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Sweet Tears Pt.5

Jungkook x Reader { Cat Hybrid/Dystopian Au! }(a)(f)(eventual smut)

Warnings: Implied Suicide

Who could have known that taking home a hybrid would change ones whole life? How could y/n have guessed he would affect her so much? All she wants to do is help, but she doesn’t even know if he’ll let her.  

Wordcount: 3k+


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Moving slowly, you eased your way onto the couch, a sigh slipping past your lips as the feeling of one of the many fluffy pillows surrounding you rested against your lower back. You closed your eyes for a second, the once unbearable pain now dull, turning into just another one of the many injuries you had sustained in your life.

“Are you okay? I’m so sorry. I- I really didn’t mean to hit you and-” Cracking open your eyes, you were met with the same crystal blue ones that had held your stare in the hallway, mesmerizing you just as they had before. The panic and regret that was radiating off of the face in front of you brought a small smile to spread across your own, a free hand coming up to wave in front of you.

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I feel it’s not only Garnet, but also Pearl who regularly mediates to centre herself.

When Garnet and Steven arrive at the very beginning of Adventures in Light Distortion, Pearl is on the ground looking despondent.

It is only a short while after they arrive that she make a face as if surprised, which means she wasn’t already aware of their presence earlier.

And then she stands up and says, “Oh, you’re back!”

That she and Amethyst had relieved and almost glad reactions to their return shows what I feel implicitly goes on between the gems. I’m willing to bet Garnet told her and Amethyst nothing about where she was going, why she was afraid, and what she was going to do. All they likely knew was that she was going to find Steven.

And it speaks of Garnet’s action-orientedness in times of conflict, but how it can also cause the people around her to worry without her meaning to cause them stress. Pearl mediates too, as much as it would seem like she just lets her feelings explode around her.

In the end of The Final Problem, John and Sherlock are stopped in a stereotypical-action-movie-freeze-frame of them dashing down a flight of stairs, but they never make it down the last step. TJLC took this as a metaphor for how they literally have not taken the last step in their relationship. People said we were reaching too far, but a few weeks ago, Mark Gatiss (Mycroft, co-writer of the show), actually confirmed this. He said that the last step did mean something, like their story hadn’t finished - they need to make it down the last step. 

—who cares | 01 (m)

pairing— kim taehyung x oc 
genre/warnings soon to be smut, angst, drama,   
words 2,652

:: summary— what happens when Taehyung falls for someone who’s already taken? Can he control his feelings or will they take over and render him powerless? In the end is it all her fault or his…?

note inspired by Dean’s album 130 mood:trbl. 

» 01 :: 02 :: 03 :: 04 ::05 :: 06 :: 07 :: 08 :: 09 :: 10 :: 11  

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Roommates - Derek Hale imagine

Room mates

Requested by @julieanncupcake

imagine with Derek and y/n liking each other but they don’t know it.

I’m sorry it’s quite a short one but if you enjoyed it I’ll do a part 2.

Warnings: Angry Derek but other than that not really just lots of fluff and cuteness

Note: I’m really new to this so sorry if it’s not how you wanted it, I tried 💕

Y/N POV “Good morning” I sing while running down the stairs of mine and my roommates small apartment, running late as usual for my job at a cafe.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

“Morning” Derek smiles back with his usual cheerful laugh, his forest green eyes glistening in the morning sunshine, I notice today his stubble is more noticeable Derek always look sexier with a beard “breakfast?!” Derek snaps me out of my thoughts, was I staring? “N-no thank you I’m kinda running late I’ve got 10 minutes till my shift starts” he nods and his face drops “thank you for the offer though I would have if my boss wasn’t such a jerk” I apologised, he looked up at me causing butterflies in my stomach to erupt ‘how could a human being look so much like a angel he was beautiful’

“oh is she one of those really strict bosses” he inquired suspiciously “yes, well no he’s a he but he’s very strict” I replied. “I’ll drop you off” he urges after a few thoughtful seconds, did he pity me, no he’s just that kind, I’d met a few of his friends Stiles, the skinny, pale and sarcastic one. Scott the sweet tall mature one and Malia the beautiful, funny and weird one. At first I was jealous of Malia when Derek had introduced me to her although I don’t have any right to be jealous as me and Derek are only roommates but I was glad when he mentioned she’s his cousin. I remembered how stiles always called Derek a sour wolf, I never understood why he said that I’ve only ever seen Derek cheerful and kind.

“Are you sure I don’t mind catching the bus” I asked, although I enjoyed every second I spent with Derek and prayed for longer moments with him “of course, I’m free all day today” he protested with a shy smile, collecting his car keys and leather jacket while opening the door open for me “ladies first”

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

he grins with that heart aching smile that made me explode inside. I walk out mouthing a “thank you” as he smiled back, I liked Derek a lot! But I never had the guts to ever mention my feelings towards him, Derek was a straight 10 and I was a 3 on a good day and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.

