Someone in California has listed wave 2-5 on ebay. I don’t endorse you go buy it, no matter your excitement (GreatMasterHand tells himself too) but we can gather some information from it:

4″ cases always are boxes of 12. Assuming the seller kept a set for himself or someone else got a set before, we can infer that Inkling Girl and ice Mario are the two that are 3x per case (there are individual listings for them in addition to the set). In the past it has always been the Mario of the wave, and Inkling Girl was a great choice, as I personally will want multiples. 

We have another first-run error -_- Bowser Jr. Still has his old scarf. They somehow didn’t switch it to the Sunshine version. This will surely be fixed soon, but a bit upsetting for those who wanted to grab the whole wave immediately. Though good for those who missed Original Jr. and won’t miss the Bob-omb or open hands.  

EDIT: The designer at Jakks has just told me that the Sunshine version of Bowser Jr. was never approved. Looks like another Marketing goof like Ice Mario with the red hat or Koopa Troopa with the shell. The Jr pictured now is the one we’re getting…

Ice Mario’s hat was fixed pre-release, so that’s great!….unless you did want something close to Classic inverted-colors Mario..sorry. 

A second Star Power Mario…exists for some reason. 

Lakitu is the breakout star of the wave, so we all knew he look awesome! I do hope he has hidden elbows somehow like Koopa Troopa’s Knees. Oh you didn’t know? They are brilliantly hidden in his boots! The 4″ Koopas, (including Bowser Jr, and hopefully the Koopalings) have had some of the best articulation in the entire line)

I might be being picky with Inkling Girl, but her face looks off to me. Let me know what you think?


Figma Corrin up for preorder

In the recent trend of Nintendo figma NOT taking years upon years to be released, Corrin has skipped the unpainted prototype stage (That Lucina was in for a year alone) and skipped right to painted and preorders! She’ll forgo a blushing face for a yelling face that Lucina sadly lacked. She is also packed with the Yato blade and Dragonstone. 

Here’s a few kickers though. The Dragonstone doesn’t DO anything-I think everyone anticipated Corrin would make an awesome figma because of her ability to transform her appendages at will. We will sadly get no Dragon Fang, Spears or Wings, not even the iconic Dragon Mask. (The Nendoroid go them, but not our poor figma -_- oh yeah, you can order the nendo too if so inclined)

The other thing that nobody wanted to hear is that the Omega Yato (her Smash chainsaw-sword) is a GSC online shop exclusive. You’ll have to pay 6800 yen compared to amiami’s 5400 in addition to 2000 Yen flat shipping for EMS. 

We can complain about their business practices, but not the figure itself. Every Nintendo figma has been a masterpiece and come 8/17, I’m sure Corrin will be no different!


TruForce Collectibles MegaMan X-Kai (NYCC 2015 Convention Exclusive)

An absolutely stunning, gorgeously detailed and meticulously painted figure. Kudos to TruForce and Sen-Ti-Nel!  

I’ve had this guy in storage for around a year now after moving and it’s finally time to get a review and gallery done now that X-Boost arrive. Expect a full gallery and review of all 4 variants of the TruForce Collectibles MegaMan X


Announced at TOYSOUL 2016 threezero booth today!
1/6 Articulated Figure: GENOS, coming soon!

“一拳超人"中半人半機械的超強改造人:傑諾斯 1/6可動人偶即日現身TOYSOUL 2016 會場!

1/6可動フィギュア:ジェノス、coming soon!
本日から香港で開催のTOYSOUL 2016のthreezeroブースにて発表しました!


Medicom Toy, Good Smile Company, and Max Factory released the Real Action Heroes No.672 Mami Tomoe Uniform Ver. 1/6 scale doll form the anime movie “Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion”. Was released on July 27, 2014 at Wonder Festival 2014 [Summer]. Around 270mm, 20,000 yen ($174.58).

Limited to 800 pieces.