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While we wait for TLJ trailer to drop, let’s look at some silly Reylo photos.😃 I’ve had these for months now, but I’ve been too lazy to post them. The quality is still terrible because I couldn’t find my camera and had to use my phone. This is the continuation of this:

So, let’s get on with the honeymoon.💜

Their first stop was Tatooine because Kylo wanted to show Rey the planet where his grandfather had spent his early childhood. Once they got there they decided to go for a romantic space camel ride.

They encountered some weird looking locals while riding through the desert.

Unfortunately Kylo was not dressed appropriately for the desert conditions. And so the heat caused him to experience some terrible hallucinations.

Rey said Kylo was wearing way too many layers of clothing. She suggested that he should just take them all off and then they could have some fun in the sun.

Afterwards Kylo finally understood why Grandpa Vader hated sand so much. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it does get everywhere

Nights in the desert can get a bit chilly, so Kylo took off his cowl and gave it to Rey.

For which she was very grateful.

They decided to spend the whole night in the desert and to sleep under the stars.

Kylo hated the hot weather so much that their next honeymoon destination was icy Hoth. This time Kylo took Grandpa Vader with them. While they were there they had to fight against a hungry wampa.

Later they took a long, romantic walk with Grandpa Vader.