“Is it okay if I park here? Is it close enough”

“ yes! Thank you soo much Derek I’ll see you after work” I quickly rush out looking at the time on my wrist “3 minutes late oh no” I mutter to myself running into the cafe.

Derek’s POV “Yes! Thank you so much Derek, I’ll see you after work” And her beautiful face is gone, I gulp at her sudden disappearance wishing I could spend more time with her, I knew she liked me, every time she saw me her heart beat raced like a sports car, her chemosignals would go crazy with nervousness when I got too close or accidentally made any physical contact with her, but she was so pure and innocent, naïve and kind I couldn’t bring myself to admit my feelings for her and risk her being dragged into the supernatural business and getting hurt. As I’m about to drive off I glance over where she was sat and notice her iPhone on the seat. I smile at y/n’s clumsiness always forgetting and dropping things, without thinking I grab her phone and run into the small cafe across the street.

I look around the crowded cafe unable to find Y/N, I use my wolf senses and at first only smell the strong coffee until I come across Y/Ns scent also picking up her chemo-signals, she’s scared and hurt, anger and frustration overcomes me as I barge past the groups of people trying too find her, until I come across her standing their crying, she doesn’t notice me standing there and neither does the male in front of her, his face red with anger

“I-I-I’m so sorry Johnny it won’t h-happen again” she sniffled, I feel a pain in my heart at Y/Ns sight so hopeless and scared, as I’m about to walk up to Y/N the man grabs her hand and pushes her, before whatever vile words he was about to say I grab him by his collar and push him against the wall

“if you ever, EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN I WILL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT WITH MY TEETH” “Oh my g- Derek Derek stop it’s okay” Y/N quickly comes by my side and tries to calm me down “DONT YOU DARE EVEN LOOK AT MY GIRLFRIEND” I warn him and see the terror in his eyes knowing I’ve done my job “Derek?” Y/N whimpers and puts a hand gently on my shoulder, I look at her and see her eyes full of tears “let’s go please?” I nod gently and releases the terrified man from under my grip and straighten his shirt out as a warning gesture before leaving holding Y/Ns hand.

When we get to the car she’s silent but I can tell she’s still hurt.

Y/Ns POV When we reach the car I’m lost in my thoughts replaying Derek’s words again and again in my mind 'girlfriend’? Did he really call me his girlfriend or was that just something he said in the heat of the moment…

“can I see your hand?” Derek softly asks before reaching his hand out, I nod and he continues to check my hand “did he hurt you? I’m sorry that’s a stupid question of course he did. Where did he hurt you?” Derek mumbles trying to calm himself yet the anger still in his voice. “ honestly I’m okay it was just a little pu” “Is this his first time? has he done this before? Has he ever tried to touch you in any other way?” He cuts me off before I can finish my sentence, judging by his facial expression I can tell he’s uncomfortable at the thought I don’t say anything and he slams his hands against the steering wheel causing me to flinch at the impact it had which caused the whole car to vibrate,

“ I should go back there and.. and kill him!” Derek growled, id never seen this side of Derek and it was making me scared I shift in my seat and Derek notices as the anger in his face softens to guilt “I-I’m sorry Y/N that you had to see this side of me it’s just that I care about you a lot and I feel protective over you and when I saw that idiot hurting you I didn’t think I just” he pauses thinking what to say “that’s okay Derek I understand you feel protective over me.. I know in only the friend sort of way…” I start to fidget with my hands looking away from Derek as I try to hold back my tears, my emotions getting the best of me. “Hey hey hey no don’t cry, please?” He cups my face and faces me towards him, the feeling of him touching me making me feel worse as a reminder that he’ll never be mine making me sob even more and suddenly Derek’s lips are attached to mine catching me off guard shocked at his sudden action I freeze not knowing what to do but my lips automatically started to kiss back with the same rhythm as Derek’s lips, I feel his tongue try to gain access and give him the entrance he was requesting.

seconds later he pulls away his hands still attached to my face and puts his forehead against mine and whispers “I’ve been wanting to do that for a very long time Y/N” I look up into his eyes and see no hesitance in his eyes at is words “you have?” I gasped and he smiles nodding back at my reaction, I pull away from him and playfully slap his arm “then why didn’t you do it sooner I’ve been waiting for YOU to do that for a very long time too” I laughed, “now, do you want to go get some breakfast?” Derek asks nervously, “ are you asking me out Mr. Hale?” I joke “well yes I am Miss. Y/L/N” he mimicks back and smiles at me and in this second I couldn’t wish for anything more “I would love too” I smile back at him and he starts to drive with a grin as wide as a highway plastered on his face.

