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Game Of Opportunity

Yongguk - You

Genre: Light smut/ action

Word count: 1,932

Summary: Gambling can be dangerous, so does luck.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, said Roman philosopher Seneca once.

Luck does not exist in the world we live in. Odds? Maybe. However, in the world of gambling, luck favors the intelligent, and turns its back to the ones who lack it.

So I wanted to give it a try.

That’s what left me broke in front of a slot machine, in the middle of a casino.

Such intelligence…

It was supposed to be a nice vacation, away from the troubles that bothered me. At least that’s how it started.

It was my last night in sin city and the hotel that I was staying, being one of the biggest of its kind,  it also had a great casino. A tempting one.

I was at the bar the day before, near the machines, and after seeing how people enjoyed themselves, it looked rather easy as well.

The bartender that served me, Himchan, was also a player himself. The good looking man taught me a thing or two before encouraging my attempts.

Unlucky? Or just plain stupid?

Now I must have been looking troubled as he waved and laughed while talking to another customer. His little action made the other man, dressed in a nice suit and a coat, turn to look at my direction, his smile that was identical to the bartenders, turning into a smirk.

He got up, taking his drink with him and walking towards my seat.

“No luck tonight?” He asked, placing his free hand on the machine, leaning in.

“I didn’t think I could win.” I answered, trying to look decent.

“Yet you are here, playing.”

“My last night.” I sighed “One should try to see if they are good at it. Don’t you think?”

“I think you need someone to show you.” He chuckled lightly “It’s my last night as well. Why don’t we keep each other company?”

“Rich boy, looking for a girl to be his accessory for the night?” I questioned, folding my arms in front of me in a protective manner.

How to change the game of seduction,

Rule number one: Play hard to get…

“More like a player looking for a charm.” He raised his eyebrows and turned towards the machine “What is there to lose?”

This made me smile. He was clearly mocking me with his actions, as I lost all of my money on a machine.

“Humor. A good way to pick up.” I said “Lead the way.”

“Yongguk.” He said motioning himself as he offered his arm, putting down the empty glass “At your service.”

After telling him mine, he started walking towards the tables, away from the lounge.

There was a young man near a blackjack dealer, tall and lean, looking directly at us. “Here to play?” He asked with a devilish smile as we passed.

“Not your game Junhong.”

“What a shame.” He said with the saddest voice one could imagine, yet he was still smiling “I was looking for a worthy player.”

“You were looking for someone with money.” Yongguk answered looking behind his back.

As we walked away the boys laughter echoed between the people.

“Master of hand mucking.” He said after seeing my confused state “If you value your paychecks, do not play with Zelo.”

I noted the boys name on my mind as we proceeded. Poker tables were almost empty, but he had something else in mind.

“Roulette,” He said sitting on a chair as I stood behind him, leaning to the table “is what I like.”

“The game already had players when we joined. “Change please.” He said to the dealer.

“Don’t you think it’s a little bit too much?” I asked as I looked toward the cash he gave.

“See,” he showed placard “$10,000 maximum outside, I don’t play to lose.”

But he did.

Three times…


On the contrary, he still looked confident. Maybe roulette is pure luck like they say, I thought, he was so sure of himself.

His cheers filled my ears, interrupting my thoughts.

His fourth time was a hit.

However both the dealer and the players were as confused as I was, because he only bet three chips of hundred, a modest amount compared to what he lost.

“Why are you so surprised that I am happy?” he asked after the dealer questioned “Don’t you see the $5,000 chip at the bottom?”

“When they lifted other chips, it was there indeed. I didn’t see it, nor the others as it left us perplexed.

He took the cash, and my hand, walking towards another table. Quick to change.

This became the routine. He would lose a few rounds, it was always small amounts, and when he won -it was always the same way, the dealer didn’t see the other chip- we would move to another table.

At the end of the night he had more than a thousand dollars, doubling what he came to the casino with.

We were playing with an older man and his young ‘wife’ when an unfamiliar face came into the view, a man with glasses and a look that screamed madness, leaning towards my companion.

“What is it Jongup?”

“Kwon Ji-Yong is here” he said with a crooked smile “I heard he is looking for you.”

As the man left after a brief conversation, Yongguk turned towards me.

“There is a Chinese proverb” he spoke “If you must play, decide upon three things at the start. The rules of the game, the stakes,” he stopped for a second looking around “and the quitting time.”

I laughed as the took the cash he won “Is this when we quit?”

“Yes” he answered “one must quit when he is ahead.”

