enjoys…” Soundwave paused, unsure of how to say this next part. Instead he opted to demonstrate by moving his spare servo down the center of his body.

“Oh! Tummy rubs!!!” Miko practically squealed, quickly moving to treat the pup.

“Action is correct.” Soundwave confirms the dog’s joy.

“That’s a very cool power Soundwave.” said Raf with a grin. The con was surprised, most feared his ability.

“Rafael… thinks this?”

“For sure!”

“I think it’s super cool too!”

“Sooo… what am I thinking right now?” Jack lightly challenged the Decepticon.

“Oh yeah! Do Jack! Then me! I’m next!” Miko bounced excitedly.

“Could you read Ratchet’s mind from all the way over here?”

Suddenly Ratchet fumbled and noisily dropped his work down on the table, making odds and ends fly everywhere. Soundwave grew very, very still, and Miko’s dog began to whimper. With the good mood dissipating, Raf regretted his question.

“I think that’s enough parlor tricks for today, Soundwave.” Ratchet said icily, not even bothering to look over his shoulder all the way.

“Agreed.” said the faceless Decepticon, carefully setting down Miko’s dog and Raf’s bird to their rightful owners. Laserbeak trilled sadly at the loss of her new feathered friend.

“Much work to be done.” Soundwave said aloud as he excused himself, moving near-silently down the hallway. Once Soundwave was gone, the kids made their way to Ratchet and his work station.

“Guess you don’t need to read minds to know that was a touchy subject.”

“Ratchet, I-I’m sorry. I wasn’t even thinking…”

Ratchet snorted “I’ll say. Trust me when I say this Rafael: no good ever comes to an Autobot that’s had Soundwave rummaging through their mind. I’ve heard their stories, seen the aftermath enough times as proof.”

“So he CAN read Cybertronian minds…”

“Yes! Not only can he read them, but he can rip them apart…!” Ratchet spun around to face the kids fully, moving his hands in emphasis.

“Anyone who is unwilling– and oh ho, it is ALWAYS unwilling– undergoes psychological trauma AND physical, internal damage to the processor when Soundwave interrogates them…” Suddenly Ratchet spoke in a more hushed tone.

“Many bots change after being held captive by the cons. I’ve seen a few come back rambling nonsensical MADNESS having been rescued after a session with Soundwave. They are never the same… no matter how many scorched wires I repair, no matter how many circuit boards I replace. Even Decepticons know to stay away from him!”

“Even the cons?” asked Miko, already clutching her dog.

“Mm hm. Decepticons see the damage Soundwave inflicts up close and personal.” Ratchet shuddered, “It’s an incredibly unpleasant experience.”

“But Soundwave didn’t cause Miko’s dog any pain. And I mean, we offered to let him read our minds, so I’d say that’s pretty willing…”

“Hmph. You’re lucky that dog lacks the intellect to know that Soundwave is bad news.” Ratchet turned back to his work, “It’s likely that she let him into her mind without thinking twice about it.”

“Well it’s not like she has any big secrets to hide… er, besides the stuff she buries in the back yard.”

“Mm. Well you never know what sort of information Soundwave is looking for, so you can’t be too careful. He could very easily make use of the stuff inside YOUR heads, considering how much time you’ve spent at our base.”

“I guess that’s true…” Miko looked towards the hallway where Soundwave disappeared.

“Hadn’t thought about it like that.” said Jack.

“We’ll be more careful Ratchet. We promise.” Raf assured.

“Good to hear. Now go get ready, it’s almost dark and it’s time for you kids to go home.”

While Raf and Jack are packing up their stuff, Miko makes a quick run to Soundwave’s quarters to peek in. Unsurprisingly, Soundwave is just sitting there, unmoving in the dark. It’s kinda creepy she has to admit, but she’s getting used to it.

“Hey… could you hear all that?”

Soundwave didn’t respond, didn’t move.

“Ehh, I’m just gonna assume that you did.” Miko took the chance to fully enter the room.

“Just so you know, I’m not too keen on following the rules. So I’m still gonna hang around you, whether you, or Ratchet, or anyone else likes it or not!” This time Soundwave did acknowledge her.

“Miko… not afraid?”

“No way! I think you’re really awesome! You look cool, sound kinda weird, but you kick major butt in battle!”

Soundwave did not respond. He wasn’t sure if he liked that…

“Well…” She continued, “That’s not entirely true. I am scared of you… a little.” Soundwave huffed his vents at this.


“Good?! How is that good? I mean, it’s really just the stuff Ratchet said–”

“Soundwave… insulted. Miko should be… afraid.” Miko gawked at this for a moment before collecting herself… and laughed.