MC with some background is my aesthetics. Let’s do this!

Shy MC gets loud next to her friends


  • You invited him to join you in a little get together with some friends from high school
  •  He was so curious about meeting your friends that declining never felt like an option
  • In the first minutes, okay, you’re still speaking quietly and laughing in the same shy way you do to him all the time, it is so cute he’s trying hard not to squeal and kiss you whole face
  • They start talking and asking more about him, only to find he used to be in a gang.
  •  “Ohhhh, you’re such a match made in heaven!” one friend shrieks, which is… confusing.
  • “Or in hell…” your tone is dark and mischievous. WHOA! What is going on here?
  • You look at his lost expression and explain: “We used to be in a gang too.”
  •  “You… YOU WHAT?” “It was a girl’s gang. Nothing too crazy, we just used to skip school to smoke and drink, get piercings and fight some bitches.”
  • Well, he used to do worse on his gang days, what shocks him is your stoic way of listing the things you’ve done.
  • “Don’t forget making out with gangsta boys. What was that gang we used to meet at the bikers bar?” Bikers bar…? IT WAS HIS GANG!
  • Okay, his first thought was punching all his old pals, what if one of them made out with you? But then… what if he made out with you? Oh… this could only be fate, you truly are a match made in heaven…
  • His romantic side sometimes gets the best of him.


  • He really tried, but it was so hard to stay cool after he found out you used to hang out mostly with guys
  • So when you invited him to meet them, he did his best to play nonchalant and just go like: ” Yeah, sure, if you want me to go, I’ll go…”
  • Only thing in his mind is how all of these guys must be in love with someone so cute and precious like you.
  •  But in the minute he sees the guys, buddy… it’s like looking to his photos when he was in high school.
  • They’re nerds!
  • It makes sense, someone so introvert like you would be comfortable around people like this, who are shy and speak softly
  • Until someone mentions that they didn’t see each other ever since that day everybody got together to watch one of the season finales of Doctor Who.
  • “We would meet more if someone didn’t decide to say David Tennant was overrated.” You mutter, shooting glances to one of the guys. Oh… Yoosung is scared to shit, he would run for dear life if you ever looked like that at him.
  • “It’s not my problem if y’all can handle the facts. Tenth doctor is overrated, deal with that!”  “Said nobody, ever! BECAUSE YOU ARE A FUCKING NOBODY!”Yoosung is shocked (and lowkey turned on) by all the heated up arguments being brought up. Best doctor, Star Trek vs Star Wars, Marvel vs DC, you better not get in the games field.
  • Because that’s Yoosung expertise, and he’s ready to fight too.  Not with you, though, because you’re cute and hot when you get angry


  • She’s so excited to meet your girlfriends
  • You showed her some texts you exchanged with them, and she’s dying from cuteness
  • Like… okay that you write with the CAPS LOCK ON ALL THE TIME
  • And uses way more emojis than she’s used to.
  • But your interaction with them is cute. You’re cute, and this will turn out great if they are half the cutie you are.
  • “AHHHHH YOU’RE HERE, BITCH! AND YOU LOOK SO GOOD!” one friend shouts at you. Jaehee jumped in surprise, she was so ready to get in judo position
  • “AHHHH! WHAT ABOUT YOU? YOU LOOK HOT!” you shout back. What… what is happening?
  • “I mean, bitch. When I heard you got a girlfriend, I was all ‘YAAAASSSS QUEEN YAAAAASSS’, because, come on it was so… predictable.”
  • “Bitch, no.” “Bitch, yes.” Why are you talking like this? Did you forget each other’s names? And… weren’t you friends?Why are you calling ach other bitches?
  •  She’s so confused, but yet fascinated. She giggles to herself imagining if you two start calling each other ‘bitch’ in that sassy yet friendly tone.
  • “Yes, bitch. I knew it ever since that day you said you were at that apartment talking with some stranger people, and I asked if there were any hot guys. You said…” “Four, and a super cute girl.” You finish the sentence, looking at Jaehee and blushing.
  • She widens her eyes and laughs. “Ahh come here, bitch.” And she hugs you.


