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Past Action Heroes 

(by Davide MazzuchinMatteo Goi

Past Action Heroes is a tribute to unforgivable action movies actors.
The project aims to represent the best actors that have grew up 80’s - 90’s guys with epic moments and unforgetable tricks.
Do you remember the Jean-Claude Van Damme’s epic split?
Can’t you forget the Chuck Norris’s round house kick?
Do you like the Sylverster Stallone’s screams? 

Well, this is the project for you.

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S.H. FIGUARTS 仮面ライダー電王:ソードフォーム
(Kamen Rider Den-O: Sword Form) “ おれ,参上!!!“

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i just wanna live in the universe where all the action heroes on tv are butch lesbians and no woman has ever even considered that maybe men deserve to be given a chance with them

I think one of the things I loved the most about Mad Max, beyond all the amazing way the film utterly destroys the typical portrayals of women in actions films, is Hardy’s portrayal of Mad Max. I haven’t seen the original films, so I don’t know if the way he played Max’s trauma was in keeping with the other films, but in Fury Road Max completely undermines all the typical ways of showing trauma in male action heroes. 

Hardy’s Max isn’t cruel because he is traumatized. He isn’t cold and emotionless, he isn’t stoic, he doesn’t force everyone to do what he wants. He doesn’t ignore his pain (of course, the occasional broody stare into the distance or choked explanation of the character (inevitably a woman) who died because of his mistakes is allowed for the action hero, but nothing more than that).  

Hardy’s Max is traumatized, he is twitchy, non-verbal, and is haunted by hallucinations/flashbacks. Despite this, he listens to the other characters; when the women decide to trust Nux, he trusts their judgement. He’s very obviously afraid. He is far more viscerally traumatized than anything you typically see out of male action stars. 

The film completely undermines the male action hero, both by having the women be the true propelling force behind the film’s action, and by having a traumatized action hero who is actually traumatized.


These movie stills and film posters all have one amusing thing in common: hands that were originally holding guns are now giving the thumbs-up gesture. These manipulated images are from a crowdsourced photoblog called Thumbs & Ammo, which operates on a simple and rather awesome principle:

“Real tough guys don’t need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude.”

Anyone is welcome to suitably alter a movie still or poster and submit it to Thumbs & Ammo. Just send your ‘shopped image to

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Femme Fatales;

When the call comes in for one last mission six retired spies answer without question. But upon arrival in Prague they find themselves being picked off one by one. Faced with a enemy shadowier than themselves these six former lone wolves must join together to save their lives. 


Lucy Lawless as Annie Marks, Codename: Athena
Nichelle Nichols as Sophia Waters, Codename: Lieutenant 
Sigourney Weaver as Margaret (Maggie) Peterson, Codename: Mother
Lynda Carter as Elizabeth Carpenter, Codename: Amazon
Gina Torres as Gabrielle Jones, Codename: Firefly
Carrie Fisher as Daisy Greene, Codename: Princess

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Thinking about making a series with a graphic and a little paragraph developing each character. If people would be interested in that sort of thing?