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Daryl Dixon x Reader | Smut Warning | 18+ Only | NSFW |

Request: Hello, first I want to write is that your stories are awfully cute. (I have to admit that you’re doing the best for the Imagine Daryl). Well, I thought, since I’m not so much experience in TWD, because I was in the fifth series. I love stupid crap Merle. Brother Daryl. It occurred to me that the reader will have to suffer the stupid crap Merle and Daryl she stands up, well obviously, Smut. I do not know, it’s a proposal, but I think you would have to grapple with it, I believe you can do it.

Summary: Season 1 Era. Before the pilot and before Merle is left on the roof. Daryl and his brother Merle keep to the outskirts of the camp, Reader is interested in Daryl and starts to try and act friendly toward him, only to end up dealing with Merle constantly hitting on her and trying to grab on her. Daryl finally has enough and tells Merle off. Smut ensues. Daryl claims her. 

(Season 1 Daryl is so fun and Drunk Merle was also fun to write lol. Enjoy!)


Y/N stared across the way as she absent mindedly helped Carol and Andrea fold laundry. You had just pulled all the clean clothes of the line and were now going to work making sure everyone’s laundry was folded and given back to them. “Woman’s work”, as Lori would call it. You were never the type for, “woman’s work,” but you played along because you were grateful the group had taken you in after the end of the world.

Your eyes haze over as your hands work on their own and you focus in on the man who had your eye from the minute you had found these people, Daryl Dixon. He had piercing blue eyes and a glare that just about knocked the breath out of you every time he sent it your way.

You smile to yourself as your eyes run down his dirt covered rippling muscled arms, over to his big barrel chest that unfortunately was covered with a red and white cut off flannel shirt. You imagined yourself popping open each button until his full form was revealed in front of you. You looked down his legs and stared at the button of his jean. You bite your lip as you imagine popping it open, sliding them down, and setting free his cock. You rub your legs together imagining what it would feel like pushing into you making you cry out for more.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a throat clear. You snap eyes over and realize it is Carol’s voice. Carol and Andrea stand there grinning to themselves.

“Why don’t you go on over and say hello? You know you want to.” Carol nodded her knowing eyes your way.

“What about laundry duty?” You ask.

“We got it. You go. Have fun.” Andrea winks at you.

Your face turns a little read and you smile sheepishly for a moment, before taking a deep breath of confidence, turning your heels and walking quickly across the camp. You made a beeline for Daryl and Merle’s setup which was all the way across the camp and way to the back, a few yards away from everyone else. They had two tents set up side by side, with their own fire pit in front of it and an old broken down car to block potential random walkers who could come out of the woods behind the camp.

You dig your heels harder into the dirt as you walk toward him. You smile when you see him hard at work chopping wood, sweat glistening on his skin, radiating him in the bright sunlight. Merle was drinking a beer watching his brother work away, not even offering to help. You scoffed at Merle, you really didn’t like him. He was always so rude and always trying to hit on Andrea when she clearly hated him. He was one of those men you knew all too well back in the real world. Seems that those were the only kind of men who survived now, but not Daryl; Daryl was different.

You watch as Daryl’s toned arms lifted over his head, as he squared his feet, wiggling his hips a little, before slamming the blade down into the wood below. The wood split swiftly in two and dropped to the ground on either side of the big wooden stump. He breathed heavily as he reached down, grabbed another log, and repeated his actions. He grabbed another log and was about to raise his arms in the air to swing again, when he noticed you approaching their camp.

His harsh eyes looked up your body, slower than usual, making them to yours and piercing into your soul, “What is it, sunshine?” He asked with attitude.

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How to quickly add PSDs to your icons

Or– create an action that’ll automatically do all the work for you.

After making 400+ icons, I tend to dread individually applying each PSD to each one– making the switch between PSDs or errors in ones I already used extremely annoying, so I figured out a way to do it without doing it.

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Avengers chatroom 3

C'mon, let’s go for 100 notes on Number 3…I believe in you guys!

Tony has started a chatroom

Clint has logged on
Natasha has logged on
Steve has logged on
Bruce has logged on
Thor has logged on
Pietro has logged on
Wanda has logged on
Loki has logged on
Sam has logged on

Loki: give me one good reason as to why I shouldn’t kill Stark for inviting me to this chatroom.

Clint: you still came on, didn’t you?

Loki: give me a reason as to why I shouldn’t kill you too.

Tony: hey

Tony: hey

Tony: hey

Tony: hey


Tony: shut up, look I called you guys to talk about something serious.