“Ahahaha! Leave it to a con to get a dent in his pride if he isn’t scary enough! Don’t worry Soundwave, I’m pretty sure I’ll always be a little scared of you!” she checks her watch.

“Ah scrud! I have to go. See you tomorrow Soundwave!” Miko runs off.

“… Acknowledged.” said the con cloaked in darkness.

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But Steve having his pup all day with him like that (i think is a senator?) woman who takes her little girl with her since she was a baby, to the meetings with the Avengers (the don't mind) and press conferences and everyone is like "you can't do that" and he is like "watch me" and Bucky is just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he is a proud papa

Steve would totally do that. And you know why? Because he is not here to not see his child grow and to let their child alone on in someone else’s hands when he can enjoy taking care of the baby. So they take them to everything they can and when they have different tasks with the Avengers/SHIELD, they decide who takes the kid with them and goes by it.

At first, it takes the Avengers out guard because none of them is acostumbred to kids but Clint (and Thor, since some of his friends and men has their kids and he plays with them too). They get with it quickly, especially since the kid is really well behaved, the baby doesn’t even do much noise unless they didn’t bring any toys or if she/him is hungry. Also, it helps that the pup is always calm in his daddy’s presence (Steve is daddy and Bucky is papa) or playing with papa’s shiny fingers. Sometimes, the Avengers take turns to play with the pup or just take care of him/her; Thor is always happy to play with him/her and Tony is always doing something that could or not please the pup.

Soon, everyone else starts noticing this, that they don’t go anywhere without the pup and it makes some people uncomfortable and when they voice their negative opinions, Steve is there to not have any of their shit and tells them to fuck off. Bucky is actually relief that he doesn’t have to put on his alpha voice to call out people because his mate is really, really protective and knows how to shut people in a polite way (unless he is having a bad day). Also, they are always kissing in public and, for some reason, their affectionate actions make their pup happy and the pup claps and laughs when it happens, so they do it more and people is like “eww” and they are “ewww, fuck you *kisses*”.

They are literally adorable and they are not having none of anyone’s shit.

Who Lets Her Up?

It’s been repeatedly claimed that, at the end of MMFR, it’s the War Pups who pull the lever to lower the lift for Furiosa, allowing her to ascend as the (implied) new leader of the Citadel. And it makes for an appealing story: the youngest generation of a social class previously trained to make war and regard people as things, now expressing their preference for a leader who defies the rule of a patriarch and brings with her the healing power of a more egalitarian society.

But that’s not the whole story.

The War Pups, cute as they are, are not the leaders of this internal revolutionary action. The War Pups are not the first to push the lever that makes the lift descend.

Here’s the platform, with the lever in question, before the lift is lowered:

I’ve circled in red one of the treadmill workers, because he is important. This shot is VERY short, so it’s easy to miss, but this guy is moving. By his stance and movement it’s clear that he’s sneaking out from the treadmill, likely disobeying orders by leaving his post.

After this there are a few quick shots of everyone–Corpus on another platform, Max & Furiosa on the Gigahorse, the lift control guy–looking around, waiting to see what’s going to happen. When the camera jumps back to the lift platform, we see this:

The treadmill worker has now grasped the lever and begins to push it forward, before the Pups reach the lever. It’s very, VERY hard to tell at regular speed, but slow it down and you can see the worker begin to push the lever down. Go ahead and take a look, I’ll wait.

Then, the Pups reach the lever and begin assisting, but this guy is still pushing.

Who lets her up? The invisible Wretched.

I only noticed this on my seventh theater screening of the film, because it’s very, very hard to notice. But I think that speaks to the way in which the Wretched are almost entirely invisible to the audience throughout the film, even when they’re on screen.

I’m sure there’s a critical Marxist commentary to be made here about the underclass being invisible in any revolution, and I hope someone will take on that challenge. For now, though, I hope we can begin to acknowledge that while the Pups are an important part of Furiosa’s takeover, they were not the only, nor even the first, to act.


T’is the season to find someone to smooch with dammit!! ….Unsuspecting (but willing) passerby pups or others~ 

So ye….Tres found a smoochie-buddy for the season from Pup…I mean Sheut ( @peppermint-kel ‘s )

featuring Very Flustery Shock-Ocu….ohnooo~~

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By any chance, is there any footage of "flip flap ears back"? I need to see this goofy pup in action!

There certainly is! Right on over at skookumthesamoyed on instagram, where you can find lots more (and different!) pics and videos of him than you’ll see here :)

A video posted by Skookum the Samoyed (@skookumthesamoyed) on Jun 24, 2015 at 7:29pm PDT