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March event photos are up!

Here’s Dreamsnatcher - everyone’s favourite anxious little skelecat. Their favourite food is nightmares, followed by egg mcmuffins.

I had an absolute blast playing this screechy little monster! This event was an “alternate universe” one-off wherein we played “guardians” of our main characters. Some folks opted for parents, or for alternate reality versions of their PCs. I played a future version of Lu'Shin with an even MORE tragic backstory (because why the heck not???)

5 gold stars, I had an excellent time.

Photo credit goes to Benjamin!


Livewire, Mercy Graves, and Harley Quinn are three original characters created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini specifically for the DC Animated Universe. But due to their overwhelming popularity, they have since migrated from the animated series to the comics, to video games and more recently, into live action film and tv. (Because they’re awesome.)”

the possessive scorpion.
  • pairing: scorpio x MC.
  • rating: mature.
  • word count: ~3000.
  • requested by: anon.
  • content notice: some slight exhibitionism, unprotected sex.
  • a/n: ahhh my favorite grumpy prickly son got a request, i’m so glad <33 you didn’t say you wanted smut but it seems like i’m not capable of writing anything else so…here you go lmao. hope you enjoy!~

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you guys knew of any good sites/blogs with good reference for just sort of action poses, neutral poses etc if that makes sense? I know of sites like pixelovely and sketchdaily, and they're great for gesture and improving that etc, but all they're poses are very... posed :) by which I mean they're not exactly every day things you would see someone doing and therefore they don't help so much with learning that. I hope this makes sense thanks in advance