Steve: please don’t say something stupid.

Tony: no it’s serious…. What’s happening between Bucky and (Y/N).

Thor: is that not what you call being nosy?

Sam: you see Thor, Tony can never be nosy.

Tony: thank you, Sam.

Sam: BUT he lets curiosity kill him and he HAS to know everything that happens in his building.

Bruce: true.

Pietro: is that all you will say, Dr. Banner?

Bruce: I don’t really like to comment on anything that tony does because then he’ll stop talking to me and I need to use his labs.

Natasha: Bruce is not as innocent as you think.

Tony: you’d know after what happened at the time of the battle with Ultron.

 Natasha: Tony’s funeral will promptly be held in (more or less) 2 hours - considering how much he squirms around when i try to kill him. Please dress accordingly and be in the main living room to attend.

Steve: RIP Tony, you were a good man.

Wanda: do you need help?

Tony: yes please!

Wanda: …I meant Natasha.

Natasha: sure.

Loki: I must say, Hawkeye has been awfully quiet.

Thor: I must agree, where is brother Clint?

Loki: he is not your brother.

Pietro: you aren’t his brother, yet he treats you like family.

Loki: But I am his brother non the less, he has only known you mid-guardians for a couple of mere year while he has known me for his entire life!

Bruce: I think Loki is jealous.

Sam: I think he is.

Natasha: seriously, where’s Clint?

Tony: OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! GUYS! I know where Clint is…

Clint: I’m in the vents of (Y/N)’s room… SOS

Steve: what happened? Are you ok? Is (Y/N) ok?

Wanda: tell us now!

Clint: uhmmmmmmm… Let’s just say that the whole (Y/N) and Bucky thing has been taken to the next level… And I may or may not have fallen into her room.

Pietro: here lies Clint Barton, who was killed by his fellow teammate (Y/N) because he was being an idiot.

Clint: I knew I should’ve killed you when I had the chance in the battle with Ultron.

Wanda: how dare you?

Clint: what? No one would’ve known.

(Y/N) has logged on

(Y/N): if I killed Clint now and hid the body, could we say that he went missing in action?

Bucky had logged on

Bucky: I. Will. Kill. Clint. Barton.

Tony: just because he interrupted you in the middle of making a metal baby army with (Y/N), doesn’t mean you can kill him.

Sam: Steve, they’re saying inappropriate stuff.

(Y/N): we were just kissing!

Clint: correction, you were EATING EACH OTHER.

Bruce: you guys are a waste of time

Bruce has logged off

Steve: I agree with Bruce. Stop fonduing, please.

 Steve has logged off

Thor: I believe I must go too.

Thor has logged off

Loki: I must explain to Thor as to why he can only call ME brother

Loki has logged off

Tony: guys, if you’re going to go, you don’t need to explain it.

Wanda has logged off

Pietro has logged off

Sam has logged off

Natasha has logged off

(Y/N) has logged off

Tony: so…. Gimme a warning if I should switch off the cameras in your guys’ rooms.

Bucky: you’re an idiot.

Bucky has logged off

Tony: well this was fun

Tony has logged off

anonymous asked:

Well for me deh makes my morals cringe, I tried to watch the boot a second time but I was actually hurting I was just,,, angry at Evan's actions and then I log on tumblr and see everyone loving him I was so confused I still don't get it.

and you’re entitled to that opinion and its SO VALID. I had a very different experience. I knew he was doing something and knew he was a bad person for sure. However, he was humanized to the point of my understanding his reasoning. That doesn’t mean agree with it. 

one thing that I don’t get in this debate is that so many of the people that can’t like the show because Evan does horrible things (a totally valid reason) really like Spring Awakening and even ship Melchior with Wendla or Moritz when like… HE RAPED HER! He is a a rapist, no question. He is a product of a society that refuses to teach their children and he is not a good person, however he is a flawed character that people still love even though he did something unforgivable as well. I genuinely don’t understand the difference. I feel like DEH is kind of saying “hey this guy who really tries to be good, is so blinded by his mental illness that he does something he knows is wrong. He says it many times and has such remorse. This is how mental illness makes you into someone different but you can get better with treatment.” Spring Awakening is saying “He is also a lovable teen who is uneducated and does something morally horrific. This is how lack of education leads to horrible things.”

I’m not attacking, these are two of my favorite shows so I want to understand. They’re both flawed protagonists. 