  • He was very impressed when you told him about how active you were in sports clubs when you were in high school
  • So of course he would be delighted to meet your teammates.
  • Oh… not exactly teammates, you were  the coach’s assistant, in the male teams.
  • Hum…  now he’s not that delighted.
  • Seeing all those gigantic buff men and such a pure small creature like you gives him… the creeps.
  • “Oh! Hey! Looks who’s here!” one of the guys quickly evolves hi arms around your head and mess your hair.
  • Jumin is ready to send a sign for his security to take some action, but he freezes when you… do the exactly same thing with the guy seconds later.
  • “You’re still too weak, bro. Try harder!” “Hah! You’re all talk, bro! As usual!” “Oh, was it all talk when I won the bet in the KBO League results?” the guy gets all flustered while all the others laugh.
  • Good lord, his fiancée is a bro!
  • He’s shocked! Who is this woman threatening to give a wedge to a guy is twice her size?
  • “What about you, bro? Are you into some sports?” one of the bros asks him “I play golf, and used to play lacrosse when I was in high school.” “You now, things I can beat him easily.” You scoff and wink playfully at him.
  • “You know I’m all for a challenge, my love.” Now he’s the one feeling smug with all the guys doing “uhhhh” and laughing at your flushed face.



·         He couldn’t stop laughing when doing the background check on you.

  • You and your friends exchanging texts about idols and squealing was HILARIOUS!
  • Then you and them would trade links for fanfics, some of them being smut, and…. LOLOL the comments, he can’t  even.
  • So after you got together, he couldn’t wait to meet the girls who make you loosen up in a way he’s still not able to do.
  • He’s living for the way you girls are trying not to get carried away in a simple conversation about what kind of music have you been listening to it lately.
  • “Actually, MC is very hooked in that boyband. What’s the name? Uhm…” he says a wrong name on purpose, earning glares from all the ladies.
  •  “No, that’s not the name, and they a very famous group with more than 500k copies sold for all his three albums.”
  •  “Four” you correct her. “Don’t forget their first EP.”
  • “Oh yeah, the EP! Remember we camped in front of the store for almost two days?” “And then the guy who worked there said he would give us a hand if I gave him a…hand?” you laugh mischievously. Oh…
  • THERE WAS NOTHING ABOUT THIS IN THE BACKGROUND CHECK! Why such a cute smile when you’re saying something so… dirty?
  • “But don’t worry, honey!  I refused!” “Ah yes… guess you’re not that much of a fan of them, MC, you poser!” 
  • He teases as if he’s not relieved your fangirling has a limit


The Second Task (Gryffindor!Calum)

ooooh boii was this requested

pairing: reader&Calum

warnings: nothing tbh

word count: 4,235

Summary: third part to the triwizard tournament imagine I posted with gryffindor!calum a while ago, this time describing the second task

i suggest you read the first and second part before you dive into this one 

Quiet Saturday afternoons spent in the library were something you’ve always enjoyed. Most students go out with their housemates, maybe even pay a visit to Hogsmeade, but you just liked the peacefulness the big library held on the days it was empty. You’d spend hours, getting lost between tall racks of books that went all the way up towards the ceiling, sitting on the floor and leaning your back against the wall in the Invisibility section. Funnily enough, whenever someone would pass by they’d stop with wide eyes and look at you puzzled. The books within this section are, appropriately, invisible, so sometimes sitting on top of a pile of old books could bring a good laugh for you and a confused glare from others.

Ever since a couple of weeks ago when you seemed to be constantly glued to the chairs of the library, Calum decided to tag along since he had nothing better to do and wanted for you two to spend your spare time together anyway. The second task is slowly approaching so you’ve been studying constantly, searching for any way you could possibly get Calum to come out of this not only successful but, also, in one piece. You had only one day left to make sure that happened and you did not wish to risk it.

He usually just sits around, throws little paper balls at you, because he loves the annoyed expression on your face every single time; or he busies himself with homework. Silence is something you’ve always appreciated about this place, but apparently that’s the thing Calum hates the most about coming along with you in here.

„Talk to me.” He whines, tapping your ankle with his shoe under the table.

„Stop.” You don’t even lift your head to look at him, because you already know his lips are carrying a pout.

Ever since the Yule Ball, you two have basically been attached to the hip. After class, he walks you to your next one, when you have Charms together, he keeps on blowing paper planes at you, writing silly stuff on them such as „you smell like pumpkin today” or „you look more interested in Professor Flitwick than you look in me, should I be worried?”. He always sits protectively in front of you in the Care of Magical Creatures and makes sure your fingers are intertwined behind his back. It’s just small stuff like that to make you feel closer to one another, but also to give all of his friends something to tease him about and for your friends to gush about at night before sleep.

Too caught up in your book of Advanced Potion Making, you don’t even pay attention to Calum’s fingers tugging at the end of your robe. He then rests his hand on top of your knee, drumming in between the rip of your jeans. Still not really diverting your focus from the textbook, he keeps on doing whatever he pleases, continuing on rubbing his thumb over the exposed patch of skin in small circles, then stopping abruptly.