We walked quickly towards the magnificent stairs in the middle of the casino, leading towards the hotel lounge.  The place was quiet compared to the tables that was filled with players.

“Are you going to tell me how you did it?” I asked

Rule two: Seem interested with his affairs…

“Did what?” He smiled innocently.

“Cheat. It’s like you created chips out of thin air.”

“So you realized after so many rounds” he mocked “Cheating is such an ugly word.”

He was trying to put the money inside his crimson bag and climb the stairs at the same time, which made him look like a clumsy child.

“What do you call it then?”

“Creative thinking and the art of illusion.” He smirked

“Then may I ask how you used that illusion?”

“First of all, I am great with my hands.” He said with his deep voice, winking.

This would make other women week on their knees and I was not afraid to admit I was one of them.

“These are actually my secrets. But I will make an exception.” He continued smiling.

“Ever heard of ‘The Savannah’? It is a move that was created by a great player Richard Marcus. Let’s say the lowest you can bet is a hundred dollars. He would start with it and put three, hundred chips. If he won he would be yelling and clapping. No one would understand why he was so happy with such low bet. Then he would alert them with the fact that there was a chip with a greater amount underneath the ‘hundred’ chips.”

He stopped, now on the top of the stairs, and looked towards the bar where Himchan was talking with an angry man as he yelled, trying to calm him down.

“The smaller denomination chips were pushed slightly forward to cover up the larger one, the dealer never saw it. And if he lost he would quickly remove the larger chip when everyone was watching the wheal.”

He walked towards the elevator, getting bored with the bartenders’ and the mans actions.

“Who is Jinyoung?” I asked as I followed him.

“You ask too many questions.” He replied but didn’t stop

“He is someone who realized how I played and got angry. But unlike you,” he motioned the bar with his head “He wasn’t there to warm my bed after the game.”

“Who said I was going to?” I said, surprised with his bold remark.

“You are following me to my room dear.” He replied laughing.

The thought of spending the night with such a man, however, was oddly pleasing. After the doors of the elevator closed, I looked at my purse to see if what I needed was still there.

“Don’t worry.” He spoke looking at my bag “I have plenty of that in my room.”

I turned around smiling “I wasn’t looking for that.”

He shrugged as the doors opened. The floor looked different than the corridor I stayed in. It was decorated with expensive paintings and sculptures.

“Suits are on this floor.” He said snickering as he opened a black double door. “Today needs celebration don’t you think?”

“Champaign?” I asked after I walked towards the personal bar, preparing my purse.

Rule three: Distraction and seeking opportunities…

“Sure.” He said locking the door “Too bad that this is our last night.” He continued “I might have kept you for a time.”

“I am not an object.” I turned around laughing. He was now sitting on the bed, removing his coat. “Here” I said handing him the drink “To your luck.”

He looked at the bag of money with a devilish smirk. His left hand reached towards the hem of my dress, playing with it.

“To my luck.” He said finishing the drink he was holding. “Winning such an amount, meeting a pretty girl, who is now in my room” his hand traveled towards my waist “Don’t you think it is an amazing coincidence?”

I answered after looking at my watch “Us meeting love,” I snickered “was not a coincidence.” Taking a few steps back, I got rid of his hand, walking towards the bag, near a dresser “For such fast hands, you are quite slow.”

He stood up and removed his tie, waving his free hand in front of his face that turned red.

“What do you mean?” he asked troubled.

“Didn’t your mommy teach you not to take candy from strangers?”

Rule number four: Use the distraction…


He looked at his hand, realization hitting him. Throwing the now empty glass, his palms found his neck, eyes open wide.

“I never really understood why villains bothered to tell their entire plan, when they can just walk away.” I said as he tried to move forward, only to fail, falling on his knees. “But now I do. And after you generously taught me the way you play, I will tell you my plan.”

He tried to get up, holding the bed, now furious, but his feet disobeyed him as his eyes started to close.

“I can see you don’t have much time so I will cut it short. Your bartender friend, he was supposed to be where you are right now. But after he told me how you were way better, and because I don’t play with small amounts, I changed my target.” I said walking towards the crimson bag, kneeling down and closing it.

“Y-you…” he trailed “Thief.”

“Thief is such an ugly word” I mimicked our previous conversation “I call it the art of borrowing. You cheat the game, I cheat the life.”

He collapsed on the floor not having any strength left, as the drug took over his mind.

“It won’t kill you.” I said taking his face between my hands after balancing the bag on my back as he closed his eyes.

“Goodnight Yongguk. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

You successfully turned the game of seduction to the game of opportunity…

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