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Basic Gesture and Body construction tutorial.

I made this tutorial for a friend who needed some advice but if it helps anyone else, free free to use!

This is for basic body construction, try it from life drawing or from a website that have these life drawing poses! Remember, don’t rush the process and don’t feel frustrated when it isn’t perfect, it takes lots of practice!

“Christians have never put into practice the acts Jesus prescribed for them, and the impudent chatter about ‘justification by faith,’ and its unique and supreme significance, is only the consequence of the church’s lack of courage and will to confess the works which Jesus demanded.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §191 (excerpt).


If affirmative action was what conservatives think it is, it would look like Donald Trump’s Cabinet

For decades, the right has criticized and caricatured affirmative action — the practice of using race, gender and other identity-based measures as factors in hiring or university admission decisions — as giving an unfair leg-up to under-qualified minorities (or women) at the expense of more qualified whites (often men). This, the practice’s detractors argue, constitutes its own form of discrimination.

Trump’s approach to his Cabinet mirrors practically every myth conservatives have spread about affirmation action. Twenty-one of Trump’s 24 Cabinet appointees are white; 19 are white men, rounding out the least diverse presidential administration since the Ronald Reagan era. Considering that Trump’s picks are disproportionately unqualified white millionaires, it’s fair to say they’re getting an unfair boost despite a wealth of better-qualified alternatives.

By almost every conceivable metric, Trump’s Cabinet embodies the worst of what the right claims affirmative action is doing. The only substantive difference is that the beneficiaries this time are mostly white, rich and ideologically conservative — not to mention unqualified. As a result, Republicans will rush to have them confirmed in their Cabinet posts regardless of their obvious disqualifiers. The rest of us can only watch in horror. Read more

— Zak Cheney-Rice | follow @the-movemnt

ill be honest though, trump winning isnt the worst part, its the fact that all the racists and homophobes that voted for him will be validated and will carry out their actions practically without fear of consequence because they now know theyre in a land where being close minded and vulgar isn’t enough to stop you from making it into the white house.

My warm-ups from the last few days have had a common theme. I love the different styles used in the Legend of Zelda games. Can you guess who’s my favorite? You’re right! It’s Link! Pfft It’s totally the Twilight Princess design.

Dragon Age OC ask meme!

Send me a plant + a character and I’ll answer the question associated with it. :)

Elfroot :: What is a small, mundane thing that brings your character great comfort?

Blood Lotus :: Is your character a lightweight when it comes to intoxicating substances? How did they come across this fact?

Spindleweed :: Had your character ever been grievously wounded or ill before? What was their memory of that occasion?

Deathroot :: What is the most horrifying thing the Nightmare can cause your character to see?

Deep Mushroom :: What act does your character consider morally foul but practically necessary? Does your character condone morally foul actions for practicality’s or necessity’s sake at all?

Embrium :: What is the kindest thing anyone had ever done to your character, and do they remember or even know it happened?

Rashvine :: Who/what is the one thing or person your character simply cannot stand?

Arbor Blessing :: What is the happiest ending you can think of for your character?

Vandal Aria :: How well can your character bounce back from personal tragedies?

Forgiveness is remembering that although what the person did was wrong, they are fundamentally good.
Self-care is being cautious and not allowing them to walk all over you again.
Forgiveness is being friendly and cordial to the person despite what happened between you.
Self- care is letting them go if they continue to repeat their actions.

Practice forgiveness and self-care together.

Planetary Associations 🌟

[☾] Moon – femininity, emotions, moods, peace, dreams, imagination, the unconscious mind, memory, safe travel, protection, psychic abilities, balance, sensitivity, nostalgia 

[⊙] Sun – masculinity, self-confidence, self-awareness, success, leadership, health, employment, pride, self-centeredness, ambition, money, optimism, potency, courage, generosity, nobility 

[☿] Mercury – communication, learning, memory, comprehension, intellect, agility, good fortune, gratitude, gain, exchanges, trade, reason, duality, education, travel

[♀] Venus –  cooperation, unity, agreements, originality, creativity, beauty, love, companionship, fertility, joy, romance, peace, sexuality

[♂] Mars – power, lust, force, passion, will, courage, physical strength, war, male virility, energy, action, independence, practicality, protection

[♃] Jupiter – gain, riches, prosperity, wealth, success, luck, self-confidence, investment, gatherings, favors, ambition, mercy, humanity, publicity 

[♄] Saturn – safety, protection, intellect, life lessons, loss, past lives, law, justice, sincerity, restraint, discipline, responsibility, caution, time, chaos

[♅] Uranus – changes, revolution, independence, freedom, clairvoyance, disruption, metaphysics, higher consciousness, intuition, technology

[♆] Neptune – confusion, mysticism, imagination, illusion, chaos, divination, inner vision, perception, sacrifice, inspiration, emotions, compassion

[♇] Pluto – death, the underworld, astral travel, realms, transformation, metamorphosis, cooperation, regeneration, mystery, power, change, crisis 

compiled from my personal grimoire 

last edited: 7-15-2016

Hate to sound like a broken record but….

Non-black muns: Please, stop faceclaiming light-skin black people as dark-skin character. You don’t know how many good black muses I had to pass up due to colorism. It’s no better than having a white person play a PoC. I found many good Riri Williams, Miles Morales, Static Shock, John Stuart, Storm, and Misty Knight muses. But I couldn’t roleplay with them because their face claims look NOTHING like them. Their icons look dangerously close to white. We black folks don’t look alike. It’s like saying Beyonce and Viola Davis look the same because they’re black. We come with different skin tones and THEY’RE ALL BEAUTIFUL. Brown skin and dark skin included! If you’re not black (especially if you’re white or light skin), please be aware of the cultural issues of colorism within black communities when playing as a dark-skin black character.