You gasp when the heel of his shoe tucks behind the leg of your chair and pulls you closer, your front now almost sitting on top of the small desk. His lips are adoring the ever-growing grin he always seems to be wearing, hands going back to their previous spot, only this time raising higher. He presses his fingertips into your thigh, something he always does when he wants for you to know something. He’s needy.

„Calum.” You warn.

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Sunday morning / Cassidy

Originally posted by justin-ripley

REQUEST: Can I request some Cassidy from Preacher with a few of the prompts? #12,#29,#33 and #40. Sorry if it’s too much :’D you can split them into two if you wish x) by @wafflii

A/N: It’s a bit short, but the prompts just fit so perfectly ^^ I hope you like it!

12. “You’re the most beautiful person in the world to me.”
29. “I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!”
33. “I love you, you asshole.”  
40. “I may be an ass, but I’m your ass.”

Warnings: Kissing, biting, cursing

You were wearing a church dress, a fucking dress for the holy sunday. It was midi length and even had a nice little collar, needless to say, you hated it. He could see it in the way you tried to stretch it around your neck or how you uncomfortably fiddled with the hem.
Cassidy looked at you in awe. He leaned over the last bench and admired you sheepishly. It just fitted you perfectly, he thought. Though he wouldn’t mind taking it off.
You waved at him and broke his stare. “Are you drunk, Cass?“, you asked while approaching him.
He grabbed your hand and pulled you into his lap. “Drunk in love, lassie!“ He kissed you deeply and you were glad the church was still empty. Nobody knew about your little romance, not even Jesse. And you didn’t dare to tell him, since he was probably going to kill one of you.
Cassidy wrapped his arms around you tightly and only broke the kiss to look you up and down. „Hot pink, what a cheeky color“, he exclaimed with a wide smirk. You rolled your eyes. “Tis my favorite color, you know?“, he asked rhetorically and landed soft kisses along your neck.
“Yesterday it was green, you gotta make a decision“, you replied playfully and jumped as he placed a small bite on your shoulder.
“Whatever is on you, lass. You’re the most beautiful person in the world to me“, he said and looked up at you with slight amusement in his eyes and a huge grin. He loved to make cheesy remarks and tease you with it, but he couldn’t deny that it was the truth. Just his own twisted way of saying it.
You shifted in his lap so you would have better access to one another, your knees on both sides of him. You placed kisses along his jaw up until the sensitive spot under his ear. He grunted.
“Ya know“, he started but got interrupted by your teeth on his throat. “… we should really be open about this“, he tried to speak, his accent only turning you on more. “… I’m telling Jesse“, he finally managed to say, which made you freeze mid-action.
“What?“, you asked and sat back up.
“We should tell him, so we can make out in front of everybody“, he explained and tried to pull you into another kiss. You slapped his hand off your cheek.  
“I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!“, you cut him off completely serious. He blinked and needed a moment to process your words, until he chuckled.
“I knew the time would come“, he started. He mockingly furrowed his brows and placed your hand on his chest. He was an awful actor, so you knew he was making fun of you. You tried to wiggle your arm free, but his grip was inhumanly firm. “I’m a vampire, love, I’m immortal“, he dramatically sighed. “So now it’s said, you know it, how are we going on from this, I’m not even glistening.“
You punched his shoulder. “Cass!“
He cheekily smiled up at you. “You’re so hot, when you’re mad.“
You couldn’t but smirk when you saw his pleading eyes. “I love you, you asshole”, you said and inched even closer to him.
Cassidy tilted his head and pursed his lips. “I may be an ass, but I’m your ass.”

Dancing On My Own: Part 6

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader / Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of Loss

Catch Up Here

Word Count: 1241

Summary: Bucky Barnes never imagined himself falling in love with anyone, especially his best friend’s girl. Of course his plans were shot to hell when Steve decided to surprise everyone and propose to you on your birthday. Had he missed his shot, or would he be willing to risk both of his closest friendships in hopes of winning your heart?

Author’s Notes: Sorry for the delay! I’m still fighting crazy fatigue lately and it’s been impacting my productivity. Thanks for be patient! I always love hearing from you guys <3. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged!

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

Bucky sat on your bed beside you as you both watched the movie. He mulled over the moment that the two of you had had. He could tell – you felt it too, but he found the timing to be inappropriate – if there was ever an appropriate time to be in love with your best friend’s girl. He loved you too much to take advantage of your feelings during a moment of weakness. He sighed to himself as you snuggled your head into his chest. You had fallen asleep by the time Harry had gotten to Hogwarts, but Bucky was afraid of waking you.

“Y/N?” he whispered softly, but the only reply he received was the sound of your soft breathing as you slept. “I’m glad I’m here too,” he continued before planting a light kiss on the top of your head.

