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The Twelfth House

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Natural Sign: Pisces

Natural Planet: Neptune

Comfortable Planets: Jupiter, Venus

What It Represents:

  • the unconscious 
  • self-sacrifice
  • sorrows and anxieties
  • dreams
  • escapism and addictions
  • self-undoing 
  • karma
  • hidden enemies
  • betrayal
  • grief 
  • unwilling (most of the time) restrictions, whether physical or mental 
  • coping mechanisms
  • loneliness

Given it’s themes it is naturally as hard to grasp as magnetic.

Everything in this house is hidden from us but still there somewhow. Like a tv left on mute; you still know it’s there even if you can’t hear it. 

It shows things that happened or were felt before we were even born, just before the first house (who we are, how we came to this world).

Where we feel unable to keep going so we run. What we are willing to sacrifice for others and the greater good. Things we push to the back of our minds until we explode, ending up as surprised about it as those around us.

Things that don’t even feel real.

But it isn’t necesarilly bad at all. In order to advance we must pay and overcome our karmic debts. And once it’s done, it gives incredible power, planets in the twelfth house are tainted with unique traits, no other house could give after all.

Twelfth house planets feel lonely and isolated from the outer world, but if mastered they are energies we don’t even have to express for others to notice them, they blend with the mind in an exquisite way, giving this house dreamy nature a direction and use.

For this we must find our sixth house energy.


**You can use the planet’s ruling signs if you don’t have any in the twelfth house but take into account that the effect will be obviously less powerful.

Sun (Leo): creates a selfless and dreamy personality with strong instincts. There’s a constant search for who they are, tiny pieces of their personality slip through their daily life and dreams, but they feel as if the left just as quickly. Their giving nature can often become martyrdom used to fill that idealized idea they can have of themselves, feeling like some sort of “saint” or saviour. At their best they can become wise and at peace with life, teaching others to give more to others. They dream to shine and be recognized.

Moon (Cancer): there’s a powerful need to escape and be alone for a while. They can be easily drained because of their absorbing emotional nature, creating a need to be alone in order to recharge. Can feel abandoned by their mother and somehow helpless when it comes to how they feel. Emotions can be often misunderstood and this people can even ignore them to the point they explode (usually with no one around), suddenly realizing what they were feeling. Dreams of taking care of others and being taken care of.

Mercury (Gemini/Virgo): inner restlessness affects the native, they can feel they lack intelligence and get lost in their heads, which makes them immensely creative. Can have trouble with thinking process and expressing themselves verbally. They’re the type of people that think with their hearts even though they try to hide it. Dreams to share their thoughts. 

Mars (Aries): unable to actively express their doubts and fears. Selflessly protects the helpless and is a fighter at it’s core. Prone to self victimization and bottling up anger due to fear of losing control and hurting others in the process. There’s an inner restlessness and desire for action and excitement but energy seems lost to them. A past of physical abuse can be common. Dreams to become a hero.

Venus (Taurus/Libra): it’s one of the most beautiful placements for the twelfth house, it creates a beautiful subconscious and when this people love, they do it with all their heart, they are willing to die for those they love and preserve that dreamy and sensitive quality only the twelfth house can give. Dreams to be loved and to love. Must be careful not to become dependent.

Jupiter (Sagittarius): there’s reluctance to expand in the physical plane, but infinite opportunities to grow spiritually. Optimism feels out of reach as well as beliefs. Is willing to sacrifice for what they believe in. Dreams to become some sort of teacher and accumulate wisdom. Meditation would be ideal for people with this placement. They are the type of people that like to do good for others behind the curtains.

Saturn (Capricorn): they may feel trapped somehow, there´s a sensation of hardship in their lives, as well as unexpected betrayal from others. The father figure may have been absent or involved in some kind of addiction. Structure is blurry in their lives and they may feel as if things are bound to fall apart at some point. Dreams of success, even though dreaming and imagining can be difficult for them.

Uranus (Aquarius): revolutionary desires are supressed or not even considered to exist in their psyche. Erratic actions and detachment can be used as a way of self destruction, but once mastered this people are willing to sacrifice for their freedom and the well being of others Just like with mercury there may be inner restlessness and eccentric dreams that are hard to find a meaning to. Dreams of change. Prone to feeling trapped.

Neptune (Pisces): this natives have great sensibility and compassion which can lead them to addictions in order to escape, so they must be extremely careful with how they deal with everything. Reality does not cage them, gifting them with immense intuition and creativity. Dreams can be prophetic or somehow psychic.

Pluto (Scorpio): grudges are swallowed and kept in the subconscious. There’s a lot of darkness within. that can be used either to heal or destroy. Infinitely complex subconscious. Need to explore the darkest side of their psyches, but reluctance to do it. This people keep many secrets and can be very unstable. There could be a past of psychological abuse. Dreams of power and transformation.

AP Psych

- what is a basilar membrane?
- train or soccer ball ????????
- how to deal with stress pimples?
- how to deal with people???????
- why do I suck at life???????????
- it’s 1 am how do I sleep????????
- how does life even work???????
- why am I labeling every action I see in psych terms??????????
- ???????????????

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I'm not being an ass, I've never insulted or heavily criticized them. When I do criticize it's because they're telling people to actively do things that will hurt themselves ( ex damaging coping skills ) my issues comes as they are saying false and bad things about psych wards and actively tell people not to go to therapist because if they do they'll get sent to the ward. I should have been more specific, sorry.

Yeah, don’t worry about it anon… To be honest it has been so long since I’ve looked at my asks that I don’t know what post this is referring to anymore.

the moon expresses consciously through woman and unconsciously through man, a deep well of symbolism and songs of the goddess, gentle and shadowing half of the human psyche. these actions can be automatic, ritualistic, and intuitive. ancient astrology suggests teachings relaying the story of one’s current moon sign reflecting their past life sun sign

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It makes me happy when people care that smoking is OOC for Shinji and drinking is OOC for Junpei like . . . you KNOW what's up and you respect the characters thank you so much Carmen

Replying publicly because 1) I am glad other people realize as well and 2) these two boys are dear to me and I want the fandom to know them better, because they are so SO misunderstood and horribly OOC (out of character) in most of the western fanworks, and that just saddens me and makes it difficult to enjoy these otherwise lovely fanfics and drawings of you fellow fans. Let’s just focus on the “drinking and smoking” part though, since talking about all the “common fandom-canons that are actually AUs because they contradict the characters’ psyche and actions altogether” are many for these two:

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