action freeze

I feel it’s not only Garnet, but also Pearl who regularly mediates to centre herself.

When Garnet and Steven arrive at the very beginning of Adventures in Light Distortion, Pearl is on the ground looking despondent.

It is only a short while after they arrive that she make a face as if surprised, which means she wasn’t already aware of their presence earlier.

And then she stands up and says, “Oh, you’re back!”

That she and Amethyst had relieved and almost glad reactions to their return shows what I feel implicitly goes on between the gems. I’m willing to bet Garnet told her and Amethyst nothing about where she was going, why she was afraid, and what she was going to do. All they likely knew was that she was going to find Steven.

And it speaks of Garnet’s action-orientedness in times of conflict, but how it can also cause the people around her to worry without her meaning to cause them stress. Pearl mediates too, as much as it would seem like she just lets her feelings explode around her.

Noctis x Reader one-shot
Noct clenched his jaw in an attempt to stop the chuckles from falling past his lips, imagine the surprise he got when he walked into his s/o house to see them bouncing around the living room singing a song in a high pitched voice with enough soul to rival a choir. Their arms swung in the air and their hips moved with the beat, but what really got to Noct was their screeching as they tried to sing along to the song. He quietly slipped his phone out of his pocket and pointed it at his s/o to record their performance, Prompto would defiantly get a kick out of this later. Noct smugly thought of all the blackmail he could use this video for. Suddenly his s/o quickly turned in a twirl action before freezing as their eyes landed on Noct who stood leaning against the door frame with an amused expression and his cellphone gripped in his hand. A few seconds of silence passed before a horrified gasped tore from their lips.
“Noct, how long have you been here!”
“Long enough to record you making a fool of yourself.” Noctis finally let his laugh sound through the room.
“you recorded this?!” His s/o swipped their hand out to try and grab the phone before Noctis held it behind his back.
“Naturally.” He teased before all out war broke out.

Neither of the two were sure how it happened but the couch was flipped over, the curtains torn, and the coffee table was missing a leg. The two were laying in the middle of the destruction with his s/o straddling him still attempting to grab his phone from his clutch, Noct was dying of laughter from the struggle before his s/o huffed and joined him. They layed their head on his chest, tired from the struggling and giggled along with him. Noctis place his hand on their back after they calmed down and rubbed circles into their skin.
“Calm down, I’m only showing Prompto the vid-” he was cut off after his s/o slapped his arm.
“You jackass, I’m not going to get you to delete it am I?”
“Absolutely not.”
“Well in that case you better get up and help me with this mess if you ever want to get back on my good side.” His s/o pulled him up after them with a laugh and silently planned their revenge. Noctis isn’t the only one who knows how to blackmail someone, he better sleep with one eye open.


JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION Comic-Con® 2016 Highlight Reel #WBSDCC

Some Skyrim screenshot tips

Just a quick update of a really old article I posted on The Nexus going over a few screenshot-related console commands for Skyrim. I’m sure they’re mostly well-known by the community by now but I thought I’d post them here if for no other reason than to have them handy.

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Special snowflake by Michael Whittaker

Scientists can press ‘pause’ on cells in action by rapidly freezing them. The cells must be frozen incredibly quickly –within the blink of an eye. If the freezing process is too slow, the water inside (which makes up most of the cell) forms ice crystals.

This microscopic image shows the very early stages of one such ‘snowflake’ growing.  If left to grow each of the six, symmetrical points would continue to branch out, developing into an intricate snowflake visible to the naked eye.

In experiments like this one Whittaker and his lab freeze sea urchin cells by plunging them into liquid ethane. When frozen fast enough (and scientists avoid creating ‘snowflakes’), researchers can observe cells orchestrating the growth of skeletons. This helps us to understand biomineralization: the process of how bodies grow bones, teeth and other hard biological tissues.

2017 MCU end credit scene suggestion

Scene opens on a sparse, run-down bathroom… perhaps in a dingy hotel or a safe house. A caption establishes the year as 2004. We hear water running, and cut to the Winter Soldier under the showerhead rinsing off.

He reaches to turn off the water but suddenly freezes mid-action, directing his attention outside the tub. He tracks movement we can’t see or hear… and then, in one motion, he moves the curtain and grabs someone’s arm.

The arm belongs to Romanoff. They both smile and he pulls her into the shower, explaining in Russian, “Sneaking up on me? You’re not that good yet, Natalia.”

They kiss.

“Yes. I need much more supervision. They should make me your protege permanently.”

“Mhm,” he replies, dubious. More necking. “Karpov and that woman are both very pleased with your progress.” He sounds both proud and worried.

She keeps caressing him while he seems lost in thought. After a few seconds she catches his eye. He says, “They’ll kill us both if they find out we’re doing this.”

She take holds of his face, says “I don’t care,” and pulls him in for a kiss.

End scene. Everybody go home now!

(Revealing this before Infinity War: 1) shocks some folks and gets good buzz, 2) gets *everybody* on the same page, wondering both what happened and what those two will do when they meet again, 3) is a nice homage to their comics story, which they haven’t pulled any dialogue from yet, 4) gives them an excuse to put Stan and Johansson in a shower and 5) sets up a pleasant little payoff for her successfully sneaking up and startling him in the future.)

the wounds we keep

This fic contains a massive spoiler from Bravely Default but not Bravely Second. If you have finished Bravely Default, you will be fine.

This turned real sad real fast and idk how to feel i am just so butt hurt

 Tiz catches her, one night, flipping through the diary.

 Nothing registers on his face at first. It isn’t until Edea visibly flinches and freezes all action does he look down at the book in her hands. Really look at it.

 “Oh,” he says, like it’s the most natural thing to see her flipping through dumb memories, opening old wounds.

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For the past few years I have been on a bit of a quest. I’ve been trying to come up with the ultimate “Indoor Low-Light Puppy Photography System.” A way to take high quality photos of Otis without setting up studio lighting. Something that sends fill light into the eyes without them looking like blue laser beams in the photo. Something that will freeze action even though there isn’t a lot of light. Something that will play well with 3000K lights. 

I am happy to report that the ILLPPS might be near completion. And it is ridiculous. It has tape and vinyl diffusion paper and a lumiquest 80/20 and a full CTO gel and a stroboframe and a TTL cord and very specific camera and flash settings that I have scientifically devised through much testing. 

The ILLPPS is a go. 

We are in the midst of the cold season. The nights are long and the temperatures are low. We began to rely on the solar panels quite a bit. Now, we are finding ourselves needing to conserve more and more power due to the obvious lack of sunlight. The panels are even starting to accumulate frost! We need to carefully scrape it off occasionally as the freeze thaw action on the delicate panels can crack and ruin them.