To his surprise you smiled at the gesture and mumbled, “I love you,” before resuming your soft breathing.

Bucky knew you were asleep. He was certain of it because he knew you would never say those words to him – at least not in the way they had slipped off your tired tongue. He sighed deeply as he stared at the ceiling. Even now – just hearing the words – caused his heart to race and his palms to sweat.

You woke with a start. You couldn’t remember what you had been dreaming about but you focused your mind on steadying your breathing as your heart continued to race. You reached out blindly into the dark – looking for Bucky – but came up short. As your fingers met the empty blanket you sighed with disappointment. Bucky’s presence had been comforting since you had received the terrible phone call, and you found peace in his nearness. As you peaked through your lashes you saw is disheveled form crumpled on the couch. His mouth was slightly parted and his hair was in all levels of disarray as his chest rose and fell to the tempo of his breathing. Once again you found yourself unable to tear your eyes from him. You had never been like this before, and you weren’t really sure why you had so much of a pull towards your friend now. Maybe it was because of everything that had happened… Maybe it was because Bucky was the one person you could always rely on. You bit your lip at this thought. It wasn’t true of course. You had Steve, your fiancé. Steve would do anything for you, and at that thought you felt a wave of guilt again.

You pushed off the bed with a huff – wrapping one of your afghans around your shoulders as you quietly left the room. You needed some time to process – alone. The house was full of the sounds of its sleeping occupants as you strolled quietly down the hallway and down the stairs to the front door.  The Kansas air was heavy with moisture – beckoning an early Summer day – as you walked amidst the twilight. You wanted to reason out the things that had happened in the last 48 hours, but you simply couldn’t. Instead you found yourself longing to speak with your mother. You walked aimlessly through the early morning haze as you continued to think until you stopped suddenly. You had somehow managed to find your way to the tree house that you and your siblings had once spent countless hours in. Of course your dad had replaced bits and pieces of it throughout the years to accommodate your nieces and nephews, but it was still more or less how you remembered it. It was the perfect place to think.

You climbed up the tree and, with a sigh of relief, found the inside of the tree house to be adorned with various blankets and pillows. Now that you were away from everyone you felt quite tired again. Maybe it was the walking, and the internal debates, but as you laid your head down on one of the piles of pillows you certainly thought there was more to it than that. With your mother gone you weren’t sure how you could navigate your way through life. Even after moving to New York you had found solace in the times you spoke with her. She had always been honest with you, and you longed for that honesty now. Too many things had happened too soon, and the thought of trying to process them made you choke for air. As you closed your eyes a part of you wished Steve could be with you, but for some reason that thought made you feel even worse.

Bucky stretched stiffly on the couch as he strained to open his eyes. Sleeping here had not been ideal – but it had been the respectful thing to do. He didn’t want to take up any space in the house as it was now teeming with your relatives. He sat up– rumpling hair hair with his hands. As he looked towards your bed his heart skipped a beat. You were gone. He wasn’t sure why he felt so worried suddenly, but he knew he needed to find you. He pushed off the couch and made his way through the house. When he noticed that you were no where to be found in the he made his way outside. Thunder rumbled in the distance with the threat of an early morning storm as he followed the small tell-tale signs of your presence. And that’s how he found you some time later as you slept in the mass of pillows and blankets in your childhood tree house.

As he gingerly climbed up the wooden planks Bucky laughed. He had never had something like this as a kid – just alleyways and rusty stairwells. He could almost see the younger you whisking yourself up into it – away from your imaginary foes – like a well guarded princess. As you came into Bucky’s view he stopped. He wasn’t sure what it was about the sight of you sleeping in the fortress of your childhood that he found so heartbreakingly beautiful – maybe it was the way the early morning sun cascaded over your face, or the peacefulness that you radiated as you slept. He made his way beside you – careful to not disturb your rest and laid on the other side of your pile of pillows.

As he watched you he couldn’t help but reach out to brush the hair from your face – eliciting a smile from you. Before Bucky could even react you laced your arms around his neck and brought your lips to his. The action caused Bucky to freeze – he wasn’t sure how to react or what to do.  The feeling of your lips moving against his was intoxicating. Excitement ran wildly through Bucky’s body as you continued the action. He felt as if he had grabbed ahold of a live wire and was simply unable to break contact. As you deepened the kiss his body relaxed. In the back of his mind he knew he should stop, but as he wrapped his arms around you he reasoned with himself that you wouldn’t be kissing him if you didn’t want to. He longed for the moment to stretch into eternity as he entwined his fingers gently into your hair. This is what he had been dreaming of for years, and it was finally happening, consequences be damned.

And Everything was fine – until you opened your eyes.

