action movies

Ever get tired of the “bury your gays” trope? In this new action-comedy thriller, the Gays bury you!!
The movie we’ve all been waiting for!! My hypothetical movie that follows a band of LGTBQ+ people after the start of the zombie apocalypse, including trans/nb, ace, and disabled characters. Guaranteed no fuckboys on screen unless they are getting their ass kicked.

The movie would be comprised of a 100% queer cast, all trained in combat for realism.

Real talk, I’m SOOOO happy that the critical and commercial successes of Mad Max: Fury Road & John Wick have brought about an action movie renaissance.

One where we simply are not content with “Bay-hem” (a la Transformers) and carnage porn predicated on overly testosterone-induced displays of visual grandeur.

One that particularly centers itself squarely on a well-executed narrative rife with character choices and development.

One that instinctively understands that the average moviegoer isn’t a moron and can actually handle symbolism strewn about the film.

One that understands that action is ultimately a vehicle to further the objectives of individual characters, not just an empty spectacle.