action item family

My mom thinks Action Item is just like any other band I've ever liked, it's not like that at all, I've gotten to know them on a personal level. That's never happened with any other band before. They mean more than any other band I've ever liked before them or any other band that will come after them. They're the band I'll always look back on and say "yeah, that's my favorite band".

Happy New Year, Everyone. Be Brave.

Action Item Family,

The boys just posted this on facebook:

On a very serious note, a long time friend’s family is in trouble and he asked if there was anything we could do to help. We told him we’d gladly post about his situation on our facebook and see if there was anyone out there who might be able to help with a donation. We all have our own personal struggles but if there is anyway you could find it in your heart to help we would appreciate it. Here’s the link: ham/Help.html

We will be donating half of our merch sales from the Orlando show to help out as well, since his family is from Orlando. 

We’re planning on doing a few events in the fall to raise money for things we’re passionate about, that have personally effected us. 

“Some days you can’t prepare for…”


You could really be helping someone out by donating anything at all, or just reblogging this to get word out. If you’re going to the shows in Florida you can even tell Billy at merch that you are donating for Ryan. I think we can all agree that times are hard… and if anyone knows that family is the most important thing, its us. 

Please pray.

My dear friend Ada lost her father this morning to a battle with cancer. Her and her mother and the rest of her family as well have been dealing with this for a while, and now that the battle is over, they need out prayers more than ever. So please, I am asking you, if you pray, to send prayers their way. If you don’t, any kind thoughts you may muster up for their family. Please..please.


Action Item - Good Or Bad (Music Video)

Have you watched Action Item’s new music video for Good or Bad? If you haven’t… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?


Here’s a video I worked very hard on with some of the Action Item Family. It’s for AI’s new album, RESOLUTION. If you really enjoyed this video, share it with your family & friends & the boys! I want to keep this going around so everyone and their mother sees it. If you were a part of it, A BIG THANK YOU goes out to you. Anyway, hope you guys have an awesome new year :) 

-xo mina.