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3A Toys’ ‘Bravest Warriors’ figures are also the cutest warriors

Thanks to Comic Book Resources for the nice nod to 3A’s upcoming Bravest Warriors action figures. Yeah, they’re pricey, but well worth it (fully articulated and nearly a foot tall). Chris and Beth are available for pre-order now; they ship towards the end of the year. (Wait till you see the Plum and Catbug.)



Have you ever wanted an action figure of yourself? Maybe you’ve always wanted a comic book version of yourself with a kickass origin story? 

Well you’re in luck!

GoFigure! Custom Figures is a new custom action figure business. We 3D print the heads but the bodies are made completely by kit bashing (we take existing figures apart and put them back together in whatever way we need), custom sculpting and painting each individual figure.

Did we mention you get your stats on the back with a super 90′s pic of two kids playing with your figure??

Do you have that favorite Blink 182 shirt from high school and you want your figure wearing it? NO PROB.

How about that awesomely cute floral skirt you saw at Forever 21 last week? DONE.

Oh, and that funky cardigan, flannel thingy youve been obsessed with for 3 years? WE GOTCHU.

We have a professional artist (see her work here!) and professional screenwriter draw you as a comic book character and write up an awesome backstory based on your answers to the questions we provide.

Interested? Check out our website

Questions? Shoot us an email at

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