Here is the lowdown on the history of Elkmont, which has been receiving a lot of attention lately due to a recent online article talking about the “discovery” of a forgotten town in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The picture you see here was taken in the Daisy Town neighborhood in October of 2012.

Elkmont’s history begins sometime around 1908, when the Little River Logging Company operated in what would soon become the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Prior to the logging outfit’s presence in Elkmont, this little town was a sleepy farming community high in the mountains. The logging company’s actions drastically changed the landscape of the Smokies. They logged the ancient virgin forests and created vast, clear cut areas. Life in Elkmont was not easy, at least not at first. The economy now revolved around the lumber industry and by this time, a railroad, machine shop, post office, homes, and other buildings were built here. Being a logger was dangerous work and included many risks. Elkmont is also the site of a notorious train wreck that happened in 1909 which involved a logging train manned by engineer Gordon A. “Daddy” Bryson. The train lost control on a downhill grade and it derailed, killing both men. During the 1920s, most of the good timber had been harvested from the Smokies. Since the lumber company could no longer cut quality timber in Elkmont, they decided to move elsewhere in search of more timber. The lumber company soon moved operations to Middle Prong, which is upstream from the former town of Tremont. The railroad was removed and a make shift road was put in its place.

In 1910, Elkmont was also a slowly developing resort town that eventually became known as the “Appalachian Club”. Members of this club built many cabins of different architectural styles along a path which started at the Wonderland Club. Elkmont became a well-known destination for tourists who were making their way through the area and the resort provided a rustic charm and comfort for visitors.

In 1926, Congress passed a law which authorized the creation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Elkmont had began another era in its history–from being a logging camp to quaint resort town and to National Park property. The property owners at Elkmont were offered long term leases and the Appalachian and the Wonderland Club were taken by the state and were sold for half their value. The long term leases were relinquished in 1952 for 20 year leases, which would allow enough time to bring electricity to Elkmont. The leases were renewed in 1972 and even though some of the buildings were given longer leases, the last of them expired in 2001. In 1994, Elkmont was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Characters: Yves, Davey

CW: blood, stitches, injury, taking a bullet out of someone’s arm

[11:53:12 PM] capitalist fox: write me a summary
[11:53:49 PM] alyssa the spacefaring kiss-boy: ok here it is: fuck you

( On Davey’s way out of work, she runs into a not-so-mysterious stranger hanging out by her car. Yves, just having been shot, tries to enlist Davey’s help on fixing up his injury. Guess what: it works. Lots of yelling and shrieking in this action packed triller.)


Closed || Missing in Action

[Jayesh_Vijaya has logged into the Group Chat]

[Jayesh_Vijaya is typing …]

Jayesh_Vijaya: Guys, guys, I’m sorry, I know this is a place for your family stuff and I’m not looking through any of the messages or anything I swear, but I haven’t seen Jey in three days and I’m starting to worry. He’s never gone this long without texting or leaving some kind of note and he’s been having really, really bad days lately. Really bad, like thundercloud dark. So … If you’ve seen him, if you know where he is, please will you tell me? If you know where I can look, if you can help me at all??? Please, guys. I’m (…) I’m really worried. Love to you all, Frankie xxxxx


I wanna do live action V Logs to talk about movies to talk about movies. Since it requires less editing.

But I must find a way to hide my face and a Pan Pizza hat

Headcanon 69 (Things In Bed)

When winding down for a good nights rest we all have our ways of winding down for the night.

Sans usually reads some comics or texts Toriel over the skelephone until he falls asleep.

Papyrus says goodnight to all his action figures, logs off all his favourite sites and gets Sans to read him a story. He then process to immediately fall asleep, legs dangling.

Toriel and Asgore had a very similar routine of coffee and tea respectively before tucking in their child and talking about the day. Toriel now talks with Sans and tucks in Frisk. Asgore cries.

Alphys usually watches her favourite animes in a onesie (draw this omg) rugged up in her blanket while screaming at Undyne via Skype.

Mettaton poses and takes multiple selfies before recharging for the night. His cousin Napstablook falls asleep with his headphones on, his cloth imprinted by them.

Undyne doesn’t sleep. She tears the souls out of everyone and everything especially her nightmares.

Defending the Amazon

The Guardians are one of two indigenous groups on the eastern fringe of the Amazon that have taken radical action to reduce illegal logging. They have tied up loggers, torched their trucks and tractors, and kicked them off the reserves.

As a result, such logging has sharply declined in these territories. But the indigenous groups have faced reprisal attacks and death threats for their actions, raising fears of more violence in an area known for its lawlessness.