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“Countless times I have stopped time and told you this in times you don’t remember, I love you. I felt that if I told you this while time was running, then everything will eventually run out and fade away. That’s why I only said it while I stopped time.

I love you.”

anonymous asked:

What would happen if the yandere NDRV3 guys caught someone trying to attack/kill their S/O?

>_> This won’t end well <_<

NDRV3 Boys (Yandere) catching someone trying to attack/kill their S/O

Shuuichi Saihara:

- He was just spending time with you

- But then out of the corner of his eye he could see someone lurking in the back

- “Ah, S/O - san/kun, would you excuse me for just one second?” He gives you a very sweet smile and you nod

- He instantly walks up to the person and pins them against the wall, a knife at their throat

- “You were looking at S/O - san/kun weren’t you” He still has that sweet smile

- “U-Um…”

- The smile fades instantly and is replaced with a blank expression “They’re mine. Mine only. If you try and do anything to them… Then let’s just say it won’t end well for you!”

- Before leaving them to run off, he does a little cut on their neck to serve as a reminder

- “Sorry I took a while S/O - san/kun! I hope you didn’t miss me too much haha”

- He would give others a glare if they looked at you for too long

Kaito Momota:

- You were just looking around the garden

- That’s when he noticed someone in the bushes

- “S/O! Let’s go I have something to show you!”

- He literally sweeps you off of your feet and carries you away

- When the two of you are done spending time with each other, he makes sure you go to your room safely and makes you lock your door

- “Time to pay someone a visit~” He makes his way over to the person he found hiding in the bushes

- When they open the door and see Momota, they immediately try and close it again but he puts his foot in the way

- “Hey… Sorry to interrupt buuuut I found you in the bushes before looking like you were planning to attack my S/O! That’s not a very smart thing to do”

- He just pushes the door fully open and steps into their room, he then closes the door

- “The way I see it is, I either let you live but you keep the fuck away from S/O… Or, I can kill you right here right now! The choice is yours~”


- He detected someone else in the room the two of you, it didn’t take him long to identify them

- He decided to not do anything about them right now, you’re safe by his side

- After a quick scan it was clear they had the intention to kill you

- “S/O - san/kun, let’s go somewhere else!”

- You’re slightly confused but nod anyway

- When nighttime comes and everyone is back in their rooms

- He pays a certain someone a visit

- But not in the traditional way

- He manages to hack into the school system enough so that he can display his face on the monitor

- “Hello? Can you hear me? Ah of course you can!”

- He brings his face closer to the screen

- “Did you think you can steal S/O - san/kun from me? That’s very rude. They chose me. Me!”

- He smiles before continuing

- “If you do anything to S/O - san/kun, I can personally guarantee you that I will make you suffer, after all… Aren’t you being robophobic?”

Rantaro Amami:

- He instantly figures out there’s something wrong

- Whenever you were with him, you kept looking around rather desperately

- “S/O - san/kun, are you okay?”

- “Huh… Well… I’m just stressed because of that whole… Killing game you know”

- He nods and smiles at you

- “Not to worry,”

- He stands up, his eyes shining slightly

- “I will end this killing game with my own hands”

- Before you can say anything else he simply leaves

- The next day you are woken up by the body discovery announcement

Kokichi Ouma:

- “Nishishi~”

- He never planned to kill anyone

- He simply had to… Teach them a lesson

- That’s why… This was a perfect opportunity for him to show off his lock picking skills

- When nighttime officially hit, he of course walked with you to your room and gave you at least five kisses before turning around and leaving

- He waited for about half an hour before slowly making his way into the person’s room

- “Hey… Hey culprit - chan”

- “WH-”

- Ouma quickly places his hands over their mouth, a soft chuckle escaping his lips

- “Oh relax… If I was going to kill you I would’ve done so already! Anyyyway, I’m here to talk!”

- He gives them his significant grin

- Once the person has somewhat relaxed his smile quickly fades

- “Stop it.”

- “Huh?”

- “You’re planning to kill S/O - chan right?”

- “H-How do yo-”

- “I won’t let you.”

- He leans his face close to their’s, eyes constantly glaring

- “Understood?”

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He didn’t want to hurt anyone…

- He was a gentleman after all! He promised to protect you all

- But… If someone was planning on killing S/O - san/kun then he simply couldn’t forgive that

- Maybe… Gonta can just teach them why they are wrong!

- The next day you find Gonta dragging someone to his Research Lab

- At first, it’s pretty silent except for some muffled conversations

- But then…

- You hear a mixture of buzzing and screaming

- Ah… Looks like Gonta is trying to convince someone how nice bugs are again…

- Needless to say, that person never goes near you or Gonta ever again

Korekiyo Shinguuji:

- His first thought when he learnt this was actually to kill them

- But… That would most likely upset you

- That’s why he’d have to resort to the old fashioned methods

- Blackmail.

