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Figma Corrin up for preorder

In the recent trend of Nintendo figma NOT taking years upon years to be released, Corrin has skipped the unpainted prototype stage (That Lucina was in for a year alone) and skipped right to painted and preorders! She’ll forgo a blushing face for a yelling face that Lucina sadly lacked. She is also packed with the Yato blade and Dragonstone. 

Here’s a few kickers though. The Dragonstone doesn’t DO anything-I think everyone anticipated Corrin would make an awesome figma because of her ability to transform her appendages at will. We will sadly get no Dragon Fang, Spears or Wings, not even the iconic Dragon Mask. (The Nendoroid go them, but not our poor figma -_- oh yeah, you can order the nendo too if so inclined)

The other thing that nobody wanted to hear is that the Omega Yato (her Smash chainsaw-sword) is a GSC online shop exclusive. You’ll have to pay 6800 yen compared to amiami’s 5400 in addition to 2000 Yen flat shipping for EMS. 

We can complain about their business practices, but not the figure itself. Every Nintendo figma has been a masterpiece and come 8/17, I’m sure Corrin will be no different!

Alistair feels weird about the fancy commemorative King Alistair figure that one of the merchants in Denerim starts selling after his coronation. 

Then one day, when his retinue passes through the marketplace, he sees that half the children in the city seem to have got hold of Hero of Ferelden dolls.

He buys one of each and puts them on the shelf by his desk and makes them hold hands.