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“I’m grateful to have Taehyung as my friend”

Idfk how Chris brown is trending rn w his bullshit movie cause no matter what Rhianna did or said that bastard physically beat her to hell and back and y'all out here excusing his behavior? Saying it doesn’t matter anymore? This man has abused women numerous times and now that he’s suddenly relevant again y'all try to defend him? No matter how good his music may be or whatever, he is a man that beats women and that should be the only thing you consider when you think of him.

Send me a NUMBER for your muse to : 

001. Backhand my muse.
002. Stab my muse. 
003. Put out a cigarette on my muse’s skin.
004. Hit my muse with a blunt object. 
005. Throw something large at my muse. 
006. Kick my muse.
007. Punch my muse.
008. Break one of my muse’s bones.
009. Scratch my muse.
010. Headbutt my muse.
011. Shoot my muse.
012. Knock my muse out.
013. Strangle my muse.
014. Push my muse roughly.
015. Grab my muse by the hair.
016. Bruise my muse.
017. Threathen my muse with an object of harm. 
018. Go to harm my muse’s eyes.
019. Bite my muse.
020. Tear away parts of my muse’s skin.
021. — Force my muse’s head under water.
022. Throw something scalding at my muse.
023. Burn my muse.
024. Step on my muse’s fingers.
025. Rip one of my muse’s teeth out.
026. — Slash my muse’s achilles tendon ( s ).
027. — Clothesline my muse.
028. — Harm my muse enough for them to cough up blood. 
029. — Drive into my muse with a vehicle.
030. — Electrocute my muse.
031. — Slam my muse against a wall.
032. — Force my muse’s arm behind their back.
033. — Kick my muse’s crotch.
034. — Trip my muse.
035. — Put my muse in a headlock.
036. — Break my muse’s nose.
037. — Force their fingers down my muse’s throat.
038. — Crack my muse’s head against a wall.
039. — Attempt to kill my muse.
040. — Attempt to kill my muse creatively.

You wanna be an ally? You wanna “punch Nazis?” Keep reading.
Look, people. This is fucking serious. Please read.

We aren’t glitter bombing Nazis. We aren’t throwing flour on them. We definitely aren’t going to peacefully shut them down. They want to kill us, they said so in Charlottesville. They made it very clear where they stand and how they plan on taking action. Their violence needs to be met with great force.

If you are not down to physically fight these fuckers, please stay off the front lines. You’ll get hurt and your pacifism will be a liability, resulting in others being hurt. Run support. We need more support.

-Go to a street medic training
-Run jail support
-If you’re good at using the internet (as in better than average), learn how to securely (and correctly) doxx these people.
-If you’re a creative type, write a zine about anti-fascism
-If you’re EMT trained, HOST a street medic training
-Become a legal observer through the
National Lawyers Guild
-Set up letter writing events to send to political prisoners
-There’s a lot of parents who want to fight but can’t because of their kids, watch their kids for them
-If you can cook, organize food drives/pot lucks for the larger demonstrations.
-Help people in more counseling/therapy ways.
-Help get needed supplies, such as food, water, and medical supplies.
-When organizing, inclusivity is not optional, and is mandatory to win.
-Listen to the concerns of those most effected.

Add any extra support jobs you think of.

Mingyu: *sneezes*



law: actually dies like 71648 times
luffy: gets pushed to his limit and has to use a new technique
usopp: consumes a spicy grape, smashes face, becomes god
robin: gets turned into a toy and everyone forgets about her for like 2 minutes
franky: gets tossed around by a man baby
roronoa: zoro


so, on the subject of fish

I dont fuckign know guys

I think the distinction that maybe is lost in self care is this:

self care is handling a problem in the future. You are taking care of your future self. If you see a deadline incoming, self care is writing a sentence, or an outline, or gathering research materials. You don’t have to do it all at once, but you can get your foot in the door–or you can do it, and have it out of the way! Both are self care.

It is also self care if you have that deadline, but you have been working hard all day, and you are exhausted, and people have been talking to you, and you just need alone time. You could force yourself to work on the deadline, but if you can feel yourself starting to fray and fall apart, self care is taking a deep breath and giving yourself a moment of quiet playing a game or watching a movie and relaxing or sleeping.

Both are self care but have different ways to be applied. I see people saying that a lot, but remember: it’s the situation that changes the care method. Opposite action is important. If you have done nothing, do one small thing. If you have done too much, take a moment to yourself.

This is opposite action.

Take care of your future self.

The Moon Signs & Sadness

Aries Moon: Sadness leaves them lazy and empty

Taurus Moon: Sadness chews away at their brain / obsesses over feeling

Gemini Moon: Urges to express their sadness / doesn’t understand it / wants to relate to others’ sadness

Cancer Moon: Sadness comes in waves / they let it come and go

Leo Moon: Hides a sad heart behind confidence and sometimes cheeriness

Virgo Moon: Tries to ignore sadness / has a hard time with acceptance

Libra Moon: Sadness hurts but they hide it behind a smile or calmness

Scorpio Moon: They feel like their drowning / needs time for healing

Sagittarius Moon: Is processed as an annoyance / easily crashes with actions / needs to be patient to open up emotionally

Capricorn Moon: Sadness clouds thier mind / slowly eats away at them

Aquarius Moon: Denys sadness / can get lost in their own mind

Pisces Moon: Sadness can consume them / they need an escape