- He gathered everything he could about the person but he also had to make sure that you were safe at all times

- You were rather curious about what he was doing, but he never told you, he only answered with his famous laugh

- “Kukuku, isn’t it obvious S/O - san/kun? We’re simply… Observing the beauty of humanity”

- “Right…”

- You let out a little laugh

- “You’re so strange at times Shinguuji - kun… Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn towards you haha!”

- Oh… You’re so perfect… And you’re his… Only his… You will always be only his

Ryoma Hoshi:

- He didn’t really have a will to live anymore

- But that changed when he met you

- You somehow managed to break through to him

- That’s most likely why he became obsessed with you

- Unfortunately, one night he managed to find someone

- That someone…. Was following you

- He immediately takes action

- “Oi.”

- The person freezes before turning their head towards him

- “What do you think you’re doing?”

- “I’m… On my way back to… The dorms..?”

- “Bullshit.”

- His lips slowly turn into a creepy smile

- “Look… You’ve got two options here. Either you tell me what you’re doing the nice way, or…”

- He puts his hands in his pockets

- “I make you tell me what you’re doing”

Ask Her Out!

Originally posted by amynagata

Anonymous Requested: Can you do a Bellamy imagine super fluffy about them being together without being official and he finally asks her plse thanks :)

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: I had way too much fun with this. It’s been a while since i’ve really felt like writing my baby Bell, so i’m so happy this request managed to make it’s way in.

It wasn’t very often Bellamy got nervous, especially around girls. The boy practically oozed confidence and it’d been that way for a long time. Bellamy was just confident, there was nothing else to it. His thought was, why worry about every little thing when you could just live your life?

But there was something about you. Something that pulled Bellamy away from all the confidence and made him a sputtering little boy. He wasn’t sure if it was your smile, or your laugh, or the way you got so passionate when talking about something that intrigued you. It could be the way you worked hard, and fought for everything you got because that’s how you believed the world worked. You helped anyone you could, you always volunteered and you never complained.

There was a lot of things that had Bellamy infatuated.

And apparently, the boy wasn’t very good at hiding his feelings either. Basically everyone knew about Bellamy’s crush except for you. It wasn’t until the fifth or sixth “just ask her out already” and the smack he received from his sister when he said “he was too good for that” did Bellamy finally find the courage to just ask you out.

It was perfect. Late at night, everyone in their own tents except for those keeping watch. Normally Bellamy wouldn’t care who was watching but now, he did. So he’d waited until night time so he could sneak into your tent and just talk to you there.

It wasn’t like you two weren’t already together; just unofficial. You two hugged, held hands and spent most of your days together. This also wasn’t the first time Bellamy had ever snuck off into your tent at night. It just seemed that that particular night he was more nervous then he’d ever been.

Being Bellamy, he didn’t even think before he opened the flap to your tent and walked in. You were only in your jeans and a tank top when he entered and fussing with something on your makeshift bed when you turned to face the newcomer. Bellamy found himself stuck as you lifted one hand to swipe away the stray hair and pin it behind your ear. “Bellamy?” You questioned, your voice soft. “I didn’t know you were coming tonight.”

“I wasn’t-” He started, stumbling over his words. “I mean…”

You frowned, it wasn’t very often Bellamy got frustrated. Setting down whatever had been in his hands you walked over to the taller boy and placed the back of your hand against his forehead. “Are you okay?” You asked, frowning in confusion when nothing seemed to be wrong. “You’re not warm…”

Bellamy grasped your wrist, halting you and when you met his eye, he was staring directly at you. “I’m just gonna say it okay?”

Slowly you nodded; “okay.”

Though Bellamy didn’t, only silence followed. You waited patiently, knowing by the look on his face he was conflicted and you were willing to give him however much time he needed. But then, a moment later, the boy suddenly leaned down and his lips were against yours in a split second. You felt your body freeze, the action so unfamiliar and sudden. You and Bellamy may have been close, but never this close.

Bellamy let go of your wrist and instead grasped onto the side of your face, the other hand sliding down around your waist to pull you against him. Once you felt his chest against yours, you melted into the kiss.

Then his lips were gone and his hands were cradling your face. Bellamy hadn’t even pulled away that far, instead choosing to rest his forehead against yours. “I like you.” He mumbled softly; “I may even love you.”

You’d been waiting for this day for a long time, your growing affections for the boy only continued to grow stronger and stronger each day you spent with him. So staring into his dark chocolate coloured eyes, you smiled; “you should’ve said so sooner.”